Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Cain vs. the Professor

I've got this farmer neighbor down the road. . . let's be honest, he's a sloppy drunk who I suspect engages in the illegal trafficing of certain herbal substances. He's always "raisin cain," so I just call him "Cain." Now this ol boy's a harmless sort. I've never heard tell of him hurting nobody an we've never had a harsh word, but let's face it, he's a slacker and a 'ner-do-well who will do anything to get by.

Up on the other side of me, there's a feller who farms and helps me whenever I've got questions about the process. He's a retired guy who spent a career being a highly skilled craftsman. He knows about everything there is to know about gettin things done on the farm and applies that knowledge on a daily basis, He's always there to help a neighbor whether he likes em or not. I call him "the professor" or "Professor Papa." He's one of the most meticulous men I've ever met without being too anal.

On any day, I'd put my barnyard up against Cain's in a 'good farming competition.' Hands down, I'd win. On any day, ProfPapa's barnyard would make me look like a slob and a slacker to the highest degree. Funny how the world looks the same through so many eyes.

Clinton not ready to release tax returns
By BETH FOUHY, Associated Press Writer Tue Feb 12, 1:35 AM ET
WASHINGTON - Resisting calls from Barack Obama to release her income tax returns, Hillary Rodham Clinton said Monday she would only do so if she secures the Democratic presidential nomination. . .

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