Friday, February 15, 2008

Never count Jimmy Ray out

I used to hang around with an ol boy named Jimmy Ray. We called him "Tuffy." Ya see, Tuffy liked to fight and scrap around. He wasn't much taller than 5'6", but man he was like a squirrel monkey. I never saw a feller that could get to the top of a tree faster than Tuffy. It didn't matter where the lowest limb hung. Jimmy Ray was 100% muscle. He didn't have big muscles, but they popped out all over and he was hard as a rock. I once heard a big strappin guy who had just spent three year in prison body building and coulda broke me in half in about 10 secods say "if I ever get into a fight with Tuffy, I'm just gonna have to shot him, cause I won't get out of it any other way." Yea, Jimmy Ray was that tough. I've seen Jimmy Ray get real ugly on fellers who thought they knew better. Their faces usually ended up all swelled up and nasty.

I've been watchin the news channels lately and they kinda remind me of the ol boys from the next county that used to come over to our local watering hole and think they could mess with Jimmy Ray. Oh, they'd bliind side him now and then and knock him on his ass, but Jimmy Ray ALWAYS got up and proceeded to pummel the fool who thought some little guy like him could be delt with easily. Ya see, Jimmy Ray was most dangerous when he was down. He packed a lot of pride into his little frame and when he was down, there was no doubt that he was going to get up and proceed to whop some serious ass as a matter of revenge. He was NOT going to be made the fool. Ya didn't want to turn your back on Jimmy Ray just because he was on his.
So when I'm listening to some of these TV commentators running their mouth talkin about this candidate or that candidate I can't help but think of Jimmy Ray.

Y'all have a good weekend. Be careful and have fun.

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