Monday, February 25, 2008

HS teachers or just more juvenile morons?

Teachers strike back at students' online pranks
By Patrik Jonsson Mon Feb 25, 3:00 AM ET
ATLANTA - Tech-savvy teenagers are increasingly paying a heavy price – including criminal arrest – for parodying their teachers on the Internet.

Tired of fat jokes and false accusations of teacher-lounge partying or worse, teachers and principals are fighting back against digital ridicule and slander by their students – often with civil lawsuits and long-term suspensions or permanent expulsions. . .

In the so-called "Teacher Sux" case in Pennsylvania, for example, a high school student put up a website about a teacher with threats and comments such as "she shows off her fat ... legs."

The lawsuit against the student said that after viewing the web page, the teacher felt unable "to go out of the house and mingle with crowds."

Wow, if anyone was wondering just how pitiful and inept American educators have become, just read this. What a bunch of child-like overly sensitive twits. Where do these low level thinkers come off thinking that they are above parody? How indignant that they would go after students who perpetrate harmless high school pranks. Wouldn't it be more appropriate to simply ignore that perpetrators of such silly behaviors and act above such teenage hijinks? Nope, these mental midgets have to play right into the hands of these teenage pranksters. They make heros out of these kids by responding in such a radical manner. What kid wouldn't want to have their teacher bring a lawsuit against them simply for perpetrating a harmless prank.
Gee, I hope poor old fat legged thunder thighs finally regains her dignity and is ready to go out and mingle. . . fuck you bitch, stay in the house.
Wow!! Students win big time and teacher demonstrate what petty childish morons they are.
Maybe if teachers were less so and acted with dignity, confidence and competence in the classroom they wouldn't have to worry about students making fools of them.

Just another indication of how silly and child-like our proletariat society has become.


The Practical Pundit said...

You couldn't be a bigger jackass, could you? You have obviously never taught, never seen some of these websites, and haven't a clue about raising children. Oh, I mean except for your "accomplished" and "well-adjusted" children that you allowed the police and other authorities to parent in your stead.

These kids put up obscene and abusive websites precisely because their parents don't teach their children any courtesy, respect, and/or sense of responsibility. What good parent would allow their children to do this? I ask rhetorically, since you can't actually relate to what being a good parent entails.

These teacher's don't think they're above parody, but these websites aren't simple parody; they're malicious, slanderous and vindictive. And it's impossible to ignore when it's been circulated to the entire student body and virtually obliterates the teacher's ability to maintain respect and order in his/her classroom.

Your incompetent "kids will be kids" attitude only encourages more and more extreme behaviors by kids whose parents refuse to actually parent, because they're too afraid their kids won't like them if they actually assert any authority.

"What kid wouldn't want to have their teacher bring a lawsuit against them..."? Pretty much all of them, because it brings home the fact that there are actually consequences for their stupid, vindictive behavior. The best part is the parents learn, too, because what parent wants their child's teacher to bring a law suit against them? Do you know anything about being a parent?

It's also a good object lesson for other kids, because once they see their peer successfully dragged through the court system, having to ride the bus because Mommy and Daddy had to sell his/her car to pay damages, they start to get a handle on the real world.

"Maybe if teachers were less so and acted with dignity, confidence and competence in the classroom...."

Where did the article say anything about teacher conduct and competence in the classroom? Yet another of your misguided, uniformed opinions on something you obviously know nothing about. Granted, it may have been true in your high school, since you obviously didn't make it out with much of an education. Outside of Incestville, WV, however, and particularly here in the great Midwest, there are a plethora (that means "a lot") of qualified, competent, accomplished teachers, which is why our schools consistently rank among the best in the nation.

2006-2007 smartest state rankings:
Iowa - 9
West Virgina (motto: "At Least We Beat Mississippi") - 37

Why are you so angry all the time? Oh, right... because of all the "stupid proles." Smell the irony.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Good one PeePee. You sure know how to rant. . . at length and ad nauseum.
My mantra on parenting to know-it-all twits like you with your 2 yr old wonder babies is always the same; check back with me in 18 yrs and we'll talk about what a great parent you are or what a lousy parent I've been.
Yea, my kids are all accomplished and well adjusted and they attribute their happiness and productive adulthood to their parents who set examples for them that they could not ignore.
I hope you are able to do the same for your child.
Having had four children progress through the public school system, I believe I have a certain degree of credibility in my comments about teachers. Basically, the saying "those who can't teach" is fairly accurate. It's a cush job requiring little effort or intellect. That doesn't mean that there aren't those who put a lot of effort and intellect into their teaching job, but those are few and far between.
Actually, I could be a bigger jackass. I know this, because I've been a bigger jacklass on many occasions.
Hope all is well with you, you arrogant pompous boreass.
Oh, and I'm glad you have good schools in Iowa, but that will be good for your child only if you and her mother do everything you can to educate her yourself. You see, anyone, anywhere who relies on the public school system to educate their child is going to raise nothing more than a batch of ignorant proles. You don't want to raise an ignorant prole, do you? She might grow up to be republican! BWAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
SagaciousHillbilly (from West (thank god for Mississippi) Virginia)