Saturday, February 2, 2008

Stupid fucks in the news

Ga. police officers shoot each other

BUFORD, Ga. - Two off-duty officers from different police departments wounded each other in a gun fight in the middle of a road in an Atlanta suburb, authorities said. . .
Belcher described Daily as "an outstanding officer" and said he was suspended while the investigation is under way.

It was bound to happen. Give a bunch of low paid thugs the right to carry concealed weapons anywhere they want and they'll eventually start shooting each other, , , on second thought, maybe that's not a bad thing.

But the world is full of stupid fucking idiots. . .

Chad rebels fight gov't force in capital
By TOM MALITI, Associated Press Writer
NAIROBI, Kenya - Hundreds of rebels penetrated the capital of Chad on Saturday, clashing with government troops and moving on the presidential palace after a three-day advance through the oil-producing central African nation, officials and witnesses said.

Iraqis bury dozens of bombings victims
By HAMID AHMED, Associated Press Writer
BAGHDAD - Weeping relatives loaded simple wood coffins atop minivans Saturday in Baghdad as the city buried dozens of victims of the deadliest bombings since the U.S. flooded the capital with extra troops last spring.

Dozens dead as clashes overshadow Kenya peace plans
by Bogonko Bosire
NAIROBI (AFP) - The latest clashes in western Kenya have left dozens dead, police said Saturday, a day after the feuding political sides agreed to a framework to try to end weeks of violence.

Unrest and rebellion is killing thousands, and we don't even have the streets of Bagdad under control! Yippee! What a world leader we are.

Lynch: US 'surge' tipped scales in Iraq
By CHRIS TOMLINSON, Associated Press Writer
BAGHDAD - Maj. Gen. Rick Lynch has spent years thinking about the war in Iraq, both as a senior strategist in 2005 and now as a division commander. He has seen strategies, missions and buzzwords come and go, but he now believes U.S. commanders finally have a feel for the battlefield.

Wow, what fucking geniuses. They now have a "feel" for the battlefield. So glad we have such competent military leaders that after five years of war they've finally gotten a "feel" for it.
Lessee, they increased the number of troops on the streets of Bagdad and then had everyone else retreat into bunkers inside "safe zones."
Yea, the "surge" is working. Meanwhile, Iraqi civilians contiinue to be killed and maimed by mad bombers. Good job General!
Ok proles, all together now. . . on your knees. There's a big "surge" waiting for you.

But listen, the GOP candidates have all weighed in on the Roger Clemens doping scandal, abortion, "family values" and Anne Coulter! Glad they're focusing on real issues.

W.Va. governor urges fiscal discipline

WASHINGTON - Congress has taken the lead in bringing needed fiscal discipline to the economy, West Virginia's governor said Saturday. "By making college more affordable, passing the first minimum wage increase in a decade and cutting taxes for middle-class Americans, the Democratic-led Congress has already laid the groundwork to turn our economy around," Gov. Joe Manchin said in the Democrats' weekly radio address.

WTF?! Who let this mental midget near a microphone? What moron in the DNC let JoeBob Mancini even open his mouth in public? Oh well, I guess they take turns. . . or something.


Colonel Colonel said...

I saw that Georgia story in the paper this morning. But we had something like that happen up here a few months ago, so I think the stupidity is pretty widespread.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

We spend hundreds of billions making war on a pitiful third world country, but our own police forces are for the most part manned by a bunch of dumb bubba thugs.
It's time to begin paying decent wages and attracting decent human beings to our police forces, instead of a band of inept tazer happy morons.

White Racist Destroyer said...

It has NOTHING to do with the wages. Most departments have great benefits and pay, especially in the major cities.
It's the nature of the job. Because of the power the job has it attracts the very scum of the earth, regardless of the salary.
What we need are citizens with guts and fortitude who'll stand up to these thugs.
But what we have are weak, cowardly, dickless Lemmings who go along to get along.