Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Obamarama and being proud

Congratulations to the Big O Man.
Obamarama plays on. Hillary is all but out of it. Those Clintons might be really sneeky and brazen politicians, but I don't see them coming back at this point. It will take a huge fuck-up by the O Man to make Clinton the nominee. It's his to lose at this point.
I've been told that Obama has 120 paid staff on the ground in Ohio and that doesn't include the union staffers who are focusing their efforts on canvasing for Obama. Also, the place is being overrun with volunteers from all over the country who are showing in droves every day. There could be many thousands of campaign workers there by the end of the week.
According to,
Hillary Clinton defeats Barack Obama, 52% to 43%, . . . But her lead has narrowed. Just one week ago, Clinton held a 17 point lead at 56% to 39%.

. . . Obama leads by by 48 points among blacks, by 20 points among the youngest voters, and by 16 points among men. The two are tied in greater Cleveland, tied among Moderates, tied among voters focused on Health Care. Among voters younger than Obama, Obama leads by 5. . . .

One week ago, Clinton and Obama were tied among men. Today, Obama is up 16 points. One week ago, Clinton led by 9 among voters under age 50. Today, Obama is up by 2 points.

See things aren't looking good for Hillary in Ohio. To have a chance, she needs to stomp The O Man in Ohio and Texas and that aint gonna happen.

In Texas, it's now a dead heat with 2 weeks to go.

Sorry Bill and Hill. Ya finally lost one.

Oh, and Michelle. . . for once in your lifetime you're finally proud of your country? Congratulations to you too. I haven't gotten there yet.
My adult lifetime began in 1974 when I turned 21 and got married.
What have I got to be proud of? Anybody wanna help me out. Got any clues? Lessee, we had the Carter fiasco, the Reagan/Bush years, Clinton and now MoronMonkeyBoy Bush the Chimp. What exactly has happened in those years to be proud of?
I suspect if I were an African-American woman, I'd be even less proud.

I remember being proud when I was a teenager. We were leading the world in being a progressive liberal culture, we were implementing plans to save our environment, we were leading the world in technology, we were landing men on the Moon! The civil rights movement was in full swing. That was some cool stuff.

So again, in my adult life, what do we have to be proud of? I figure Michele's adult life started sometime during the Reagan years. What the fuck would she have to be proud of?

Today we're the world's bully boy. We are an embarrassment to ourselves. We are considered the evil empire to the majority of the world. Our technology is limping along as it has for the past three decades riding the tide that was Apollo. We're still destroying the environment. We still discriminate against people of color.

I'm ashamed of my country. I love and am proud of the Constitution of the United States, our form of government, the things our founding fathers did and the land we live on, but the things my country has done and not done in the past three decades disgusts me.

So fuck all you fucking morons who want to beat up Michele Obama for what she said. You should be praising her for being proud. Walk a mile in her shoes and then tell me how fucking proud your white ass is of your country.

Let The Big O Man get the nomination and maybe I'll begin to be proud. Let him become president and I'll be proud of my country.

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