Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A couple things that make me wanna slap the fools

The politicians who are afraid to point with their index finger. . . . which includes pretty much the whole set.
You know what I mean. . . they crunch up their four fingers into a little ball, turn their hand sideways with their thumb popping out across the top and wave it around when trying to make a point. . . usually a stupid one.
Somewhere back in the late 80s some politician, it might have been SlickWilly, was told that pointing toward the audience was politically incorrect. From then on, every politician has been using the sideways thumb point instead of just sticking out their index finger, pointing it in the direction they want to and stating their case. It's really fucking lame and looks really fucking lame. They all look like sissies on the school yard afraid to point at the bully. The best lessons I ever learned in life were taught to me at the end of a finger. Someone would stick their finger in my face and wave it around and I would listen transfixed. Interestingly, I see the greatest orator since Kennedy using his index finger fully deployed from time to time.
So stop the phoney bullshit. Deploy the finger. We'll all think a little more highly of you and we won't be offended. In fact, I'll keep track of who uses the fully deployed index finger the most and vote for them.
Bottomline: Quit acting like impotent little sniveling twits.

News commentators and other talking heads who respond to questions by saying "That's an excellent/good question, Bob/Bill/Jane!"
Well the dumb fuck had twelve writers and three secretaries coming up with and writing down those questions. People a hell of a lot smarter than any of the talking bozos on the cable or network news channels are in back rooms slaving over what to ask who. Of course it's a good question 95% of the time you fucking bitch. How come every question asked in this political seasom seems to be proceeded with that fucking nonsense?
So why do they do it? Well, what they ought to say is "That's a good question Bob, I am worthy of nothing but good questions and now watch how brilliantly I answer that good question which you had the brilliance to ask me, the authority on such interesting topics." It's all a big circle jerk.
So shut the fuck up with the mutual and self masturbation and just answer the fucking question. We, the viewing public don't give a fuck what YOU think of the question, we either want to hear you answer it, or we'll change the fucking channel and listen to some other moron drone on about some trivial political point that really doesn't make a damn bit of difference.

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