Thursday, February 7, 2008

Democrat bitch whores

Senate breaks stimulus stalemate

WASHINGTON - Senate Republicans and Democrats agreed Thursday to add rebates for 20 million older people and 250,000 disabled veterans to a House-passed economic aid plan, ending a partisan stalemate.

The breakthrough came when Democrats, under pressure from party colleagues in the House, agreed to drop their insistence on adding jobless benefits, heating aid for the poor and business subsidies. Senate Democrats said they would allow a vote on a proposal that extends the tax rebates to Social Security retirees and disabled veterans.

Gutless lilly livered democrat fucks. They pander to the MoronMonkeyBoy administration, they pander to the republican minority and they pander to the same corpo-fascist agenda the republicans whore for. All the while, the repubs and the administration treat them like their bitches. Perhaps we need a touch of revolution to change this very broken system.
"When in the course of human events. . . . " Fuck these little bitch whores.


White Racist Destroyer said...

Wake up, man!
There has not been a difference between the Democrat and Republican parties for quite some time now.

Look at how George Bush's father acted like he disliked Bill Clinton prior to the 2000 election, but when the tidal wave hit Sri Lanka a while later they went chumming around together like old pals.

They ARE and ALWAYS were OLD PALS!!

It's all a game to make the brain dead american cattle (I refuse to call such stupid scum 'people') believe that there are two opposing parties.


Don't play their games anymore!
Turn your back on every aspect of their corrupt system, because CORRUPT it is, through and through.

No matter who you vote for you'll be getting the same person, because all the candidates have been pre-selected by the World Bankers and Corporate Goons who truly run this country now. So STOP VOTING, for starters.

themom said...

Can we spell D-E-B-T - for many, many generations to come??? There are going to be so many marginalized groups that don't benefit from this "stimulus" package...where's their logic, Social Security recipients will receive NOTHING, but those making MORE than $150K will (albeit reduced slightly)?