Friday, February 29, 2008

Local politics. . . the dregs

We've got some real bozos in the national political arena. Just browse the senate or house of reps and you'll find characters that are astounding in their ignorance and lack of intellect. In characterizing them, "dignity" is never a word that applies.
But here on the local level, we see a whole 'nuther animal. These guys are absolute morons. And let's face it, Wv aint exactly prime locale for finding interestiing and creative people to fill political positions. Some of them have been hanging around local politics for decades and keep getting elected to some insignificant little local office or another. Below is Charleston, WV's finest. Yea, I'm sure you all know of some political hack who is dumber or more insignificant, so do I, but this buffoon just happened to cross my radar this morning. . .

County officials fear more cell phone towers
Carper seeks balance between service, safety
By Rusty Marks
Kanawha County officials fear a rash of requests to build cellular phone towers will lead to a cell tower arms race.

"I'm against having cell towers every five feet," Kanawha County Commission President Kent Carper said Thursday.

"every five feet?" WTF are you talking about you fucking blathering hack? There are all sorts of towers lining the Kanawha Valley. Cell towers are probably in the minority and certainly not the most obtrusive. "every five feet." You sound like a third grade school yard weenie.

"Theoretically, you could hang a hot dog out your car window now and have it cooked by the RF [radiation] from all these cell towers," Carper said.

No bozo, not theorethically or in actuality could you "cook a hot dog" on a cell tower, even if you put the sausage right up next to it. Obviously you know absolutely nothing about what you spew from your ignorant pie hole. What's your motive for saying ignorant shit like that? To sound smart? Scare people? What? Guess what Monkey Boy, you only sound like an ignorant jr. hi. geek.

"We were on the cutting edge when we did this," Carper said.

Sorry man-child, but you've never been on the cutting edge of ANYTHING if you've been a Kanawha Co. hack for the past 30 yrs., and certainly your dull fat ass has never gone beyond the position of space occupying air breather.

I wonder how bad the population of local politicians is in other places?

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