Friday, February 15, 2008

How bout this. Is IT enough to make you really fucking mad?

Ok, check it out. Here's why politicians are scumbags and in particular, why MoronMonkeyBoy Bush the Chimp is a lying piece of shit fascist cock sucker. . .

The senate passed a bil that Bush wanted that gives immunity to phone companies and others in any past or future illegal eves dropping activity. The bill gives the administration a free hand to monitor and record any conversation on any medium anywhere. An employee for Verizn has already revealed that he as a Verizon employee was forced to put into operation a "big brother machine" that does precisely that. . . telephone calls, every internet click, text messaging, etc. of every single American citizen. . . it's all being recorded and saved. That's why they need imunity from "past" activity.
Believe it or not, the senate passed the bill. Yea, remember the senate that was elected a year ago in opposition to all this shit? The house has rejected it.
MoronMonkeyBoy Bush the Chimp has been told to say that unless the bill is passed by the house, Americans will be in grave danger of a terrorist attack. On the other hand, he says that if the measure giving corporate America immunity from prosecution against illegal activity is not approved he'll veto the bill. See the picture? By their own logic, in order to protect the corporations, they will put the American citizenry in grave danger.
I've often been ridiculed for using the term "corpo-fascist" in describing this administration. Would someone like to tell me exactly how else one would describe such a senario? Anyone?

Don't forget, John McCain support all this bullshit the Bush regime has imposed on America. He's as complicit in their treason as anyone.

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