Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Race, gender and dumb news organizations

Race, gender divide Democratic voters
AP -
WASHINGTON - Though insisting race and gender have little to do with it, many Democrats are supporting the presidential candidate who looks most like them.

This is standard faire lately from most news orgs.
Dumb is when someone refuses to look beyond the obvious and draws shallow and inaccurate conclusions.
Most news orgs are playing dumb on this story.
African-Americans have always voted as a group. They vote alike because their issues are universal as they apply to them as a group. All African-Americans feel the effects of racial prejudice. Their lives often become defined by the racism they have to endure. Racism is the dominant theme of their socio-political concerns. Therefore, African-Americans mostly vote for the candidates and the party that has done the most to combat racism and be more inclusive in their platform. Now, sometimes what they get for their vote aint much and sometimes it's a slight difference in one cadidate from another, but if there is a difference, you can bet that the African-American voters will vote for the candidate who leans toward their side of the issues. That's what happens when a single group is rallied around an issue or principle that effects them hard.
African-Americans are not voting for Barrack Obama just because he is black. They are voting for him because they know he understands their issues. African American voters have traditionally voted for democratic presidential candidates in the 90% range. Why would that change now that a candidate is black.

We also have a woman candidate in the mix for the first time. Here's a clue for ya . . . women have issues. They've been oppressed and subjugated for centuries. So guess what. They're going to vote for the woman because they know she will understand their issues and hopefully work to remove the obstacles that still stand in their way.

So what I'm trying to say is that there are really good reasons why these groups vote in blocks. It's not because they look alike, it's because of real hardcore issues and nothing less. So PLEASE! Stop the same ol same ol bullshit. That same ol bullshit is the reason why women and African-Americans HAVE to vote the way they do.

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MountainLaurel said...

THank you for pointing this out so succinctly. I've thought that for years but haven't been able to verbalize it as well as you have.