Monday, February 25, 2008

Competitive religion and sky pixies

America's Unfaithful Faithful
A major new survey presents perhaps the most detailed picture we've yet had of which religious groups Americans belong to. And its big message is: blink and they'll change. For the first time, a large-scale study has quantified what many experts suspect: there is a constant membership turnover among most American faiths. America's religious culture, which is best known for its high participation rates, may now be equally famous (or infamous) for what the new report dubs "churn."

So this begs the question; if religion is the light and the way to everlasting life and salvation from this hell on Earth, why is it in such a state of fluxation? If it's such a good deal one would think that the one true religion would settle to the top and that would become everyone's pick.
Of course that hasn't happened. Turns out that religion is a competitive industry. It takes a lot of congering and persuasion to get and keep a congregation together so that they can fill the collection plates every Sunday or whatever day the big event takes place.
Yup, nothing more than a persuation act designed to keep the dollars flowing and make a few people rich. . . just like any corporate endeavor.
So all you ignorant prole keep seeking that pie in the sky. Listen to the promises and the fantastical absurdities that your religious "leaders" tell you are real. Believe mythology over science. Know that there's a big sky ppixie who plunks his magic twanger and makes it all happen for YOU. While you're doing that, think about the 10,000 children who die each day because they don't have either clean or enough water. Dysentary and dehydration are horrible things to die of. Many long days, months and often years of incredible suffering. Did you ever watch a child die from brain cancer? I have. The horror is unthinkable.
So do you believe in an all powerful god who makes it all happen? It must be one monsterous hateful prick in charge.

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