Monday, February 25, 2008

The legal brilliance of Clarence Thomas

Thomas: no questions in 2 years
By MARK SHERMAN, Associated Press Writer Mon Feb 25, 12:10 PM ET
WASHINGTON - Two years and 144 cases have passed since Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas last spoke up at oral arguments. It is a period of unbroken silence that contrasts with the rest of the court's unceasing inquiries.

Huh? Ever been in a court of appeals? Judges are SUPPOSED to ask questions. It's part of the process. I only know of one judge on the WV supreme court who says little and writes even less. . . he's the dumb one who was put there with corporate money to vote in favor of Massey Energy in all cases they are involved in. Yea, Clarence Thomas is right up there with Brent Benjamin.

Hardly a case goes by, including two appeals that were argued Monday, without eight justices peppering lawyers with questions. Oral arguments offer justices the chance to resolve nagging doubts about a case, probe its weaknesses or make a point to their colleagues. . .

Leaning back in his leather chair, often looking up at the ceiling, Thomas takes it all in, but he never joins in. . . .

"Takes it all in?" Doubtful.

"One thing I've demonstrated often in 16 years is you can do this job without asking a single question," he told an adoring crowd at the Federalist Society, a conservative legal group. . .

No, the only thing you've demonstrated is that you are a buffoon who is only on the bench because a moron republican president was looking for a politically correct appointee to the bench without compromising the conservative edge of the court. He knew you would do whatever your right wing great white fathers told you to do. . . which you do.
No Mr. Thomas, you CAN'T do your job without asking a single question. Sorry, but we know you're an idiot who doesn't want to look like the dumbass that you are so you keep your mouth shut. . . probably the smartest thing you do.

"we are there to decide cases, not to engage in seminar discussions."

Ahh, so all the other supreme court judges are sim[ply engaging in "seminar discussion" while you, the brilliant jurist that you are, are above such activity. Nice try bozo, but you're not kidding anyone but the right wing proles. You're a fucking moron.

Can supreme court judges be impeached for being ignorant dull buffoons? I guess not.


Colonel Colonel said...

I heard Ruth Bader Ginsburg sticks a pin in his ass every once in a while to make sure he's not dead.

She's been disappointed each time.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Ms. Ginsberg. . . gettin her freak on with Uncle Clarence. . . ewwwwww.