Monday, February 18, 2008

Same ol same old

This hillbilly was gone most of the weekend. I had a hankerin for some good shellfish, so I pursued the finest oysters and clams North America has to offer and spent the weekend totally consumed with shellfish consumption. My life was completely void of any media intrusions and filled with total culinary happiness, so I figured that after such a perfect act of gluttony, executed in a truly masterful way, the world would have changed. Damned if I wudn't wrong. It's the same ol same old bullshit and petty triflings that were going on when I left.

Clinton again calls on Obama to debate
By BETH FOUHY, Associated Press Writer

KENOSHA, Wisc. - Hillary Rodham Clinton renewed her call Saturday to debate Democratic rival Barack Obama in Wisconsin before Tuesday's primary, even as she acknowledged she would cease campaigning in the state a full day before voters go to the polls.

Hillary, give it up. You democratic candidates have debated ad nauseum. You're going to be debating in a week in Texas. STFU and campaign. . . see if you can get someone to write an inspiring speech for you. But then again, school yard taunts seem to work on proletariat America.

Clinton aide wants Mich., Fla. delegates
AP - Sun Feb 17, 4:32 AM ET
WASHINGTON - Harold Ickes, a top adviser to Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's campaign who voted for Democratic Party rules that stripped Michigan and Florida of their delegates, now is arguing against the very penalty he helped pass.

Whoops, didn't see the O Man comin at ya back in '06, did ya?
Fuck you, you aint changin the rules now.
That's just a pile of weaselly shit.

Bush: Keep abstinence in AIDS program
AP -
DAR ES SALAAM, Tanzania - President Bush on Sunday said Congress should renew his global AIDS program and preserve a requirement that steers money into abstinence efforts.

When is this pitiful piece of shit of a president going to quit pandering to the evangelical right? Your term is done MonkeyBoy. You aint runnin no more. You don't have to suck the big Jesus dick nomo.

Bush calls lawmakers 'irresponsible'
AP - Sat Feb 16, 3:55 PM ET
WASHINGTON - President Bush said Saturday that lawmakers' failure to renew an eavesdropping law will make it more difficult to track terrorists and "we may lose a vital lead that could prevent an attack on America."

Can I get one great big "SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!" from everyone? Lessee, won't sign the bill if it doesn't protect the telecom corporations from prosecution for illegal activities (past, present and future), but the bill could prevent attacks. Once again, I challenge anyone to explain to me how this isn't corpo-fascism.

Dispute over guns threatens Senate vote
AP - Sat Feb 16, 4:34 AM ET
WASHINGTON - An election-year dispute over whether to allow loaded guns in national parks is holding up a vote on a massive bill affecting public lands from coast to coast.

How about we give the Park Service a little discretion? Does every rule have to be legislated? Maybe there are parks where it wouldn't hurt a feller out strolling with his wife an kids to be packing a 357 or 40 cal. Bear attacks do happen in wilderness grizzly country. Cougars have been hunting humans a lot lately. Now, do I need to be packin up on Blue Ridge Parkway? Probably not, unless Mr. Field shows up with some of his Philly buds.

Indian apology close to Senate passage
AP - Fri Feb 15, 5:28 PM ET
WASHINGTON - A resolution that formally apologizes to American Indians for years of government mistreatment and abuse will be part of an Indian health care bill expected to pass the Senate later this month.

Is it going to contain verbiage about the genocide and intentional murder of entire tribes. What about the all out assault on Native American culture? Will it specifically address solutions to these horrible crimes against humanity? Will it do ANYTHING to begin some sort of healing process and address reparations?

McConnell: Hezbollah threat 'serious'
AP -
WASHINGTON - The U.S. intelligence chief said Sunday that internal Hezbollah groups or Syria may be to blame for the killing of a Hezbollah commander that has led the FBI to put domestic terror squads on alert in the United States.

Really, here's another moron mother fucker who ought to keep his mentally retarded mouth shut. This is just another dumb fuck who is trying to push the right wing tactic of fear mongering in order to sweep through a right wing agenda. "Look out America, Hezbollah is going to get you if you don't let us have free access to every thing you do and say on the telephone, internet, and airwaves." Fuck the Constitution of the United States. Let em rape it, beat it and spew their nasty jizz all over it. . . Amurikins just wanna be safe with their patriarchal daddy watching over them.

Feds nip state efforts to slash mercury
AP - Sat Feb 16, 1:04 PM ET
WASHINGTON - While arguing in court that states are free to enact tougher mercury controls from power plants, the Bush administration pressured dozens of states to accept a scheme that would let some plants evade cleaning up their pollution, government documents show.

More corpo-fascism. Let's remove those pesky environmental restrictions so that American Industry can do what it does best these day. . . make the mega rich richer. If America weren't populated by ignorant proles, there'd be a revolution going on and this administration would have been removed and prosecuted for their crimes by now.

Judge asks details on destroyed evidence
AP - Thu Feb 14, 3:08 PM ET
WASHINGTON - A federal judge on Thursday ordered the Bush administration to tell him whether two CIA interrogation videos destroyed in 2005 were relevant to his case.

Just more school yard games. The legislature and judiciary have played footsie with this administration for two years now. Remember Valerie Plame? How about lies about Iraq and yellow cake uranium? "Energy policy" written by the oil industry in Dick Cheney's office. The most corrupt and treasonous administration in the history of the United States and they get a walk on everything. Remember, Bill Clinton was impeached for lying about a BJ. Nixon was run from office for knowing about the cover-up of a burglary. These guys walk for numerous acts of treason and crimes against humanity. . . oh, and did I mention pillaging our national treasury and giving it to the corporate royalists?

Bush wants limits on access to evidence
Thu Feb 14, 6:22 PM ET

WASHINGTON - The Bush administration asked the Supreme Court on Thursday to limit judges' authority to scrutinize evidence against detainees at Guantanamo Bay.

Yea, yea, they'll probably get it. See above.

Obama picks up another labor endorsement
By NEDRA PICKLER, Associated Press Writer
Sat Feb 16, 8:01 AM ET

MILWAUKEE - Gathering strength, Sen. Barack Obama collected a key labor endorsement and coaxed away one of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's delegates on Friday, at the same time he criticized his rival for supporting legislation harmful to workers. . . .
The Illinois senator won the endorsement of the 1.9 million-member Service Employees International Union, one day after he collected the support of the United Food and Commercial Workers, a politically active union 69,000 members in Ohio and another 26,000 in Texas. The food workers also have 19,000 members in Wisconsin, which holds a primary Tuesday.

Obamarama rolls on. It's the best show we've got.

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