Tuesday, February 16, 2021

They're not really "pro-life" if they're anti-universal healthcare, pro-war, pro-death penalty, anti-food stamps, anti-Social Security, anti-Medicare, and have a general aversion to anything that keeps poor people alive.

They're angry about spending, but they were silent when the Bush administration created the largest deficit in American history before or since.

They complain that the gov't is taking way their freedoms, but when the Patriot Act and TSA were enacted, they remained silent.

They say they are taxed too much and that Obama is a taxing them too much, but Obama actually lowered the tax bill of average Americans and we are at the lowest tax rate in over 60 years.

They want gov't out of our lives and "less gov't, but they want gov't to legislate what a woman can and can't do with their body.

They claim to have family and Christian values, but According to the Bible and Jesus's teaching they are anti-Christian since they don't believe in feeding the hungry, clothing the poor, healing the sick and injured or housing the homeless.

They want to create jobs by giving corporations tax breaks and tax incentives, but we've been doing that for over 30 yrs now and jobs have been streaming out of the country, the middle class has been destroyed and any jobs created have been low paying service positions.

They think it's ok to make the people who are with our children 6-8 hrs a day teaching them essential information to take a 20% pay cut, but it's a horrible idea to increase the tax on mega-millionaires by 3%.

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

I posted this on FB and didn't get any replies.  Maybe here?

I have a honest and serious question for anyone in America. I don't want arguments, I want opinions.
I don't want any defensive or offensive comments. I just want to understand.
There is mounting evidence that the Trump administration and the campaign colluded with representatives of the Russian gov't to influence our presidential election of 2016. Numerous people have been indicted and convicted from said administration and campaign for illegal activities related to the administration and campaign. It seems to be a logical conclusion that the trail will eventually lead to the president himself and members of his family being indicted for criminal activity.
Now, I know my friends who dwell on the right are not anti American and they are not against the American rule of law. They are good hard working and honest folks for the most part.
So in light of the fact that this president continues to make outrageously false statements about just about about everything including his and his cohorts' involvement in illegal activities. In light of the fact that he continues to use the term "witch hunt" for one of the most productive criminal investigations of a presidential administration in modern history. . . how do you justify continued support of this administration and this president?

After two years of doing so many things that are contrary to the good of the common people of America, how do you continue to support this presidency?
What is your reasoning behind doing so. I don't believe most of you are stupid or ignorant, so please help me be more open minded and understand. I'm tired of the insane polarization.

Thank you.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

"The Rich Get Richer and the Poor Get Poorer" has taken on a whole new meaning.

Oh look, I'm back, but no one reads my blog anymore so 'oh well.'
Hey, there has been an extraordinary primary process in AmerryKKKa these past few months that has blown the doors off any primary season or election cycle of the past 50 yrs when it comes to class and dignity.  These right wing fuckers have about as much class and dignity as a homeless drunk shitting behind a dumpster in a ghetto alleyway.   We have one of the richest men in the world acting like a backwoods, swamp dwelling dim wit every time he opens his mouth.  How sad for our nation.

So what the hell happened to the republican party?  I grew up in the Eisenhower and (don't laugh) Nixon years.  I know some of you have only heard of Nixon's shallow reputation, but both those men had a deep concern for the people of the United States and the general well being of our nation.  Believe me, if they were alive and well today, they would be considered way over in the ranks of what is now considered the radical left on social issues, national security and anything else that shapes policy.
Eisenhower warned us against the evils of the "military industrial complex" and Nixon gave us the EPA and forged relations with China and the USSR.

So what happened to this party that was once a shining light for American values across the nation and the world?  Reagan and the neo-cons happened.  From a historic policy perspective it all starts there even though Eisenhower warned us.  "But what happened SagaciousOne?"  Well, the very rich decided they didn't want to be just very rich.  They wanted to be ultra mega super rich.  Thus began the shunting of cash flow away from the middle class and back around to the very rich and the destruction of unionized America.  The ultimate result 35 yrs later is what we have today.
What we have are really super rich people like Jackass Trump and a middle/working class that is being strangled out of existence.  Our neighborhoods, our infrastructure and our standard of living is crumbling while the ultra rich hoard more and more of our resources.
Let's take a look at some numbers.  I've gone after very reliable sources here.  I've culled the ones that make outrageous claims like the top 0.1% own 90% of the wealth, and found numbers from very good economic sources.
Let's have a look:
The top 1% own 34.6% of the country's wealth.  So if you have 100 people evenly divided economically, one person would own over 1/3 of their collective resources.
Let's drop it down some:
The top 20% own 85% of the nation's wealth.  So now, the top 20 people in that group own 85% of all the resources.
That leaves the rest of us in the 80% that is below all these rich people.  We only own 15% of the economic resources this country has to offer.
How is is possible that the vast majority of people own a small minority of the wealth.  Has it always been like this?
In 1982, the top 1% earned 12% of the national income.  Now they rake in over 25%.
The average salary of all Americans is $33,000/yr. (much less than it was in 1980).
The average salary of someone in the 1% is $1.3 million.  That's $1,300,000/yr.

We could look at and crunch numbers all day.  The bottom line is that American society is being destroyed by the greed and gluttony of the rich and sadly, they genuinely believe that it's OK.  They simply can't understand why it's wrong that a Wall Street trader makes million while a paramedic makes barely enough to survive and support a family.  THEY do not get it.  THEY have lost any empathy and compassion THEY might have had in the past for the working class.

Are THEY going to rectify this situation?
If you think Jackass Trump is going to do anything to lift the working middle class out of the doldrums it is currently stagnating within, you are fucking delusional.
Hillary?  A better bet, but how far up the ass of her Wall Street sponsors is she?  Does she have the ability to connect and understand the plight of the middle class?  She has never been one of us.

Good luck America.  The future does not look good as we spiral into a feudal system of royal patrons and poor proles while the poor proles venerate and patronize their royal masters.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

I Told You So!

See!  I told you this was going to be entertaining.  We've got Ben Carson saying all kinds of crazy assed ridiculous bullshit and it's getting covered by the national media, Donald "duck" Trump has been a mega center ring act, we've got Jeb! on the sidelines playing the sad sack Emmett Kelley clown routine and a dozen or so others blowing the doors off of all the liars and theives I can ever remember on the political landscape.  What more could we ask for in entertainment.

Oh fuck.  This isn't supposed to be entertainment.  This is supposed to be about serious people coming up with serious solutions to our serious problems.

Sorry, my bad.

SH out.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Jeb! 2016. Oh this is going to be fun to watch.

So I get this message in my IN BOX from the Jeb Bush campaign and I think, I hope we have a republican candidate who is going to lay out his plan and just tell us what he is going to do for America.  Afterall, the last republican to run for president ran an entire campaign based upon attacking the other candidate and never gave the electorate any substantial information on what exactly he'd do as president (and still he got a large percentage of the vote).
So I read the entire e-mail.  Nope, nothing there.  Just a big plea for money (have the Bushes gone broke?)  Take a look for yourself.

President Obama has failed us. Hillary Clinton would fail us. We cannot afford another four years of the same failed policies. That’s why I announced yesterday that I’m running for President. That’s why I need your support right now.

Under their watch, the economic recovery has been the slowest ever, debt has ballooned, and the American dream has been put out of reach for millions of families.

America deserves better. You deserve better, and I think you know it.  If you’re ready for something better, I want you with me today: make a donation right now and, be part of the team that will put America back on the right track.

I won’t pretend that the challenges ahead aren’t daunting. They are. But the stakes are high, and I know that if we give it everything we can, we will not fail.

Together, we will expand opportunity for all, put government on the side of free enterprise and free people, and bring back American exceptionalism and leadership across the globe.

This won’t be easy. A campaign’s not supposed to be.

But I am ready for this challenge. I hope you will stand with me on Day One and chip in $100, $50, or $25 today.

The simple truth is this: the Democrats have offered a progressive agenda these past six years that includes everything but progress. You and I know these past six years do not represent America’s best—that’s why I’m running. Our country is on a very bad course. We can’t sit by and let this amazing nation be mismanaged and misled for another minute, much less another 4 years.

This campaign is about a new beginning. We launched a campaign to revive America and bring conservative leadership back to the White House.

In this moment, I am focused on all the opportunities our society can extend to every American.

I am focused on all the dreams that this country can make reality.

I am focused on all the parents who will hand a life better than their own to their children because of what we will do together.

I hope you’ll stand with me and make all of this possible: Jeb2016.com/Donate

I make you the promise here and now that I will campaign as I would serve: I will go everywhere, speak to everyone, keep my word, face the tough issues without flinching, and stay true to what I believe.

I will take nothing, and no one for granted. I will run with heart, and together, we will win.

It begins now.

I’m Jeb Bush, and I’m asking for your support today:

So I go to the Jeb2016.com web site.  There's a big todo about having a Mexican wife. . . sorry, not much else.  No policy to be found anywhere.

And this guy is one of the front runners?!
I have one question:  How in the fuck can anyone say they are going to vote for someone who doesn't tell you what they will do in the office they are seeking.  WTF?!  Where I'm from we call thst "buying a pig in a poke" (a poke is a paper bag).  You don't know what the fuck you're getting but you go ahead and buy it anyway because youre stupid.
 Republicans have been running these campaigns based upon nothing but attacking the current president for eight years now.  They haven't won, but they've come close.  All I can figure is that those 45-48% republican voters are a bunch of dumb fucking ignorant bozos!
Well, the rpeublican circus train has left the station and we might as well watch and be entertained.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Random notes, or Things that will get my attention if I ever return to blogging.

Random notes:

In the past few days I've seen lots of post from people about honoring those who have served and those who never came back.
Spare me your cheap grace.
Veterans benefits have been systematically reduced over the past few years. Congress has done little or nothing to help the tens of thousands of veterans who have come back with all sorts of physical and mental conditions. Veterans are dying because they can't get the healthcare they need. Over 100,000 veterans deal with homelessness and addiction without any help.
How can we have homeless veterans in this country when there is vacant housing all over the place?
Do something about that. Vote against politicians who vote against veterans. Make this a topic of discussion in political forums and when talking to your representatives. Demand change.
Sure, it's great to honor veterans, but that does NOTHING for the homeless, addicted, sick and hungry veterans who live in this country.
It is THE national shame.

Racism is alive and obvious.  Those who claim otherwise are fucking morons. . . and probably racist pricks.

Only unions will save the working and middle class.  Only voters will save unions when they decide to quit giving all our resources to the ultra rich and guzzling the lies the corporatists force down their throats.

The homophobes are going to go down in history the same as the southern bigots of the 50s and 60s.

Fuck you and your confederate flag.  Go fly your symbol of racism, slavery and treason somewhere else, you backwoods ignorant POS.

Help those who need help.


Monday, March 17, 2014

Blow me, I'm not Irish

. . . so I probably don't have some skanky green stuff growing from my testicles. That happens ya know to idiots who spend all their free time sitting on bar stools singing stupid tribal songs and partaking in alcoholic drinking.

What the fuck gives with these potato eating corned beef gobbling fucktards? I mean, who the fuck cares if you're Irish? Nobody but your fellow drunken mick buddies. We all know why you dress in green. . . to camouflage the puke you get all over yourself when you drink yourself sick like the white trash slobs that you are.

So now we have to tolerate that once per year drink fest where every light weight weenie old enough to buy a drink goes out claiming to be Irish and getting shit faced. Another amature night on the town, but this time with green beer and donuts.

So who was this "St. Patrick" besides some Irish mackerel snapper? This guy has been around for hundreds of years. Irishmen and their freckled skank hos all over the world worship this mick patron once every year. Guess what, his only claim to fame is that he "drove the snakes out of Ireland. Oh good, is that why Ireland is a rat infested shit hole? There were probably never any snakes in Ireland, hence the assumption that it was always a rat infested shit hole, but St. Patrick was a typically drunken Irish sot who thought he saw snakes and you know how easily talked into anything Irishmen are. . . at least, I assume they're the same as those speckled Irish women.

And what's with all you neo-Irish-American yuppies naming your kids dumbass shit like Seamus, Caleb and Connor? Yea, sounds like a good idea when you're 25, et up with yourself and drinking every night at the corner Irish shit hole for your social fix, but remember, this kid is someday going to have to deal with real people in the real world and when he says in his NY or Atlanta accent, "hi my name is Liam," people are going to crack up spontaneously in their face. Do you want your kid humiliated on a daily basis throughout his life?

So all you Irish wankers; STFU! Assimilate for god's sake. It's been over 100 years since your pitiful starving potato eating ancestors crawled ashore in North America begging for a mouthful of anything. Get over yourselves. You got nuthin.

Oh, and here's a good one. The Amurkin Irish want to make St. Patrick's Day a national holiday. I don't think so, morons. You gotta come up with someone better than a hallucinagenic drunken Irishman before you get a national holiday. You want to put some mythological snake charmer up there with Lincoln, Washington and King? Uh huh. Like that's gonna happen.

What else do you have to offer? Irish food? BWAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! On that basis, India, Thailand, China, Mexico, Japan, about anywhere else but Ireland has a better chance of getting a national holiday in the USA. Go stew ya up some meat and potatoes.

Maybe an inspiring liberation movement would convince us there is some merit in an Irish national holiday. HAR! Nope, the Irish simply killed a whole bunch of their fellow citizens over a period of a decade or so and then caved back in to British dominance. And we thought the IRA was such a bunch of toughies.

It's bad enough that every year around March 17th, everything turns puke green. I think we'll pass on any further adoration of a useless excersise in self abuse and ignorance.

Happy St. Patrick Day. Come on by and I'll give you a kiss for being Irish.