Tuesday, December 18, 2018

I posted this on FB and didn't get any replies.  Maybe here?

I have a honest and serious question for anyone in America. I don't want arguments, I want opinions.
I don't want any defensive or offensive comments. I just want to understand.
There is mounting evidence that the Trump administration and the campaign colluded with representatives of the Russian gov't to influence our presidential election of 2016. Numerous people have been indicted and convicted from said administration and campaign for illegal activities related to the administration and campaign. It seems to be a logical conclusion that the trail will eventually lead to the president himself and members of his family being indicted for criminal activity.
Now, I know my friends who dwell on the right are not anti American and they are not against the American rule of law. They are good hard working and honest folks for the most part.
So in light of the fact that this president continues to make outrageously false statements about just about about everything including his and his cohorts' involvement in illegal activities. In light of the fact that he continues to use the term "witch hunt" for one of the most productive criminal investigations of a presidential administration in modern history. . . how do you justify continued support of this administration and this president?

After two years of doing so many things that are contrary to the good of the common people of America, how do you continue to support this presidency?
What is your reasoning behind doing so. I don't believe most of you are stupid or ignorant, so please help me be more open minded and understand. I'm tired of the insane polarization.

Thank you.