Saturday, October 30, 2010

Free speech and "pro-life" old creepy fucks

Yesterday I was in Sarasota Fl. I was parked outside a yoga studio waiting for my uber groovy wife and daughter to finish up twisting and turning their limber bodies to the sound of some prozac chewing granola munching uber groovy enlightened one.
I was watching a group of young people standing on the corner in front of me holding signs about respecting, loving anf trusting women. I wasn't sure what was going on until I started seeing a bunch of creepy old fucks showing up with pro-choice signs. I began to notice that the old fucks were camped out by the main front entrance of the building and were talking to everyone entering the building and then they were around the side of the building at the entrance to the parking lot doing the same.

My curiosity got the best of me so I got out of my car and approached the kids on the corner. They explained to me exactly what I suspected. They were supporting the women entering the women's health center while the creepy old fucks were stopping and intimidating everyone. So I said to these kids "what? you mean these creepy old fucks are hassling all the women who approach the building?" With that, the creepiest of the old fucks walked up to me and said "we're offering them choices."
I blew a gasket. I said "what the fuck makes you think that these women haven't thought long and hard about making this decision that effects their life profoundly? What makes you think that they haven't contemplated, considered and then contemplated and considered again all their options before making their decision?" He gave me some dumb ass comment about making moral decisions and I really laid into the creepy old fuck who by now had a gaggle of creepy old fucks around him. I told them in no uncertain terms that their Christian morality was a huge crock of bullshit. I told them they were lying hypocrites and that their best course of action was to limp their creepy old asses home and mind their own business. Then the creepiest old fuck told me "you don't understand the issues." Woo hoo I slipped into overdrive and informed their decrepit creepy asses that they needed to quit picking on innocent young women. That they were lying, self righteous, and totally full of shit and how dare they pick on young women? They mumbled something and I just told them to shut the fuck up, go home and mind their own business.

I was WAY too pissed off.

I then went back to my car and soon my wonderful wife and lovely daughter arrived. I then realized why the creepy old fucks pissed me off so bad. I know that if either of them had been in the position of the young girls entering that facility and they had been approached by the creepy old fucks with their guilt trips and pseudo morality, I'd have cleared the sidewalks of creepy old fucks.
Yea, I'm all about the Constitution of the United States and the 1st Amendment, but you've got to be able to accept the consequences of you actions. How sorry are you going to feel for some redneck who walks through a black neighborhood yelling n@#g^r? How about the white supremist who walks into a synagogue shouting Nazi slogans? Both are going to get their asses kicked by someone who really believes they deserve it. Probably no one is going to get arrested as long as it's a simple as kicking. Yea, fuck with my wife or one of my daughters like that and I'm gonna leave marks.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The truth. . .

about tea baggers, republicans, dumb fuck Amurkkkin voters and the election of 2010. . .

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Will the dumb fuck proles do it again?

Republicans, heading for big gains, ready agenda
AP – 1 hr 27 mins ago
WASHINGTON – Republican leaders, ever more confident of their chances of winning control of the House and possibly even the Senate, have begun plotting a 2011 agenda topped by a push for more than $100 billion in spending cuts, tax reductions and attempts to undo key parts of President Barack Obama's health care and financial regulation laws.

Lessee, spending cuts means taking away from social services that benefit to bottom most earners but not touching corporate welfare.
Tax reductions means cutting the taxes on the highest earners in the country and throwing a bone to the rest.
Undoing parts of the healthcare bill means releiving corporations of any responsibility to provide health benefits to employees and any other part of the bil that might be a financial burden on those with the mega bucks.
Undoing financial regulations means going back to the status quo of letting the banks do whateve the fuck they want which ends up with the highest earners walking away with gigantic amounts of money while the financial institutions they pillaged up crumble.

If the fucktards who call themselves American voters return the treasury to the same dumb fucking traitors who pillaged it for 8 years the last time, fuck it. I just don't give a damn anymore.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

We get what we deserve. . .

If the voters of Amurkkka decide to reinstall the party of Bush, Gingrich, etc. then we will get what they deserve. This country will be led down a path of destruction with all the people at the top having so much resource that it won't matter to them. Meanwhile, everyone will be working for minimum wage with poor healthcare.
Fuck the voters of Amurkkka. Let them get what they deserve.
Just remember that it's your children and all who come after you who will really suffer.
I just don't fucking care anymore.

AP-GfK Poll: Likely voters ready to embrace GOP

AP – FILE - In this Oct. 14, 2010 file photo, Nevada Republican Senate candidate Sharron Angle, left, and …
By LIZ SIDOTI, AP National Political Writer – 6 mins ago
WASHINGTON – All signs point to huge Republican victories in two weeks, with the GOP now leading Democrats on virtually every measure in an Associated Press-GfK poll of people likely to vote in the first major elections of Barack Obama's presidency.
In the final survey before Election Day, likely voters say the GOP would do a better job than Democrats on handling the economy, creating jobs and running the government.
Most also think the country's headed in the wrong direction. More than half disapprove of Obama's job performance. And even more don't like the Democratic-controlled Congress.

Friday, October 15, 2010

News bits. . . sagaciously analysed

Black neighbors to picket woman's Confederate flag

By BRUCE SMITH, Associated Press Writer Bruce Smith, Fri Oct 15, 1:19 pm ET

SUMMERVILLE, S.C. – Annie Chambers Caddell, whose ancestors fought in the Civil War, insists the Confederate flag flying over her home is an important reminder of her heritage. But for her neigbors in this tree-shrouded, historically black neighborhood, it's an unpleasant reminder of a by-gone era they'd rather not see every time they pass by her house.

Fuck you Annie Chambers.
I have a friend who's father was in the German Army. What would the reaction be if he flew a Nazi flag in a Jewish neighborhood as a "reminder of [his] heritage?"
What a dumb fucking cracker ass moron.

NY officers face stat-fudging charges
By TOM HAYS and COLLEEN LONG, Associated Press Writers Tom Hays And Colleen Long, Associated Press Writers – 5 mins ago

NEW YORK – Four New York Police Department officers are facing internal charges based on the highly publicized accusations by a fellow officer that they manipulated crime statistics, an NYPD official said Friday.

The officers include the former commanding officer of the 81st Precinct in Brooklyn, Deputy Inspector Steven Mauriello.

WHAT?!?! Dishonest cops? No way. Who would suspect such a thing.

Right to hunt, fish on ballot in four states
By Ed Stoddard and Tim Gaynor Ed Stoddard And Tim Gaynor – Thu Oct 14, 2:02 pm ET

DALLAS/PHOENIX (Reuters) – Worried that their pastime may get waylaid by a growing animal welfare movement, U.S. hunters and anglers in some states are seeking constitutional safeguards.

When voters in Arizona, Arkansas, South Carolina and Tennessee go to the polls to cast their ballots in the congressional elections on Nov 2, they will also be asked if they support making hunting and fishing constitutional rights. . .

"They start with cats and dogs and the next thing you know, someone says it's inhumane to shoot a deer. It's like buying an insurance policy," he told Reuters in a phone interview.

According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, 10 states guarantee the right to hunt and fish in their constitutions. Vermont's provisions go back to 1777 but the rest have all been put in place since 1996.

The current measures are not seen making a big difference in any House or Senate race.

But they are another lifestyle clash in America's many culture wars, which often seem to pit the rural and conservative "heartland" against urban liberals.

Now here's some dumb ass shit. This fucking state legislators who sponsor horse shit like this ought to be tied and bound and forced to eat week old road kill for wasting any state's tax dollars on an initiative like this bullshit.
Fact: I've been alive in this country for over half a century which is over 1/5 of the life of this nation. Not once, not one single time have my rights as a gun owner or my rights as an avid outdoorsman been compromised. I grew up hunting and fishing. I still hunt and fish. I've never heard a single legislator suggest that my hunting and fishing be curtailed. That doesn't mean that some fringe whako somewhere hasn't suggested it, but it certainly never gained the slightest bit of traction.
Will you numb skulled bubbas out there just relax and quit worrying about your precious right to bear arms and hunt and fish. It aint going anywhere. At any point when it is threatened I'll join you, but till then, you're a bunch of reactionary, pawns being led around like ignorant sheep. . . I take that back, I have a sheep and it's much smarter than you dumb fuck backwoods morons or you dumb fuck bright-lighters who go out in the woods and fields once a year just so you can prove what a man you are.

But of all the dunb shit cracker assed insanity in Amurkkka today, this has got to be one of the grandest and no surprise it's perpetrated by the queen of the TeaBaggers. . .

O'Donnell questions separation of church, state
By BEN EVANS, Associated Press Writer
WILMINGTON, Del. – Republican Senate nominee Christine O'Donnell of Delaware on Tuesday questioned whether the U.S. Constitution calls for a separation of church and state, appearing to disagree or not know that the First Amendment bars the government from establishing religion.
The exchange came in a debate before an audience of legal scholars and law students at Widener University Law School, as O'Donnell criticized Democratic nominee Chris Coons' position that teaching creationism in public school would violate the First Amendment by promoting religious doctrine.
Coons said private and parochial schools are free to teach creationism but that "religious doctrine doesn't belong in our public schools."
"Where in the Constitution is the separation of church and state?" O'Donnell asked him.
When Coons responded that the First Amendment bars Congress from making laws respecting the establishment of religion, O'Donnell asked: "You're telling me that's in the First Amendment?"

I mean, come on. I might expect some ignorant bubba teabagging bozo from some hick midwestern town or Appalachian holler to come up with that shit, but a republican senate candidate? This right wing neo-fascist is dumber than a sled track.

So all you right wing tea partiers: is the answer to your artificially induced anger to elect a bunch of ignorant morons who don't understand the absolute minimum basics of the Constitution of the United States? My suspicion is that to most of these tea baggers, the Constitution of the United States just isn't all that important.

Sagaciously yours. . .

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Public Spaceships

Very slowly we're getting closer and closer to the world that visionaries like Werner VonBraun and Arthur C. Clark imagined. We're way past 2001 chronologically, but so far from it technically.

SpaceShipTwo's Tourist Joyrides Could Launch Next Year
By Mike Wall Senior Writer
posted: 12 October 2010
01:36 pm ET
After making its first solo glide flight Sunday (Oct. 10), the private suborbital spacecraft SpaceShipTwo could achieve another major milestone — a powered test flight involving the firing of its rocket motor — in the next few months.

Officials at Virgin Galactic, which plans to use its SpaceShipTwo to ferry tourists on suborbital joyrides, have said a powered test flight could come by the end of this year, and paying passengers could be flying to the edge of space by late 2011 or early 2012. [Video: SpaceShipTwo's First Solo Glide Test.]

I'm not real crazy about Richard Branson, but he has put his money into something he believes in and something I believe in, so I gotta give him lots of credit and admire his commitment. It's where my billions would be going if I had them.

Burt Rutan is THE aviation genius of our time. No less than guys like Glenn Curtis, the Wright Bros., VonBraun, Kelly Johnson or Jack Northrup, he has changed the way people look at airplanes. His designs have been revolutionary to the science of aviation. I am so glad he stepped in and began working on this project. Nobody has and nobody could have done this besides him right now.

Maybe NASA will take a look at what these guys have done out there in the desert and take a lesson in innovation, design and efficiency.

I hereby present Burt Rutan and Scaled Composites with the SagaciousHilly's "Spirit of Apollo Award."

(Stay tuned for more Spirit of Apollo award winners.)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

More mystery sagaciously unraveled

I never like Bobcat Goldwait or whatever his name was, but I'm beginning to feel his pain.

School cafeterias to try psychology in lunch line

By MARILYNN MARCHIONE, AP Medical Writer Marilynn Marchione

Federal officials are turning to psychology in a new approach to get kids to choose healthier foods in the school lunch line.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is giving $2 million to food behavior scientists to use marketing tricks to encourage kids to pick fruits and veggies over cookies and french fries.

Some of the ideas include hiding chocolate milk behind plain milk, putting the salad bar near checkout, placing fruit in pretty baskets and accepting only cash as payment for desserts.

Here's a clue for you "food behavior scientists:"


Do we really need to spend $2 million to figure out how to get kids to pick the fruits and veggies?


Back to you Bob.

Aid worker killed in combat zone

WHAT?! How did THAT happen?!

Here's the headline. . .

Full probe vowed in captive Briton's death
By ROBERT KENNEDY, Associated Press Writer Robert Kennedy, Associated Press Writer –

KABUL, Afghanistan – U.S. and U.K. military officials have started what's promised as a thorough investigation into the death of a kidnapped British aid worker who may have been killed in error by U.S. special forces — rather than, as originally stated, by her Taliban captors.

Linda Norgrove's death has reverberated through the corridors of power from Kabul, to London, to Washington — where President Barack Obama expressed condolences and pledged "to get to the bottom" of what happened during the deadly raid.

Let's break this down and make it simple for those who like to complicate things.

Aid worker (probably with very limited military training) enters combat zone.
Aid worker is taken hostage/POW/whatever by enemy forces.
Aid worker is killed in fog of war.
Aid worker took a chance, knew or should have known the risks involved and crapped out.

Is it time to imitate the Russians yet and GET THE FUCK OUT OF THIS GOD FORSAKEN SHIT HOLE OF A COUNTRY and let the ignorant whack job religious fundies have it back?
Sorry Afghanistan, we can't fix you either. If you don't like living under an oppressive religious extremist regime you'd better get the fuck out.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Obesity, diabetes, good nutrition, public assistance and Mayor Bloomburg

I'm beginning to like this republican. He seems to be an old time conservative like the practical old men that raised me. I could be wrong but read this article and my comments below. . .

NYC – You wouldn’t eat 16 packets of sugar, why drink them?
by Holte Ender on Oct 7, 2010

New York’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg, with the encouragement of both city and state health commissioners, is seeking to bar the use of food stamps for buying soda and other sweetened drinks.
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Bloomberg is asking the U.S. Department of Agriculture, which controls the food stamp program, for permission to institute a two-year ban that would affect the estimated 1.7 million city residents who receive food stamps. That time frame, he said, would permit health officials to study the health impact of such a ban.

The request, according to the mayor’s office, would not in any way reduce food stamp eligibility or size of the food stamp benefit received by recipients.

There are already a number of limitations on the use of food stamps — they cannot be used to purchase alcohol, cigarettes, imported foods, soap, toothpaste, paper products, cleaning supplies, or disposable diapers. Nor can they be used to purchase meals in restaurants.

More than half of New York City residents are overweight or obese, as are about 40% of the city’s school children, according to Farley and Daines.

“One in eight adult city residents now has diabetes, and the disease is nearly twice as common among poorer New Yorkers,” they wrote, adding that the diabetes rate in a poor neighborhood like East New York is about four times higher than the rate in “affluent Gramercy Park.”

The request to restrict food stamps is the latest of a series of healthy living initiatives by the Bloomberg administration, which has already overhauled the cafeteria offerings in the city’s public schools. The mayor also tried and failed to the get the state to impose a special sales tax on soda.

I'm all for my tax dollars going toward feeding those who are hungry. There are a lot of people out there right now who could really use a hand with food costs. They need enough food credit to buy food that's healthy, not just cheap pork and a bag of beans and big slabs of gov't cheese.
Let's also educate people who are receiving public assistance about food so they aren't buying crap food that is going to make them fat and type II diabetic.
A smart and easy way to make sure our tax dollars are being spent wisely by those in need is to be very clear about what can and can not be purchased.
Soda, chips, and other sugar and fat laden food should be a big "NO!" This is all about making sure people have food to eat so that they can function and thrive in our society. It's about feeding children and making sure they grow up healthy and ready to face the world and whatever their day has in store for them.
Oh, you think people ought to be able to choose to eat whatever they want? Fine, you take the money out of your pocket and give it to them. Why should I be sitting here being all fucking Jack Lalanne about what I eat while somebody is using my tax dollars to become obese and sick. I'm against that.
If you go on public assistance in the form of food stamps or WIC, you should be required to either attend classes on nutrition of test out of those classes.
When you go to the store and load up on soda pop, chips, ice cream, candy, etc., there should be a block on your food stamps. There are all sorts of ways to accomplish this. Food credit cards, tags on items in large grocery store computer databases and just general knowledge of those checking you out in smaller groceries, and no, you can't use your food card in a convenience store.

Come on, put me in charge. . . just for a week.

So bravo Mayor Bloomburg. Every now and then a republican shows some common sense and I've seen it more than once in you.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Lou Dobbs on illegal immigration. . .

I don't want to totally condemn Lou Dobbs because he has been a voice against the shipping of jobs overseas and also has spoken out through his show and written books about the destruction of the middle class form corporate actions, but geez, this guy can really sound like a bigot when he gets on his favorite topic of illegal immigration. He rants a rallys about it as if infected hoards of rodents are invading our shores with a plaque.
So when I read this I just had to shake my head and realize that he's just another right wing uber rich conservative who will say whatever it takes to distract the masses from opening their eyes to the greed that prevails in our country.
How many more of these hypocrites will have to be caught benefiting from that which they condemn.

Report: Lou Dobbs employed illegal immigrants
By Michael Calderone

Lou Dobbs has long railed against illegal immigration and the employers who hire undocumented workers. Dobbs generated controversy — and faced boycotts — for attacking "illegal aliens" as host of a nightly CNN show. And since leaving the network in December, Dobbs has kept talking about the issue in interviews, in which he's also left open the possibility of running for senator or president.

But Dobbs might want to pause before making illegal immigration a signature campaign issue: At least five illegal immigrants have reportedly worked on his properties.

The liberal Nation magazine, in a yearlong investigation conducted with the Investigative Fund at the Nation Institute, found that "Dobbs has relied for years on undocumented labor for the upkeep of his multimillion-dollar estates and the horses he keeps for his 22-year-old daughter, Hillary, a champion show jumper."

300 acre farm in NJ, winter home in West Palm Beach, Five $1 million dollar horses. . . yea, he's looking out for YOUR interests.
People like this don't have a clue what YOUR interests are if you are working for a living.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Microsoft: Monkey see, monkey do.

Microsoft CEO's plan to battle the iPhone

Steve Ballmer sees a big opportunity for the new Windows Phones.

Has there ever been an original idea to come out of any department at Microsoft except for marketing? Sometime in the future and a land far, far away they will study the Microsoft phenomena as an icon of the worse in American ingenuity. Microsoft has never developed an original idea. They have stolen every single idea they ever marketed from MS-DOS to Windows to x-box and now their own version of the i-phone.
Since the late 70s Bill Gates has been taking other's ideas, adding a few bells and whistles or not and marketing them as his own. DOS belonged to some guy in Illinois who sold it to IBM and then IBM gave the rights to Microsoft. Windows wasn't even thought of until Jobs and Co. at Apple came out with the Lisa and then the Macintosh. X-Box = Atari. Excel, Word, Power Point all have their roots in programs by Lotus, WordPerfect, Adobe and Apple.
How have this band of bandits done it? I was plugged into the PC industry back in 83 when the Mac came out. I was very tuned into what went on for the next decade. How did they do it? Who the fuck knows? I know they made a killing when IBM came out with the IBM PC and used MS-DOS as the operating system. That gave them a huge stash of cash for marketing and development (buying a bunch of computer genius developers from the best schools). They used this resource to come up with a Windows operating system for the IBM PC. With mega giant IBM behind them and all the independent computer manufacturers that used the IBM/Microsoft architecture, they managed to make another huge killing. I have to laugh when I think of all the weenies who used DOS that used to belittle the Mac operating system as "a toy" and make lots of other snide disparaging comments. It was like religion to them to hack their way through DOS and Lotus 1-2-3 while Mac users were just pointing and clicking.
I'm still amazed at how the best product doesn't always win in the world of marketing. Windows is still a piece of shit with DOS running in the background. It bombs out constantly and crashes hard sometimes. I watched my wife struggle with Windows for years in her office, always thinking, geez, if only they had Macs. Now she uses a Mac exclusively. It never crashes, never loses data, always connects to the printer and is simply easier and more intuitive to use.

So why? Why does Microsoft continue to thrive with ripped off technology and fancy marketing?

Saturday, October 2, 2010



Meg Witman; A Woman of the 21st Century

Truly a woman of the 21st Century. . . why accept responsibility when you can blame others.

GOP's Whitman blames opponent for housekeeper flap
AP –
By JULIET WILLIAMS, Associated Press Writer – 1 hr 7 mins ago
FRESNO, Calif. – GOP gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman accused Democratic rival Jerry Brown on Saturday of orchestrating a scandal over her former illegal immigrant housekeeper, a charge that prompted Brown to fire back and say Whitman won't take accountability and is not fit to be governor.

She epitomizes our society. Nobody accepts responsibility for anything negative these day. It's like every single person in this country is suffering from chronic insecurity and simply can not let anyone know that they fucked up.
Meanwhile, we've got the country crumbling around us and fucktards like this with billions of dollars at their disposal are running for major offices on a "NO RESPONSIBILITY" platform.
I'm really sick of this sick ass society we live in.
Think about it: If nobody accepts responsibility for anything, how can we do anything about the problems we have?
We are doomed because we are a society of pitiful little dim witted proletariat fuck offs who are too weak and feeble to accept responsibility for our actions.
Fuck you Meg Witman and ALL you represent.