Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Politics that are fucking hilarious!

I'm in love with all these republican candidates. Really, I absolutely LOVE them. Look, they are the greatest piece of political entertainment to hit the media air waves since Watergate (yes, I was alive and a young college student on summer break working my ass off during Watergate and watched diligently every evening when they rebroadcast the hearings). Like Watergate, every step of this election cycle has been a phenomenal side show of political amusement.

Let's see, we've had Bachmann who was leading the polls for a while after winning some completely insignificant caucus at some completely insignificant republican gathering at some completely insignificant location. Then she began really opening her mouth, or at least the things she said began to really get covered and WOW, Amurrykkka found out what a total asshat they had been routing for. NEXT!

Then there was . . aw hell, my mind can't keep them in order anymore (remember I was alive in 1974). But let's survey the contenders anyway. . .

Cain was a hoot. He was some sort of Uncle Ruckus type character with a little bit charm. What a douche bag. Sadly, the ridiculous moral standards that he and his republican brethren think ought to be imposed upon us all are what brought him down. I love it when that happens. NEXT!

Rick Perry gave it the old brash, big mouthed Texas try. What's with the people of Texas? Why are they so attracted to such openly moronic bozos to be their governor? Sorry Rick (I once had a co-worker who had a sign over her desk that said "never trust a man named Rick), but you don't have an uber-rich daddy sitting with the highest, most powerful levels of world, national and corporate politics to propel you into the White House despite your obvious buffoonery, ridiculous lack of knowledge about anything and blatant bigotry. NEXT!

Newt; just the name is enough to amuse. "FINALLY," the corporate media declared, "someone who can lead us and take control of this primary cluster fuck." BWAAAAHAHAHAHAHA! I guess they weren't really paying attention to this fat assed dick wad the past couple decades. Can a scumbag who dumped his wife while she was in the hospital being treated for cancer for a hot young skank really get elected president. . . who twice dumped women for other women he was having affaires with? Can he really win an election where he is championing family values and at every turn trying to tell US what is wrong with Amurikkka and ourselves? NEXT!

So who is next? Ron Paul? Paul has a certain charm about him and sometimes makes a bit of sense when he talks about getting gov't out of our lives, cutting defense spending and gov't waste. Then you start paying attention and realize that he is a fucking nut case and wants to get rid of the EPA, Dept. of Education, Commerce, FDA, Dept. of Agriculture and a number of other gov't agencies that are the backbone of keeping some semblance of order in this huge complicated society we live in. Hopefully, he aint next. . .

Palin has recently stated that it's not too late to get into the race. Oh please, oh please, oh please. I would so love to see her enter the fray at this point. Wow, would that be some monumental buffoonery or what?

Huntsman? This guy is about as dynamic as an old possum. Aint gonna happen.

My hope is that "santorum" will whip it good and froth to the top and take the lead for a while. Oh what fun that would be.

Sadly, or hell, for the better entertainment wise, all this is wrapped up in christian mysticism and extremist nationalism. Either of which is poison. . . combine them together and take a look at the middle east.

So stay tuned, Newt is slipping, Paul is trending positive and the republican electorate has GOT to be wringing their hands thinking "WTF?!" and ready to grasp at anything that comes along that even has the slightest scent of a candidate that can possibly compete with the current sitting President of the United States. . . and let's face it, they know in their hearts that once again, the democrat president has come along and saved this country from the absurdity of another failed republican administration. Obama is to the devastation wrought by the Bush administration what Clinton was to that perpetrated by the Reagan-Bush fiasco. They both brought order and hope to a catastrophic condition left to them to fix by a failed republican administration. Will the Amurrykkkin voters realize this or will they again vote against the best interests of the country and themselves?