Sunday, August 31, 2008

Self important assholes trying to be PC

If Gustav hits New ORleans and takes out the city (which aint gonna happen), what difference will it make whether the republican covention is happening or not? None.
In fact, bring MoronMonkeyBoy up to Minneapolis. It won't make a damn bit of difference.
But really, the republican party and ticket is simply imploding or vaporizing or something. They've got a neanderthalic VP candidate who doesn't believe in evolution and wants to teach creationism in the public classroom. Brilliant huh? At a time when we need leadership in education the republos give us a backwoods moron who wants to teach mythology in the science classroom. At a time when womens rights are at the forefront of most women's minds, the republos give us a VP candidate who believes that abortion should be totally illegal. At a time, when the republicans tell us our national security is very vulnerable to foreign attack and terrorism is such a threat that our constitutional rights to privacy should be compromised, they give us a candidate who's only experience is mayor of a small town and one year as governor of the most isolated backwoods state in the union. That kinda makes ya say "WTF?"

A 72 yr old cancer survivor is the candidate and they give us a housewife with a "communications" degree to sit one heartbeat away from the presidency. Now, I don't want to insult all my friends who have "communications" degrees, but it seems to me that such a degree is often attained by those who aren't sure what they want to do. Kinda like a sociology degree to many. Granted, some, like my son are real sociologists or really want to major in "comunications" or sociology, but, come on. . . we're talking someone who got a communications degree and then proceeded to obtain her Mrs. degree and pump out children for almost 20 yrs.

Thanks Puffy, you'll find that the Obama administration will not squander away the opportunity you have given them to improve the lives of Americans. They will take the responsibilities of the presidency serious just like they took their choice for VP.

Can't wait for the debates. . . Joe Biden, a 35 yr. veteran of the senate against an Alaskan housewife. . . ought to be innerestin.

Can't quite get it together. . . .

Gustav is like a bunch of politicians we know: it just can't quite get it's shit together, but like a lot of right wing whack job politicians we know, that's a good thing.

See, a hurricane is like a water pump. The eye of the hurricane, specifically the eye wall sucks up warm air and water. The warm air and water goes up into the hurricane 40 or 50 thousand feet into the air and is expelled out the top. Like a vacumm cleaner with the exhaust pointed straight up. That water vapor becomes the wind and rain that blows around in a vortex around the outside of the eye wall. When a hurricane goes over land, it's like putting your hand over the tip of the vacuum cleaner. . . it's vortex and sucking action cease. That's what happened when Gustav passed across the island of Cuba, and like a sputtering engine, it hasn't gotten it's timing back and isn't doing a nice clean suck and expel like it was before it began to pass across the island. . . but rest assured, this bitch is going to get it together pretty soon and we'll see the eye develop and winds increase.. . certainly within the next few hours if it hasn't already. It has too much momentum and too much warm fuel to not proceed as predicted although, it's intensity may be diminished due to it late come back. There is also talk of some wind shear interaction before landfall, but the path has not been changed much, so I doubt it will have much effect. The other good thing is that it's moving pretty damn fast. It's not going to sit around in the Gulf picking up energy and intensity with little forward movement. There's not much up there slowing it down in the way of pressure ridges or fronts.

But Oh, those republicans must be dancing with joy. Bush the Chimp has canceled his appearance at the convention. Had they not scheduled him, it would have looked really bad and apparent, but with a no-show on account of a national disaster, they're off the hook and don't have to sully their love fest/fiasco with MoronMOnkeyBoy's presence.
yaaaaawn, who cares what these imbeciles do?

Look for a large (30-40mi.) well defined eye to form sometime in the next hour or two.
Once this bitch starts cooking, it's going to get bad fast. The conservative NHC guys say it's probably going to continue to sputter. I hope I'm wrong and they're right, which is probably the case.
Once again, the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration's National Hurricane Center does a more accurate job of predicting the outcome of a hurricane than the Hillbilly Atmospheric Reconnaissance Report (HARR!, for short).
We gotta either hone our skills or start ripping everything NOAA puts out.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Oh fuck, not again!

This storm is probably going to turn into a monsterous beast. It is almost up to a cat 4 and is just now entering the Gulf where it will confront warm water and air which will pump more and more power into this hellcat like a toddler at the sugar bowl. It's beautifully organized (if a hurricane were really a woman, this one would be Raquel Welch or Pam Grier in the 60s) and poised to do just that. To make matters worse, all the forecast models (there are three that the NOAA folks watch) agree that it will track pretty much straight through the gulf and make landfall in a straight line. It will do this because there are presently no wind currents to push it around counter to it's path or currents called "shears" to weaken it and cause it to become disorganized in any way. That means it looks like it will track straight through the Gulf gaining strength as it goes making landfall around 100 mi. SW of New Orleans. With a storm like this and the potential to become a monster storm, that would be like a direct hit. With it's east to west rotation, the worse of the storm will be piling in from the gulf and slam into New Orleans directly if all goes according to NOAA predictions. People like to dis the National Weather Service, but I've been watching and facinated with hurricanes most of my life and I can tell you they usually aren't too far off. Lately with the internet, I've been able to watch them even more closely and have found that their predictions are less accurate when the computer models disagree and more accurate when they all agree (duh!), and with this one, the models are really, really close in their results.

I'm no meteorologist, but I can't think of anything that is going to prevent this storm from becoming a real bitch of a cat 5.

Let's hope for the sake of the good people of the Gulf coast and the New Orleans area that the gov't has it's shit together this time and is ready to respond like a government should respond to it's people in a crisis. Pray that we don't see any more images of people hungry and thristy and dead bodies of people who died not because of the hurricane, but because of the aftermath and the government that was not ready and unwilling to pull out all the stops and help.

Check out Gustav here:
You can really see what a classic she is.

Thank you John McCain

Puffy McBush has done the democratic party a great favor. He has essentially given up, but decided he'd grab a little piece of history for himself as the first republican ticket to include someone other than a white man.
Yes, I really think they have given up. Why else would they chose an extremist right wing fundamentalist who has almost no experience whatsoever in public service to be their VP choice. Makes no sense.
McCain needed to pick an experienced solid VP ready to take over the oval office should he expire. . . the man is 72 yrs old. He needed to appeal to the progressive faction of the right wing and the less progressive faction of the left if he was going to take votes from the dems. But nope, he chose to . . . fuck, I don't know what the hell he chose to do. It makes no sense. This is a woman with four young kids and a newborn baby. What are the far right family values folks going to think of her running for office at such a critical family time in her life? Contrast the family values of the republican ticket with those of the dems. Now, don't get me wrong, I aint no family values whack job, but there are millions in this country who are. They might just look at the beauty of the Obama and Biden families and think again.
It is going to be fascinating to watch as the republican ticket vaporizes. . . Let's get real, Joe Biden against a complete newbie in a debate?! And how about Puffy's claim that our man Barack is not qualified to be president? HA! So your Alaskan uber-fundamentalist housewife is?! Wow, it's almost too good to be true for a political junkie like me. I get to watch my party stomp the republicans in a presidential race and at the same time get the thrill of one of the most entertaining contests of the last . . . well hell, what other presidential race could possibly compare?
Sit back, enjoy the show.
But don't get complacent! We need to get out the vote. We need to knock on doors, register MORE voters and make this thing happen big-time.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Oh my. . .

I heard a bunch of stupid talking heads speculating on how Obama could possibly top the procession of speakers who spoke the past couple days at the DNC.

Right there, what we just heard. . . THAT is how! Barack just delivered a speech that was almost supernatural in it's perfection. Not a single flaw. I have never heard a political speech even close. Not since Kennedy has anyone come close.
I am astounded. I am inspired.

Thank you Barack Obama.

Reality. . .

OK, let's get things a little straight here. In my last post I DID NOT intend to insinuate or imply that all is well in Amurkkka in the area of race relations. Anyone who knows me knows that I would never believe of try to sell that sick dog.

For a black male in the inner city, there is little opportunity or hope. His most likely path is crime and prison. Not much different for a female.
White people, who control most of the purse strings and are the dominant culture still don't receive integration with open arms and open mind. One black person is ok but too many still make them very nervous. . . this alone gives one great insight into the fact that we still have huge problems to overcome. A black person in a white world still has to out perform and out charm his coworkers or risk being degraded in many ways.

So what happened last night when the democratic party nominated Barack Obama, an African-American man, to be their presidential candidate? What happened when those thousands of delegates went absolutely nuts when their hero of the hour showed up unannounced. Why were there so many people crying for joy when the process concluded with the unanimous selection of Obama?
We rejoiced because despite all the racial horrors that have occurred and still do occur in this country we elected a black man to be our nominee. We rejoiced because it is a milestone. It is a historic event and hopefully marks a turning point for American society and culture. We also rejoiced because we saw the distance we have come.
We rejoiced because we remember and we want everyone to remember. Remember the past, remember what happened last night and we want to ALWAYS be able to look ahead to a better and more compassionate tomorrow.
Last night we saw a better future in oh so many ways and we rejoiced with hope in our hearts.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Thank god almighty!

I remember a time before the Civil Right Movement. I remember a time when racism was not scorned but accepted. I remember a time when there was absolutely nothing subtle, subdued or hidden about racism. I remember the hate, the violence and the savagery.
Today I am sitting here watching as an African-American man is being nominated as the democratic candidate for President of the United States.
Finally, I am proud of my country. I am proud of my democratic party. I am truly proud of my party's candidate for the first time.
I am moved beyond words to be watching this event take place.

Hillary's Concession Speech and Billy's Task

Thanks Hillary. You did what you had to do. If you were going to maintain your status as a party leader there was nothing else you could have done.
I didn't think she was nearly as supportive or enthusiastic as she could have been. You could almost see it in her eyes and hear it in her voice "I should be in the wings waiting to accept my crown and Obama should be out here pandering to ME!"
Sorry HillBill. Didn't work out for ya this time. Ya coulda been a little more enthusiastic.

Hopefully BillyBoy will shake off the snarky bullshit and come out and give one of his old time classics where he assails the right and ENTHUSIASTICALLY supports our man on the left.
This is our last chance folks. If Barack Obama doesn't make it into the White House, I fear the damage done to this country will be beyond repair. Yea, I know, that sounds all dramatic and way overstated, but we've never had our country gutted the way the corpo-fascists have gutted it these past eight years and the years leading up to it since Reagan the Moron Dementia Boy held office. We've GOT to change NOW.
So go out there and do your thing BillyBoy. Show us why America loved you for eight years despite the pounding you took from the corpo-fascists on the right and the little pecker headed idiot that resided in your brain.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What I heard last night. . .

From Lady Michelle. . .

"That's why he's running — . . . and to make sure every child in this nation gets a world class education all the way from preschool to college. That's what Barack Obama will do as President of the United States of America. "

That is the most important thing I've heard in this whole campaign.

Meet this goal and our problems would be diminished beyond our wildest dreams.

Confront this goal like a national challenge the way President John F. Kennedy did in 1961 and the United States of America will become what it has always wanted to be. . . the greatest nation on Earth now and ever before.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Lady Michelle

Did I say something about "history unfolding?" Wow.
Michelle Obama just made the most amazing speech, but the real kicker came after when Michelle was joined on stage with her children and then Joined on stage by Barack through video feed from Kansas City.
That was the most beautiful political moment ever that I can remember.
These folks are going to become America's family the same way we watched the Kennedys back in '60.
What an incredible, beautiful and moving moment in American history.

Ted Kennedy's speech. . .

What Senator Kennedy said was magnificent. He did not dwell in the past, but defined what our future might be. Isn't that what great leaders do? Isn't that what made the two short years Jack was president great?
But what was really magnificent and moving was simply watching Senator Edward M. Kennedy stand befroe the 2008 Democratic National Convention. For those of us who have been political junkies for the past 40 or 50 years, Teddy is a representation of everything we've been through. . .the astounding turmoil and progress of the 60s, the dull drama of the 70s and the backward regressive policies of the 80s and 00s.
I could list so many events that define the past 50 years and how Teddy Kennedy represents and serves as a guiding light through so much of that agony and glory that has defined these times, but for now, I think I'll just sit back a revel in the fact that once again, I am watching history unfold.
I hope all of you do the same and enjoy.
Let's watch and listen to the next First Lady of the United States.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Old dogs but strong dogs

Out here on the farm, the old dogs tend to sit on the porch or lay under the trees and watch the world go by. Sometimes they get up and stroll over to the creek and get themselves a drink, but their main job is keeping the young dogs in line and making sure they do the things that young dogs are supposed to do like chase the deer out of the garden and the hay fields and make sure no racoons get into the chickens or the feed bins. They are the teachers in the barn yard.
Every now and then, an old dog has to get off his lazy ass and rise to the occasion. Such a time is when a couple unknown dogs approach the farm. It's usually the old dogs who take off in a run to intercept and keep these dog out of their territory. Usually they are mangy, sickly looking old strays. Sometimes they are looking for a fight, but they aren't really a match for the well fed, smart and insanely loyal old dogs I've got under my trees.
It's always good to be able to rely on an old dog to draw that line in the sand and attack anything that tries to cross it.
Go git em Joe.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Two for the porch

That's where these moron pricks belong. . . on the porch where they can talk about the old days and how Israel ought to protected at all cost to the American people.

Here's why Joe and Puffy belong together. . . they're both Bush Administration lackeys. . . here's Joe gittin it on with the Chief MoronMonkeyBoy Bush the Chimp.

What the hell, two pasty, puffy faced edemic old white pricks in the White House. . . wouldn't be anything new. . . fuck change.

Really, shouldn't somebody question the health of public officials who look like either of these guys? No, I mean really question, not just obtain a doctor's report from the campaign propaganda machine. . . oh, never mind, the corporate media doesn't actually employ journalists these days, just talking head morons who spew corporate propaganda.

Houses and millions . . the uncertainty of it all

McCain unsure how many houses he owns

Jonathan Martin, Mike Allen 1 hour, 7 minutes ago

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) said in an interview Wednesday that he was uncertain how many houses he and his wife, Cindy, own.

"I think — I'll have my staff get to you," McCain told Politico in Las Cruces, N.M. "It's condominiums where — I'll have them get to you."

Let's face it, this guy is a corpo-fascist whore. Last week he proclaimed that you needed to have $5 million dollars to be rich. Really, he said that. This little puffed up prick is starting to piss me off. I remember thinking back in '00 that a McCain presidency wouldn't be so bad (compared to MoronMonkeyBoy Bush the Chimp getting the nomination). Wow, how far we've come from there. This guy is nothing but another elite royalist lackey. Do we really need another administration where the exec doesn't have a clue as to how much the average American is paying for a gallon of milk?
If this son of a bitch thinks that it takes $5mil to be rich, how much does he think the average American makes in his/her paycheck? Has anyone asked him if he knows?
I have a feeling this guy could be shown to be the senile old crusty elitist prick that he is without much trouble if the right interviewer would ask the right questions. . . but that aint gonna happen. The corporate media has such a grip on this guy, they aint gonna let him get slayed on their watch.

Just remember folks, all those people in America living in million dollar homes with their big fancy boats and cars. . . they aren't rich unless they have $5 million. What do you think Puffy McBush's approach to taxes will be if he thinks people under $5mil are not rich?

Come on people. Get your shit together and lets elect a leader of the people.

WTF?! Puffy McBush is even with Obama in the polls! On one side we have the greatest orator and the greatest leader of the real people America has seen in almost half a century. On the other we have a crunched up puffy elderly prick who offers us more of the same corporate pandering and uncreative bullshit that got America into the ridiculous mess we are in today, but they are even in the polls. It should be a blow out at this point with no looking back.

What the fuck is the matter with you proles? Are you willfully ignorant or just downright stupid?

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


For keeping us off the bottom of the barrel once again. You enable us to hold our heads high and proclain. . . "we aint the worstest!"

August 19, 2008
Report lists W.Va. as 2nd most obese state in nation
By The Associated Press
JACKSON, Miss. -- A new report says Mississippi again is America's fattest state, and adult obesity rates across the nation are on a steady climb. , ,

The report said Mississippi's adult obesity rate is 31.7 percent -- the highest in the nation. It was followed by West Virginia with 30.6 percent; Alabama with 30.1 percent; Louisiana with 29.5 percent and South Carolina with 29.2 percent.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Impending Weather Event

I love weather. Nothing makes me happier than sitting on the porch watching a huge thunder storm as it blow through or standing in a blizzard as snow accumulates in a blinding rage or even when it descends like a soft blanket. Nothing like the look and feel on a hot summer day when a thunder storm passes by. Weather events are like a drug for me. They crank me up and make me feel strong and alive.
One of my great desires in life is to experience close-up a tornado and a hurricane.

Right now, my wife and daughter are sitting in our house in Florida which is located about 15 miles north of Punta Gorda which is where Tropical Storm/Hurricane Fay is predicted to make landfall within the next 18 hours. They have the place well secured and all the neighbors know they are there. They have everything they need if the power goes out or they are stranded for a couple days.

I am so fucking jealous! I want to be there. I want to walk out back and stand on the seawall as the wind gets stronger and stronger. I want to see the palm trees bending over to the wind. I want to feel the rain blowing so hard on my face that it hurts. I want to feel the pressure of the storm in my ears. I want to know what it's like as a hurricane descends upon the land. I want to feel the power of it!

Interested in hurricanes? Don't bother trying to access the NOAA National Hurricane Center's web site right now. It's down. Yup, a hurricane is about to make landfall in South Florida and the National Hurricane Center's website is down. . . your tax dollars are work. Try, the Weather Channel's website.

Hurricane Fay Updates
Mon. Aug. 18 - 6:30PM
Water is calm, sky is hazy, big clouds to the south toward Port Charlotte, but "don't look threatening," wind blowing from east to west. . . "weird, my hair is blowing toward the water," sitting at the beach with daughter swimming. All windows have been secured and all lose object stowed, boat is out of water, covered and nessled back in the trees.

I hope that 30+ year old double wide doesn't sprout wings tomorrow.

Still no rain.

Tue. Aug. 19 - 7:30AM

Fay is making landfall ~50 miles south, it did not strengthened into a hurricane overnight. "nothing is happening. It might be drizzling."
I'd be pissed off, they don't seem to mind.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Education, education, education

I got a proposal for ya folks. Ya wanna solve our social problems? You wana fix the world? You wanna make it so everyone has an equal chance? You wanna make it so that the electorate(the people who vote) of this country is inclusive and well informed? You wanna make it so that your kid and my kid and everyone else's kid has that most essential element for survival. . . HOPE?

Yes, you do? Well here's what you do:
Make education the #1 priority. Make it the #1 priority in your life. Make it the #1 priority in the lives of your children. Make it the #1 priority for the people you vote for on ALL levels of government. Yes, ALL levels of government and ALL offices. Yea, I mean the fucking dog catcher. Ask the guy running for dog catcher what he will do to educate the masses to keep them from getting their dogs caught.
DEMAND that education is a part of every single elected official's agenda and then when they are elected, hold them to it. If they perform the duties of office without making education their #1 priority, vote against them. Doesn't matter who is running against them, vote against the mother fucker who isn't on-board with making education the abolute most important social program at ALL levels of government.

I know, it all sounds cliche. "education opens up the world," "The truth shall make you free," blah, blah, blah. But it's true. Every word of it. Education enlightens. Education informs. Education gives people the ability to see beyond their own little tiny sphere of living, recognize the potential and understand the possibilities.

Educated people have jobs and are able to have choices in their life style. Educated people are able to raise their own children with more opportunity and vision.

I know, some of you will say I'm being elitist. That you don't have to be educated to do these things. I really don't care if you want to call it elitist or not. It aint elitist when I want every single person in this country to have equal access to what you're saying is elitist. Let's have a whole country full of elite people. Whatever.

If you believe that education is an elitist thing, then you're buying into the propaganda that is being shoved down your throat by the corpo-fascist elitists. Do you think they want an educated electorate? Do you think they want the working class to be educated? Fuck no! They want you proles to be stupid and ignorant. They want to be able to manipulate you with fear. They want you to believe there's a terrorist behind every trash can waiting for the right opportunity to blow you and themselves from here to kingdom come. They want you ignorant and afraid.

DEMAND EDUCATION!! It won't happen right away. In fact, most of us won't see an educated populous if we all began making the demand today. It will take a couple generation to make it happen. It will be our children and g'children who see the difference. It will be they who will inhabit a world where people act with reason and logic rather than purely emotion and fear.

So tell me, are there any educated people out there who disagree with my idea? Has education ever hurt anyone? Has education ever not been beneficial to anyone?

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The corpo-fascist agenda is killing the average consumer

Consumer prices rise at double the expected rate

WASHINGTON - Consumer prices shot up in July at twice the expected rate, pushed higher by surging energy and food costs. The latest surge left inflation running at the fastest pace in 17 years.

The Labor Department reported Thursday that consumer prices rose by 0.8 percent last month, twice the 0.4 percent gain that economists had been expecting.

It marked the third straight month of oversized inflation increases following jumps of 0.6 percent in May and 1.1 percent in June. And it leaves inflation rising by 5.6 percent over the past year, the biggest 12-month gain since January 1991.

Oil companies are making record profits and corporations like Wal-Mart, that supply the American consumer, are making huge profits (Wal-Mart's profits were up 17% this quarter).

So keep voting for those corpo-fascist republicans you ignorant proles. As you choke to death on your own ignorance at the voting booth, remember, you brought it all on yourself. Every single bit of the shit we are currently immersed in right now can be directly attributed to the agenda of the traitorous corporate royalty of this country. Every bit of the shit we are immersed in was clearly defined and warned against by those of us on the left back in 2000 when you stupid fucks voted for MoronMonkeyBoy Bush the Chimp the first time. When you dumb fools voted for him the second time we were already immersed in this shit and the signs were clear that it was going to get worse.
Nice job America. Never have we been so hobbled by the ignorance of the desperate proletariat masses.
I won't surprise me if Puffy McSame, one of the most absurd candidates ever to run for president, becomes the next president.

#1 Ironic statement of the week

US: Russia must keep its word to leave Georgia
By ANNE GEARAN, AP Diplomatic Writer
18 minutes ago
WASHINGTON - The United States challenged Russia to keep its word to end a crushing invasion of U.S.-backed Georgia, siding decisively with the former Soviet republic and rejecting Russian justifications.

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, headed for emergency meetings on the crisis in Europe and in the Georgian capital, said Russia's now-weeklong military action in Georgia is a throwback to darker Cold War times.

Aw damn. Now my computer is covered with dripping, oozing irony. It's all over everything. I'll never get it all off after that huge blast.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Huh? Are ya kidding me mother fuckers?!

McCain adviser got money from Georgia
By PETE YOST, Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON - John McCain's chief foreign policy adviser and his business partner lobbied the senator or his staff on 49 occasions in a 3 1/2-year span while being paid hundreds of thousands of dollars by the government of the former Soviet republic of Georgia.

Well what the hell. The Bush family has been in bed with the Saudis the past few decades and before that, the Nazis (no really, G'pa Prescott Bush was a big wheeler and dealer with the Nazis right up until the very end) , so what's a few hundred K between friends?

Do we really need another four years of this corpo-fascist bullshit?

Monday, August 11, 2008

Back to the Cold War

Bush blasts Russia
Aug. 11: President Bush demands Russia accept an immediate cease-fire and withdraw from the former Soviet republic of Georgia.
WASHINGTON - President Bush on Monday demanded that Russia end a "dramatic and brutal escalation" of violence in Georgia, agree to an immediate cease-fire and accept international mediation to end the crisis in the former Soviet republic.

Almost immediately after his return from the Olympics in China, Bush warned Russia in his strongest comments since the fighting erupted over Georgia's separatist South Ossetia region last week to "reverse the course it appears to be on" and abandon any attempt it may have to topple Georgia's pro-western government.

"Russia has invaded a sovereign neighboring state and threatens a democratic government elected by its people. Such an action is unacceptable in the 21st century," the president said in a televised statement from the White House, calling on Moscow to sign on to the outlines of a cease-fire as the Georgian government has done.

Puffy McBush was likewise bombastic (no pun intended) in his comments about the Russian invasion of a neighboring state that invaded them first.
These traitorous mother fuckers miss the cold war, don't they?
Does anyone else see the hipocracy in these statements? Can only the USA unilaterally invade sovereign nations?
If Mexico invaded Houston and blasted the shit out of it, would we withhold retaliation against them? Would the corpo-fascist republicans "sign on to the outlines of a cease-fire" worked out by NATO?

This is so disgusting and depressing it makes me want to stock up on percodan, heroine and bourbon, take up smoking Newports again, hold up with some skanky crack whore and when the drugs and wiskey run out slit my wrists.

Fuck these insane pieces of shit running this country.

Saturday, August 9, 2008


FBI to newspapers: Sorry about your phone records
Sat Aug 9, 2:18 PM ET
WASHINGTON - FBI Director Robert Mueller has apologized to the editors of The Washington Post and The New York Times for improperly obtaining phone records of the newspapers' reporters while investigating terrorism four years ago.

Mueller called Post Executive Editor Leonard Downie Jr. and Times Executive Editor Bill Keller on Friday to express regret that agents did not follow proper procedures in 2004 when they obtained the phone records of a Post reporter and a researcher and two Times reporters. All four were working in Indonesia and writing about Islamic terrorism at the time.

You're sorry?!
You abused the Constitution of the United States like some third rate pimp on his near death crack whore. You took the most sacred document ever written in the name of freedom and threw it away like a dirty VD infected used rubber. You treated the most important tool we have in this country in our arsenal of liberty nd democracy like it was some sort of pulp trash for wiping your filthy asses with.
All you can say is "We're sorry?"
Why have the federal agents not broken down the doors to the white house and dragged it's occupants into a federal courthouse to answer for the crimes they have committed against "We the People of the United States?" Why are the people not hysterical with resentment and indignation at the way their constitutional rights have been treated like unimportant rescindable policy.
These piece of shit mother fucking corporate royalists and their MoronMonkeyPuppetBoy Bush the Chimp need to be thrown into a cold dank cell where they can rot.
I'm serious about MY Constitution of the United States.

So serious that I'll take a break from Florida bathroom remodeling to rant and rave about traitors and their felonious assaults upon us.

Oh, BTW: I heard that is going to be a new way for criminals to get out of trouble in the good ol USA. . . simply say you're sorry. "Oh, I'm sorry I assaulted that woman," or "I'm sorry I stole that car." What a great new plan for American justice. . . courtesy of the Bush White House. It'll take a big load off the court system.
Yea, I want 4 more years!!! Vote Puffy McBush.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Self defeat

Well, as expected, it's happening. The corporate led fascist republicans are hammering Obama HARD. Obama is being protrayed as a vapid celebrity rather than a political leader. Ya gotta admit, it's a brilliant way to erode public confidence in the guy. Now the results of a single poll have been released that claim Americans are tired of hearing about Obama. What a great way to give the reluctant racist-shy low information masses a good excuse to excuse the man.

What else can they, the corpo-fascist royalists, do? Just take a look at Puffy McBush. Aint much there. What are his policies? Where does this guy stand?
Do you like how things have been going in this country for the past 8 years? Puffy McBush offers more of the same.
It's really amazing that Obama is not leading Puffy by the same degree that MoronMonkeyBoy Bush the Chimp is losing in the popularity polls. He now has a less than 30% popularity rating. Puffy McBush should have no more than a 30% following.
But no, the desperate masses of proletariat morons don't seem phased by the horrors of the past 8 years. They fall lock-step behind the corpo-fascist ministry of propaganda like the good little citizens that they are.

I'm tired of the stupid fucking fools who live in this country. I'm just worn out by the ignorance and their insistance on remaining as such.
I'm outta here for the next week or so. I'm going to head down to our winter place and run about in my boat in the hideously hot tropical summer sun and try and forget that the citizens of the United States of America simply do not care about the future of this once great nation or the future of their children.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A world leader. . . hated by the world

Police fire water cannon at Bush protesters
By PAUL ALEXANDER, Associated Press Writer
SEOUL, South Korea - Police fired water cannons at thousands of protesters Tuesday as President Bush got a volatile reception in South Korea at the start of his three-nation Asian trip.

Not since Nixon went to South America has a US president been so ill received by a foreign nation.

Of course the good thing is that not since Kennedy traveled Europe has an American stateman been so positively received as Barrack Obama was on his recent trip to Europe.

What a stark contrast. I hope the press points it out. . . maybe draws some type of picture that the low information proles can understand.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Into Orbit - The Challenge

SpaceX's Falcon 1 Falters For a Third Time
Jeremy Hsu Sun Aug 3, 1:46 AM ET
A Falcon 1 rocket failed to reach orbit late Saturday, marking the third unsuccessful attempt for private spaceflight-firm SpaceX.

Two rocket stages failed to separate about two minutes and 20 seconds into launch from the U.S. Army's Reagan Test Site on Omelek Island in the Kwajalein Atoll, about 2,500 miles southwest of Hawaii in the central Pacific Ocean.

"It was obviously a big disappointment not to reach orbit on this Flight 3 of the Falcon 1," said Elon Musk, SpaceX chairman and CEO, in a short statement read to reporters by Diane Murphy, SpaceX vice president of marketing and communications. The problem is still under investigation by SpaceX.

It's really hard getting anything into orbit. Once we get there, it's relatively easy to get to the Moon or any place else in the solar system. It's easy to stay in orbit for long durations, but getting into orbit is really really fucking hard.
To get into a low Earth orbit (~125 miles up), you've got to acheive a speed of over 17.000 MPH. Considering the fastest speed ever attained by a conventional airplane was just over 2000MPH, you can see how daunting it is to reach orbital velocity of 17,000MPH. It takes really, really powerful rockets.
You see, when you throw a rock up in the air, it just crashes down to the Earth. Imagine you could throw the rock hard enough and fast enough that it flies out past the edge of the Earth and when it comes down, it misses the Earth. That's what getting into orbit is all about. You've got to fling that thing so hard and so fast that when it falls, it misses Earth and goes back out into space, then it falls and misses Earth again and swings back out into space. Orbit is all about doing that over and over again.
It took the most powerful machine ever constructed just to get the Apollo spacecraft stack into Earth orbit. The Saturn V rocket had 7.5 million lbs. of thrust in it's first stage along, 1.5million in it's second stage and 250,000 in it's third stage. The Apollo astronauts used a second burn of the third stage to take them from Earth orbit all the way to the Moon. As a reference, a single engine on a Boeing 747 has about 60,000lbs of thrust and it can carry one hell of a lot more cargo than a Saturn V can put into orbit. . . 150 tons vs. less than 50 tons.

So you see, acheiving Earth orbit is still the biggest task we have in space flight whether we're sending scientists to the International Space Station or spacecraft to Mars. Space flight at this stage of the game is all about getting into Earth orbit and breaking the bonds of Earth's gravity.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Fuck Wal-Mart

That seals it for me. I will not step foot inside another Wal-Mart or Sam's Club no matter how badly I need something and they are the only place in town where I can get it. You see, in my town, so many stores have closed since the Super Wal-Mart opened that there are no longer any alternatives for many items. But fuck 'em. I'll wait till I can get down to the capital city and go to Target or somewhere else. I can do without the fresh tomatillos, poblano peppers and other Mexican food items you can't get anywhere else.

Every democrat with a conscience should do the same. Support local business, but when you can't, don't patronize Wal-Mart.

Wal-Mart mobilizes against Democrats: report

(Reuters) - Wal-Mart Stores Inc is mobilizing U.S. store managers to lobby against Democrats in November's presidential election, fearing they will make it easier for workers to unionize, The Wall Street Journal reported on Friday.

In recent weeks, thousands of Wal-Mart managers and department heads have been summoned to mandatory meetings at which the retailer stresses the downside for workers if store workers unionize, the paper said.