Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Pay your taxes on those shitty working wages, somebody has to.

Ohio Legislature OKs collective bargaining limits

By ANN SANNER, Associated Press – 42 mins ago
COLUMBUS, Ohio – Labor stronghold Ohio assumed center stage Wednesday in the fight over collective bargaining rights for public workers as the state Legislature passed a bill that was in some ways tougher than that seen in Wisconsin and sent it to the governor.
Amid shouts and jeers in both chambers, the House passed a measure affecting 350,000 public workers on a 53-44 vote, and the Senate followed with a 17-16 vote of approval. Republican Gov. John Kasich will sign the bill by the end of the week.

Wis. GOP bullish in pressing union bargaining law

By SCOTT BAUER, Associated Press – 2 hrs 49 mins ago
MADISON, Wis. – Wisconsin's Republican leaders appear to be taking the same confident and bullish approach to implementing their divisive collective bargaining law that they took to passing it, suggesting they may ignore a judge's warning there would be consequences for moving ahead while challenges to the law are pending.

Yes Amurkkka, it's those damn workers who are backrupting this country. You people want too much. Healthcare? Pay for it yourselves. Living wages? Who's gonna pay for those wages? What do you expect for an honest days work?

Look, Exxon-Mobile didn't pay a single dime in taxes on their $19 billion profit last year. In fact, they got a $126million tax rebate. Bank of America got a $1.9billion tax rebate last year on their profits. We all know that GE, the largest corporation in the word didn't pay a dime in taxes last year and also got a rebate, so where do you workers think all the money for those wages and benefits you're soaking the gov't for is supposed to come from? Geez, you've become a greedy bunch. It's time to put the American workers in their place and show them that they can't keep getting small pay cuts and reduced benefits like they have for the past decade. They're going to have to start making REAL sacrifices. No more collective bargaining! Somebody has to pay for those tax breaks for the rich.

Oh, and remember that promise of Social Secirity you've always assumed? You know, that $680 check you thought you'd get every month after you turned 65? Well think again. The gov't can't keep giving away free money while the biggest corporations in America pay nothing and receive tax rebates. If the rich are going to keep their tax cuts, you sure as hell aint gonna get that big social secirity check you'd hoped and paid for or the healthcare or the wages you THINK you deserve.

You working people have GOT to quit bankrupting this nation. We have corporations to feed and rich people to keep happy, afterall, who's gonna pay your salaries if the rich run out of money?

And you know, this is exactly the rhetoric that a large percentage of Americans swallow whole every day. They put on their little teabagger hats and agree to everything the right wing corpo-fascist whore feed them. Why? Who the fuck knows? I guess they're just dumb fucks. Got a better explanation?

So eat up America. Suck down the lies and deceit you're being fed like a $5 back alley BJ whore. Let em fuck you in the ass till the blood pours from you like a pig at slaughter. Pay no attention to the ones getting tax break, paying no taxes and getting huge rebates. You keep paying your taxes on the wages that barely keep you alive and be grateful that they let you live. . . you stupid moronic fuck wads.

Japanese inspiration

We all saw the images; towns being leveled in a matter of seconds, vast areas of agriculture likewise being wiped out and contaminated with toxic debris. On top of all that, four critical nuclear reactors that still, after three weeks have not been brought under control with radioactive contamination reaching abnormal levels all the way to Tokyo and the surrounding area becoming dangerous with contamination in agricultural products and drinking water. It's a nightmare of the worse proportions right now in Japan.

So what's to be positive about? Well, plenty if you really take a look at how the Japanese people have handled this crisis. First off, there has been no looting and violence. I wonder what the reaction would have been had the coastline from Orange County to San Diego been devastated, or the Jersey Shore. The Japanese have reacted in a calm purposeful manner to this overwhelming crisis. They search for loved ones and share whatever they have in a communal fashion. Every report about the personal response to this horror is positive. Perhaps that's why the American news media is not doing a very good job of covering this crisis on a personal level. . . it would make us look really bad because everyone knows how Americans would respond.

When I read about the young woman who spent all her time looking for her best friend until her money was gone and she had to go back to work I wonder how many people in other places would have made their friend their top priority.

The NY Times describes the people as follows in a Mar. 25th editorial: "much is striking about Japan’s response to two weeks of serial disasters: the stoicism and self-sacrifice; the quiet bravery in the face of tragedy that seems almost woven into the national character."

What would our national character be in the face of such overwhelming tragedy?

There are no riots, jacked up food prices, hoarding, brazen politicians making political statements, or corporations blaming others. No, in Japan the president of the energy company that owned the nuclear facilities has been hospitalized with distress, high blood pressure and a rumored nervous breakdown. In America, corporate CEOs would have been cashing out and getting out.
Just think back to this past summer and the actions of politicians and corporate execs when BP blew the well in the Gulf. The response in itself was tragic.

Here Japanese Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko talk to survivors.

Think about the people who are trying to control the nuclear reactors. The truth is that they are probably committing suicide in order to save their nation. That alone should make us all pause and reflect on our own ability to serve others.

How much like the Japanese would Americans be in the face of such tragedy? How willing would we be to face a challenge with such self sacrifice and a true deep regard for the welfare of others around us?
Are we capable of such empathy?
I think that we as a nation need to contemplate who we are and how we act toward others and work to become more like the example that the Japanese have set for us and the whole world.

Let's look upon the Japanese people and realize that there is still hope in this world. . .that there are still people who are capable of being the best that humanity has to offer and then let's try and be like them.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

It's so fucking complicated. . . .

No it's not! There are easy and simple answers to the problems that face this nation. I'm about to enlighten you non-thinking morons and show you how simple it all is and in the process show you how bamboozled you proles have become. You dumb fucks can't see the trees for the forest anymore.

National debt: This is so fucking easy that a 5th grader ought to be able to figure it out.
1. We eliminate tax breaks for the rich. Then we increase the tax rates on the rich. Rich people make a whole fucking lot more money than the average Joe. They don't worry about having milk money or how long till the next paycheck. They can afford to pay more and the fact that they are enjoying the finest things that our society has to offer is reason enough for them to pay more.
That in itself will eliminate a lot of our debt worries.
2. Get the fuck out of Iraq and Afghanistan. We are spending tens of billions per month in those places. It is sucking us dry. STOP FUCKING DOING IT!

There, the national debt problem is solved. Go ahead, do the numbers. It works.

1. Do above. Now we can afford a sane national healthcare program.
2. Make the focus of the national healthcare program preventative. Uh huh. You've got to take steps to get healthy and stay healthy or else you get CUT OFF! That's right, if you're an over bloated fat ass with type II diabetes and you refuse to do anything about the fact that you are an over bloated fat ass and guzzle ridiculous amounts of sweetened drinks and eat unhealthy fat and carb ladened foods then you get comfort measures only. We're not paying for hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of procedures to prolong your life. If you're too lazy to change your unhealthy habits, you die.
Same goes for smokers, drinkers, etc. There will be all the help possible available to you to quit partaking of these unhealthy life styles. Fat farms, rehabs, smoking clinics, you name it, it'll be available, but if you choose to not take advantage of those opportunities our valuable healthcare resources will not be provided to you.

There's your affordable healthcare.

1. Any corporation that moves jobs from the borders of the United States to some third world nation will receive no tax breaks of incentives. In fact, you will be taxed for a predetermined amount of time for every job you transfer overseas. Don't like it? Get the fuck outta here.
2. Companies that create jobs within the borders of the United States will receive tax incentives and breaks. They will have the full cooperation of the gov't in all their business provided that these jobs are good jobs that meet certain minimum benefit requirements as far as pay scale, time off, etc.
3. All gov't spending will be closely monitored. All good and service purchased by the gov't will be provided by U.S. based companies whenever possible. The gov't will help companies meet the requirements of the gov't for goods and services.
4. All companies doing business with the U.S. gov't will comply with certain standards of pay for EVERY worker in the company. The top salary in said companies cannot exceed a predetermined multiple of the lowest salary in the company.

There will be fair and equitable distribution of resources in this country while providing for a clear and defined system of class based upon monetary measures.
We don't need to be against yachts, private airplanes, mansions, etc., but no one needs to have all those things and then be able to afford one hundred more of them.

There are your jobs.

There is just one problems with all this. It eliminates the power that certain people in this country hold. It sorta removes the power elite from their pinnacle and integrates them into our society and regular members. That won't work.

See, this whole matrix that we're a part of is not reality. We fight amongst ourselves because THEY want us to fight amongst ourselves. As long as I'm screaming at you because you're a right wing jack wad and you're screaming at me because I'm some granola chewing dip shit, we don't stop and focus on who really has their boot on our throat. And as long as I'm focused on the poor chump next to me that's trying to get by just like me, THEY are free to pick my and your pocket.
THEy don't give a fuck about republicans and democrats, they just want it all. They don't want healthcare, it's too expensive and siphons money that THEY could be accumulating. THEY don't want us out of Iraq and Afghanistan. THEY are selling the gov't the goods and services they're using over there. Those 1.2 million dollar cruise missles are made by THEM. Those $30 million fighters are made by them. All the steel in the ships, all the meals eaten, all the plastic used to wrap it all is made by THEM mostly using slave labor in China.

See, it's all very complicated, but if you really think about it and follow the money, even you cn figure it all out and it becomes simple.
Try it.

Then try this, quit arguing over who is right and who is wrong, who is left and who is right. Take the conversation to a higher level. Discuss who is getting a fair shake and who isn't. Discuss what wages should be for a person working 40 hrs a week and two kids to feed. Discuss what it might take to provide healthcare for everyone and jobs that pay a living wage.
Discuss what the solution is to getting out of Iraq and Afghanistan.
Don't debate the causes of problems. That's what THEY want you to do. Fuck em up. Show them that you know the game they're playing and their time is coming.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

America in the gutter

This is so outrageous I'm beyond words. How can this be happening in the 21st Century. 60 yrs ago it was appalling. Now, people seem to accept it.
I fear our country is doomed if we sit idly by and let recrant pieces of shit like this low life bastard further polarize us and set the rest of the world against us.
It is beyond my ability to comprehend. . . and I had such hopes for America when I was growing up in the 60s. . . I really thought things were going to change.
I give up.

Tears, shouts as terror hearing becomes political

By EILEEN SULLIVAN, Associated Press – 28 mins ago
WASHINGTON – Congress pushed deep into a raw and emotional debate Thursday over American Muslims who have committed terrorist attacks in the name of religion, in a hearing punctuated by tearful testimony, angry recriminations and political theater.
Republican Rep. Peter King declared U.S. Muslims are doing too little to help fight terror in America. Democrats warned of inflaming anti-Muslim sentiment and energizing al-Qaida.
Framed by photos of the burning World Trade Center and Pentagon, the families of two young men blamed the Islamic community for inspiring young men to commit terrorism. On the other side, one of the two Muslims in Congress wept while discussing a Muslim firefighter who died in the attacks.

This is the ugliest man in America.

Sunday, March 6, 2011


It's only sex. Almost everyone has done it or is doing it. The only thing people do more than fuck is eat and sleep. . . most people.
Sex, fucking, masturbation, licking pussy, sucking dick, whatever. . . it's all common everyday activity. Geez! Why do you poor desperate proles have to buy into the oppressive idea that it's some sort of horrible secret that no one knows about.
Grow the fuck up!
There SHOULD be classes about it in universities with every aspect explored. We SHOULD be talking about it in our everyday lives with the people around us. Sex is a good and wonderful thing. Why is it so hidden and treated like it's something to be ashamed of?!
Grow up America and all the rest of you pitifully oppressed people throughout the world.

University to investigate live sex demonstration
– Fri Mar 4, 12:44 pm ET
CHICAGO (Reuters) – The president of an American university said on Thursday he was launching an investigation into an on-campus presentation of a live sex act performed for students at an after class event.
President Morton Schapiro of Northwestern University, which is of Chicago in Evanston, said he was "troubled and disappointed" after hearing about the use of a sex toy on a naked woman by her fiancé in front of more than 100 students.
The demonstration was performed as part of an after-class event for a popular human sexuality course, at the prestigious private university, according to The Daily Northwestern.
The February 21 incident took place in a session which students were not required to attend and they were advised in advance of the explicit nature of the activity.
"I feel it represented extremely poor judgment on the part of our faculty member," Schapiro said in a statement. "I simply do not believe this was appropriate, necessary, or in keeping with Northwestern University's academic mission."

Tax payer vs. Union? Not hardly.

Wisconsin protesters can win, but not as they might think

Christian Science Monitor:
– Fri Mar 4, 3:24 pm ET
First Wisconsin, and now Ohio, have moved to deflate the power of public-worker unions. Other states, even with Democrats in charge, are asking concessions from government workers – on wages, pensions, and health benefits.
So far, the battle has been rancorous and divisive, appearing to pit unions against taxpayers.

Pay attention proles! This isn't about tax payers vs. unions, it's about the real power mongers turning it into tax payers vs. unions. This is about taking the money out of the hands of the middle and working clas and putting it into the hands of the uber rich. Then it's about turning the whole thing around and making it about tax payers vs. union. . . in other words, it's about turning against each other so that we don't feel that big heavy boot on our throats or see who's pressing it down on us.
It's so easy for them to keep us distracted on one another while they rape and pillage our way of life.
So keep falling for it. Keep focusing on your neighbor instead of who trying to burn down your house. Pretty soon they'll have it all and we'll all be living in third world squalor.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Budget cut bullshit. . .

Obama offers deeper cuts, appeals for budget deal

By ERICA WERNER, Associated Press
WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama says he's willing to make deeper spending cuts if Congress can compromise on a budget deal that would end the threat of a government shutdown.
Obama's appeal for common ground came Saturday in his weekly radio and Internet address, but lacked specifics on how to bridge the $50 billion gulf that divides the White House and Democratic budget proposal from the deeper reductions offered by Republicans.
The competing plans are headed for test votes in the Senate in the coming week; neither is expected to survive, setting the stage for further negotiations.

Remember this while you watch the politicians maneuver and juggle while they cut spending for education, healthcare, social services, social security, EPA, NASA and all things fair and decent: there is an easy solution to all our deficit, budget and tax problems.
1. Get us out of these war we DO NOT belong in.
2. Take away the special tax privileges given to the very rich.
3. Implement a progressive tax upon the ultra rich that makes it so the ultra rich pay a lot more in taxes than the working class. Our tax system is upsidedown.

There: we've saved billions and generated billions. . .

Problem solved. Deficit gone. Don't believe me? check it out yourself. Look at the deficit numbers.

Look at how much we're spending in Iraq and Afghanistan per day.

Tweek the numbers on the tax rates for the upper 10% of earners in a progressive manner with the top 1%, 0.5% , .25%, .1% etc getting progressively higher tax rates.

Tell me, why shouldn't someone making 50 million dollars per year pay alot more percentage in taxes than the average Joe.
Unfortunately, with tax shelters, deductions and full time employees working the numbers, most of the uber rich pay less than the average Joe.

Why aren't Americans wise to this? There should be a revolution going on that we're being so raped by the rich and powerful in charge of this country. They have the balls in Libya and Egypt, what happened to American balls? I guess we like chewing on the bones.] thy get tossed.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Somali Pirates have GOT to go

Not enough boats in the US Navy? Make them. High speed patrol boats. Hundreds of them. High tech radar and assault capability with room for 20+ crew. Think PT Boat. So what if they cost a couple million a piece. What are we spending per day in Afghanistan and Iraq? Defending the high seas against piracy is WAY more important that those dirty little wars.
If we're going to use American power we need to use it wisely and with discretion. What could be more positive than wiping out the menace that these low life pricks are causing?
A Navy of patrol boats and massive effort to feed and provide care to the starving Somalis. What's the down side?

Armed guards save Dutch couple from Somali pirates

AP – This photo of Scott and Jean Adam is on
– 47 mins ago
NAIROBI, Kenya – The head of a private security company says his guards retook a yacht from Somali pirates after the Dutch couple on board locked themselves in a safe room.
Thomas Jakobsson of Naval Guards said Thursday that six of his guards were accompanying the Capricorn yacht on a separate motorboat. Six armed pirates were able to get aboard the Capricorn but the Dutch couple barricaded themselves in the boat.
Jakobsson says his men had a brief exchange of fire with the pirates before retaking the Capricorn with no casualties on either side.
The Indian Ocean attack follows the deaths of four Americans last month after their yacht was taken. Last week a Danish family and two crew aboard a yacht also were hijacked.
NAIROBI, Kenya – The head of a private security company says his guards retook a yacht from Somali pirates after the Dutch couple on board locked themselves in a safe room.
Thomas Jakobsson of Naval Guards said Thursday that six of his guards were accompanying the Capricorn yacht on a separate motorboat. Six armed pirates were able to get aboard the Capricorn but the Dutch couple barricaded themselves in the boat.
Jakobsson says his men had a brief exchange of fire with the pirates before retaking the Capricorn with no casualties on either side.
The Indian Ocean attack follows the deaths of four Americans last month after their yacht was taken. Last week a Danish family and two crew aboard a yacht also were hijacked.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Steve Jobs: An American legend and hero.

Steve Jobs was a hero of mine back in the 80s and he is even moreso now.
He was a corporate revolutionary who believed in something and didn't let anyone or anything get in his way. He was also a crazy mother fucker back then who I could relate to.
True to form, he's not letting anything get in his way these days either.


Steve Jobs' surprise appearance a 'big deal'
By Mark Milian, CNN
March 2, 2011 7:03 p.m. EST
Whatever health concerns prompted Steve Jobs' leave didn't seem to affect his flair Wednesday as an Apple pitchman.
Many observers had expected another Apple exec to fill in for Steve Jobs on Wednesday
The surprised audience at Apple's iPad 2 event gave him a standing ovation
Jobs' current medical leave has sparked concern among his cult-like followers
San Francisco (CNN) -- Six weeks after announcing an indefinite medical leave, Apple CEO Steve Jobs surprised a lot of people when he took the stage Wednesday to unveil his company's next-generation iPad.
The audience at Apple's event gave him a standing ovation and tech bloggers immediately and breathlessly tweeted out the news.. . .
Still, many observers had expected another Apple exec, possibly COO Tim Cook or marketing chief Phil Schiller, to fill in for him Wednesday.
But there was Jobs, looking thin but happy and vigorous. Whatever health concerns prompted his most recent leave didn't seem to affect his flair as an Apple pitchman.
Steve Jobs returns to unveil iPad2
"We've been working on this product for a long time, and I just didn't want to miss the day," Jobs said.
He smiled often throughout his presentation, paced back and forth on stage and cracked jokes about the white iPhone that Apple has yet to sell. He also characteristically took jabs at competitors such as Google, saying Android tablets lack enough apps.

The Constitution and the horrors of bigotry

1st Amendment protects military funeral protesters

By MARK SHERMAN, Associated Press – 2 mins ago
WASHINGTON – The Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that the First Amendment protects fundamentalist church members who mount anti-gay protests outside military funerals, despite the pain they cause grieving families.
The court voted 8-1 in favor of the Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kan. The decision upheld an appeals court ruling that threw out a $5 million judgment to the father of a dead Marine who sued church members after they picketed his son's funeral.
Chief Justice John Roberts wrote the opinion for the court. Justice Samuel Alito dissented.

But, these guys are. . . they ought to be. . . I just want to fucking kil. . . they make me so. . . it's infuria. . . I have a gay child for christs sake and I'd like to punch the fuck outta any one of these pieces of shit who goes around saying horrible things about gay people. . .

Bottom line: I will defend their right to say whatever they want as long as they don't get in my way or anyone else's way.

I really will go fucking primal on their asses if they get in my face with their bullshit, but we have the Constitution of the United States. These people and their right to protest is protected by that constitution. That constitution is more important to me than my feelings getting hurt or even my kid's feelings getting hurt. I will protect it the same way I would protect my kids and loved ones. . . with my life.

Hawaii, Kenya, Kansas, what's the difference.

What makes morons like this attractive candidates? Are the Amurkkkin proles really that dull witted that they'll over look something so blatantly ridiculous as this? Obviously, Huckabee's world view is not very wide, or maybe he feels like "Hawaii, Kenya, what's the difference."

FACT CHECK: Huckabee claims Obama grew up in Kenya

By PHILIP ELLIOTT, Associated Press – Tue Mar 1, 6:52 pm ET
WASHINGTON – Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee suggested in a radio interview that President Barack Obama's childhood in Kenya shaped his worldview — even though Obama did not visit Kenya until he was in his 20s.
The potential Republican presidential candidate told New York radio station WOR on Monday that Obama's youth led him to resent the West, which he said explains why, in Huckabee's view, Obama's foreign policy differs so greatly from that of his predecessors.
"One thing that I do know is his having grown up in Kenya, his view of the Brits, for example, (is) very different than the average American," Huckabee said, pointing to Obama's decision in 2009 to remove a bust of former Prime Minister Winston Churchill from the Oval Office.
He failed to note that Obama replaced the Oval Office fixture with a bust of one of his American heroes, President Abraham Lincoln, and moved the Churchill bust to the White House residence.