Thursday, June 30, 2011

Headlines; because the rest is idle fluff

Obama to bid farewell to Defense Secretary Gates

About time. This guy was undermining the administration in typical extremist fashion.

Bachmann says she can be "unifying" U.S. candidate

This is the la-la land religious fundamentalists live in. She actually believes that a fundamentalist extremist can be the uniting candidate in this country. How do we break it to her?

TSA pat-down: Was a dying woman forced to remove her adult diaper?

Now here's a stupid headline. Yes, she was. That was known from the beginning. Hoe bout just saying "TSA Agents Resemble Nazi SS Without the Competence."

Any "Casey Anthony" Headline."

Sad, sad story from what I understand. Don't fucking care. This is not national news folks. Anyone following this case is a morbid sick motherfucking gossip monger.

Firefighters make small headway on Los Alamos blaze

You've seen one big brush fire out west, you've seen them all.

Time to speculate: Princess Diana would be 50

Time to shut the fuck up. There are plenty of live people to aggrandise. We don't need complete bullshit to validate the human race.

Holy kudzu! Vine in NC town said to resemble Jesus

Why bother commenting. This sorta speaks for it's own ignorance and lack of substance.

Rod Blagojevich convicted

Bye bye, douchbag.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

News bits with Sagacious commentary. . .

Gates blasts NATO, questions future of alliance

This is a bunch of political bullshit. Gates sounds like he's still working for Bush. Uh, President Obama, I hope you reign in this asshole and tell the world that it is not the policy or leanings of the administration. I really had some serious concerns when Mr. Obama kept this guy on. Now my suspicions are confirmed.

Syria forces kill 28 civilians, swoop on border town

The mid east is in turmoil. We need to stay the fuck out of it as much as possible. Let them settle their own fates. These people have been oppressed for too long with too much information at their disposal. It might take a couple decades, but they need to decide for themselves how their world is going to look and operate.

Alaska set to release thousands of Sarah Palin emails

This should provide the media junkies with some entertainment for a while. Come on folks, Sara Palin has had enough undeserved fame. She's nothing. She has no value to the overall condition of this nation. All y'all are doin is encouraging her. LET IT GO!

Hike Naked: Germany Opens New Nude-Friendly Nature Trails

Cool. I love people who are not all hung up on silly human created things like clothing, sexual "morals," etc. that keep us mentally oppressed and disturbed. Bravo Germany. Now git yerselves a sense of humor.

Democratic leaders say Rep. Weiner must resign

Now everyone is saying he should resign since all these allegations are coming out. They were silent for the most part when all he was doing was lying out his ass, implying that lying was OK, but so much philandering is not. What a bunch of hypocritical dick wads. What kind of example is this for youth? 'You can lie, but don't go overboard with your on-line sexting!'

Environmentalists, tuna fishers battle at sea

By DON MELVIN, Associated Press
ABOARD THE STEVE IRWIN – Tuna fishermen battled environmentalists on the Mediterranean, hurling heavy links of chain at them as the environmentalists attempted to disrupt illegal tuna fishing under the no-fly zone north of Libya on Saturday.
. . .The stock of bluefin tuna, which spawn in the Mediterranean and then swim out to the North Atlantic, has been depleted to the point that some experts fear it will soon collapse.
. . . the Steve Irwin — owned by the U.S.-based Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

Like em or not, these fuckers got BALLS. They put their money where their mouth is and step out there with their life on the line. I support them 100%. They don't pick mambsy pambsy causes, but go after the worse violators of our ocean resources.
Go Sea Shepherd!

Tracy Morgan apologizes for anti-gay comedy rant
– Sat Jun 11, 6:15 am ET
NEW YORK – Tracy Morgan said Friday that he was sorry for telling an audience in Nashville, Tenn., that if his son were gay, he would "pull out a knife and stab" him.
The comedian and "30 Rock" actor apologized to his fans and the gay and lesbian community for what he called "my choice of words"

STFU you asshole. "choice of words?" You expressed an idea and action clearly. It wasn't about your "choice of words." You're a homophobic ass wipe. Now you've got to get out there, reform your ways and do something that vindicates your homophobic bullshit. You might want to get together with Michael Vick to find out how that's done.

Let's end this on a heroic note:

Chicago-area man returns bag with $17K in cash
Thu Jun 9, 5:05 pm ET
ROLLING MEADOWS, Ill. – Robert Adams craved an ice-cold drink after finishing his shift on a sweltering workday, . . .
"I wanted to get a large horchata, which is almost like a rice or coconut milk," Adams told the Daily Herald (Arlington Heights) for a story published Wednesday. "I would have grabbed a chorizo burrito, too, but I didn't have enough money.". . .
Adams said he never had the urge to keep any of the money.
"It's not my money. I shouldn't take it. I don't care if you put another zero on there, I wasn't raised to take money that isn't mine,"

See, there are good honest people in this world who deserve a big pat on the back. . . and a large cold horchata w/ a chorizo burrito. Man, that would be awesome right now! Haven't had a good horchata in years. I'd love to buy this guy lunch.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Congressman Ass Hat

OK, so Congressman AssHat Weiner (is it pronounced Whiner or Weener?), has come clean. What a fucking moron.

Do I care that he was having sexual relationships across cyberspace with a number different women? Not in the least. Really, who gives a fuck wht you do for sex kicks?

I care that like some kind of 8 yr. old elementary school kid (which he sorta looks like) he made up some ridiculously incredible story about how someone hacked his account and fucked him up. Ok, I'll give him some credit. . . I remember making up a story like that when I was in Jr. Hi. to avoid having my old man knock the snot out of me (yea, that's part of my problem). So this Jt. Hi. ass hat leads the Amurkkkin public on a wild goose chase complete with Keystone Cops and boogey men when the whole thing was a fabrication.

The question we the people and especially his constituency has to ask is "how tolerant of deceitful, lying mother fuckers should the Amurikkkin voters be? I say not at all. Get rid of this dumb fuck douche bag. Not because he had him some cyber sex, but because he acted like a juvenile little douche bag when he got caught.

I mean come on, how many of you ignorant proles really thought that this guy had been hacked and evil cyber criminals had planted absurd photoshopped pictures of him?

A nice little press conference where he could have sheepishly admitted his transgressions, apologized for any embarrassment he caused anyone and then slinked away for a two week vacation to the Bahamas to lick his wounds and his wife would have settled the matter. . . but not Congressman Ass Hat. He figured he could make up an absurd story and the Amurkkkin public would swallow it like they do campaign promise lies. See, that's how spoiled little rich kids act. They think they can get away with anything by lying. No wonder we have the political system we have.


Michael Bader, D.M.H.Senior Advisor, Institute for Change

Everything Said About Anthony Weiner Is Bull
Posted: 06/ 7/11 09:41 AM ET

There's only one legitimate reason to be upset with Anthony Weiner, and that's because his behavior and its discovery has taken away a bold and effective voice in the Democratic party. Everything else you think and feel about him is bullshit.

By bullshit, I mean it has nothing to do with him, and also little to do with broad generalizations made nowadays about the sex and powerful men. The first is too personal and private for anyone to ever know. And the second is so abstract as to be useless in understanding any individual situation. What it does have to do with is you and me, with all of us, who are repeatedly enticed to either buy-in to or create fictive stories about sexual scandals that are little more than projections of our own forbidden or feared desires.

Who is this fuck wad telling me what is bullshit and what is legitimate when it comes to public opinion? I'd like to think that HuffPost is above such demigod like proclamations, but I guess not. Fuck this liar defending asshole. These uber left wing granola chewing elitist morons are just as useless as the Glenn Beck and Rash Limpbough sucking proles.

One more incredible republican candidate

From HuffPost:

Former U.S. Senator Rick Santorum declared his candidacy for president of the United States on Monday, vowing he's "in it to win it."

Santorum, a favorite among his party's social conservatives, chose to confirm his plans during an appearance Monday morning on ABC's "Good Morning America" at the banner-draped site he chose in the western Pennsylvania coalfields for his formal announcement.

In the network interview, Santorum accused President Barack Obama of having a weak foreign policy, saying he doesn't feel he has stood up sufficiently to Iran and asserting he has done too little to speak out against Syrian President Bashir Assad for the violence there.

Is it possible that the repubs are not going to be able to come up with a single viable candidate?