Saturday, December 18, 2010

WV knuckle draggers got their right winger in the senate

Make no mistake, Joe Manchin, the dumb bubba from Marion County is a silver spooned right wing prick. Another unaccomplished bozo with family money who bought his way into politics, he has voted with the republicans all the way so far.
Here are the three most important votes the US Senate has had in the past few weeks.

1. A bill to extend the tax breaks to only those making $250,000 or less. That means the middle and working class maintain their tax breaks, but the rich go back to the low rate they were paying before 2004. Now really, wouldn't any democrat with even slightly progressive tendencies believe that in todays economy the super rich really ought to pay a little extra to help everything along? Right now we are at the lowest tax rate we've had in over 60 years. You'd have to go all the way back to before Eisenhower to find a lower tax rate. So why not get those who have much to pay a little more thn those who are struggling badly?
Not Joe Manchin. . . he voted against it. He wants the rich to keep getting richer and the poor to keep getting poorer.
Over and over it has been proven that tax breaks, tax incentives, etc DO NOT stimulate the economy. Think about it: what has happened to American jobs since Reagan started slahing taxes on the rich and corporations. What has happened to jobs since Bush the MoronMonkeyBoy slashed taxes for the rich to the lowest levels since 1958? We have lost entire secotrs of jobs. The middle class has been all but destroyed and our standard of living has declined. THAT is what tax breaks for the rich has gotten us. Has the market stabilized since Bush the Chimp handed out golden tax packages to his uber rich supporters? Nope, it crashed and many Americans lost their retirement funds after being talked into investing in the market back in the 90s and 00s.
Guess who got the money they lost. Yup, the super rich.
So FUCK YOU Joe Manchin for voting to continue ultra rich tax breaks. You are a little dick headed rich prick.

2.DREAM Act. This act is intended to give kids who grew up in the United states and graduated from college or successfully served in the United States military the honor of becoming United States citizens no matter how they got here. These are kids whose parents made the difficult decision to illegally enter this country so that they could provide for their children better than where they came from. This isn't a blanket amnesty policy like the right wing propaganda machine wants you to believe. This is for young men and women who grew up as Americans. Young men and women who know no other culture. They talk like Americans, act like Americans, they ARE American as my kids. So this DREAM act allows them to become citizens if they have clean records, serve in the military or graduate from college. WTF? Who can argue with that.
Well, a bunch of pricks in the United State Senate and our own freshman rigt wing jizz guzzling senator Joe Manchin. Oh, he didn't vote against it, he just didn't vote at all, which, in a vote against it. What a pussy footed prick. Three weeks in the senate and he's already not voting for political purposes. What kind of respect is that for those who elected him. . . to not vote on such an important issue. It just shows what a dirt bag politicians this little rich prick really is.

3.Don't Ask Don't Tell (DADT) Well, surely Joe the Creep Manchin voted on this one, right? Nope. In true panty waisted fashion which he so gracefully pursues, once again he passed on this one. Of course, for this one also, to not vote is to vote against.
Even though every study has shown that gays in the military is not a problem, our right wing homophobic dip shit of a senator voted against it, by not voting. He stepped up to the plate and told millions of young Americans that he thinks they are less than other young Americans just because they were born with a different sexual preference.
Ya know come to think of it, Bubba Joe does have certain effeminate qualities in many of his mannerisms. Maybe this is a vote of self loathing. I'm just thinking it's possible. . . not a sure thing, just possible.
This is the one that really burns my ass almost more than his DREAM non-vote and for the same reason.
See, I don't think children should ever be treated with prejudice, bigotry, scorn, etc. Every child, no matter their color, rce, ethnicity, sexual preference, religion, handicap, etc. should be given fair shake and treated just like any other child. Maybe it's because I love my chidren so much that I feel this way.
Scumbag Joe Manchin probably doesn't love his children very much. Let's face it, at least one of his children is a fraud and a liar just like he is, so what do I expect?. . . Yea, I'm talking about Heather Manchin, who somehow, with no experience got the COO position at a WV pharmacutical company and then received an EMBA degree from WVU without completing many of the requirements of the program after Gov. Daddy appointed one of his best buddies, another fat ass moron with no real qualifications, to be president of WVU. It all came out in the news and Sweet little lying asshole Heather lost her EMBA.

Are you a little nervous sitting up there all high and mighty in your senate seat Bubba Joe? You ought to be, because the FBI isn't done investigating your crooked ass. Your chief of staff and your road to nowhere up in Fairmont is attracting a lot of attention right now in certain federal offices.
Enjoy your senate experience while you can dip shit, cause just like Uncle Douche Bag A. James, you've about played out your hand. Many of us won't be sorry to see your crooked dirty punk ass behind bars.

I'm also wondering, do they sell a lot of those callus polishing machines and tools in WV drug stores? I'm thinking with all the knuckle dragging Neanderthals running around the state that there must be a big problem with calluses on the backs of hands that require tratment

Do you know where your food comes from?

As most of my loyal readers know (all 2 of you), I am a big advocate of knowing where your food comes from. Submitted for your consideration:

Fri Dec 17, 1:15 pm ET
Undercover investigation of Smithfield Foods reveals factory farm horrors
By Brett Michael Dykes

If you enjoy eating pork occasionally, you might not want to read any further. But you probably should -- especially as America waits to learn the fate of the almost universally hailed food-safety bill, which suddenly faces hurdles in Congress.
This week the Humane Society released the results of its undercover investigation of a Virginia pig farm that's owned by Smithfield Foods, the largest pork producer in the world. A Humane Society investigator spent a month inside the Waverly, Va., facility, armed with a hidden camera. Among the more disturbing findings was this:
Female breeding pigs were crammed inside "gestation crates" so small the animals could barely move for virtually their entire lives. The animals engaged in stereotypic behaviors such as biting the bars of crates, indicating poor well-being in the extreme confinement conditions. Some had bitten their bars so incessantly that blood from their mouths coated the fronts of their crates. The breeding pigs also suffered injuries from sharp crate protrusions and open pressure sores that developed from their unyielding confinement.

The pork industry is no better than any other meat factory industry and maybe worse since hogs seem to have a level of intelligence and cognizance beyond that of chickens or even cattle. Sadly they are treated like insects or bacteria. They are raised in horribly confined spaces. Unlike chickens, there is no movement to give them "free range" or "uncaged" lives (both of which are a farse, btw).
So please, if you can, know where your food comes from and the conditions under which it is raised. I know, at this point that is the pursuit of those who can afford to be discriminatory in their food selections. Hopefully that will cange in the near future.
SagaciousHillbilly . . purveyor of free and happy poultry products.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Giving it all away!

Once again the democrats cave into the demands of the republicans. Let's face it folks, they talk like progrssives concerned about the common good of the nation. They speak of making things fair nd balanced in our country and defending the real people, but when it comes right down to it, they are always willing to give the right wing corpo-fascists exactly what they want. Then they sit back while the right wingers talk about them like dogs.
They are ALL for the rich and none for the working class and poor.

Fuck you and your "spirit of compromise" Obama. I fucking sick and tired of this bullshit and the lies you told us in 2008. I'm even more pissed that I worked so fucking hard and especially that people near and dear to me basically dedicated 8 months of their life to your campaign only to be fucked in the ass by you.

Obama salutes spirit of compromise, signs tax bill

AP – President Barack Obama signs $858 billion tax deal into law in a ceremony in the Eisenhower Executive …
By JIM KUHNHENN, Associated Press – 50 mins ago
WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama signed into law a huge, holiday-season tax bill extending cuts for all Americans on Friday, saluting a new spirit of political compromise as Republicans applauded and liberals seethed. The benefits range from tax cuts for millionaires and the middle class to longer help for the jobless.

Friday, December 10, 2010

James Carville: FOUND!

In our continuing coverage of James Carville it has been noted that his presence has been conspicuously absent on the TV screen these days.
Well, he has been found. Not in a TV studio with a waste basket over his head or sleeping in the abandoned back room of the old Hillary for President national headquarters. Nope, Jimmy the geek was found down home in Louisiana bout a mile from nowhere stalking the night looking for the ghost of elections past.

But let's let WTDN in Baton Rouge, Louisiana give us the whole story. . .

Eerie image captured in woods
Deer stand camera snaps bizarre animal

Updated: Friday, 10 Dec 2010, 8:02 PM EST
Published : Thursday, 09 Dec 2010, 10:57 PM EST

BERWICK, Louisiana (WVLA) - A deer hunter captures a spooky image wandering through the Louisiana woods at night.

A hunter near Baton Rouge says he found this freaky photo on his deer stand camera.

The hunting camera was broken but the memory card was still there and so was this bizarre image.

It looks like a cross between a human and an animal, with long slender appendages and glowing eyes.

The hunter says he just hopes it's a vegetarian, if he runs into it in the woods again.

More on this story from WVLA in Baton Rouge, LA

And here he is folks, the elusive, caught on camera, swamp thing from Louisiana, JAMES CARVILLE!

Here's a picture of Jimmy the geek in better times. . . .

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Fucking mother fuckers!!!!!

Senate blocks repeal of 'don't ask, don't tell'
AP – 1 hr 46 mins ago
WASHINGTON – Senate Republicans blocked a major year-end push by Democrats to lift the military's ban on openly gay troops on Thursday, dealing a huge blow to gay rights groups' hopes for repeal of "don't ask, don't tell" any time soon. President Barack Obama instantly appealed to lawmakers to make another, last-ditch try before going home for the year.

OK, this is personal and it's starting to feel really personal.
My daughter, like all my children is the joy of my life. I would do anything for her and sacrifice my life without thinking, for her. . . as I would for any of my children. That's just the way I am and I've proven all that to be true at various times and in various situations in my life.
Now I have to sit here and be still while the right wing members of the United States Senate tell me and her that she is not good enough to be in the United States military because of who she is and what she is by birth.
My beautiful daughter was raised very much like all my other children. The cool thing about her is that she, as the youngest is the most well adjusted, happiest and has the best self esteem of all of them. She is as well rounded and talented as any of my children which makes her very well rounded and talented.
She's one of the best shots I know with a rifle and is a very respectable shot with a compound bow. She loves to hunt and fish and hang out in the woods and around the farm. When she walks around out here she is like a cat attentive and aware of every sight and sound. I don't know a better stalker.
But the senate republicans are telling me and her that she's not good enough to be in the military as she is.
It's starting to feel really personal.
You're telling me and my child she's not good enough to do whatever she's perfectly capable of doing?
Are these the same fucking pricks who talk about "family values?" Are these the same recreant sons of bitches who pretend to defend and be concerned with what happens to children?
Listen up you right wing pieces of garbage, you're fucking with MY kid. You're doing things that could damage My kid's self esteem and belief in herself.
It probably won't, but it could and it WILL effect thousands of kids across the country.

I'm tired of the anti-American, unpatriotic, unintellectual, unethical and immoral right wing agenda in this country. This is no longer the country I grew up believing in. It has become a farse. I'm just not sure it's worth caring about anymore.

And the biggest piece of shit mother fucker is. . . .

our very own freshman senator from WV!

CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin was the lone Democrat to vote Thursday against advancing a repeal of the military's ban on openly gay service members.

In a 57-40 vote, the Senate failed to get the 60 votes needed on a key procedural move to start debate on overturning the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy.

The vote went largely along party lines.

Reversing the 1993 policy now looks unlikely to happen any time soon, although supporters vowed to try again before year's end.

This is exactly why I never felt so dirty voting for someone as I did when I voted for this scumbag.

Political rage. . .

Never did I support a presidential candidate the way I supported Barack Obama.

Never have I been so angry at a democrat in the White House in my entire life. . . or any other president.

I fear all is lost, and I've always had hope and faith in the future of our country.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Yes, Co-conspirators!

Republicans achieve top goal in Obama tax-cut plan

By CHARLES BABINGTON, Associated Press –
WASHINGTON – Republicans control neither the House nor the Senate — and certainly not the White House. But they largely dictated the terms of President Barack Obama's proposed tax-cut compromise, which disgruntled congressional Democrats want to discuss in closed meetings that are likely to be rowdy.
Republicans prevailed on their biggest demand: continuing Bush administration tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans, despite Obama's 2008 campaign promise to let them expire for households earning more than $250,000 a year. Obama, while acknowledging Democratic unrest, agreed to extend the tax breaks for two years, whereas Republicans wanted a permanent extension.

Here again we have the corpo-fascists dictating terms even though they are not in charge. THEY are the ones getting exactly what they want. THEY are the ones telling the majority how it's going to be. Can the democrats be anything but co-conspirators?

I never thought you would stoop this low Mr. President. I have believed in you since I heard you speak when you won Iowa. I thought you had a master plan for change and making things more equal in America. unfortunately I was wrong. you are just another political lackey who is giving it all up to the corpo-fascists who obviously control you and everyone else.
You're no Kennedy or Lincoln, you're just another paid off prick who's selling this country down the road and helping to destroy the middle class.

Hold on to your ass folks. After the new year, the republicans are going to control the house. They are going to act like kids in a free candy store. With the democrats letting them do whatever they want and them wanting to bend the democrats over and stick it in them deep every day, it's going to be one big love fest on capital hill. Obama will let them do whatever they want as he whispers sweet nothings into your ear.

The people will continue to bleed and the republicans will continue to extract more blood.

Our country is gone. It's only a matter of time before we are living in a totally feudal society.

Monday, December 6, 2010


GOP, Dems nearing deal on taxes, jobless benefits
By JIM KUHNHENN, Associated Press – 1 hr 52 mins ago
WASHINGTON – An outline of a bipartisan economic package is emerging that would temporarily extend the Bush-era tax rates for all taxpayers, while extending jobless benefits for millions of Americans.

This is insane. Maybe it's true that dems are just as corporate oriented as the repubs; they are just as manipulated but perceived differently. Maybe the power mongers and resource hoarders are just as involved in the manipulation of the left as they are of those on the right.
Why else would the dems be so impotent? Why else would they not be getting on the bully pulpit and demanding, in front of the American people, that this issue be resolved in a manner that taxes the rich fairly and provides for the unemployed and the middle class that has been devastated.
Look around you!! What happened to the middle class and all those manufacturing jobs? Does no one care or notice? Is it because they were so working class oriented?

Come on don't let it be true. I'm begging the democratic leadership to stand up and deliver us a real package that taxes the upper 1% fairly and extends unemployment benefits to those who really need them.

Ask yourself; why did the republicans get everything they wanted while the dems seem to continually come up empty?
Are they spineless or co-conspirators?

Sunday, December 5, 2010

HughesNet SUCKS!!

Just in case anyone missed my last post on the topic. . . .

HughesNet SUCKS!!!!

You might as well stick with dial-up.

HughesNet SUCKS!!!

It's too slow to do anything that requires anything like streaming.

HughesNet SUCKS!!!

If you go over your allotted amount of download in a 24hr. period (amounts to only a few youtube videos) they will cut you off.

HughesNet SUCKS!!!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Empowering the overlords

So we raise the retirement age and cut deductions for healthcare.
Meanwhile, the tax rate on everyone including the rich is lower than it's been since 1950. Yes, 1950, before we had medicaid/medicare, WIC, a space program, and hundreds of other programs that make us a modern society. These are things that over the years, the people decided we needed in order to push back the frontiers of social justice and science.
So now, in the 21st Century, who has decided that we need to go backwards? Who has decided that we need to let the rich get away with accumulating all our national resources in their pockets?
I'm not sure the answer to that question, but I do know that it's the American people who keep going along with this bullshit charade.
So when your healthcare sucks, as wages continue to drop, as jobs disappear, as more and more people have less and less, remember what YOU voted for. Remember who these dirty little prick fucks are who are advocating the redistribution of wealth in this country in an upward spiral.
My country and it's people are beginning to make me very sad. That so many people can vote AGAINST the common good and FOR the ultra-rich overlords leads me to believe we have become a country of very ignorant and very stupid proles.

Deficit-cutting plan wins more support before vote

AP –
By ANDREW TAYLOR, Associated Pres
WASHINGTON – Defying expectations, a bipartisan majority of President Barack Obama's deficit commission has rallied behind the panel's controversial deficit-slashing proposals.
A key Obama ally, liberal Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin of Illinois, endorsed the plan Thursday night, joining two of the Senate's most conservative Republicans.
The plan now has public commitments of support from a majority of the 18-member commission, but it still will fall short of the 14 votes needed to officially adopt it when the deficit-cutting panel votes on Friday.
Among its many contentious provisions, the plan would raise the Social Security retirement age and scale back popular tax deductions on health insurance and mortgage interest.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Repealing "don't ask, don't tell."

It's the 21st Century. Let's get real here folks.
The Pentagon has issued a report that says the troops won't mind if gays serve in the military openly and the leaders of the military won't mind. The report says gays ought to be able to serve in the military openly.
Admiral Mike Mullens, who as the chairman of the Joint Chiefs, is the highest ranking military officer in the nations says we need to repeal it and let gays serve in the military openly.
Sec. of Defense Robert Gates says the time is now and let's do it before the courts force us to do it.

So what will the tea baggers in congress do? Sen. John McCain believes that DaDT is working and we should leave it alone. Many of the republicans in congress have come out strongly against any "gay rights."

Yes folks, bigotry and hate are still alive and well in Amurkkka. Those on the right prove it on a daily basis.

I am so sick of people of any persuasion, color, religion, beliefs, handicap, etc. being forced to defend themselves. It's just so fucking primitive. It's so damned ignorant and backwoods.

Those in congress who have any bit of human decency should make this happen and make it happen NOW! It will be a precedent for our entire society. It will be something as fair and just as the Civil Rights Act. It will change people's perceptions of others making them more accepting and in turn better human beings. And most important, it will change many young people's perceptions of themselves and give them a higher degree of self esteem and ability to grow and develop. Who doesn't want that? Look around the republican side of the aisle to get the answer to that question.

Let's see those in congress who DO have integrity and human decency push this through ASAP.
It's that simple.