Friday, February 29, 2008

Local politics. . . the dregs

We've got some real bozos in the national political arena. Just browse the senate or house of reps and you'll find characters that are astounding in their ignorance and lack of intellect. In characterizing them, "dignity" is never a word that applies.
But here on the local level, we see a whole 'nuther animal. These guys are absolute morons. And let's face it, Wv aint exactly prime locale for finding interestiing and creative people to fill political positions. Some of them have been hanging around local politics for decades and keep getting elected to some insignificant little local office or another. Below is Charleston, WV's finest. Yea, I'm sure you all know of some political hack who is dumber or more insignificant, so do I, but this buffoon just happened to cross my radar this morning. . .

County officials fear more cell phone towers
Carper seeks balance between service, safety
By Rusty Marks
Kanawha County officials fear a rash of requests to build cellular phone towers will lead to a cell tower arms race.

"I'm against having cell towers every five feet," Kanawha County Commission President Kent Carper said Thursday.

"every five feet?" WTF are you talking about you fucking blathering hack? There are all sorts of towers lining the Kanawha Valley. Cell towers are probably in the minority and certainly not the most obtrusive. "every five feet." You sound like a third grade school yard weenie.

"Theoretically, you could hang a hot dog out your car window now and have it cooked by the RF [radiation] from all these cell towers," Carper said.

No bozo, not theorethically or in actuality could you "cook a hot dog" on a cell tower, even if you put the sausage right up next to it. Obviously you know absolutely nothing about what you spew from your ignorant pie hole. What's your motive for saying ignorant shit like that? To sound smart? Scare people? What? Guess what Monkey Boy, you only sound like an ignorant jr. hi. geek.

"We were on the cutting edge when we did this," Carper said.

Sorry man-child, but you've never been on the cutting edge of ANYTHING if you've been a Kanawha Co. hack for the past 30 yrs., and certainly your dull fat ass has never gone beyond the position of space occupying air breather.

I wonder how bad the population of local politicians is in other places?

Desperado in Texas

Clinton may challenge Texas vote rules
By BETH FOUHY, Associated Press Writer
LAREDO, Texas - Hillary Rodham Clinton's campaign has raised the possibility of a challenge to Texas' primary and caucus rules just days before the contest, drawing a warning against legal action from the state's Democratic Party.

Top strategists for Democratic rival Barack Obama said Friday they supported the party's action, suggesting the Clinton campaign was trying to block the reporting of caucus results.

Oh my. That's sounding really, really desperate. That can't be good on a number of levels. It sounds like the Clintons know they are in really bad shape at this point and are grasping at straws. Voters will be very turned off by these tactics, will recognize it for what it is and abandon ship. The Texas democratic committee aint gonna like this one bit. Do you really want to have the state machine against you going into the primary?

Not feeling very good about their chances, are they?

Monday, February 25, 2008

The legal brilliance of Clarence Thomas

Thomas: no questions in 2 years
By MARK SHERMAN, Associated Press Writer Mon Feb 25, 12:10 PM ET
WASHINGTON - Two years and 144 cases have passed since Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas last spoke up at oral arguments. It is a period of unbroken silence that contrasts with the rest of the court's unceasing inquiries.

Huh? Ever been in a court of appeals? Judges are SUPPOSED to ask questions. It's part of the process. I only know of one judge on the WV supreme court who says little and writes even less. . . he's the dumb one who was put there with corporate money to vote in favor of Massey Energy in all cases they are involved in. Yea, Clarence Thomas is right up there with Brent Benjamin.

Hardly a case goes by, including two appeals that were argued Monday, without eight justices peppering lawyers with questions. Oral arguments offer justices the chance to resolve nagging doubts about a case, probe its weaknesses or make a point to their colleagues. . .

Leaning back in his leather chair, often looking up at the ceiling, Thomas takes it all in, but he never joins in. . . .

"Takes it all in?" Doubtful.

"One thing I've demonstrated often in 16 years is you can do this job without asking a single question," he told an adoring crowd at the Federalist Society, a conservative legal group. . .

No, the only thing you've demonstrated is that you are a buffoon who is only on the bench because a moron republican president was looking for a politically correct appointee to the bench without compromising the conservative edge of the court. He knew you would do whatever your right wing great white fathers told you to do. . . which you do.
No Mr. Thomas, you CAN'T do your job without asking a single question. Sorry, but we know you're an idiot who doesn't want to look like the dumbass that you are so you keep your mouth shut. . . probably the smartest thing you do.

"we are there to decide cases, not to engage in seminar discussions."

Ahh, so all the other supreme court judges are sim[ply engaging in "seminar discussion" while you, the brilliant jurist that you are, are above such activity. Nice try bozo, but you're not kidding anyone but the right wing proles. You're a fucking moron.

Can supreme court judges be impeached for being ignorant dull buffoons? I guess not.

Competitive religion and sky pixies

America's Unfaithful Faithful
A major new survey presents perhaps the most detailed picture we've yet had of which religious groups Americans belong to. And its big message is: blink and they'll change. For the first time, a large-scale study has quantified what many experts suspect: there is a constant membership turnover among most American faiths. America's religious culture, which is best known for its high participation rates, may now be equally famous (or infamous) for what the new report dubs "churn."

So this begs the question; if religion is the light and the way to everlasting life and salvation from this hell on Earth, why is it in such a state of fluxation? If it's such a good deal one would think that the one true religion would settle to the top and that would become everyone's pick.
Of course that hasn't happened. Turns out that religion is a competitive industry. It takes a lot of congering and persuasion to get and keep a congregation together so that they can fill the collection plates every Sunday or whatever day the big event takes place.
Yup, nothing more than a persuation act designed to keep the dollars flowing and make a few people rich. . . just like any corporate endeavor.
So all you ignorant prole keep seeking that pie in the sky. Listen to the promises and the fantastical absurdities that your religious "leaders" tell you are real. Believe mythology over science. Know that there's a big sky ppixie who plunks his magic twanger and makes it all happen for YOU. While you're doing that, think about the 10,000 children who die each day because they don't have either clean or enough water. Dysentary and dehydration are horrible things to die of. Many long days, months and often years of incredible suffering. Did you ever watch a child die from brain cancer? I have. The horror is unthinkable.
So do you believe in an all powerful god who makes it all happen? It must be one monsterous hateful prick in charge.

HS teachers or just more juvenile morons?

Teachers strike back at students' online pranks
By Patrik Jonsson Mon Feb 25, 3:00 AM ET
ATLANTA - Tech-savvy teenagers are increasingly paying a heavy price – including criminal arrest – for parodying their teachers on the Internet.

Tired of fat jokes and false accusations of teacher-lounge partying or worse, teachers and principals are fighting back against digital ridicule and slander by their students – often with civil lawsuits and long-term suspensions or permanent expulsions. . .

In the so-called "Teacher Sux" case in Pennsylvania, for example, a high school student put up a website about a teacher with threats and comments such as "she shows off her fat ... legs."

The lawsuit against the student said that after viewing the web page, the teacher felt unable "to go out of the house and mingle with crowds."

Wow, if anyone was wondering just how pitiful and inept American educators have become, just read this. What a bunch of child-like overly sensitive twits. Where do these low level thinkers come off thinking that they are above parody? How indignant that they would go after students who perpetrate harmless high school pranks. Wouldn't it be more appropriate to simply ignore that perpetrators of such silly behaviors and act above such teenage hijinks? Nope, these mental midgets have to play right into the hands of these teenage pranksters. They make heros out of these kids by responding in such a radical manner. What kid wouldn't want to have their teacher bring a lawsuit against them simply for perpetrating a harmless prank.
Gee, I hope poor old fat legged thunder thighs finally regains her dignity and is ready to go out and mingle. . . fuck you bitch, stay in the house.
Wow!! Students win big time and teacher demonstrate what petty childish morons they are.
Maybe if teachers were less so and acted with dignity, confidence and competence in the classroom they wouldn't have to worry about students making fools of them.

Just another indication of how silly and child-like our proletariat society has become.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Ralph Nader the republican dream

Nader announces new run for president
By HOPE YEN, Associated Press Writer
WASHINGTON - Ralph Nader said Sunday he will run for president as a third-party candidate, criticizing the top White House contenders as too close to big business and pledging to repeat a bid that will "shift the power from the few to the many."

Here's a guy who could have gone out with a legacy of being an American hero. Instead, he is going to go out despised by most people on the left. Why does this ego driven megalomaniac think he needs to get into this race? It's going to be tough for the O Man to win over the republican right wing machine. At best it's going to be a VERY tight race. Someone like Nader who will take 1-2% of the vote will end up giving the race to the right wing corpo-fascists. Ralph Nader is one of the biggest reasons we had eight years of MoronMonkeyBoy Bush the Chimp. If Gore had gotten a small percentage of the 2% votes that Nader took, he would have been president and MoronMonkeyBoy Bush the Chimp would be nothing more than a footnote. Instead we got 8 years of exactly the policy and actions that Ralph Nader is supposedly railing against in his announcement.
You're a stupid fuck Ralph. You are a traitor to the left wing cause.

How much is the RNC paying you Ralph. . . you fucking low life piece of shit.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Fuck the right wing and their patriotism bullshit

Obama may face grilling on patriotism
AP - Sat Feb 23, 12:00 PM ET
WASHINGTON - Sen. Barack Obama's refusal to wear an American flag lapel pin along with a photo of him not putting his hand over his heart during the National Anthem led conservatives on Internet and in the media to question his patriotism.

Fuck these self righteous, shallow thinking, nationalistic, right wing simpletons. Since when does wearing a flag pin or positioning one's hand over their heart define one's patriotism? What a crock of horse shit. This reminds me of the moron numb skulls who all had Amurkin flags on their cars after 9/11. A month later their Amurkin flag was a tattered piece of shit cloth, but they didn't bother to take it down. Then there are the morons around here who have Amurkin flags all over their houses. Same deal, rain shine snow sleet, day or night their Amurkin flags are out there withering and turning into tattered messes. Fuck your simple minded patriotic zeal you fucking idiots.

Misplaced simple minded patriotism breeds nationalism which quickly turns into zenophobic fanaticism. That explains a lot about the religious fanaticism that has gripped this country in the past few decades.

Meanwhile, the desperate proles will swallow this pitiful piece of campaign rhetoric like 3 dollar back alley crack whores.

American Justice 1 Insurance Companies 1,345,678,906. . .

Insurer that cut client's care fined $9M
By THOMAS WATKINS, Associated Press Writer 1 hour, 6 minutes ago
LOS ANGELES - A woman who had her medical coverage canceled as she was undergoing treatment for breast cancer has been awarded more than $9 million in a case against one of California's largest health insurers.

Patsy Bates, 52, a hairdresser from Lakewood, had been left with more than $129,000 in unpaid medical bills when Health Net Inc. canceled her policy in 2004.

On Friday, arbitration judge Sam Cianchetti ordered Health Net to repay that amount while providing $8.4 million in punitive damages and $750,000 for emotional distress.

This kind of corporate bullshit goes on constantly. My insurance company NEVER pays what it is supposed to. I'm always getting bills from doctor's offices, labs, etc. and I scratch my head and say "hmmmm, I thought I had 100% coverage for that." I call the insurance company and complain and low and behold, someone "made a mistake while processing that claim." How many people just go ahead and pay such items? Imagine how many millions of dollars the insurance companies cheat Americans out of just using that tactic alone. Last time I threatened to initiate a class action lawsuit if they ever "made a mistake" again.
How many billions have they saved by canceling the policies of people with serious illness like the example above. Most Americans just accept such recreant behaviors by corporations and go on.

This is all just another example of corporate pillage and corpo-fascism in America. . . that these SOBs think they cn get away with such actions. . . obviously they can and do, otherwise they wouldn't take the risk of having to pay $8 million settlements.

Does that piss you off?

Example #1

Agriculture chief's priority: avoid jail
By MATTHEW DALY, Associated Press Writer 50 minutes ago
WASHINGTON - He overhauled federal forest policy to cut more trees — and became a lightning rod for environmentalists who say he is intent on logging every tree in his reach.

After nearly seven years in office, Agriculture Undersecretary Mark Rey still has a long to-do list. Near the top: Persuade a federal judge to keep him out of jail.

Rey, a former timber industry lobbyist who has directed U.S. forest policy since 2001, also wants to set up state rules making it easier to build roads in remote national forests and restore overgrown, unhealthy forests by clearing them of small trees and debris that can stoke wildfires. And he wants to streamline cumbersome regulations that can paralyze actions on public lands.

A Montana judge, accusing Rey of deliberately skirting the law so the Forest Service can keep fighting wildfires with a flame retardant that kills fish, has threatened to put him behind bars. . .

Rey's signature accomplishment — passage of the 2003 Healthy Forests Restoration Act —

Here's an example of what scum sucking pieces of shit the bush administration has appointed. This little fuck wad has gutted forestry policy in the United States. He has done NOTHING to keep forests healthy and EVERYTHING he possibly could to make it easier for logging companies to harvest.
This little corpo-fascist dick sucker is nothing more than a member of the corporate establishment appointed by the corpo-fascist administration to see to the needs of the corporate royalists. Tell me how that's not corpo-fascism!

EVERY facet of our goverment is filled with these corporate lackeys. . . defense, agriculture, education, you name it, if the government does it, the corpo-fascists have installed their own lackeys to take advantage of any spending being done.
THIS is how they have pillaged our national resources. Every chance they get they have used government agencies as funnels for government funds and in the process, raised funding where they could garner the most and lowered it where it payed them less. What ype of govenment would YOU call this?

Yea, this little piece of shit belongs in jail, but no less than the corporate royalists who put him there. We get pissed off at MoronMonkeyBoy Bush the Chimp and know that he belongs in a cold dark dank jail cell for the rest of his pitiful life, but no less so do the people who are really above him and put him where he is. Let's face it, MonkeyBoy and his cronies are nothing but trained monkeys who do the bidding of their corporate sponsors.

Too bad the democrats are not much better, otherwise we'd have seen many of them in jail cells by now including the low life recreant piece of shit who currently holds the office of president.

"When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation."
Thomas Jefferson
Declaration of Independence

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Brrrrreaking News!!

McCain has been busted for having an affair with a 40 yr old lobbyist named Vicki Iseman. McCain wrote a number of letters on her behalf.
His staff tried to remove her from the scene when they decided it had become romantic.
So much for his promises of "cleaning up Washington." Will Huckabee become the nominee? Oh I hope so!
This is fucking priceless!!!!
Remember, you heard it here first a 7:45PM Wed. Feb 20.

Back to you Bob.

Obamarama and being proud

Congratulations to the Big O Man.
Obamarama plays on. Hillary is all but out of it. Those Clintons might be really sneeky and brazen politicians, but I don't see them coming back at this point. It will take a huge fuck-up by the O Man to make Clinton the nominee. It's his to lose at this point.
I've been told that Obama has 120 paid staff on the ground in Ohio and that doesn't include the union staffers who are focusing their efforts on canvasing for Obama. Also, the place is being overrun with volunteers from all over the country who are showing in droves every day. There could be many thousands of campaign workers there by the end of the week.
According to,
Hillary Clinton defeats Barack Obama, 52% to 43%, . . . But her lead has narrowed. Just one week ago, Clinton held a 17 point lead at 56% to 39%.

. . . Obama leads by by 48 points among blacks, by 20 points among the youngest voters, and by 16 points among men. The two are tied in greater Cleveland, tied among Moderates, tied among voters focused on Health Care. Among voters younger than Obama, Obama leads by 5. . . .

One week ago, Clinton and Obama were tied among men. Today, Obama is up 16 points. One week ago, Clinton led by 9 among voters under age 50. Today, Obama is up by 2 points.

See things aren't looking good for Hillary in Ohio. To have a chance, she needs to stomp The O Man in Ohio and Texas and that aint gonna happen.

In Texas, it's now a dead heat with 2 weeks to go.

Sorry Bill and Hill. Ya finally lost one.

Oh, and Michelle. . . for once in your lifetime you're finally proud of your country? Congratulations to you too. I haven't gotten there yet.
My adult lifetime began in 1974 when I turned 21 and got married.
What have I got to be proud of? Anybody wanna help me out. Got any clues? Lessee, we had the Carter fiasco, the Reagan/Bush years, Clinton and now MoronMonkeyBoy Bush the Chimp. What exactly has happened in those years to be proud of?
I suspect if I were an African-American woman, I'd be even less proud.

I remember being proud when I was a teenager. We were leading the world in being a progressive liberal culture, we were implementing plans to save our environment, we were leading the world in technology, we were landing men on the Moon! The civil rights movement was in full swing. That was some cool stuff.

So again, in my adult life, what do we have to be proud of? I figure Michele's adult life started sometime during the Reagan years. What the fuck would she have to be proud of?

Today we're the world's bully boy. We are an embarrassment to ourselves. We are considered the evil empire to the majority of the world. Our technology is limping along as it has for the past three decades riding the tide that was Apollo. We're still destroying the environment. We still discriminate against people of color.

I'm ashamed of my country. I love and am proud of the Constitution of the United States, our form of government, the things our founding fathers did and the land we live on, but the things my country has done and not done in the past three decades disgusts me.

So fuck all you fucking morons who want to beat up Michele Obama for what she said. You should be praising her for being proud. Walk a mile in her shoes and then tell me how fucking proud your white ass is of your country.

Let The Big O Man get the nomination and maybe I'll begin to be proud. Let him become president and I'll be proud of my country.

A couple things that make me wanna slap the fools

The politicians who are afraid to point with their index finger. . . . which includes pretty much the whole set.
You know what I mean. . . they crunch up their four fingers into a little ball, turn their hand sideways with their thumb popping out across the top and wave it around when trying to make a point. . . usually a stupid one.
Somewhere back in the late 80s some politician, it might have been SlickWilly, was told that pointing toward the audience was politically incorrect. From then on, every politician has been using the sideways thumb point instead of just sticking out their index finger, pointing it in the direction they want to and stating their case. It's really fucking lame and looks really fucking lame. They all look like sissies on the school yard afraid to point at the bully. The best lessons I ever learned in life were taught to me at the end of a finger. Someone would stick their finger in my face and wave it around and I would listen transfixed. Interestingly, I see the greatest orator since Kennedy using his index finger fully deployed from time to time.
So stop the phoney bullshit. Deploy the finger. We'll all think a little more highly of you and we won't be offended. In fact, I'll keep track of who uses the fully deployed index finger the most and vote for them.
Bottomline: Quit acting like impotent little sniveling twits.

News commentators and other talking heads who respond to questions by saying "That's an excellent/good question, Bob/Bill/Jane!"
Well the dumb fuck had twelve writers and three secretaries coming up with and writing down those questions. People a hell of a lot smarter than any of the talking bozos on the cable or network news channels are in back rooms slaving over what to ask who. Of course it's a good question 95% of the time you fucking bitch. How come every question asked in this political seasom seems to be proceeded with that fucking nonsense?
So why do they do it? Well, what they ought to say is "That's a good question Bob, I am worthy of nothing but good questions and now watch how brilliantly I answer that good question which you had the brilliance to ask me, the authority on such interesting topics." It's all a big circle jerk.
So shut the fuck up with the mutual and self masturbation and just answer the fucking question. We, the viewing public don't give a fuck what YOU think of the question, we either want to hear you answer it, or we'll change the fucking channel and listen to some other moron drone on about some trivial political point that really doesn't make a damn bit of difference.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Same ol same old

This hillbilly was gone most of the weekend. I had a hankerin for some good shellfish, so I pursued the finest oysters and clams North America has to offer and spent the weekend totally consumed with shellfish consumption. My life was completely void of any media intrusions and filled with total culinary happiness, so I figured that after such a perfect act of gluttony, executed in a truly masterful way, the world would have changed. Damned if I wudn't wrong. It's the same ol same old bullshit and petty triflings that were going on when I left.

Clinton again calls on Obama to debate
By BETH FOUHY, Associated Press Writer

KENOSHA, Wisc. - Hillary Rodham Clinton renewed her call Saturday to debate Democratic rival Barack Obama in Wisconsin before Tuesday's primary, even as she acknowledged she would cease campaigning in the state a full day before voters go to the polls.

Hillary, give it up. You democratic candidates have debated ad nauseum. You're going to be debating in a week in Texas. STFU and campaign. . . see if you can get someone to write an inspiring speech for you. But then again, school yard taunts seem to work on proletariat America.

Clinton aide wants Mich., Fla. delegates
AP - Sun Feb 17, 4:32 AM ET
WASHINGTON - Harold Ickes, a top adviser to Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's campaign who voted for Democratic Party rules that stripped Michigan and Florida of their delegates, now is arguing against the very penalty he helped pass.

Whoops, didn't see the O Man comin at ya back in '06, did ya?
Fuck you, you aint changin the rules now.
That's just a pile of weaselly shit.

Bush: Keep abstinence in AIDS program
AP -
DAR ES SALAAM, Tanzania - President Bush on Sunday said Congress should renew his global AIDS program and preserve a requirement that steers money into abstinence efforts.

When is this pitiful piece of shit of a president going to quit pandering to the evangelical right? Your term is done MonkeyBoy. You aint runnin no more. You don't have to suck the big Jesus dick nomo.

Bush calls lawmakers 'irresponsible'
AP - Sat Feb 16, 3:55 PM ET
WASHINGTON - President Bush said Saturday that lawmakers' failure to renew an eavesdropping law will make it more difficult to track terrorists and "we may lose a vital lead that could prevent an attack on America."

Can I get one great big "SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!" from everyone? Lessee, won't sign the bill if it doesn't protect the telecom corporations from prosecution for illegal activities (past, present and future), but the bill could prevent attacks. Once again, I challenge anyone to explain to me how this isn't corpo-fascism.

Dispute over guns threatens Senate vote
AP - Sat Feb 16, 4:34 AM ET
WASHINGTON - An election-year dispute over whether to allow loaded guns in national parks is holding up a vote on a massive bill affecting public lands from coast to coast.

How about we give the Park Service a little discretion? Does every rule have to be legislated? Maybe there are parks where it wouldn't hurt a feller out strolling with his wife an kids to be packing a 357 or 40 cal. Bear attacks do happen in wilderness grizzly country. Cougars have been hunting humans a lot lately. Now, do I need to be packin up on Blue Ridge Parkway? Probably not, unless Mr. Field shows up with some of his Philly buds.

Indian apology close to Senate passage
AP - Fri Feb 15, 5:28 PM ET
WASHINGTON - A resolution that formally apologizes to American Indians for years of government mistreatment and abuse will be part of an Indian health care bill expected to pass the Senate later this month.

Is it going to contain verbiage about the genocide and intentional murder of entire tribes. What about the all out assault on Native American culture? Will it specifically address solutions to these horrible crimes against humanity? Will it do ANYTHING to begin some sort of healing process and address reparations?

McConnell: Hezbollah threat 'serious'
AP -
WASHINGTON - The U.S. intelligence chief said Sunday that internal Hezbollah groups or Syria may be to blame for the killing of a Hezbollah commander that has led the FBI to put domestic terror squads on alert in the United States.

Really, here's another moron mother fucker who ought to keep his mentally retarded mouth shut. This is just another dumb fuck who is trying to push the right wing tactic of fear mongering in order to sweep through a right wing agenda. "Look out America, Hezbollah is going to get you if you don't let us have free access to every thing you do and say on the telephone, internet, and airwaves." Fuck the Constitution of the United States. Let em rape it, beat it and spew their nasty jizz all over it. . . Amurikins just wanna be safe with their patriarchal daddy watching over them.

Feds nip state efforts to slash mercury
AP - Sat Feb 16, 1:04 PM ET
WASHINGTON - While arguing in court that states are free to enact tougher mercury controls from power plants, the Bush administration pressured dozens of states to accept a scheme that would let some plants evade cleaning up their pollution, government documents show.

More corpo-fascism. Let's remove those pesky environmental restrictions so that American Industry can do what it does best these day. . . make the mega rich richer. If America weren't populated by ignorant proles, there'd be a revolution going on and this administration would have been removed and prosecuted for their crimes by now.

Judge asks details on destroyed evidence
AP - Thu Feb 14, 3:08 PM ET
WASHINGTON - A federal judge on Thursday ordered the Bush administration to tell him whether two CIA interrogation videos destroyed in 2005 were relevant to his case.

Just more school yard games. The legislature and judiciary have played footsie with this administration for two years now. Remember Valerie Plame? How about lies about Iraq and yellow cake uranium? "Energy policy" written by the oil industry in Dick Cheney's office. The most corrupt and treasonous administration in the history of the United States and they get a walk on everything. Remember, Bill Clinton was impeached for lying about a BJ. Nixon was run from office for knowing about the cover-up of a burglary. These guys walk for numerous acts of treason and crimes against humanity. . . oh, and did I mention pillaging our national treasury and giving it to the corporate royalists?

Bush wants limits on access to evidence
Thu Feb 14, 6:22 PM ET

WASHINGTON - The Bush administration asked the Supreme Court on Thursday to limit judges' authority to scrutinize evidence against detainees at Guantanamo Bay.

Yea, yea, they'll probably get it. See above.

Obama picks up another labor endorsement
By NEDRA PICKLER, Associated Press Writer
Sat Feb 16, 8:01 AM ET

MILWAUKEE - Gathering strength, Sen. Barack Obama collected a key labor endorsement and coaxed away one of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's delegates on Friday, at the same time he criticized his rival for supporting legislation harmful to workers. . . .
The Illinois senator won the endorsement of the 1.9 million-member Service Employees International Union, one day after he collected the support of the United Food and Commercial Workers, a politically active union 69,000 members in Ohio and another 26,000 in Texas. The food workers also have 19,000 members in Wisconsin, which holds a primary Tuesday.

Obamarama rolls on. It's the best show we've got.

Friday, February 15, 2008

How bout this. Is IT enough to make you really fucking mad?

Ok, check it out. Here's why politicians are scumbags and in particular, why MoronMonkeyBoy Bush the Chimp is a lying piece of shit fascist cock sucker. . .

The senate passed a bil that Bush wanted that gives immunity to phone companies and others in any past or future illegal eves dropping activity. The bill gives the administration a free hand to monitor and record any conversation on any medium anywhere. An employee for Verizn has already revealed that he as a Verizon employee was forced to put into operation a "big brother machine" that does precisely that. . . telephone calls, every internet click, text messaging, etc. of every single American citizen. . . it's all being recorded and saved. That's why they need imunity from "past" activity.
Believe it or not, the senate passed the bill. Yea, remember the senate that was elected a year ago in opposition to all this shit? The house has rejected it.
MoronMonkeyBoy Bush the Chimp has been told to say that unless the bill is passed by the house, Americans will be in grave danger of a terrorist attack. On the other hand, he says that if the measure giving corporate America immunity from prosecution against illegal activity is not approved he'll veto the bill. See the picture? By their own logic, in order to protect the corporations, they will put the American citizenry in grave danger.
I've often been ridiculed for using the term "corpo-fascist" in describing this administration. Would someone like to tell me exactly how else one would describe such a senario? Anyone?

Don't forget, John McCain support all this bullshit the Bush regime has imposed on America. He's as complicit in their treason as anyone.

Never count Jimmy Ray out

I used to hang around with an ol boy named Jimmy Ray. We called him "Tuffy." Ya see, Tuffy liked to fight and scrap around. He wasn't much taller than 5'6", but man he was like a squirrel monkey. I never saw a feller that could get to the top of a tree faster than Tuffy. It didn't matter where the lowest limb hung. Jimmy Ray was 100% muscle. He didn't have big muscles, but they popped out all over and he was hard as a rock. I once heard a big strappin guy who had just spent three year in prison body building and coulda broke me in half in about 10 secods say "if I ever get into a fight with Tuffy, I'm just gonna have to shot him, cause I won't get out of it any other way." Yea, Jimmy Ray was that tough. I've seen Jimmy Ray get real ugly on fellers who thought they knew better. Their faces usually ended up all swelled up and nasty.

I've been watchin the news channels lately and they kinda remind me of the ol boys from the next county that used to come over to our local watering hole and think they could mess with Jimmy Ray. Oh, they'd bliind side him now and then and knock him on his ass, but Jimmy Ray ALWAYS got up and proceeded to pummel the fool who thought some little guy like him could be delt with easily. Ya see, Jimmy Ray was most dangerous when he was down. He packed a lot of pride into his little frame and when he was down, there was no doubt that he was going to get up and proceed to whop some serious ass as a matter of revenge. He was NOT going to be made the fool. Ya didn't want to turn your back on Jimmy Ray just because he was on his.
So when I'm listening to some of these TV commentators running their mouth talkin about this candidate or that candidate I can't help but think of Jimmy Ray.

Y'all have a good weekend. Be careful and have fun.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Economic recovery. . . duh.

Fed to act in "timely manner" to support growth
By Mark Felsenthal
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke on Thursday held the door open to more interest rate cuts to help the struggling economy, but told Congress the central bank expects growth to pick up later in the year.

Well what a surprise. Who would have imagined such a thing. . . but hey, let's give all the proles some cash to spend like stuff-junkie-monkeys! Afterall, it's an election year.
That's not a hard one to swallow, is it Amurika? Doesn't hurt going down nearly as bad as "yellow cake uranium ore" does it?
Is it possible that the politicians are as dumb as the proles? Do THEY believe that giving away $150 billion we don't have is actually good for the economy?

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Bad moon a risin for HillBillary

Bill Clinton campaign chief backs Obama
By PHILIP ELLIOTT, Associated Press Writer Wed Feb 13, 11:29 AM ET
COLUMBUS, Ohio - The man who served as national manager of former President Clinton's 1992 campaign plans to endorse Sen. Barack Obama, an aide to Obama said Wednesday.

Obama's campaign planned a 1 p.m. conference call Wednesday to announce the endorsement by David Wilhelm, who later became chairman of the Democratic National Committee, according to an aide who spoke on condition of anonymity because the announcement would be made public later in the day.

This aint a good sign. Kinda gives all the other folks that Bill calls and tries to strong arm their support the 'all clear' to say "sorry Bill, I enjoyed our time together, but we gotta move on."

Rendell: Race factor could hurt Obama
Tue Feb 12, 5:36 PM ET
HARRISBURG, Pa. - Gov. Ed Rendell, one of Hillary Rodham Clinton's most visible supporters, said some white Pennsylvanians are likely to vote against her rival Barack Obama because he is black.

"You've got conservative whites here, and I think there are some whites who are probably not ready to vote for an African-American candidate," Rendell told the editorial board of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette in remarks that appeared in Tuesday's paper.

Shall we get out our white boy secret decoder rings and decipher that message? Naaaawwww. Too easy. What Ed's saying is "go ahead fellers. There's lots of you racist knuckle draggers out there. You don't have to vote for the n@##$% candidate." I'm not gonna 'n neither do you."

And Hillary stands with this guy. Nice to see your true colors Hillary.

Clinton deputy campaign manager departs
By BETH FOUHY and JIM KUHNHENN, Associated Press Writers Tue Feb 12, 9:52 PM ET
EL PASO, Texas - Democratic Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's deputy campaign manager resigned Tuesday, the latest departure in a staff shake-up following a string of losses to Barack Obama.
. . . Mike Henry said he was stepping down to allow campaign manager Maggie Williams to build her own staff. Williams replaced Patti Solis Doyle during the weekend.

First the campaign manager leaves, then the deputy cmpaign manager. Oh, and these are old Clinton loyalists from WAY back. The more that leave, the easier it is for other to leave and other to throw their support elsewhere. Let's face it, there are a lot of folks who promised Bill their loyalty six months ago who would love to toss that promise right now.

It'll take a miracle. A village just won't do.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Cain vs. the Professor

I've got this farmer neighbor down the road. . . let's be honest, he's a sloppy drunk who I suspect engages in the illegal trafficing of certain herbal substances. He's always "raisin cain," so I just call him "Cain." Now this ol boy's a harmless sort. I've never heard tell of him hurting nobody an we've never had a harsh word, but let's face it, he's a slacker and a 'ner-do-well who will do anything to get by.

Up on the other side of me, there's a feller who farms and helps me whenever I've got questions about the process. He's a retired guy who spent a career being a highly skilled craftsman. He knows about everything there is to know about gettin things done on the farm and applies that knowledge on a daily basis, He's always there to help a neighbor whether he likes em or not. I call him "the professor" or "Professor Papa." He's one of the most meticulous men I've ever met without being too anal.

On any day, I'd put my barnyard up against Cain's in a 'good farming competition.' Hands down, I'd win. On any day, ProfPapa's barnyard would make me look like a slob and a slacker to the highest degree. Funny how the world looks the same through so many eyes.

Clinton not ready to release tax returns
By BETH FOUHY, Associated Press Writer Tue Feb 12, 1:35 AM ET
WASHINGTON - Resisting calls from Barack Obama to release her income tax returns, Hillary Rodham Clinton said Monday she would only do so if she secures the Democratic presidential nomination. . .

Monday, February 11, 2008

Dream girls does the Grammys

Winehouse dominates Grammys from afar
By RYAN PEARSON, AP Entertainment Writer

LOS ANGELES - . . . "I can't believe I've won five awards," Winehouse said. She coyly sang "Rehab" and "You Know I'm No Good" via satellite link from London, then dedicated her record of the year trophy to her hometown, parents and jailed husband, "my Blake, my Blake incarcerated."

God I love skanky bitches with no self esteem who are shit magnets. Exactly my kind of woman. . . I mean, this broad is HOT!
Just imagining all the hell-on-Earth turns me on.

Winehouse dominates Grammys from afar
By RYAN PEARSON, AP Entertainment Writer
LOS ANGELES - A resoundingly retro Grammy Awards left its biggest winners nearly speechless.

On a night filled with nods to the show's 50-year history, the most trophies went to a 24-year-old singer known for her old-soul voice, and the most sought-after prize went to a veteran jazzman's Joni Mitchell tribute album.

Fuck that "old-soul" shit. . . I wanna get her out here in rural America where I'd turn her into the queen of country. Yea, she's already got the hair.
The guys on the creek would be so jealous of me struttin this ho around the stock market. . . but alas I can only dream.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

My first time

OK, I've never done one of these and probably won't again, but this sounds like a good idea. . .

1. Pick up the closest book of 123 pages or more
(No fucking cheating. I've got a lot more interesting books than the one that was sitting closest to me, but I picked it anyway cuz I aint no fuckin cheater.)
2. Find page 123
3. Find the first five sentences
4. Post the next three sentences

Collier, C. Collier, J.L. (1986), Decision in Philadelphia, The Constitutional Convention of 1787. Ballantine. New York.

In their turn the men from the small states were surprised to find the big states so strongly committed to proportional representation. They knew, of course, that the big states did not like the one state – one vote system of voting. But the big states had accepted equality, however reluctantly, at the time the Articles of Confederation were written.

Now, everyone who reads this blog, and I know who you are, you're tagged.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Endorsements abound fer snagglepuss Huck-a-bee

Huckabee to get evangelical leader's nod
By ERIC GORSKI, AP Religion Writer
James Dobson, one of the nation's most prominent evangelical Christian leaders, is about to endorse former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, The Associated Press has learned.

What could be more irrelavant? Who the fuck cares who some sky pixie worshipping, mythology preaching charletan endorses for president.
Here's a hint for all you numb brained proles. Supporters of the right wing, and especially the bibble thumping morons, tend to be citizens, shall we say, with less than stellar academic credentials. Or more pointedly, they're the uneducated part of our population. As we move on to McCain, they tend to be a little more educted. Ms. Clinton gets an even more educated crowd although she still picks up the uneducated branch of the die-hard democrats. The most educated voters tend to gravitate toward Mr. Obama. Hmmmm. Why do you think that might be? Perhaps some of you with less than stellar academic credentials should take a hint. Naaawwwwww. Fou like that Huckabee awww shucks good ol boy schtick, don't ya? Besides, the name "huckabee" kinda makes ya laugh 'n feel all funny don't it? Well what the fuck more could ya ask fer? How bout a feller that looks like a snagglepuss while he's talkin nonsense? Kinda reminds ya of Uncle Ray don't he?

Democrat bitch whores

Senate breaks stimulus stalemate

WASHINGTON - Senate Republicans and Democrats agreed Thursday to add rebates for 20 million older people and 250,000 disabled veterans to a House-passed economic aid plan, ending a partisan stalemate.

The breakthrough came when Democrats, under pressure from party colleagues in the House, agreed to drop their insistence on adding jobless benefits, heating aid for the poor and business subsidies. Senate Democrats said they would allow a vote on a proposal that extends the tax rebates to Social Security retirees and disabled veterans.

Gutless lilly livered democrat fucks. They pander to the MoronMonkeyBoy administration, they pander to the republican minority and they pander to the same corpo-fascist agenda the republicans whore for. All the while, the repubs and the administration treat them like their bitches. Perhaps we need a touch of revolution to change this very broken system.
"When in the course of human events. . . . " Fuck these little bitch whores.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Race, gender and dumb news organizations

Race, gender divide Democratic voters
AP -
WASHINGTON - Though insisting race and gender have little to do with it, many Democrats are supporting the presidential candidate who looks most like them.

This is standard faire lately from most news orgs.
Dumb is when someone refuses to look beyond the obvious and draws shallow and inaccurate conclusions.
Most news orgs are playing dumb on this story.
African-Americans have always voted as a group. They vote alike because their issues are universal as they apply to them as a group. All African-Americans feel the effects of racial prejudice. Their lives often become defined by the racism they have to endure. Racism is the dominant theme of their socio-political concerns. Therefore, African-Americans mostly vote for the candidates and the party that has done the most to combat racism and be more inclusive in their platform. Now, sometimes what they get for their vote aint much and sometimes it's a slight difference in one cadidate from another, but if there is a difference, you can bet that the African-American voters will vote for the candidate who leans toward their side of the issues. That's what happens when a single group is rallied around an issue or principle that effects them hard.
African-Americans are not voting for Barrack Obama just because he is black. They are voting for him because they know he understands their issues. African American voters have traditionally voted for democratic presidential candidates in the 90% range. Why would that change now that a candidate is black.

We also have a woman candidate in the mix for the first time. Here's a clue for ya . . . women have issues. They've been oppressed and subjugated for centuries. So guess what. They're going to vote for the woman because they know she will understand their issues and hopefully work to remove the obstacles that still stand in their way.

So what I'm trying to say is that there are really good reasons why these groups vote in blocks. It's not because they look alike, it's because of real hardcore issues and nothing less. So PLEASE! Stop the same ol same ol bullshit. That same ol bullshit is the reason why women and African-Americans HAVE to vote the way they do.

Right wingnuts

Ya gotta laugh at the republicans right now. They can't decide whether they want a fundamentlist christian preacher who doesn't believe in evolution, a christian moron who believes he needs to wear magic underwear in order to always be ready to fly off into heaven or a guy who lost the nomination eight years ago to MoronMonkeyBoy Bush the Chimp. That's some fucked up shit right there.

Speaking of the MonkeyBoy administration. Have you seen their proposed budget? Three trillion dollars. That's $3,000,000,000,000. One would think that such a budget would not cut things like education, public assistance, mine safety, social security, medicaid and medicare and almost every other social benefit. Wrong. It cuts them all. . . and not just a little bit. WTF are these corpo-fascist spending the money they rob from us on?

Reagan, another republican treasonous bastard, gave us our first budget over one trillion dollars. Then, more than 20 years later, Bush the Chimp gave us our first two trillion dollar budget in 2002. Now, six years later, he has taken it all the way up to three trillion. All the while he's cut spending for social programs and given HUGE tax breaks to the corporations and the mega rich. It's all about robbing from the poor and giving to the rich. You think that's bullshit? Follow the money.

After the serious fuck ups that the republicans have given us over the past eight years, how could November give us anything but a democratic landslide? Is anything else possible? Sure it is. The American voting public is mostly a bunch of dull proles who vote according to the buzz words and slogans they hear.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Stupid fucks in the news

Ga. police officers shoot each other

BUFORD, Ga. - Two off-duty officers from different police departments wounded each other in a gun fight in the middle of a road in an Atlanta suburb, authorities said. . .
Belcher described Daily as "an outstanding officer" and said he was suspended while the investigation is under way.

It was bound to happen. Give a bunch of low paid thugs the right to carry concealed weapons anywhere they want and they'll eventually start shooting each other, , , on second thought, maybe that's not a bad thing.

But the world is full of stupid fucking idiots. . .

Chad rebels fight gov't force in capital
By TOM MALITI, Associated Press Writer
NAIROBI, Kenya - Hundreds of rebels penetrated the capital of Chad on Saturday, clashing with government troops and moving on the presidential palace after a three-day advance through the oil-producing central African nation, officials and witnesses said.

Iraqis bury dozens of bombings victims
By HAMID AHMED, Associated Press Writer
BAGHDAD - Weeping relatives loaded simple wood coffins atop minivans Saturday in Baghdad as the city buried dozens of victims of the deadliest bombings since the U.S. flooded the capital with extra troops last spring.

Dozens dead as clashes overshadow Kenya peace plans
by Bogonko Bosire
NAIROBI (AFP) - The latest clashes in western Kenya have left dozens dead, police said Saturday, a day after the feuding political sides agreed to a framework to try to end weeks of violence.

Unrest and rebellion is killing thousands, and we don't even have the streets of Bagdad under control! Yippee! What a world leader we are.

Lynch: US 'surge' tipped scales in Iraq
By CHRIS TOMLINSON, Associated Press Writer
BAGHDAD - Maj. Gen. Rick Lynch has spent years thinking about the war in Iraq, both as a senior strategist in 2005 and now as a division commander. He has seen strategies, missions and buzzwords come and go, but he now believes U.S. commanders finally have a feel for the battlefield.

Wow, what fucking geniuses. They now have a "feel" for the battlefield. So glad we have such competent military leaders that after five years of war they've finally gotten a "feel" for it.
Lessee, they increased the number of troops on the streets of Bagdad and then had everyone else retreat into bunkers inside "safe zones."
Yea, the "surge" is working. Meanwhile, Iraqi civilians contiinue to be killed and maimed by mad bombers. Good job General!
Ok proles, all together now. . . on your knees. There's a big "surge" waiting for you.

But listen, the GOP candidates have all weighed in on the Roger Clemens doping scandal, abortion, "family values" and Anne Coulter! Glad they're focusing on real issues.

W.Va. governor urges fiscal discipline

WASHINGTON - Congress has taken the lead in bringing needed fiscal discipline to the economy, West Virginia's governor said Saturday. "By making college more affordable, passing the first minimum wage increase in a decade and cutting taxes for middle-class Americans, the Democratic-led Congress has already laid the groundwork to turn our economy around," Gov. Joe Manchin said in the Democrats' weekly radio address.

WTF?! Who let this mental midget near a microphone? What moron in the DNC let JoeBob Mancini even open his mouth in public? Oh well, I guess they take turns. . . or something.

Misc. info and rantings. . .

Poor Haitians resort to eating dirt
By JONATHAN M. KATZ, Associated Press Writer

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti - It was lunchtime in one of Haiti's worst slums, and Charlene Dumas was eating mud. With food prices rising, Haiti's poorest can't afford even a daily plate of rice, and some take desperate measures to fill their bellies. Charlene, 16 with a 1-month-old son, has come to rely on a traditional Haitian remedy for hunger pangs: cookies made of dried yellow dirt from the country's central plateau.

Think about that when you consider how many hundreds of billions of dollars we've spent destroying Iraq or when you're spending your "free money" that the politician whores are going to send you.

And speaking of those whores. . .

House approves economic recovery plan
AP WASHINGTON - The House voted Tuesday to rush rebates of $600-$1,200 to most taxpayers, but a partisan battle brewed in the Senate over Democrats' efforts to add jobless aid and help for the poor to the economic stimulus package.

I just can't let this go. We've got over a $15 trillion dollar economy. Yep, that's over 15,000 billion dollars being slung around on a yearly basis.
The congress and the administration want to borrow another 150 billion dollars and hand it out to the proles and the mega rich. They a telling us that by giving away 150 billion dollars of borrowed money, that's less than 1% of the total economy. THAT'S what is going to stimulate our economy into a recovery? Do you believe it? I've yet to hear a single economist come out in favor of this boondoggle. In fact, one economist I heard said that every "economic stimulus plan" he has ever seen has taken so long to be implimented that it doesn't come about until the economy is naturally rebounding and even if they did come along soon enough would be ineffective. It's like strapping a 90hp Honda outboard to an aircraft carrier and trying to nudge it in one direction or another. Aint gonna happen. Of course the politicians claim that their economic stimulus plan" is what recovered the economy. This same economist then predicted that around June, when the "economic stimulus plan" would be taking effect, the economy would be recovering naturally.
The politicians are relying on you, the ignorant proles, to swallow another big one here. . . go ahead, get on your knees, take one in the face for your favorite politician whore.
Ho hum.

And speaking of dumb ignorant moronmonkeyproles. . .
I believe it was Neitzche who said something to the effect that what goes on inside the individual reflects what is going on inside the whole of the society within which it lives. The micro reflects the macro.

Now, with this information most people might ponder that which is occuring within themselves or other individuals they might know to reflect upon the society as a whole. I prefer to do the opposite.

We have a society that continues to elect lying cheating corporate whores to office. We can see it in every layer of administration and legislature. These recreant bastard get out there and make a big pitch to all the emotional issues that they think the voters will respond to. The really successful ones (I consider the successful ones to be the ones who have no fucking right or credential to be in their elected office, but regardless, talk their way into it. MoronMonkeyBoy Bush the Chimp is a prime example) use a combination of scare tactics and passification. They come out and terrorize the masses with great tales of gloom and doom, but then they passify them with wonderous lies of how they will protect them against such horrors and only THEY can keep you safe and sound.
Man, do the individuals have a need for a patriarch or what?! Still looking for that be all, end all daddy. I'm sure there's a technical name used by psychiatrist to describe that condition. Have fathers in America become so fucking lame that Americans are prone to the patriarchal lies of politicians? Yes.
We live in a pitifully unfullfilled society of individuals who, instead of seizing the moment and and saying "why not?" they simple retreat inside their protective shell and say "protect me daddy."

It makes me wonder, what chance does a woman or an African-American have to become president of these United States? When given the choice, who will they pick to be their leader? A white man war hero who projects a patriarchal facade or a woman who has been demonized for the past 16 years in America? Watch how the republicans define Hillary if she becomes the candidate. They will turn her into a malicious mother figure. How about a black man? Will the individual be able to put their patriarchal needs into the hands of a black man? The opposition will address his lack of experience in a way that will cater to bigotry in America and the general feeling of white superiority among the masses.

I think we all know the result we'll see in Nov. And once again, our country will be led down a path of blunder and buffoonery or at best, mediocrity while our foundations crumble and another opportunity for greatness is missed in the name of patriarchal need.