Thursday, April 28, 2016

"The Rich Get Richer and the Poor Get Poorer" has taken on a whole new meaning.

Oh look, I'm back, but no one reads my blog anymore so 'oh well.'
Hey, there has been an extraordinary primary process in AmerryKKKa these past few months that has blown the doors off any primary season or election cycle of the past 50 yrs when it comes to class and dignity.  These right wing fuckers have about as much class and dignity as a homeless drunk shitting behind a dumpster in a ghetto alleyway.   We have one of the richest men in the world acting like a backwoods, swamp dwelling dim wit every time he opens his mouth.  How sad for our nation.

So what the hell happened to the republican party?  I grew up in the Eisenhower and (don't laugh) Nixon years.  I know some of you have only heard of Nixon's shallow reputation, but both those men had a deep concern for the people of the United States and the general well being of our nation.  Believe me, if they were alive and well today, they would be considered way over in the ranks of what is now considered the radical left on social issues, national security and anything else that shapes policy.
Eisenhower warned us against the evils of the "military industrial complex" and Nixon gave us the EPA and forged relations with China and the USSR.

So what happened to this party that was once a shining light for American values across the nation and the world?  Reagan and the neo-cons happened.  From a historic policy perspective it all starts there even though Eisenhower warned us.  "But what happened SagaciousOne?"  Well, the very rich decided they didn't want to be just very rich.  They wanted to be ultra mega super rich.  Thus began the shunting of cash flow away from the middle class and back around to the very rich and the destruction of unionized America.  The ultimate result 35 yrs later is what we have today.
What we have are really super rich people like Jackass Trump and a middle/working class that is being strangled out of existence.  Our neighborhoods, our infrastructure and our standard of living is crumbling while the ultra rich hoard more and more of our resources.
Let's take a look at some numbers.  I've gone after very reliable sources here.  I've culled the ones that make outrageous claims like the top 0.1% own 90% of the wealth, and found numbers from very good economic sources.
Let's have a look:
The top 1% own 34.6% of the country's wealth.  So if you have 100 people evenly divided economically, one person would own over 1/3 of their collective resources.
Let's drop it down some:
The top 20% own 85% of the nation's wealth.  So now, the top 20 people in that group own 85% of all the resources.
That leaves the rest of us in the 80% that is below all these rich people.  We only own 15% of the economic resources this country has to offer.
How is is possible that the vast majority of people own a small minority of the wealth.  Has it always been like this?
In 1982, the top 1% earned 12% of the national income.  Now they rake in over 25%.
The average salary of all Americans is $33,000/yr. (much less than it was in 1980).
The average salary of someone in the 1% is $1.3 million.  That's $1,300,000/yr.

We could look at and crunch numbers all day.  The bottom line is that American society is being destroyed by the greed and gluttony of the rich and sadly, they genuinely believe that it's OK.  They simply can't understand why it's wrong that a Wall Street trader makes million while a paramedic makes barely enough to survive and support a family.  THEY do not get it.  THEY have lost any empathy and compassion THEY might have had in the past for the working class.

Are THEY going to rectify this situation?
If you think Jackass Trump is going to do anything to lift the working middle class out of the doldrums it is currently stagnating within, you are fucking delusional.
Hillary?  A better bet, but how far up the ass of her Wall Street sponsors is she?  Does she have the ability to connect and understand the plight of the middle class?  She has never been one of us.

Good luck America.  The future does not look good as we spiral into a feudal system of royal patrons and poor proles while the poor proles venerate and patronize their royal masters.