Monday, May 18, 2009

Takin a break

I'm going off line. I gotta take a break.
The republicans and their right wing freakazoid followers have been defeated. . . for now. President Obama is doing a great job (don't expect perfection).
I've got a lot of things to do in my life and hanging around in cyber space does nothing but distract me from the things I need to do.
I want to live an easy, happy life.
All that means I gotta get outta this cyber place for a least a while.
I'll still check my e-mail now and then, but not on a daily basis.
Hope everything goes well with all of you folks out there who have become my friends here in the blog/cyber world.
I'll be back sometime sooner or later.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Keep Talking Dick

Cheney Says He Favors Limbaugh Over Powell as Model Republican

May 10 (Bloomberg) -- Former Vice President Dick Cheney said Republicans are better served by conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh than by former Secretary of State Colin Powell.
"My take on it was Colin had already left the party," Cheney said on CBS's "Face the Nation," noting that Republican Powell endorsed President Barack Obama, a Democrat, during the 2008 presidential campaign. "I assumed that that is some indication of his loyalty."
Cheney, 68, clashed with Powell, 72, a retired four-star general, over tactics in the war on terrorism during former President George W. Bush’s administration.
Asked if he would "take Rush Limbaugh over Colin Powell," Cheney said, "I would."

Every time I read something this over achieved man-baby says since Obama's election, I want to bitch slap him and tell him to shut the fuck up, but after this, I realize that he is doing the dems a public service.
What possibly makes these morons like him think that all this railing against Obama and his supporters and the trashing of the moderates in the party does anything but cement the crossover vote that Obama received from moderate republicans in Nov.? What makes them think that this kind of talk is going to do anything but alienate more republicans and cause more cross overs to the democratic ranks from not only average citizens, but politicians, financial supporters and political scholars.

The other things this displays is the absolutely pitiful desperation these criminal pricks are feeling right now. There they sit teetering on the brink of being criminally prosecuted for the crimes they committed during their administration. How must that make them feel? Take Cheney; this guy started in presidential politics all the way back in the 70s when Gerald Ford was president. He was part of the Reagan-Bush administrations, served as defense secretary and finally was appointed by Bush the Elder and his cronies to run as VP with MoronMonkeyBoy. He views himself as having had a great and illustrious political career that should be noted in history. Now he realizes that he will be a historical footnote in one of the worse political boondoggles in American history. He may even face the ultimate humiliation of standing trial and being convicted of crimes that will eventually be described in history as treason. How must he feel. Frankly, I suspect he feels like a decrepit piece of shit. I wouldn't doubt that he is so disappointed with his life that he will suffer miserably till the end. . . sad, very sad.

So go ahead Dick(wad), keep talking. Don't stop. Tell em what bad disloyal men Colin Powell, Arlan Spector and any other republican dissenter are. Tell em how Obama's policy fails to fix all the things you treasonous bastards fucked up. Don't stop there. Question his integrity, his patriotism and his overall abilities. Take your best shot.

The saddest part of all this is that these recreant hate mongers are doing nothing but continuing to destroy the two party system in America. . . or are they? Maybe they're just destroying the republican party which has become so vile and corrupt. Maybe what will emerge is a much better and stronger party that will work for the good of America rather than the good of a greedy few. Perhaps what he is doing with his rhetoric of hate and self promotion is actually going to help rescue the two party system. We'll see. . . eventually. Meanwhile, keep talking Dick(wad).

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Argh. . . Why?

NYC cops to question Sutherland on head-butt claim
AP –
Thu May 7, 9:50 am ET
NEW YORK – Police in New York City say Kiefer Sutherland is expected to turn himself in for questioning about a fashion designer's claim that the actor head-butted him at a nightclub.
The star of Fox television's "24" could be charged with misdemeanor assault in the incident early Tuesday. He's expected to turn himself in on Thursday to talk with police.
Jack McCollough of the Proenza Schouler (Pro-EN'-za SKOO'-ler) fashion house claims Sutherland attacked him after an argument, leaving him with a cut on his face. Actress Brooke Shields may also be questioned as a witness.
Sutherland was released from a Glendale, Calif., jail last year after serving 48 days on a drunken driving charge.
Several calls to representatives for Sutherland, McCollough and Shields haven't been returned.

Come on folks, we have real problems that should attract the attention of everyone in our world. Wouldn't it be better to focus our attention on relevant matters and issues that effect us, our children and future generations?
Why do we bother with these people? Why do these morons get the status and the gross amounts of money that they do?
For the most part, they're a bunch of imbeciles, especially the 2nd gen boreasses like this guy and the likes of Charlie Sheen.
We treat these dumb fucks like they're royalty or worse yet, like they have some relevance. At best they are marginally talented pretty faces, at worse they are dull witted dunderheads who are a danger to themselves and people around them.
I mean, come on, when they cart these buffoons out and give them a political platform it almost makes me want to vote against ANYONE they support.
Yea, they can play a part, but if you put them into real life situations, they'd be clueless. Put em on a working class budget and see how far these little spoiled twits would get.
I dunno, maybe most of them are alright people. Maybe they're folks with good ethics and social standards, but when they become these venerated icons of what our society stands for it kinda makes me sick. We have real life heros doing real life work in this country. There are people out there busting their asses trying to make the world a better place for all of us. Where is their celebrity? Where is their reward?

So next time you go down to the local movie house and spend your hard earned bucks to see some Hollywood bullshit, remember where your money is going. It's going into the pockets of actors, producers, directors and others who are filthy rich, contribute a bare minimum to society and can't relate to you in the slightest.
Since 1974 I can probably count on one hand the number of times I've stepped foot into a movie theater, but I'll bet I've seen most of the movies of any significance that have been made since then. Most were a waste of my time.

Is your life that bad that you have to escape through Hollywood fantasy bullshit? Go buy a book.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Headlines from West Virginia, the nation and around the globe.

Tolls discussed on other W.Va. highways
By The Associated Press
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CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- The West Virginia Turnpike isn't the only toll road in the state's future.

Department of Transportation spokesman Brent Walker says that next year, motorists using the West Virginia section of the Mon-Fayette Expressway can expect to pay a toll to travel the 4-mile route.

Walker says the Pennsylvania portion of the Morgantown-to-Pittsburgh highway is already a toll road.

Another stretch of highway being considered for tolls is U.S. 35 between Winfield and the Ohio River. Walker says money raised by tolls could be used to finance the last 14 miles of expanding the road to four lanes.

When I drive home from southern FL every few months, the absolute worse stretch of road is the last part of I-77 which is called the "WV Turnpike." It is a horribly planned and badly built piece of road that the state charges about $4 to run the length from Princeton, WV to Malden, WV. It was originally built as a two lane highway and at one time was the most dangerous stretch of road in the US. Today it is sorta up to interstate standards having had billions pumped into it through the efforts of WV Sen. Byrd and Rockefeller. I'm not sure what the money they're collecting is paying for. Probably to support the bogus, do nothing "WV Turnpike Commission" which is made up of political hacks appointed by the governor.

But now they tell us they want to charge us to travel other crappy little roads like Rt. 35 which is another very dangerous two lane highway. In any other place in America, Rt. 35 would long ago have been made a 4 lane.
This is what happens when we continue to elects numb skull politicians without a creative thought in their heads to state office. We now have one of, if not the dumbest governor in my lifetime running the ship of state. Welcome to the backwoods of WV.

Researchers: West Virginians' poor health tied to education
By Davin White
Staff writer

CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- West Virginia ranks among the three worst states for its low rate of very healthy people, according to a new study from a national health foundation.

Meanwhile, researchers with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's Commission to Build a Healthier America say just a few years of extra education makes a big difference in the health of an American. The foundation is a nonprofit organization based in Princeton, N.J., with a goal of improving Americans' health.

Compiling data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, researchers found that more than 52 percent of survey respondents from West Virginia said they were not in very good health.

Likewise, West Virginia ranks 50th among states and the District of Columbia because there is such a large gap between the overall rate of adults who are not in "very good" health and the rate of West Virginia's college graduates not in very good health.

More than half of West Virginia's adults are not very healthy, while just 1 in 3 of its college graduates are not very healthy, researchers say.

More than 3 of 4 West Virginians who did not finish high school said they are not in very good health.

"Education policy is health policy. In the United States we tend to treat all these issues separately," said David Williams, staff director of the Commission to Build a Healthier America.

One of the least educated states is one of the least healthy. What a surprise.

I've been saying it since I started this blog and long before. . . "Education is the best solution to almost ALL of the problems we face in this country."

Maine becomes 5th state to allow same-sex marriage

By GLENN ADAMS, Associated Press Writer – 21 mins ago
AUGUSTA, Maine – Maine's governor signed a freshly passed bill Wednesday approving gay marriage, making it the fifth state to approve the practice and moving New England closer to allowing it throughout the region.
New Hampshire legislators were also poised to send a gay marriage bill to their governor, who hasn't indicated whether he'll sign it. If he does, Rhode Island would be the region's sole holdout.
The Maine Senate voted 21-13, with one absent, for a bill that authorizes marriage between any two people rather than between one man and one woman, as state law currently allows. The House had passed the bill Tuesday.

Welcome to the 21st Century as once again, freedom progresses in America. . . most of America. In WV this year, they tried to pass a "marriage act" that defined marriage as only between and man and woman.

Swine Flu Likely to Return to U.S. Next Winter

WEDNESDAY, May 6 (HealthDay News) -- Many experts are predicting that the current outbreak of swine flu, much like the regular seasonal flu, will subside during the summer months and reappear in the fall. . .

So far, some of the most affected nations have been in North America and Europe, but the flu is spread more easily in the winter, and it's already fall in the Southern hemisphere. Experts fear public health systems could be overwhelmed if swine flu and regular flu collide in major urban populations, according to the Associated Press.

And it will kill us all THEN! Yaaaawn, they just can't let it go. Too much money to be made creating and stocking up on vaccines and treatment meds.

Keep remembering, 30,000-50,000 people die from influenza and related complications every year in the USA alone. 250,000-500,000 die world wide. So far, a handful have died from "swine flu" world wide and only one single solitary death in the USA. Yea, let's put this crisis on hold till fall, ok?

Ethanol test for Obama on climate change, science

By H. JOSEF HEBERT, Associated Press Writer – Sun May 3, 10:11 am ET
WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama's commitment to take on climate change and put science over politics is about to be tested as his administration faces a politically sensitive question about the widespread use of ethanol: Does it help or hurt the fight against global warming?
The Environmental Protection Agency is close to proposing ethanol standards. But two years ago, when Congress ordered a huge increase in ethanol use, lawmakers also told the agency to show that ethanol would produce less pollution linked to global warming than would gasoline.
So how will the EPA define greenhouse gas emissions from ethanol production and use? Given the political clout of farm interests, will the science conflict with the politics?

This is pure corporate bullshit. The only people in favor of increased ethanol use are the corporate corn producers and ethanol manufacturers. Burning ethanol is not the answer to greenhouse gas reduction. Reducing the amount of fuels we burn is the only answer. We HAVE to take an aggressive approach to cutting back the use of oil based products and developing non-combustion alternative energy sources.

Joe The Plumber Slurs Gay People: I Would Never Let "Queers" Near My Children

The Huffington Post

Joe the Plumber, aka Samuel Wurzelbacher, sat down for an lengthy interview with Christianity Today to discuss his views on the future of the Republican party. Wurzelbacher took the opportunity to speak out against gay marriage, which he says is wrong. The unlikely conservative spokesman went so far as to say he doesn't allow openly gay people "anywhere near" his children.

There ya have it folks, from the guy the republicans are using as an icon of their constituency.
Ya gotta admit, the entertainment value is significant since the right wing extremist whack jobs have made themselves irrelevant for anything else.

`Star Trek': Are the hardcore fans onto something?

By TED ANTHONY, AP National Writer – Wed May 6, 6:37 am ET
It took just a few seconds of footage — a single trailer, dropped from the heavens with great fanfare — for the hue and cry to rise on, the top fan site for J.J. Abrams' new "Star Trek" movie. By the hundreds they weighed in, a contentious cacophony that would have jammed even Lt. Uhura's comms system.
Spock's voice is weak. The Enterprise bridge looks like it was manufactured by Apple in Cupertino. The ship wasn't built in Iowa; it was built in San Francisco. The transporter effect is too different. Anton Yelchin looks nothing like the original Chekov. John Cho is way too old to be Sulu. Jim Kirk was never this rebellious. Sounds like Star Wars. Where's Shatner? It's a reboot. No, it isn't. Yes it is. How dare you. How dare YOU?

Whoa, wait a minute. . .
I find entertainment news frivolous and unimportant. . . most of the time.
Look, The original Star Trek is like a great piece of literature. Yea, it's corny and overacted, but it was part of a major shift in American thinking along with the social and scientific revolution of the time.
Now, 40+ yrs later they want to redo the original? No. Fucking no. You can't do that bozos. You can take up where the last one left off or you can go back in time before the original, but you can't recreate the original. It would be like rewriting Beowulf. Use the theme, change the names, do it in another place and time, but you can not rip Kirk, Sulu, Scotty, Bones, Spock, etc.
Stay away from this one. It can only suck.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Chicken Little lives!!

Another UPDATE!
This story is moving faster than a gossipy lie at a bridge party.

Mexico says it is returning to normalcy. WHAAAAA? You mean, those brown people in the south AREN'T going to invade our calm shores with killer influenza? Gee, and here I'd stocked up on dust masks from Home Depot.

But don't despair, we might still be able to use them. . . there are 1200 new cases reported in the past couple days in over 20, yes, read em TWENTY different countries world wide. Got that? Over 1200 cases world wide. How many billion people in the world? 1200 have the latest version of influenza? Be afraid you ignorant proles. . . be VERY afraid. It's gonna get you.

Here's a little factoid for ya. . . from 250,000 to 500,000 people die of influenza every year. Now, how does that relate to the fact the 1200 new cases of flu have been reported in the past couple days in 20 countries. Out of those 1200 cases, how many will die? one? two? five? What part of the 1/4 to 1/2 million flu deaths per year will that be?

And they're still reporting this bullshit as if it matters. Man, those drug companies are selling some products! Products that will be flushed down the toilet and will enter the world wide water system. Great.

More schools shut as swine flu spreads in US

By ERICA WERNER, Associated Press Writer –
WASHINGTON – Scores more schools shut down around the country because of the swine flu virus at week's end and Education Secretary Arne Duncan offered tips to teachers and students on how to deal with classroom interruptions.
Federal officials closely watched developments as at least two dozen new cases of swine flu were reported.

WOW! 2 dozen more cases this week! OMG! It's a pandemic!

The Education Department said that more than 430 schools had closed, affecting about 245,000 children in 18 states. . . .

Confirmed cases had risen from 109 on Thursday to 161 Friday, the CDC said, with the flu reported in about double the number of states as the 11 reported Thursday. The U.S. death toll remained at one — the Mexican toddler who visited Texas with his family and died there.

Mexico has confirmed more than 300 swine flu cases and has 16 confirmed deaths, although reports have indicated that roughly 120 may have died from it.

GASP! 161 confimed cases in the whole USA!
16 confirmed deaths in Mexico?!?!

LEt's go over this again: 37,000 people per year die from the flu and related illnesses every year in the USA alone.

Though most U.S. cases have been relatively mild and have not required a doctor's visit, U.S. precautions include shipping millions of doses of anti-flu drugs to states in case they're needed, replenishing the U.S. strategic stockpile with millions more treatment courses, and shipping 400,000 treatment courses to Mexico.

I recently read an article that said this strain of the flu seems to be very mild and not very robust and may actually be dying out already. I can't seem to find it as it seems to have been buried.

To who's advantage is it to get the proles all riled up over this nonthreat? Drug companies? ["U.S. precautions include shipping millions of doses of anti-flu drugs"] Federal gov't?

I know, I know, the gov't likes to keep the people on edge a little bit all the times, but this just seems ridiculous. Are they trying to see how far they can go in duping the proles? Perhaps they are testing just how stupid the desperate masses really are?


Mexico swine flu death toll jumps to 19.

Yes, it "JUMPED" to 19. All the way from 16!!!! Like, OH MY GOD BUFFY, we're not going there! We could end up being one of 19 in 250,000,000!!!
Lessee, 37,000 deaths per year in the USA, I wonder how many flu deaths per year in Mexico?

Man, I came down with the flu down in southern Mexico one time. I slurped caldo de pollo for two days, chewed some mushrooms then took a bus back to Mexico City.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Buying locally grown food

Here are a couple questions about local food and some answers.

Q1. What's the matter with the food I buy in the big chain grocery store?

A. To tell you the truth, there's not a whole lot wrong with it. . . mostly. . . .if you don't mind a few extras with your food that may or may not be real good for ya. With modern bio-technology and transportation, our grocery stores are full of an amazing array of fresh and preserved items that one couldn't have imaged just a couple short decades ago. Back a bunch of decades ago, we only ate fresh what was in season. All our fish was frozen that we didn't catch ourselves and limited in variety. Today a person from 100 yrs ago would be spell bound by what is sitting on the grocer's shelves.
That said, all the technology that allows factory farms to produce those products is sometimes not good for our systems. Produce is grown using tons and tons of fertilizers. Where do those fertilizers come from? Who monitors what exactly goes into and comes out of fertilizer production units? The gov't mostly relies on the good intentions of the mega-corporation that produce these fertilizers to do so in a proper and safe manner. Then, they rely on the good intentions of the mega agri corps to apply and monitor the use of these fertilizers. How about pesticides? These are some of the most poisonous chemicals used by people. Are they always applied properly? Is "proper" actually safe?

When I hit the grocery store I love grabbin me some packs of that cheap chicken, pork and beef. Mmmm, mmmm good. But how do they produce those cows, pigs and birds so quickly? I'll tell ya: growth enhancers, hormones, and other supplements. They use huge amounts of anti-biotics to keep disease from spreading in the horrendously crowded factory barns.
And the slaughter? Oh, it's ugly. There is no regard for the animal itself. These animals live miserable lives and die miserable deaths.

So as you can see, the question raises more questions. Oh, I could tell you how factory chickens are raised and it would horrify you. I could detail the chemicals in pesticides and the nutrients in commercial fertilizers and you'd be stunned. Go ahead, look around on the internet. Find out where you food comes from and how it's handled.

Q2. Is locally grown food that much better?

A. Usually it is and sometimes it's not and sometimes, what appears to be local is actually imported.

First lets address the "faux local stuff. If you go down to your farmer's market you will sometimes see folks selling items that are out of season. You will also encounter stands where everything is from a local distributor. If it's Jan. and some guy or place at the local market has tomatos for sale, you can probably get better, fresher and a wider variety at the big chains.

Ask questions. Find out who the person is selling the products. Where is their farm? How many acres of tomatos do you raise, etc.? You can figure it out pretty quickly is you're not too big a slack jawed moron.
Ask them how they produce. Are they organic? Do they try to produce as natural as possible? Some folks have to use some fertilizers. Most local producers do. Local meat producers can produce anything from an all natural pasture fed product to a barn raised corn fed growth enhanced slab of dull protein. Ask around. Find out what you're buying.

Investigate and ask people who really like good food about local products. It's available, but you've got to look for it. There's not a lot of support out there for local farmers.

You can find locally grown food that is very safe and healthy. "All natural": or "organic" is what you're looking for in good healthy food. That doesn't mean that everything you eat has to be like that, but you should try and eat as much of those items as you can afford and find. You will be healthier and your kids will grow up stronger. What's that worth to you?

As a farmer, it's hard for me to be objective sometimes. And, with a degree in biology and having had a professional career as a chemist, I can really complicate things.

If you want it simple and direct, check out this site. Go to the photo gallery they provide.

After you do, send me an e-mail if you're interested in locally grow, ethically raised, 100% organic feed and pasture fed, all natural poultry in the Charleston, WV area.