Thursday, July 31, 2008

Desperate times call for desperate measures

McCain camp compares Obama to Spears, Hilton
By BETH FOUHY, Associated Press Writer
Thu Jul 31, 1:05 AM ET
AURORA, Colo. - John McCain's presidential campaign on Wednesday released a withering television ad comparing Barack Obama to Britney Spears and Paris Hilton, suggesting the Democratic contender is little more than a vapid but widely recognized media concoction.

Obviously, the republican corporate royalist campaign for president of the United States is feeling desperate.
Why else would these corpo-fascist scum bags employ tactics that? Well, if they work they might win, but if they don't it will leave them sitting in the middle of the play ground like spoiled little bratbabies screaming because none of the other little kids will play with them. They're desperate.

So what remains to be seen is whether or not the American voters are in fact mindeless proles and go for this line of illogical and unreasonable horse shit that has nothing to do with the real issues that face America today.

McCain expresses pride in campaign ad about Obama
By BETH FOUHY, Associated Press Writer
RACINE, Wis. - Republican presidential candidate John McCain expressed pride Thursday in a new campaign ad that compares Barack Obama to a pair of Hollywood celebrities . . .

'nuff said.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Rove cited for contempt of congress

House panel votes to cite Rove for contempt
AP -
WASHINGTON - A House panel Wednesday voted to cite former top White House aide Karl Rove for contempt of Congress for defying a subpoena to answer questions about the dismissals of several federal prosecutors as its Senate counterpart explored punishments for an array of alleged past and present Bush administration misdeeds.

Oh please make this Photoshop dream come true!!!!

Then maybe we could have hope that this Photoshop fantasy could possibly become reality. . .

These scum sucking treasonous bottom dwellers deserve nothing less than to be led from the White House in shakles.
Unfortunately, the real killers and traitorous bastards sit safely on their thrones behind royal doors untouchable.
I wonder if they ever think about the French revolution?

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A whole new strategy

McCain backs off his no-new-tax pledge
By CHARLES BABINGTON, Associated Press Writer
WASHINGTON - Republican presidential candidate John McCain's signal that he may be open to a higher payroll tax for Social Security, despite previous vows not to raise taxes of any kind, is drawing sharp rebukes from conservatives.

And last week Puffy McBush was talking about the possibility of an 18 month withdrawl plan. . . that's a long way from the 100 yrs he was talking about last winter.

So you're falling behind in the polls. Your campaign looks like it's on life support. What do you do?

Well, Puffy McBush is in a unique position. His policy is nothing but the failed policy of the last miserable administration with record low approval ratings. That aint gonna work and here they are less than 100 days till the election and they're just now realizing reality, but can you really win by adopting the policies of your opponent? In any other past election, that would be political suicide. Afterall, if you're going to vote for one white man or the other, you vote for the one with the genuine agenda, but this aint no ordinary election. The one big trump card that Puffy McBush has going for him is that he aint the black guy.
It'll be interesting to see how this all evolves and even more interesting to see how moronic the desperate proles can be or not be.

Well I was born in a small town. . . .

And I live in a small town
Probly die in a small town
Oh, those small communities
____________________ John Mellencamp, Small Town

My oldest friend and from the same small town sent this to me.


Those who grew up in small towns will laugh when they read this.

Those who didn't will be in disbelief and won't understand how true it is.

1) You can name everyone you graduated with.

2) You know what 4-H means.

3) You went to parties at a pasture, barn, gravel pit, or in the middle of a dirt road. On Monday you could always tell who was at the party because of the scratches on their legs from running through the woods when the party was busted. (See #6.)

4) You used to 'drag' Main .

5) You whispered the 'F' word and your parents knew within the hour.

6) You scheduled parties ar ound the schedules of different police officers, because you knew which ones would bust you and which ones wouldn't.

7) You could never buy cigarettes because all the store clerks knew how old you were (and if you were old enough, they'd tell your parents anyhow.) Besides, where would you get the money?

8) When you did find somebody old enough and brave enough to buy cigarettes, you still had to go out into the country and drive on back roads to smoke them.

9) You knew which section of the ditch you would find the beer your buyer dropped off.

10) It was cool to date somebody from the neighboring town.

11) The whole school went to the same party after graduation.

12) You didn't give directions by street names but rather by references. Turn by Nelson's house, go 2 blocks to Anderson 's, and it's four houses left of the track field.

13) The golf course had only 9 holes.

14) You couldn't help but date a friend's ex-boyfriend/girlfriend.

15) Your car stayed filthy because of the dirt roads, and you will never own a dark vehicle for this reason.

16) The town next to you was considered 'trashy' or 'snooty,' but was actually just like your town.

17) You referred to anyone with a house newer then 1955 as the 'rich' people.

18) The people in the 'big city' dressed funny, and then you picked up the trend 2 years later.

19) Anyone you wanted could be found at the local gas station or the dairybar.

20) You saw at least one friend a week driving a tractor through town or one of your friends driving a grain truck to school occasionally.

21) The gym teacher suggested you haul hay for the summer to get stronger.

22) Directions were given using THE stop light as a reference.

23) When you decided to walk somewhere for exercise, 5 people would pull over a nd ask if you wanted a ride.

24) Your teachers called you by your older siblings' names..

25) Your teachers remembered when they taught your parents.

26) You could charge at any local store or write checks without any ID. (They even had 'Counter checks' - generic checks from both banks.)

27) There was no McDonalds.

28) The closest mall was over an hour away.

29) It was normal to see an old man riding through town on a riding lawn mower.

30) You've pee'd in a cornfield.

31) Most people went by a nickname.

32) You laughed your butt off reading this because you know it is true, and you forward it to everyone who may have lived in a small town.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Into space. . . without NASA

Virgin Galactic shows off mothership aircraft

MOJAVE, Calif. - Virgin Galactic is giving the world a glimpse of its secret space tourism program. Sir Richard Branson's space company Monday trotted out the mothership aircraft that will launch a still-to-be-built spaceship out of the atmosphere. The mothership is a white, four-engine plane with room in the middle where the spacecraft will go.

The early morning rollout in California's Mojave desert came four years after SpaceShipOne became the first private manned rocket to reach space. Now the White Knight Two aircraft being shown today is due to undergo flight tests this fall.

Money talks. Richard Branson is nothing but a checkbook in all this.

What this article fails to communicate is that this "mother ship" and it's spaceship were created by Scaled Composites in Mojave, CA. Scaled composites is the premier manufacturer of leading edge airplanes. The genius behind Scaled Composites is Burt Rutan. Mr. Rutan will go down in history with the rest of the great aviation designers like the Wilbur and Orville Wright, Glenn Curtis, Kelly Johnson, Jack Northrup and Werner VonBraun. Rutan has stood out as the most brilliant and most significant single aeronautical designer of the past 30 years.

Congratulations to Burt and his team at Scaled Composites.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Juvenile assholes!

Will all you mother fuckers please worry about your own campaign and quit with the petty bullshit judgemental crap slinging every time the other campaign shits a big one. I don't give a damn about what ytou think of what the other guy does. All I care about and what all voters ought to care about is what YOU think and how YOU are going to fix this country. Both campaigns are guilty of it and both campaign ought to STOP NOW! So STFU and tell us what YOU think.
But I have to add, the Puffy McBush Campaign seems to delight in nit picking the Obama campaign with a little more zealousness than the Obamas. . . I guess they have to considering what they're trying to run on.

McCain camp: Obama shortchanged injured troops
By DOUGLASS K. DANIEL, Associated Press Writer
WASHINGTON - Republican John McCain's campaign on Saturday sharply criticized Democratic rival Barack Obama for canceling a visit to wounded troops in Germany, contending Obama chose foreign leaders and cheering Europeans over "injured American heroes."

Obama's campaign called the accusation "wildly inappropriate." His spokesman has claimed that the visit to a military hospital in Germany was scrapped after the Pentagon raised concerns about political activity on a military base. Earlier, though, the campaign had said Obama decided the visit might be seen as inappropriate politicking. However, the Pentagon said the senator was never told not to visit.

McCain himself joined in the rebuke, saying in an interview to be aired Sunday by ABC's "This Week" that "if I had been told by the Pentagon that I couldn't visit those troops, and I was there and wanted to be there, I guarantee you, there would have been a seismic event."

Yes Puffy, I'm sure there would have been.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

May we PLEASE have our country back!

White House reverses experts on Yellowstone policy
By JIM DRINKARD, Associated Press Writer Thu Jul 24, 3:11 PM ET
WASHINGTON - The National Park Service wanted to close a section of Yellowstone Park in the wintertime because of the risk of avalanche. No way, protested businesses in Cody, Wyo., that wanted to promote more tourism.

The spat did not stay local for long. It ended up in Washington, where the Bush White House intervened late last year and sided with the businesses, according to officials familiar with the fight.

A final decision, announced Monday by Park Service regional director Mike Snyder, will keep the park's eastern entrance open to snow-going vehicles throughout the winter. The cost to taxpayers could run into the millions of dollars for a decision to accommodate a small number of tourists.

"This clearly falls into the basket of politics and the administration trumping science and what's best for the national park system," says Tim Stevens, who manages Yellowstone issues for the National Parks Conservation Association, a private watchdog group. "It clearly shows political manipulation.". . .

in November, just as a crucial ruling was to come out, an official in the Park Service's Washington headquarters called Yellowstone and asked that key sections of the document be faxed for review by nine White House officials, including policy advisers to President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney, said two officials who spoke on condition of anonymity because of fear of reprisals. Cheney is a former Wyoming congressman.

The episode fits a pattern of complaints by government scientists and experts who contend the administration frequently has overruled their work and imposed politically driven policies that benefit powerful economic interests, on issues from global warming to endangered species. For example, the administration rejected scientific advice in loosening air quality standards for ground-level ozone and soot, and ignored advice to control greenhouse gas emissions.

We the People of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do hereby request that our government be returned to the people of the United States of America and that their best interests and the common good of the nation once again determine the course by which our government will proceed.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Another fine upstanding southern white man

Lookie here, lookie here. A little bit of dixie magic from the web site (official) of South Carolina State Senator Kevin Bryant.

Sen. Bryant, no doubt one of SC's great statemen, says it's only a "funny picture" merely meant as "a joke."

Yea, we love that southern humor Senator. Oh, and Senator Bryant just got back from a vacation at "Christian Summer Camp." Don't ya just love those good southern Christian boys? Gosh what a fine upstanding looking white boy.

OK, fuck it, he looks like a walking penis. . . just the kind of 50s looking moron you want to slap the piss out of just because you know he's going to say something stupid. What the fuck is the matter with these people from South Carolina who elect dick heads like this to public office?

Thanks to Kit at for the heads-up on this one.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Why West Virginians love Mississippi

What state has the highest rate of obesity in the nation? Mississippi, with WV coming in a close second.
What state has the lowest wages in the nation. . . median, per capita, personal, whatever. . . Mississippi with WV coming in a close second.
What state has the lowest paid teachers in the nation. . . Mississippi with WV coming in second again.
You get the idea?

Ya see, if it wudn't fer Mississippi, West Virginia would always be at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to economic factors, drop-out rates, poverty, etc.

Mississippi; keeping West Virginia off the bottom of the list and proud!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Military scum sucking bottom feeder

Mullen worries about troop withdrawal timeline

WASHINGTON - The Pentagon's top military officer said Sunday a specific time frame for withdrawing U.S. combat troops from Iraq could jeopardize political and economic progress, leading to "dangerous consequences."

Adm. Mike Mullen said the agreement between President Bush and Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki to set a "general time horizon" for bringing more troops home from the war was a sign of "healthy negotiations for a burgeoning democracy."

"I think the strategic goals of having time horizons are ones that we all seek because eventually we would like to see U.S. forces draw down and eventually all come home," the Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman said. "This right now doesn't speak to either time lines or timetables, based on my understanding of where we are.". . .

"Should that mission change, and we get a new president, and should those conditions be conditions that get generated or required in order to advise a future president, I would do so accordingly," Mullen said. "Based on my time in and out of Iraq in recent months, I think the conditions-based assessments are the way to go and they're very solid. We're making progress and we can move forward accordingly based on those conditions."

"time horizons" what a crock of bullshit. Why do these military thugs think they have to talk as if they are. . . oh, never mind. . . I answered my own question; "military thugs." Fuck you moron pricks with your double speak and bullshit words like "time horizons."

Let's just jump right in here and ionterpret this for what it is. Basically this military lug nut is threatening the American proletariat with the idea that if "a new president" is elected and he happens to decide that it's time to bring troops home, all will bew lost in Iraq and horrible things will happen. Therefore, elect another four years of Bush the Chimp and all will be fine. Uh huh. Sadly, the ignorant desperate proles are liable to do just that if they are 'Joseph Goebbels'ed' enough into believing this perception of reality that is generated by a lifetime of military brainwashing and right wing conservative indoctrination. Shut the fuck up Adm. Mike Mullins. You fucking cretinous traitors had your chance.

Mullen, meanwhile, discussed the fallout from a potential attack against Tehran by either the U.S. or Israel. "Right now I'm fighting two wars and I don't need a third one."

He added, "I worry about the instability in that part of the world and, in fact, the possible unintended consequences of a strike like that and, in fact, having an impact throughout the region that would be difficult to both predict exactly what it would be and then the actions that we would have to take to contain it."

Ya know. If I were president, I'd put a gag in this shit head's mouth. Since when are generals and admirals supposed to be getting directly involved in politics? Didn't Truman get a little pissy toward one of his generals because he stepped out of line in a similar fashion?

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Nazis, corpo-fascists and liars

Brazilian FM's Nazi reference rocks WTO talks
By BRADLEY S. KLAPPER, Associated Press Writer
GENEVA - Some pre-negotiation jabbing turned into a potentially damaging diplomatic incident Saturday when Brazil's foreign minister said rich countries' deception in trade talks reminded him of tactics used by Nazi propaganda chief Joseph Goebbels.

His comments drew a sharp rebuke from the United States, whose chief trade negotiator, Susan Schwab, is the daughter of Jewish Holocaust survivors. Her spokesman described the reference to Goebbels as "incredibly wrong." . . .

"Goebbels used to say if you repeat a lie several times it becomes a truth," Amorim told reporters at the World Trade Organization, where top negotiators from over two dozen countries are expected Monday for the official start of the talks.

All bullshit. These corpo-fascist American administrations have been employing Nazi propaganda tactics since Reagan/Bush. Lies on top of lies and the American public laps it up like the fascist proles they are. Brazil's foreign minister simply told the truth and should be regarded as such.

Look Ms. Schwab, if you're sensitive to Nazi references because your parents were holocaust survivors, then quit being a lap dog for a bunch of fascist mother fuckers who remind many Americans of Nazi scum. Otherwise, shut the fuck up.

Hillbilly Review Board #4

West Virginia and much of Appalachia is a place where time and prosperity has passed by without stopping. Our politicians are bought and paid for by corporate interests. The corporate interests are only interested in our resources which they mine in one form or another and haul to other locales to be exploited. We don’t reap a whole lot of the benefits of having those tremendous resources except in the form of temporary wages for a few and low tax revenues for the state. All that is a topic for some future post, but it illustrates how fleeting opportunity is for workers in rural Appalachia.

I can go down into my homeland in Southern WV and see a lot of folks sitting around doing nothing because there just aint much opportunity for good wages down around there. And like my preceding paragraph illustrates, I understand the dilema.

“So what’s the problem Sagacious One,” some of you hillbillies might ask? “There’s nothing we can do about it.” Well, how about this. . . get off your asses and get to work. Laying around waiting for that job over at the Toyota Plant or up at the aluminum plant isn’t going to do a damn thing for you. You can put in an application and wait from now till you die for that plum job. It probably aint gonna happen. The only way you’re going to get one of those jobs is to hussle for it. That means phone calls and generally being a creative nuisance. . . even then, the odds are slim to none that you’re going to walk off the street with a HS education and land one of those high paying corporate jobs.

Sitting around waiting is not job hunting. You’re going to have to get out there and start working. Anywhere. Take whatever job you can get, minimum wage if you have to. That job will lead to another job if you’re worth a damn. People are always looking for good reliable workers. “Reliable” is the operative word of that last sentence. That means you show up on time, you work while you’re there and you come to work when you’re expected. To pull that off, you’re going to have to NOT get drunk every night, You’re going to have to NOT go to work stoned every day. You’re going to have to be clean when you show up at work and you’re going to have to give your employer a solid day’s work for a solid day’s wages. You see, nobody owes you shit. Nothing. You are going to have to work for every thin dime you make and every material possession you gain.

Yea, I know, nobody wants to peddle fast food or work at the Stop and Go, but you don’t have to work there all your life. You work there for a while and you’ll hear about another job somewhere else that pays more and need an experienced worker. From there you move up to something else and so on it goes. You’re not going to drag your ass off the porch into a $25/hr. position armed with a HS education.

That brings me to your other options. . . schooling. College is nice and you can almost always get a decent job with a college education, but you don’t need one to make it in the world. There are all kinds of vocational education programs around. Take a six month course in how to be a welder. Graduate from that and you WILL get a job somewhere. And again, it might not be making $22/hr as a certified welder, but it’ll get your foot in the door somewhere. Enter an apprentice plumbing program or electrician program. The possibilities are endless, but you will have to work for it. It won’t be easy. It never is for poor and working class people to make it in the world, but you can make it. I know first hand that it is possible.

If you’ve ever been to where the Amish people live in Ohio or Pennsylvania you know what it’s like when people take care of themselves and do not tolerate sloven behavior. There is ZERO unemployment among those Amish communities. When farming began to decline in the 80s, they began finding other sources of income. Travel the back roads of those places and you’ll see work shops, saw mills, food processing facilities, and lots of other cottage industries all over the place. Almost every farm has some sort of business attached to it. So ya see, you don’t need employment handed to you.

The other thing about those area is that there are all sorts of manufacturing companies who have set-up shop around there. Why? Because they know that when they advertise for workers, they will get good qualified workers who are willing to work. What sort of incentive does a manufacturer have for doing that in the middle of Appalachia?

You might be able to collect a check for some bullshit reason, but it’s not going to do anything to make a man or woman out of you. If you sit around collecting a check when you are perfectly capable of working, you are a slacker and a cheat. You will know you’re a slacker and a cheat and you will view yourself and your world as being a big pile of shit thus perpetuating your life and culture of being slackers and cheats.

We won’t change the perception of Appalachians as porch dwelling moonshiners until we get to work. That means cutting down the unemployment and going to work. So you think it’s all just stereotypes and oppression huh? Well, maybe it is. Ya know, back when I was growing up, Mexicans were stereotyped as lazy, siesta taking slow talking, slow walking people. Today, Mexicans are the most sought after group of employees in America. They are known as highly skilled laborers who will work hard for a days wages. Now, maybe that’s a stereotype also, but they’ve earned it. They’ve earned it by simply working hard .

So come on people, get busy. Do something. . . anything, but don’t just sit there.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

How bad is this?

OK, so I get up Mon. morning and figure I can cut some hay since the weather finally looks like it's going to cooperate. I need a few things so I make the 30 minute trek into town and pick them up then come back work on some equipment, fix a few things and finally latei n the afternoon I'm ready to hook up the mower and go cut hay. It's really too late in the day but I do it anyway.

I get up early in the morning and find that here it is mid July but we had a heavy dew anyway. I wait as long as I can to ted the hay, cause it really should have all the dew off it before getting tedded, but I have to get satarted by 9:30 because I have a 12:30 apt. with an oral surgeon. So I kick the wet hay anyway and head into the city and make the doctor appointment. I spend the rest of the day fucked up on valium and who knows what else after having an insanely impacted and incysted wisdom tooth removed that should have been removed 20 yrs ago.

So I crawl out of bed this morning and go looking at the hay and see that it's a bit damp, but since my step mother-in-law died last night and I have to go to the funeral three hours away tomorrow I really have to get it done today. I wait as long as possible. . . again I've got to go into town and pick up fuel, some horse feed (hate those fucking horses) and stop by Sears and grab some of the free pallets they have out back their store to lay on my barn floor to stack hay on.
I finally make it back by 3:30 and begin raking hay at around 4:15. I get done at 6:15PM and get out the baler and begin baling. . . I left out the part where the creek crossing to the field was washed out and spent many hours fixing it to the point where we have a precarious crossing to the field through a couple feet of water. . .
So because I rushed the baling, the hay is a little too damp and keeps breaking baling twine, then my baler breaks a bracket holding up the uptake axle so I fix it twice with baling twine, the knot tying device fucks up twice, the inlet get's choked a couple times, in other words, everything that goes wrong does go wrong at least twice till finally, the bracket for the uptake axle can't take the strain anymore and the pulley chain breaks rendering my baler useless with another 75 bales still not baled.

I'd had enough and headed back to the house to nurse my hugely swollen jaw that looks like John McCain's ridiculous hugely swollen jaw. It's been a long few days and tomorrow a funeral.

I told my neighbor to come get the hay that's left in the field. I suspect he'll bale it up and leave a good portion of it for me.
He's a nice guy. It's good to have nice neighbors.

See, I don't do personal shit very well. I'd also like to slap the shit out of anyone who would take even 3 seconds to feel sorry for me or offer me sympathy, so fuck any of you who do.
Go ahead, feel sorry for me. I live in paradise. When I'm not here I'm in Florida at our winter house driving my boat around.
Nuf said?

Monday, July 14, 2008

Encapsulate thinking

NASA engineers work on alternative moon rocket
By JAY REEVES, Associated Press Writer Mon Jul 14, 4:13 PM ET
HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - By day, the engineers work on NASA's new Ares moon rockets. By night, some go undercover to work on a competing design. These dissenting scientists and their backers insist they have created an alternative rocket that would be safer, cheaper and easier to build than the two Ares spacecraft that will replace the space shuttle.

They call their project Jupiter, and like Ares, it's a brainchild of workers at the Marshall Space Flight Center and other NASA facilities. The engineers involved are doing the work on their own time and mostly anonymously, with the help of retirees and other space enthusiasts.

A key Ares project manager dismisses their design as little more than a sketch on a napkin that won't work.

Remember I said that in my entire adult life I've never really been proud of my country? Well, this is why.
The last time I was really proud of my country was back in the late 60s and early 70s when I'd sit in front of an old black and white TV set and watch images of American astronauts walking and driving on the moon and going through all the step it took to get there from Alan B. Shepherd's suborbital shot to Ed White's Gemini space walk to Wally Schirra's awesome Apollo shake-down flight and when Lovell, Borman and Anders made the first flight into Moon orbit. I was there watching every step, every misstep, every triumph and every tragedy. I built models of every rocket from Mercury to Apollo and every space craft. I'd send letters to NASA asking for promotional materials for my "school project." That worked three times. . . they'd stuff an envelope with all sorts of good stuff. . . wish I had all that stuff now. It made me so damn fucking proud and got me so excited and cranked up that I actually attempted to get into Naval Aviation after college so that I could eventually become an astronaut. My eyes washed me out before my combative anti-authority attitude got a chance.

The point is that those years in American history were incredible. Not only was America's youth changing the face of the nation and ultimately the world, but we were traveling in space and doing the incredible act of traveling to another celestial world. I'm still facinated by the processes and skills it took to go Lunar. Many or most of the atronauts from those times have written or authorized memoirs of their lives and time in the space program. I've read most of them. It's all amazing true life adventure.

So excuse me if I take the soap box and say NASA is a bunch of politically motivated, uncreative, non-dedicated, bean counting dip shits. Back in the day there was a spirit at NASA. Back then men were men and panty waisted knuckle heads either got out of the way or were dispatched quickly. Astronauts were tough assed but brilliant at the same time. They weren't a bunch of "cookie cutter yes men (Wally Schirra's description)" who would fall in line with whatever administrators told them. They told the administrators how things were going to be in many cases.

So 58 NASA rocket scientists and a whole bunch of other independent technologists have come up with a design they claim is better than the boondoggle that is "Ares" (we'll save that for another post) and NASA dismisses it as a "drawing on a napkin."
That rightthere is what's wrong with NASA. The spirit of Apollo, the creativity, the idea of thinking beyond the practical and the obvious is gone. There will be no more dramatic missions. There will be no more "doing things not because they are easy, but because they are hard (JFK)."

Shut the manned space flight section of NASA down. Let the European Space Agency, the Japanese and the Russians have the ISS. It's a joke anyway. Put the space shuttles in museums as a memory of what might have been. Hang up the space suits you bunch of pansy pseudo astronauts. Put away the PCs you army of shallow thinking engineers. Come back when you grow some backbone and learn the meaning of creativity.

Tasteless and offensive? What's new?

Obama slams Muslim portrayal
Mike Allen Sun Jul 13, 8:33 PM ET
Barack Obama's campaign is condemning as “tasteless and offensive” a New Yorker magazine cover that depicts Obama in a turban, fist-bumping his gun-slinging wife.

An American flag burns in their fireplace.

The New Yorker says it's satire. It certainly will be candy for cable news.

The Obama campaign quickly condemned the rendering. Spokesman Bill Burton said in a statement: “The New Yorker may think, as one of their staff explained to us, that their cover is a satirical lampoon of the caricature Sen. Obama's right-wing critics have tried to create. But most readers will see it as tasteless and offensive. And we agree. In fact, we find it so tasteless and offensive that we've made 37 million copies of the depiction for future distribution in swing states such as West Virginia and Kentucky. They eat that shit up in those places."

Just kidding. . . desperate republicans would never resort to such tactics.

Have the editors of New Yorker Magazine completely lost their fucking minds? Do you mother fuckers think you are so damned groovy that you're beyond reproach and can execute whatever tasteless and offensive satire you want?
Maybe if it had been an accompanying graphic with the story, but pasted on the cover? Yea, you're so fucking out of touch with mainstream America you've become irrelevant to all but a few latte licking uber-groovy granola chewing urban white dorks.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Kill the patient

White House rejects regulating greenhouse gases
By DINA CAPPIELLO, Associated Press Writer Sat Jul 12, 1:26 AM ET
WASHINGTON - The Bush administration, dismissing the recommendations of its top experts, rejected regulating the greenhouse gases blamed for global warming Friday, saying it would cripple the U.S. economy.

If we remove the patient's foot, it will cure what ailes him, but if we do, it will cripple him. Let him die.

These republican corpo-fascists are simple minded pieces of shit, aren't they? Obviously they worship at the alter of profit, otherwise they would be willing to sacrifice profit for the good of our human environment. The must think that global warming is such a simple thing that their air conditioning will protect them no matter what.
I say that these corpo-fascsits and their corporate royalist masters need to be overthrown. Yes, OVERTHROWN. Nothing short of some sort of revolution will save us from these radical, extremist maniacs.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

FUCK The Constitution of the United States! Fuck the 4th Ammendment to the Bill of Rights!

Who needs any fucking privacy or restrictions on the governemnts right to snoop into your daily lives.
Afterall, if you're not doing anything illegal you've got nothing to hide, right?
That's the logic of stupid dumb fuck traitors who are too ignorant to understand what our constitution stands for and why.
Fuck these pricks and Fuck You Barrack Obama for voting for yet another piece of corpo-fascist legislation that further shreds the Constitution of the United States.

Senate bows to Bush, approves surveillance bill
By PAMELA HESS, Associated Press Writer 1 hour, 21 minutes ago
WASHINGTON - Bowing to President Bush's demands, the Senate approved and sent the White House a bill Wednesday to overhaul bitterly disputed rules on secret government eavesdropping and shield telecommunications companies from lawsuits complaining they helped the U.S. spy on Americans.

The relatively one-sided vote, 69-28, came only after a lengthy and heated debate that pitted privacy and civil liberties concerns against the desire to prevent terrorist attacks. It ended almost a year of wrangling in the Democratic-led Congress over surveillance rules and the president's warrantless wiretapping program that was initiated after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

The House passed the same bill last month, and Bush said he would sign it soon.

"the Senate Bows. . . " No, they got on their hands and knees and took it up the ass. Then they pointed out at the American public and said "go fuck them too." Then they wiped the corpo-fascist jizz off their sore butt holes with a copy of the Constitution of the United States.

Folks, the only thing that is going to save the republic is revolution against these corpo-fascist politicians. . . but that aint gonna happen because the proles have been sedated and rocked slowly to sleep.

Stossel and Oil Heroes

Pimpin for big oil. What a bottom feeder.

Full disclosure! Now!

Don't we have the right to know what or who McCain/McBush is carrying around in his cheek?

And who are it's friends?

Careful! You don't know what might pop out!

Maybe he's just storing peanuts for the winter?

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Lies and evasion while our human environment dies

Cheney wanted cuts in climate testimony
By H. JOSEF HEBERT, Associated Press Writer Tue Jul 8, 9:53 AM ET
WASHINGTON - Vice President Dick Cheney's office pushed for major deletions in congressional testimony on the public health consequences of climate change, fearing the presentation by a leading health official might make it harder to avoid regulating greenhouse gases, a former EPA officials maintains.

When six pages were cut from testimony on climate change and public health by the head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention last October, the White House insisted the changes were made because of reservations raised by White House advisers about the accuracy of the science. . .

"The Council on Environmental Quality and the office of the vice president were seeking deletions to the CDC testimony (concerning) ... any discussions of the human health consequences of climate change," Burnett has told the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee.

Would anyone expect less from this piece of human shit who worships at the alter of American capitalism?

US, allies want global pollution slashed — by 2050
By TOM RAUM and JOSEPH COLEMAN, Associated Press Writers 47 minutes ago
TOYAKO, Japan - World leaders embraced for the first time on Tuesday an ambitious but nonbinding goal of slashing greenhouse-gas emissions in half by midcentury to stave off global warming. Unimpressed environmentalists called the effort too slow and too uncertain.

It's a start, but MoronMonkeyBoy Bush the Chimp came out and said the US will not sign any deal unless every other country signs the deal. In other words, if China and India won't agree to stop destroying the human habitability of the Earth, we're not going to stop destroying it either.

Is it any surprise that these scumbag republican corpo-fascists use school yard logic to continue letting their corporate sponsors fuck us to death?

And the democrats continue to cave-in to their juvenile bullshit.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Basement Jaxx - Take Me Back To Your House

And now for something completely different.

Hillbilly Review Board #3

Hillbillies, get over yourselves.
There is a very small tiny insignificant movement afoot in WV blog circles to overcome the stereotypes that these folks claim are oh so oppressive to their lives as West Virginians. Mostly, these folks are white urbane pseudo sophisticates who want WV to be some socially hip mixture of urbane and rural culture. . . bluegrass and REM, pulled pork with demi-glace, corporate board rooms and ramp festivals. . . you get the idea.

So these semi-educated semi-professional weenies think WVians are misaligned. Well welcome to the fucking club bozos. Almost every state in the union has a stereotype that it has to overcome. Let’s look at a couple of them, shall we?

New Jersey – The toxic waste dump state.
New York – loud obnoxious fast talking pricks
Florida – Floriduh
Texas – ignorant cowboy morons (ok, that one’s not a stereotype).
California – the stoner state.
Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, etc. – they might not be hillbillies, but they suffer the same stereotypes.

Who the fuck cares what some people from some other state think about your state. It’s just silly shit. Sit down and tell a black person how prejudiced you think people are against the people in your state. Be prepared to be ridiculed and generally made to look like a fool. . . but hey, you’re probably used to it by now. There are people in this country today who battle prejudice everyday of their lives. They have to teach their children how to maneuver in a world that is going to try and keep them down and oppress their goals at every turn in the road no matter where they go or what they do. So what the fuck? Gimme a break with your whiney little baby shit. As long as you’re in your own state, what some other bozo in the next state thinks doesn’t matter a whole hell of a lot, now does it? When you go out-of-state are you going to wear a fucking sign on your ass that says “I’m a dumb hillbilly?” No, you’re going to be treated like any other white person. “Prejudice.” If you had any fucking clue about what prejudice is like for people who REALLY have to fight it on a day-to-day basis, you’d shut your fucking pie holes.

So just get over all this ‘poor me I’m being scorned’ bullshit. If you feel you’re being viewed as an ignorant hillbilly, make sure you’re not acting like an ignorant hillbilly. Get on with your life and be the cool hip urbane person you want to be and live the life you want to live. Someone else’s attitude about your state or geographic locale is NOT your problem. Want to know what your problem is? Here’s a hint: Take a look in the closest mirror.

Personally, I’m glad people from other states don’t want to come here and I think WV should pretty much stay the way it is. I like our sparse stable population. I like our low crime rate and I like our low cost of living. I could never live the life I live and have lived anywhere else. I have built and lived in a house that people in other parts of the country would have thought was a mansion costing over $1 million, but here, it was a fraction of that cost. I live on a beautiful big farm that in any other part of the country I never could have afforded, but here, the cost of farm land is relatively cheap and when I decided I had to get back to my roots, I could afford it. I don’t lock my doors. Ever. I leave the keys in my car. I don’t worry about leaving my teenaged daughter home alone overnight. I can go out onto my front porch in my underwear or no underwear if I want to anytime of day or night. My taxes are almost zero compared to people who live in groovy places.
Life is better in West Virginia BECAUSE other people don’t really want to come here. BECAUSE they think it’s some backwater (which it is, so what?).
So folks, why don’t you change your own attitude. Why don’t you work to make West Virginia a better place instead of worrying what everyone else thinks of West Virginia. It really is a juvenile pursuit to try and change the way other people think about you by trying to talk them out of it. You aint gonna talk them out of thinking you’re an asshole. You’ve got to quit acting like an asshole. You aint gonna talk them out of thinking you’re a juvenile little dip shit. You’ve got to quit acting like a juvenile little dip shit.

Oh, and I think I insulted most hillbillies in my opening line. The folks who give a shit about what everybody else thinks probably aint much of hillbillies. See, the hillbillies I know just don’t give a flying shit what you or anyone else thinks about them. So my fellow hillbillies, I apologize for lumping you in with these yuppish bores who think it is their duty to change West Virginia’s image for their own sake.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Jesse Helms is dead

Obviously,. the good die young and evil pieces of shit grow old.

I don't believe in hocus-pocus, voodoo and all that religion dogma BS, but if there were a hell, I'm sure there would be an especially horrid place for Helms. . . right next to his fellow Carolinian Strom Thurman.

That this hideous, racist right wing scumbag could have been elected to congress for three decades is a testament to what kind of people vote in North Carolina. . . racist pricks.

Bye Jesse and good riddance to you, you son-of-a-bitch. The world is a better place today without you.

Here's what another racist lying piece of shit had to say about Helms:
"Laura and I are deeply saddened by the passing of our good friend and a great American. . . Jesse Helms was a kind, decent, and humble man and a passionate defender of what he called ‘the Miracle of America.’"
GWBush (MoronMonkeyBoy Bush the Chimp)

"Senator Helms certainly was no bigot," Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell said Friday. "He was a man however not into subtlety. You know what he thought about a particular issue. You certainly knew because he was not into the kind of nuance and subtlety that so often divides American politicians."

Not a bigot?! Only one bigotted right wing moron could say that about another bigotted right wing moron.
These people are fucking crazy.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Happy 4th of July

Never forget when you're talking all that freedom and liberty shit and praising the fathers of our country.

" What, to the American slave, is your 4th of July? I answer; a day that reveals to him, more than all other days in the year, the gross injustice and cruelty to which he is the constant victim. To him, your celebration is a sham; your boasted liberty, an unholy license; your national greatness, swelling vanity; your sound of rejoicing are empty and heartless; your denunciation of tyrants brass fronted impudence; your shout of liberty and equality, hollow mockery; your prayers and hymns, your sermons and thanks-givings, with all your religious parade and solemnity, are to him, mere bombast, fraud, deception, impiety, and hypocrisy -- a thin veil to cover up crimes which would disgrace a nation of savages. There is not a nation on the earth guilty of practices more shocking and bloody than are the people of the United States, at this very hour...."
Frederick Douglas
July 5, 1852

Go ahead, enjoy the day. . . cherish the people you love. . . laugh and be happy. . . this really is quite an amazing and wonderful country in many ways, and it's alright to celebrate that fact, but just for a little while, just so that we can make it even better, consider this: Are we still shaking off the "hollow mockery," the "mere bombast, fraud, deception, impiety, and hypocrisy?" What can we do to make it better and make it more free and more full of liberty?

Thanks Mac, for the Frederick Douglas quote.

Is this any way to run a judicial system?

You bet it is!

Corporate royalist get away with murder on a daily basis in the good ol USA. The French aint puttin up with it. Bravo!

This is what 113 people look like who are being murdered.

France orders trial in deadly Concord explosion
By INGRID ROUSSEAU, Associated Press Writer 3 minutes ago
PARIS - A French judge ordered Continental Airlines and five people to stand trial for manslaughter in connection with the 2000 crash of a Concorde jet that killed 113 people, a prosecutor said Thursday.

Two of the people to be tried are employees of the U.S. carrier, the prosecutor in the Paris suburb of Pontoise said in a statement.

Two others were employed by Aerospatiale, the maker of Concorde and the precursor of plane-maker Airbus. The fifth is an employee of the French civilian aviation authority.

Nope, the old plane didn't give out from metal fatique, a bird strike or some other naturally occuring process that could absorb any human blame. It was a poorly designed fuel tank that corporate officers knew about for 25 yrs and a wrong part installed on a Continental Airlines DC-10 that flew off and lay on the runway.

If you're going to make billions by taking on the responsibility of the safety of the people who are giving you those billions, then when you compromise that safety in the name of profit making, then you should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. What could be a bigger crime? When did I as a consumer give you the go ahead to not take appropriate steps to guard my safety so that you could make a bigger profit?
These corpo-fascists knew about the problems with the Concorde's fuel tanks and Continental should never have let their DC-10 fly with an improper cowling piece. I just hope the moron mechanic who installed the titanium cowling piece instead of the soft aluminium piece is among those charged. Yea, every dumb fuck directly responsible for such tragedies should be held accountable.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The shame of America

America began the 21st Century with shame. The century that should have begun with all the hope, promise and opportunity that America has the potential to offer the world began instead with imperialistic, fascist incursions into the middle east. It was perpetrated by an administration hell bent on providing the corporate royalty of America with all the money and resources they could squeeze out of the American people and the world. Yes, as a nation we should bough our heads in shame. . . the shame that we could let these corpo-fascists install themselves into our halls of power. . . the shame that our congress anointed them with all the power they asked for whenever they asked for it. . . the congress that we, as Americans elected. . .the shame that we were duped into falling for all their fear mongering and social manipulation. . . the shame that we allowed these low browed thugs to ran rampant around the world with their agenda of greed.
And never America, never, forget that we sat idly by and watched as a moronic dunderhead posed as our president and at the will of the corporate royalty presented lie after lie which we swallowed whole time and time again.
In eight years I have watched as our nation that had been on a road of prosperity and benevolence in the world has sunk into a cauldron of economic crisis and worldwide distain.
YOU America have done this to yourself. You have made yourselves into the stupid ignorant global village idiot bully that YOU have become. We live in a democratic republic. It was YOU the PEOPLE who voted these recreant traitors into office. It was you the people who sat by and watched swallowing their lies and going along with their horrors. You ARE the greed and stupidity and the shame that America has become.
YOU are the desperate proles who sit idly by as nothing is done in the halls of congress to remove these traitors from our midst. Perhaps that is the gravest shame that we have in America today. The shame that despite the horrors of the past eight years you continue to sit idle and about 50% of you say you’re going to vote for the same regime again in Nov. and one in four of you approve of the job that the current administration is doing.
To quote an old 80s saying. . . what the fuck is your major malfunction?

Now, five years after MoronMonkeyBoy Bush the Chimp stood before the American public and declares “major combat operations over” and “Mission Accomplished” in Iraq, we are still stuck in a brutal civil war, have lost almost 4,000 American troops since then and have no exit strategy or plan for victory whatsoever. Our national resources are being consumed at horrendous rates to support the corporations that are sponsoring this war and still 50% of you want to continue this war. What the fuck is your major malfunction America?

What are you going to tell your children and your grandchildren when they are learning history and they ask how such a thing could have happened in American history back around the turn of the century? What will you tell them when they ask you who you voted for and what you were doing at the time? Will they feel your shame?