Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Random notes, or Things that will get my attention if I ever return to blogging.

Random notes:

In the past few days I've seen lots of post from people about honoring those who have served and those who never came back.
Spare me your cheap grace.
Veterans benefits have been systematically reduced over the past few years. Congress has done little or nothing to help the tens of thousands of veterans who have come back with all sorts of physical and mental conditions. Veterans are dying because they can't get the healthcare they need. Over 100,000 veterans deal with homelessness and addiction without any help.
How can we have homeless veterans in this country when there is vacant housing all over the place?
Do something about that. Vote against politicians who vote against veterans. Make this a topic of discussion in political forums and when talking to your representatives. Demand change.
Sure, it's great to honor veterans, but that does NOTHING for the homeless, addicted, sick and hungry veterans who live in this country.
It is THE national shame.

Racism is alive and obvious.  Those who claim otherwise are fucking morons. . . and probably racist pricks.

Only unions will save the working and middle class.  Only voters will save unions when they decide to quit giving all our resources to the ultra rich and guzzling the lies the corporatists force down their throats.

The homophobes are going to go down in history the same as the southern bigots of the 50s and 60s.

Fuck you and your confederate flag.  Go fly your symbol of racism, slavery and treason somewhere else, you backwoods ignorant POS.

Help those who need help.