Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The truth often comes out. . . .

Trump: Obama wasn't qualified for Ivy League

By BETH FOUHY, Associated Press – Mon Apr 25, 10:00 pm ET
NEW YORK – Real estate mogul Donald Trump suggested in an interview Monday that President Barack Obama had been a poor student who did not deserve to be admitted to the Ivy League universities he attended. Trump, who is mulling a bid for the Republican presidential nomination, offered no proof for his claim but said he would continue to press the matter as he has the legitimacy of the president's birth certificate.

I always knew Trump was a whack job, but an outright racist? I'm a little surprised. Here he is playing precisely into the minds of the extreme right racist/white supremist faction of the republican party. This is just so blatant and so wrong it's phenomenal. Donald Trump; you are done.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Trump the Court Jester or Sideshow Donald

So what is the deal with this guy's hair?

Is he bald and does some kinda strange comb over? It looks ridiculous. Is it that nobody has the balls to tell this megalomaniac that his hair looks absurd? I don't get it.

Near as I can tell he has a crazy fucking comb over. It must require constant attention as he jets all over the country delivering his even more absurd rhetoric on President Obama's legitimacy.

I wonder, does he travel with a stylist who pays close and constant attention to his convoluted coif? Obviously, something that fucked up is impossible to keep under control 24/7 so we at least get to be amused by his foolish follicular freak show.

Hasn't anyone done a photoshop job on this guy to show what he'd look like without the comb over? I'll bet he looks even dumber than he does with the dippy doo.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

A note to President Obama

Mr. President,
OK, so you want ot join the ranks of those who want to cut the national debt. I applaud you for that, afterall, I am a fiscal conservative, but could I just give you a small piece of information that might help you get a grip on what the real problem is with our spending problem and cash flow issues in this country. . .

Here's the first: Iraq and Afghanistan. It's real simple. $1.5 billion per day being spent in two wars we have no business being in. GET US THE FUCK OUTTA THERE LIKE YOU SAID YOU WERE GOING TO DO, ASSHOLE!!! It'll save us over $500 billion a year!

Ok, here's the second clue for you (I thought you were smart. Do you really need a dumb bubba like me giving you clues?): TAX THE RICH!: That's right, take away their loop holes. Make them pay a little higher percentage than the working class. Make it so that companies like GE and Exxon-Mobil actually pay taxes instead of paying no taxes and then getting "rebates." WTF is wrong with you for not addressing that problem to the American people, most of whom are living pay check to pay check.

There. Do those two things and our cash flow problems go away. No, really, have someone work up the numbers for you. I know you've gotta have a couple accountant types hanging around the White House.

From the AFSC:
One Day of the Iraq War = 720 Million Dollars, How Would You Spend it?
One Day of the Iraq War = 84 New Elementary Schools
One Day of the Iraq War = 12,478 Elementary School Teachers
One Day of the Iraq War = 95,364 Head Start Places for Children
One Day of the Iraq War = 1,153,846 Children with Free School Lunches
One Day of the Iraq War = 34,904 Four-Year Scholarships for University Students
One Day of the Iraq War = 163,525 People with Health Care
One Day of the Iraq War = 423,529 Children with Health Care
One Day of the Iraq War = 6,482 Families with Homes
One Day of the Iraq War = 1,274,336 Homes with Renewable Energy

American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) is a Religious Society of Friends (Quaker) affiliated organization which works for peace and social justice in the United States and around the world.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

News bits with sagacious commentary

Gingrich calls Obama's tax plan a job-killer

By SHANNON McCAFFREY, Associated Press – 1 hr 41 mins ago
ATLANTA – Republican presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich on Wednesday blasted a budget address by President Barack Obama calling it a job-killer and not a serious proposal.
The former U.S. House speaker, in Atlanta scooping up money for his likely White House bid, told The Associated Press that Obama's new proposal to couple spending cuts with tax hikes on the wealthy was "a job-killing big-government defending avoidance of responsibility."

Ok Newt, so how many jobs have you created in your long undistinquished political career? This fucking blowhard always has some holier-than-thou comment about everything anybody does. Mean while, he's a do nothing prick who has never done anything except obstruct the workings of gov't and bring an air of negativity to any process he's involved in. When he's not divorcing wives and then marrying younger women, he's snarking around with his snide bullshit attitude doing nothing but criticize and put down others. When is the American public going to get sick of this giant douche bag and tell him to go back to Georgia and shut the fuck up for the rest of his miserable life?

Video of TSA frisking 6-year-old sparks anger

By DYLAN LOVAN and CAITLIN R. KING, Associated Press – Wed Apr 13, 6:31 pm ET
BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – A Kentucky mother said Wednesday that federal airport screeners wouldn't tell her why they were frisking her 6-year-old daughter, whose treatment was captured on a YouTube video that has sparked outrage.
Selena Drexel said her family went through body scanners last month at the New Orleans airport, and her daughter Anna was selected for a pat-down. She asked why but wasn't given a reason.
Drexel told The Associated Press in an interview on Wednesday that her daughter began to cry after the search and said, "I'm sorry mommy. I don't know what I did wrong."

If this doesn't make you sick, you have no humanity and definitely don't have any children. I am so sick of those dumb fucking TSA bubbas groping and generally making air travel a sickening affair. Now they're groping 6 yo children. What kind of sick fucks do they have working at these places. . . never mind. I've seen them. They're a bunch of dumb looking obese bubba who couldn't get into law enforcement thuggery so as a last resort they applied with TSA. They probably get paid $7.50/hr. for the privelege of wearing a uniform and walking out of their low rent apartment every day looking like fat assed security guards. Then they go to their jobs and treat good normal hardworking American citizens like common criminals. Fuck you Obama for not putting an end or some type of reigns on these dumb fucks and their fascist leaders.

Joe Biden May Have Nodded Off During Obama's Debt Speech

Reuters –
Erik Hayden – Wed Apr 13, 4:14 pm ET
Today, President Obama countered GOP deficit reduction proposals by offering to slash $4 trillion over the next twelve years in a heavily-hyped speech. And, naturally, his right hand man, the Vice President, goes and changes the narrative of the day from "who has a better vision for America's fiscal future" to the easier to digest headline of "Hey, look, Biden is sleeping while the president drones about an almost incomprehensible amount of money."

Fuck yea, I'd be sleeping too. Ho hard is it to sit there and listen to Obama talk about cutting programs for the working class and poor and then talk about taxing the rich which we know will not happen. The programs for the poor will be taxed and the rich will keep getting tax breaks while cashing in on the endless wars we are involved in. This is a national nightmare for anyone with any concerns for the common good of our nation. I try and sleep through as much of it as I can.

Kobe Bryant fined $100,000 for gay slur

By GREG BEACHAM, AP Sports Writer – 1 hr 38 mins ago
LOS ANGELES – The NBA fined Kobe Bryant $100,000 on Wednesday for using a derogatory gay term in frustration over a referee's call.
NBA Commissioner David Stern issued a swift disciplinary ruling after the Los Angeles Lakers' five-time NBA champion guard cursed and used the homophobic slur when referee Bennie Adams called a technical foul on him during the third quarter of a victory over the San Antonio Spurs. . .
Bryant, the sixth-leading scorer in NBA history, issued a statement earlier Wednesday saying his words came strictly out of anger and shouldn't be taken literally.

Kobe, you sound like some redneck who just used the "N" word and got called out for it. . . . "awww schucks, I didn't mean nuthin by it."
STFU you shirt chewing slack jawed dip shit. Now let's see if the NBA turns a chunk of that fine over to a gay rights advocacy group. I'll bet they don't. I hope they prove me wrong.

Santorum announces presidential fundraising effort
AP – 10 mins ago

MANCHESTER, N.H. - Former Sen. Rick Santorum on Wednesday announced a fundraising committee that allows him to take the first steps toward a presidential campaign.

Is the GOP going to find any respectable candidates? This guy is just another in a long line of right wing extremist whack jobs. Maybe they have resigned themselves to another 4 yrs of democratic administration. But reallym who do they have? The entire party seems to be made up of extremists from the teabagger faction. The dems are all a bunch of spineless wimps. What a fucking mess.
Santorum is running. . . uh, huh, huh. . . he said "santorum."

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Interesting perspective of politics upon history.

Every historian with a grain of credibility agrees that the reason the south succeeded from the north was because they depended upon slavery for their economic interests and they didn't believe that African-American slaves were inferior and should not be free citizens.
Actually, anyone who has every taken a decent American history course or read a book on American history knows this. There was a movement in the United States at the time, especially in the north, to abolish the institution of slavery. IT was THE issue of mid 19th Century America. The nation was growing and the thing that was causing it the most growing pains was slavery. Google "dred scott."
So the south went traitorous and succeeded from the Union. They set up their own gov't and basically declared war on the United States of America. See, they set up a separate country and went to war against (began killing) the troops that were in that area of the mother country. That's treason of the worse kind.
They were defeated by the United States of America and the Union was reunited and preserved. From that era rose the American hero Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln was an extremely strong man who was also extremely intellectual and did absolutely nothing and made no decisions without intense study of the facts and all sides of the issues. This trait on the part of this great man is one of the big factors in the fact that the United States exists today as a single whole nation. Imagine the chaos wed have if the southern states were a separate country. When would slavery have ended? How? What kind of sad socio-economic mess would we have in the SE corner of this part of the continent?
Now take a look at the information below.

Civil War still divides Americans
By: CNN Political Unit
Washington (CNN) - . . . When asked the reason behind the Civil War, whether it was fought over slavery or states' rights, 52 percent of all Americas said the leaders of the Confederacy seceded to keep slavery legal in their state, but a sizeable 42 percent minority said slavery was not the main reason why those states seceded. . .

When broken down by political party, most Democrats said southern states seceded over slavery, independents were split and most Republicans said slavery was not the main reason that Confederate states left the Union.
Republicans were also most likely to say they admired the leaders of the southern states during the Civil War, with eight in 10 Republicans expressing admiration for the leaders in the South, virtually identical to the 79 percent of Republicans who admired the northern leaders during the Civil War.

That's kind of incredible. I'm not surprised that 40% of southern whites sympathize more with the confederacy than the union. Afterall, they're southern whites, need we say more? But the fact that 25% of ALL Americans feel this way sorta knocks me around a little.
The real kicker however is that 80% of republicans "admire" the confederate leaders is scary. The confederate leaders were traitors of the worse kind. They should have been rounded up and shot at the end of the Civil War. Really, it would have alleviated a lot of the problems we have today. Instead, the south was allowed to carry on as if nothing had happened despite the fact that they were sworn enemies of the United States of America.

So now 80% of the republican party "admire" with those traitors and racists and while I hesitate to divide us along party lines, I have to ask what this says for the conservative elements in political America. Are they racist to the degree that they "admire" a faction that wanted to keep slavery in America? Is the racial issue what really drives them to "admire" the confederacy? How does that all apply to their gravitation toward movements like the "tea party" and other extremist right wing groups? Do they also "admire" the extremist right wing white supremist groups? Afterall, these are the modern day confederates.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Suspicions confirmed. . .

I said this over a year ago when healthcare passed:

I look for a backlash that will be loud, hateful, laced with racist undertones and perhaps violent. The current mood on the right is dangerous. . . especially to themselves.

All turned out to be true except for the last part. The republican have lots of support according to recent polls.
Never underestimate the ignorance and idiocy of the American proletariat.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

News bits that make you say "WTF?!"

Colorado police pepper-spray misbehaving boy, 8

By SHEILA V KUMAR, Associated Press – Thu Apr 7, 10:45 am ET
DENVER – The staff at the Colorado elementary school said no one could calm 8-year-old Aidan Elliott.
He had just thrown a TV and chairs and was now trying to use a cart to bust through a door to an office where teachers had taken some young students for safety.
They called the police.
The officers found him with a foot-long piece of wood trim with a knife-like point in one hand and a cardboard box in the other.
"Come get me, f-----," he said.
When they couldn't calm him down, one squirted Aidan with pepper spray. He blocked it with the cardboard box.
A second squirt hit the youngster in the side of the head, and down he went, according to an account of the Feb. 22 standoff in a police report first obtained by KUSA-TV.

What the fuck?! Are you fucking kidding me?! Grown police officers and adult teachers couldn't subdue an 8 yo? These fucking morons should be arrested. Where is the outrage? This is so outrageous? The kid was unarmed. It's not like he was waving around a .357 or something. Man, if I were his parents this kid would have a free college education and a big down payment on a house and I'd be screaming at prosecutors to arrest the low life pieces of shit who had any responsibility for this act. Strange, the mother and child both seem intelligent and well spoken in the video, when one would expect maybe less from some kid who was so out of control that he had to be maced.

So where is the public outrage? I guess it's ok these days for police to mace an 8 yo.

Laptops and Other Electronics May Be Seized on Entry to US

LiveScience.com – 2 hrs 31 mins ago
If you can’t let a day go by without accessing your personal data and files, you’d better think twice about crossing the border back into the U.S. with your computer. That’s because digital devices such as a laptop computer can be seized at the border without a warrant and sent to a secondary site for forensic inspection.
That ruling from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit last week is the second in less than a year that allows the U.S. government to conduct offsite searches of digital devices seized at the border without a warrant, Network World reported.

Well, it took a few more years than expected, but Orwell was right. We don't live in a free society. Freedom is a bunch of rhetoric spoon fed to the proles so they will march lockstep to the beat of the corporate power elite and their fascist regime.
Anybody who is still walking around talking about "America: home of the free" is a dumb fuck ignorant spooge bucket who wouldn't know what this country was originally about if the Constitution of the United States hit them upside their dumb fuck head. I have seen the enemy and it is the proles of this nation who are too stupid to think.

Obama, leaders short of deal as shutdown looms

By DAVID ESPO, AP Special Correspondent – 57 mins ago
WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama and congressional leaders bargained and blustered by turns Thursday, still short of an agreement to cut federal spending and head off a midnight Friday government shutdown that no one claimed to want.

Yea, let's cut all social programs, environmental protection, public broadcasting, planned parenthood and anything that conflicts with the mythological beliefs of a bunch of right wing extremist religious fundamentalists and benefits their corpo-fascist puppet masters. Fuck the common good. Fuck the long term existence of our nation. Fuck the children whose parents don't make $50k per year. Fuck you hurray for me. Now, give huge tax breaks to the rich so that they pay less than the average American and then establish enough loop holes so the largest corporation in America and the world doesn't pay a single penny in taxes and actaully gets a rebate from the IRS. Ditto Exxon-Mobil corporation with their record profits while we pay record prices for a gallon of gasoline and pay taxes and they pay NOTHING. Thanks congress!
These people are crazed fanatics who have been given validity by the public and by the main stream political bottom feeders in both parties who are caving to their sick and twisted demands.
WTF is going on in this country? Where is the public outrage?

Maine labor art's removal strikes sensitive nerve

By GLENN ADAMS, Associated Press – 1 hr 31 mins ago
AUGUSTA, Maine – It's big in its own right, a 36-foot-wide, 11-panel mural representing Maine's labor history. Even bigger is the nerve its removal has struck in politics, academia and the art world during the national debate over public workers' collective bargaining rights.
The state's new pro-business governor ordered it removed from the Maine Department of Labor's lobby in late March, saying it didn't mesh with his policy goals. Since then, the maelstrom of reaction has only escalated, resonating all the way to Washington.

Labor history art is being removed from state capitals all over the country where it used to be a staple and a symbol of the people's control over their own government. There shoudl be national outrage over this. Instead the ignorant proles sleep.
We really are doomed. I wonder how long before the United States of America is a third world country that the EU and China are stuck dealing with.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Repubs to go it alone in Amurkkka

Boehner wants to pass spending cuts with GOP alone

AP – FILE - In this April 1, 2011, file photo House Speaker John Boehner of Ohio pauses during a news conference …
By CHARLES BABINGTON, Associated Press – 56 mins ago
WASHINGTON – Sometimes in politics and legislation, whether you win is less important than how you win.
That's the dilemma facing House Speaker John Boehner as he tries to round up the votes to pass a fast-approaching spending compromise and avert a partial government shutdown by week's end.
Boehner, R-Ohio, wants the overwhelming majority of those votes to come from his fellow Republicans, even if dozens of easily attainable Democratic votes could help carry the budget bill to victory.

Why not? The republicans have been treating the dems like their little petit bitches for decades now and the dems seem to be totally ineffective against it. Whether the dems are in the majority or the minority, the repubs get their way and bitch slap these spineless little dip shits on a regular basis. It doesn't really matter what the people vote are what the polls say they want. The repubs will exercise their will all over the dems. with impunity.

WTF is wrong with the democrats? Soon the American people will realize there is no point in voting and the corporations will truly own this country lock, stock and barrel.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Worker Safety in America

Back when I was a young lad entering the corporate work-a-day world, we could do all sorts of crazy things to get the job done and we did. Sometimes we risked life and limb to perform tasks that were not worth risking life or limb or even toe nail.
By the time I retired from the corporate world, a worker couldn't wipe his ass without getting a permit signed off by two managers, three safety officers and a local constable. . . I exaggerate, but it was cumbersome. The up side is that while back when I entered the work force the old guys all had storied of being hurt and maimed on the job. I even remember a couple deaths at our company plants in the early years. By the 80s, most of that had stopped. You just had to work real hard at hurting yourself with all the OSHA regulations and company safety procedures in place. When I entered the wor force our safety manual was a pamphlet. When I left it was a 4" three ring binder that was constantly updated requiring sections to be replaced and added almost monthly.

All of that increased safety awareness was a result of gov't policy. OSHA made companies quit killing employees. They made it tough on companies when employees were hurt and required strict adherence to reporting procedures of safety records. Safety became a priority in the workplace because the gov't mandated that it would be.

Now, here in WV we have an acting governor that doesn't believe in workplace safety. In fact, he has gutted the only state agency that handles general workplace safety. Gee, I wonder who's paying his salary? certainly not the tax payers or the workers of the state. Who does that leave? One can only imagine what kind of payoff this low life political bottom feeder is receiving for wiping out the only state agency standing between WV corporations and a dangerous workplace. Nice job you back woods piece of shit.

Labor upset over Tomblin's cuts in workplace safety
By Paul J. Nyden

CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- Senate President Earl Ray Tomblin, acting as governor, recently cut funding by 75 percent for the Occupational Safety and Health program that inspects and regulates working conditions for state employees.
Created in 1987, the state OSHA program has never been fully funded. This year, state legislators voted to increase financial support for the program.

Earlier this year, state Labor Commissioner Dave Mullens said his agency needed $800,000 in startup money for OSHA enforcement, including salaries for 11 new field safety inspectors, office furniture and computers.

The House of Delegates passed legislation including that $800,000. The Senate reduced it to $400,000. Then Tomblin's line-item veto cut it down to $98,500, none of which can be used to hire safety inspectors.

Then we have the company that brought us the Gulf of Mexico oil rig disaster this past summer. The worse oil spill in history and the place where 11 workers were blown to pieces when the rig blew up.
The corporate executives of this company received huge "safety bonuses" for ""exemplary" safety record because it met or exceeded certain internal safety targets." Well, I guess those "safety targets" didn't include "don't kill any employees." In other words, employees are expendable. I'm wondering, just what were these safety targets? Let's see, they blew up an entire oil rig, so it couldn't have been about preservation of corporate material resources. They killed 11 Gulf oil rig workers, so it couldn't have been about preserving the lives of their workers. They had the worse oil spill in history, so it couldn't have been about adherence to environmental regulations. . . WTF?!

Transocean gives safety bonuses despite deaths

By JORDAN ROBERTSON, AP Business Writer – Sat Apr 2, 4:26 pm ET
SAN FRANCISCO – Transocean Ltd. gave its top executives bonuses for achieving the "best year in safety performance in our company's history" — despite the explosion of its oil rig that killed 11 people and spilled 200 million gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico.
The company said in a regulatory filing that its most senior managers were given two thirds of their total possible safety bonus.
Transocean noted "the tragic loss of life" in the Gulf when the rig operated by BP PLC exploded last April. But it said the company still had an "exemplary" safety record because it met or exceeded certain internal safety targets concerning the frequency and severity of its accidents, according to the filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission on Friday.
Safety accounts for a quarter of the executives' total cash bonuses. The total bonus for CEO Steve Newman last year was $374,062.
According to calculations by The Associated Press, the total value the company assigned to Newman's compensation package was $5.8 million.
That figure includes an $850,000 base salary — a 34 percent increase from the prior year; perquisites of $622,057, which includes housing and vacation allowances, among other things; and the $374,062 bonus. Also included in the figure are stock options valued at $1.9 million and deferred shares valued at $2 million when those awards were granted in March 2010.
Transocean's Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion on April 20 in the Gulf of Mexico killed 11 workers and set off the largest offshore oil spill in U.S. history.
A commission appointed by President Barack Obama earlier this year said the explosion was caused by a series of time and money-saving decisions by Transocean, BP and oil services company Halliburton Inc. that created an unacceptable amount of risk.

Welcome to The United States of Corporate America.