Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Message

Thanksgiving Message
Hello my friends.
Here in America it's Thanksgiving. It's a time for families to gather, be grateful for their fortune, however large or small it may be, and feast. We should enjoy our family and celebrate our personal triumphs and tragedies.

It should also be a time to reflect upon what has happened between today and when people from Europe first set foot upon this great land. If you are of European descent, it's not YOUR fault that our ancestors raped, pillaged, stole and committed genocide against the native population, but it is your responsibility to recognize and be aware of what transpired before we came to be here. In that awareness, perhaps we can recognize the ongoing oppression perpetrated by those who find themselves in positions of authority and rule. We can recognize and speak out against the third world conditions to which many Native American people have been relegated.

Sometimes, it only takes one person to speak up and voice concern when injustice occurs. A single voice raised with or against another single voice can sometimes make a difference. If we are grateful for what we have, and humbly accept our good fortune, we can also be a voice for reason and justice.

So be happy on this day of thanks and celebrate family, friends and good fortune, but never ever forget the past, for those who do, are doomed to repeat it with all its horrors.

Bedagi (Big Thunder) late 19th century.
Wabanaki Algonquin writer

Give us hearts to understand;
Never to take from creation's beauty more than we give;
never to destroy wantonly for the furtherance of greed;

Never to deny to give our hands for the building of earth's beauty;
never to take from her what we cannot use.

Give us hearts to understand
That to destroy earth's music is to create confusion;
that to wreck her appearance is to blind us to beauty;

That to callously pollute her fragrance is to make a house of stench;
that as we care for her she will care for us.

We have forgotten who we are.
We have sought only our own security.
We have exploited simply for our own ends.
We have distorted our knowledge.
We have abused our power.

Great Spirit, whose dry lands thirst,
Help us to find the way to refresh your lands.
Great Spirit, whose waters are choked with debris and pollution,
help us to find the way to cleanse your waters.

Great Spirit, whose beautiful earth grows ugly with misuse,
help us to find the way to restore beauty to your handiwork.
Great Spirit, whose creatures are being destroyed, help us to find a way to replenish them.

Great Spirit, whose gifts to us are being lost in selfishness and corruption,
help us to find the way to restore our humanity.

Oh, Great Spirit, whose voice I hear in the wind, whose breath gives life to the world,
hear me; I need your strength and wisdom. May I walk in Beauty.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Entertainment Value of Politics and Squirmin Herman

Watching Cain self destruct is really hilarious. Now don't get me wrong, if he was some low level gov't servant who got accused of some silly little inappropriate remark ended up losing his pension and job I'd be very sympathetic, but this is some billionaire right wing religious fundamentalist who thinks he ought to be put in a position to legislate his brand of twisted religious morality on the rest of us. Which is: Go ahead and sin, but deny everything and it's ok to say "I don't remember." Sorry Hermy, that only worked for Ronald Raygun.

So like I said, it's downright enjoyable watching this holier-than-thou prick who thinks he is so morally superior succumb to the temptations of the flesh and end up being politically destroyed because of it.

Now, if I were running for office and a bunch of the women I've sexually harassed in my lifetime came forward, I'd send them all greeting cards, tell the world whatever I could remember about the situation (I was usually never one to harass those who didn't harass me first) and then get on with the campaign. I suspect the overwhelming majority of voters would shrug their shoulders and come to the realization of "yes, he IS human" and "well, he has always admitted he's an asshole."

Hilariously, Squirmin Herman is denying everything. He's denying he knew these women and he's making absurd statements like: "I have never acted inappropriately toward anyone." What a total asshat. Somebody needs to tell this bozo the clown that his act has ended and escort him off the stage.

But seriously, isn't political buffoonery fun to watch?

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Self destruction in the GOP

So the GOP keeps presenting these extreme right wing whack jobs who keep self destructing like mentally challenged participants in an college quiz bowl competition (I mean really, could you imagine any of them in a college quiz bowl?). How many of them will it take before the moderate faction of the GOP rises up like some kind of phoenix from the ashes and says loudly and clearly "ENOUGH!" Will the real GOP with real traditional conservative values which I can sometimes talk to and embrace and at least live with in peace please stand up and show us your true colors? Will you guys please get off your asses and give us a candidate that we don't have to get out the razor blades if elected?

What did you say? Aw come on, there has to be. Really? There is no moderate faction of the GOP? You mean they're all a bunch of whacked out right wing religious fundies or at least cater to that faction? Oh my. You mean there isn't a group of conservatives who embrace the Eisenhower or even the Goldwater philosophy of gov't and social progress? That's kinda scary.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Oh boy. We funded another bunch of whack jobs.

Viva La Revolucion!

I told ya so. . . right here. . . bout a week ago.

When will we ever learn?

Flying proudly over the birthplace of Libya's revolution, the flag of Al Qaeda

The black flag of Al Qaeda was hoisted in Libya yesterday as Nato formally ended its military campaign.
The standard fluttered from the roof of the courthouse in Benghazi, where the country’s new rulers have imposed sharia law since seizing power.
Seen as the seat of the revolution, the judicial building was used by rebel forces to establish their provisional government and media centre.

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