Thursday, August 30, 2012

Yes, I'm back, now THINK!

I'm Baaaaack. We'll see how long it lasts. I've been highly focused the past year or so on pursuits of a non political nature. Accomplished a lot academically and now maybe I'm ready to spend the next couple months pointing out why the republican agenda for America is bad for the working class and good for the elite of this country. How obvious does it have to be? The republicans are running a candidate who was responsible for much of the devastation that has hit the middle class over the past few decades. Out sourcing of jobs is what it's all about. The destruction of the manufacturing base in America is what has killed the middle and working class and it all happened because cheap labor is what the elite class is all about. They don't give a rat's ass about how they get it, they just want to minimize costs for their production of goods. They don't even care that their market base in America is shrinking, they'll take their product elsewhere. Then, in some cockeyed scheme, they finagle huge tax breaks under the guise of creating jobs. Add to all that the hundreds of billions that the military is pumping into the pockets of the Halliburtons and General Dynamics and it's easy to see what's happening in America. . . UNLESS, you're listening to the extremist right wing conservatives who are twisting the public discourse into having you believe that your freedom is at risk every day, your security is threatened around every corner and the only way to reproduce the jobs that have been lost is to take more money out of your pockets and put it into the pockets of the uber rich. Then you need to believe that it's not these uber rich corporate royalists who are causing our problems, it's actually . . . get ready for this. . . those hard working brown people from Mexico who are taking away your jobs. Really? All those landscaping, dry walling and pool cleaning jobs being taken away from Americans is the problem? How fucking stupid do you had to be to believe that?! Oh, and all those illegals are collecting welfare, social security and free healthcare. BULLSHIT! Do you dumb fuck proles really believe that just anyone can walk into a welfare office or a social security office and sign up for a check? The whole premise is ridiculous, but stupid people believe stupid things. Geez, I could have signed up for unemployment after I received my severance package when I retired, but the process was so damn long and drawn out and I had to produce so much documentation that it wasn't worth the bother. What the fuck is the matter with you people for believing things without even thinking about it for a minute? Free healthcare? Ok, anyone can walk into most hospital EDs and be stabilized. "Stabilized." That's it. No long term care. No advanced treatments. They put a bandage on it and send you back out the door. Think about it. No, really, THINK! There is a big difference between stabilization and advanced care. Millions of people lack access to advanced care in this country. . . that means no endocrinologist if you have diabetes, no orthopedic surgery if you break a bone. . . symptoms of disease are treated rather than advanced therapy and care. Come on, THINK! I don't care how bad a job President Obama has done (and I don't believe he has done a bad job, but that's for another post), the republican formula has been applied for the past 30+ years and it has gotten us where we are today. Our standard of living has eroded to the point where we are now no longer the country with the highest standard of living and in fact, lag behind numerous nations. We have a percentage of poor that is second to none among developed nations. Now the republican agenda is to further cut social programs. Remember when they talked about maintaining a "safety net?" Well fuck that, it's been blown to shreds already. So keep listening to the fear mongering and the falsehoods saturating the public discourse then imagine what it will be like 30 yrs from now if we continue to see the erosion of the middle class and the poor and desperate increase in our country. . . yea, I know, more tax cuts for the rich will fix all that. Wake up you ignorant proles! THINK! REALLY THINK!