Tuesday, August 31, 2010

More ridiculous right wing extremism. . .

Just got another one of these from a right wing extremist group.
Sadly, this is where the mainstream "conservative" movement rides these days.

ALERT: Your right to own a firearm is hanging on by a thread! In it's most ambitious effort yet, the UN and the Obama regime are working together to pass the Arms Trade Treaty to control and/or ban ALL PRIVATELY OWNED FIREARMS! The anti-gun nuts are holding secret meetings to craft a slew of uber-restrictive gun laws known as the Arms Trade Treaty. This Progressive backed treaty could become international law as soon as 2012. The globalist gun agenda wants to disarm the world one gun at a time! Take action NOW to protect YOUR GUNS!
Alan Gottlieb
Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms

In all my years of living in the USA, I've never once lost the tiniest bit of freedom as far as my guns are concerned.
These whack jobs seem to think that the UN is running the country. . . at least they rely on their followers to be dumb and ignorant enough to think so.

The pain of the high road

I know, President Obama is taking the high road on this. That is what he does. He's one of the most honorable men to ever hold the office of President of the United States. I believe in taking the high road. It's a much better way to travel. We all need to respect each other and get along.
But then I think about all those year right up to the present day when the opposition sits there calling everyone else traitors and unpatriotic. I think of how they would not and still do not budge off their positions. I think of how stictly partisan they are and how they would rather see the country fail than give an inch to get things done for the good of the country and I just want to fucking tell them all what a bunch of lying piece of shit fuck wads they are. I want to see George W. Bush in a cold dark prison rotting for the rest of his life. I want to see Newt Fucking Gingerich nest to him.
But that's just me. I'm glad we have a president who insists on taking the high road even if it does feel like he's betraying those of us who have put up with the pricks and pieces of shit who called us names and villanized us left leaners for all those years.

In address, Obama pays tribute to George W. Bush

WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama is acknowledging that he and former President George W. Bush disagreed about the Iraq war from the beginning. But in his nationally televised address on the Iraq war, he pays tribute to Bush by calling him "a patriot."

Obama spoke by telephone with Bush hours before Tuesday night's Oval Office address. The White House did not disclose what was said.

In the address, Obama said that although it is widely known that the two disagreed about the war, no one could doubt Bush's support for U.S. troops, his love for the U.S. and his commitment to the nation's security.

Obama said there are patriots who supported the war and patriots who opposed it.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Waddaya think teabaggers? Or don't you?

It seems like if I were really concerned about spending deficit in the United States I'd be really worried about how much we wasted in Iraq.

Will we be hearing from the teabaggers soon about this?

I suspect they will remain as quiet over this as they did for 8 yrs while Bush the Chimp racked up the biggest deficit in history or back in the 80s when Reaga nad Bush the Elder did the same.

By KIM GAMEL, Associated Press Writer Kim Gamel, Associated Press Writer
KHAN BANI SAAD, IraqAs the U.S. draws down in Iraq, it is leaving behind hundreds of abandoned or incomplete projects. More than $5 billion in American taxpayer funds has been wasted — more than 10 percent of the some $50 billion the U.S. has spent on reconstruction in Iraq, according to audits from a U.S. watchdog agency.

That amount is likely an underestimate, based on an analysis of more than 300 reports by auditors with the special inspector general for Iraq reconstruction. And it does not take into account security costs, which have run almost 17 percent for some projects.

Pictures that make me want to vomit with wretched disgust.

I've read a lot about Abraham Lincoln. He was probably the most qualified man to ever hold the office of President of the United States. You see, Abraham Lincoln had the rare and genius ability to listen to all sides of an issue. He would then study the issues intensely in his mind. He would jot down notes. He would consider the consequences of any action he had the option to take, then he would take the action that he thought was the best for the people of the United States of America. He didn't please all of the people all of the time, but he did what he believed was best for the country all of the time. Nobody owned Abraham Lincoln. He was no pawn to any special interest group.
Lincoln had many people in his cabinet that were political rivals and some that simply disagreed with his basic ideas, but he knew that it was important to consider and hear from all side of any issue before making any decision that could have a profound effect on the nation.
Lincoln wasn't nick named "Honest Abe" for no reason. He really was one who only told the truth in all matters. His love and compassion for people was legendary.
There's a great book out recently called "Lincoln As I Knew Him, Gossip, Tributes and Revelations From His Best Friends and Worst Enemies." It becomes clear reading these stories how honest, thoughtful and kind he truly was.
Abraham Lincoln was truly one of, if not the greatest men in the history of the United States.

When I see some racist divisive hate filled prick like the one above using the image of Lincoln to further his cause it really does make me sick. What shallow minded souls find themselves attracted to such lies and deceit? This is someone who is claiming moral high ground using bitter lies, hate speech and mental manipulation to sway ignorant people to go along with his agenda of greed and power.

Abraham Lincoln was the antithesis of that type of behavior. How dare some opportunistic recreant bastard like Glenn Beck use his image to instill hate and fear in the minds of Americans?

The Morons on the Mall Rally

So who are these morons who come from "all over the country" by the "tens of thousands" to hear some penis headed Baby Huey looking hate filled cry baby spew ugliness and divisive rhetoric?
I suspect they are mostly the teabagger bunch. Here are some snap shots of teabaggers taken at teabagger functions:

And just in case you get the wrong idea about these fine upstanding morally righteous citizens who traveled all the way to Washington DC to hear a talking penis, here's a picture taken at the very same rally:

Nice, huh? Don't worry, like most radically extreme fundamentalist movements, it will soon dissolve and the 24%ers will move on to some other form of racist, hate mongering.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cap and Trade 101

It's really a simple concept. It has worked very well in the past. Each major polluter is given a limit to the amount of CO2 it can emit. They look at what is being emitted, what can be done about it and set an immediate limit. Over time, that limit is reduced until a certain goal is reached. It's really quite fair and reasonable way to enact federal regulations on pollutants.
The really nice deal to this is that some companies are going to have an easier time of controlling their CO2 emissions than others, so what they can do is sell some of their "carbon credits" to other companies. So say a company has a limit of 1500 tons of CO2 and they only emit 1000 tons. They can sell the extra 500 tons to some other company that can't do as good a job of limiting emissions. So a company that is emitting 2000 tons with a 1500 ton limit can buy the other company's 500 tons and still be within required amounts.

I say "fuck em." Tell them the level they need to go to, tell them when they need to be there and shut them down if they don't meet those goals. . . but I'm not in charge which is probably a good thing.

See, it really is a policy that works WITH the corporate polluters to help them come into compliance with regulations.
Do the corporations see it that way? No, they never do.

Since the Clean Air and Clean Water acts back in the late 60s, they have fought and resisted every single piece of legislation to come down the legislative pike. They have consistently used the same arguments. . . "it's going to ruin corporate America." "It's going to cost too much and bankrupt corporation causing us to loose all these jobs."
Fun fact: Following all major legislation on pollution, America has enjoyed periods of (sometimes unprecedented) growth and prosperity.

During the past decade when corporate America lived in a wonderland of tax break and huge pushing back of environmental regulations by a corporate controlled administration, we experienced unprecedented job loss and the destruction of the middle class.

Now the greedy corporate power mongers are at it again. This time they employ their legions of teabaggers to scream about the evils of "Cap and trade" which they call "cap and tax." "It will destroy jobs" and "it will ruin corporations."

Yaaaawn. We've heard this so many times before and each and every time we've heard it, it has turned out to be untrue and nothing but greed inspired lies.
This time they've got the proles doing their screaming at teabagging parties across America.

I wonder, when is the democratic party going to raise THIER voices and tell America how ridiculous these teabaggers are with their lies and shallow minded ideas planted by the corporate greed machine? I'm waiting. . . and waiting, . . . still waiting.

Alaska politics

Why is Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski in trouble?
By Rachel Rose Hartman Wed Aug 25, 12:51 pm ET

A candidate who possesses significant advantages in money, name recognition and experience usually can expect to lead an election campaign. So what happened to Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski on Tuesday night?

I've spent a total of 14 days in Alaska, so I don't pretend to know the heart and soul of Alaskan politics, but when I go someplace I don't sit on tour buses listening to some bozo who reads good telling me what it's like outside. I go out into the place. I talk to people. I stop in small towns and try and get a flavor for what life is like.
In Alaska that's kinda hard to do because you're always walking around with your jaw down around your chest stunned by the incredible scenery that overwhelms you no matter what direction you look and no matter where you are (including Wasilla), but I tried.
I came away from Alaska with the sense that somewhere around 99.99999% of the people who live there are right wing conservatives. They aint real happy about the gentleman in the White House right now for various reason, some of which are not fit for discussion among many folks in "the lower 48." Yea, they refer to those of us in "the lower 48" a lot. See, it's different up there and the people mark their isolated status by isolating themselves socially and, they try, culturally.
But that being said, it's no wonder that the radical extremist right of Alaska came out and voted for some teabagging moron who got the support and endorsement of Alaska's favorite right wing fundamentalist extremist.
The good thing is, a majority of Alaskans disapprove of Sara Palin. Seems they have abandonment issues and a certain amount of good basic down home horse sense.
If I were Murkowski, I'd run as an independent. I suspect that when the greater mass of people come out for the general, they will not be so inclined to vote for a Palin pick.
This race is certainly not any indicator of what is going on in "the lower 48." Maybe the right wing news media would like youto believe that, but believe me, Alaska and true Alaskans really are different from the "lower 48."

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Microbes, oil spill disasters and getting BP off the hook.

New microbe discovered eating oil spill in Gulf

By RANDOLPH E. SCHMID, AP Science Writer Randolph E. Schmid, Ap Science Writer – 1 hr 2 mins ago

WASHINGTON – The Gulf of Mexico oil spill has revealed a previously unknown type of oil-eating bacteria, which is suddenly flourishing.

Scientists discovered the new microbe while studying the underwater dispersion of millions of gallons of oil spilled into the Gulf following the explosion of BP's Deepwater Horizon drilling rig.

And the microbe works without significantly depleting oxygen in the water, researchers led by Terry Hazen at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory reported Tuesday in the online journal Science Express.

"Our findings, which provide the first data ever on microbial activity from a deepwater dispersed oil plume, suggest" a great potential for bacteria to help dispose of oil plumes in the deep-sea, Hazen said in a statement.

Environmentalists have raised concerns about the giant oil spill and the underwater plume of dispersed oil, particularly its potential effects on sea life. A report just last week described a 22-mile long underwater mist of tiny oil droplets.

Argh! These fuckturds keep coming up with bullshit to make you think it's all ok in the Gulf of Mexico and the BP holocaust is not all that bad and wonder of wonders, natures is doing for us what we couldn't do for ourselves! WOW!
As every biologist who has even sniffed at a bacteriology text book knows, there's a microbe somewhere that will absorb and digest just about any substance under just about any natural condition on this Earth including crude oil in the deep once blue sea.
New species are being discovered every day on this Earth. Hell, we don't know about a majority of the insects on planet Earth, let alone the gajillions of bacteria species.
So the "discovery" of a new bacteria that happens to be absorbing a little crude oil in the Gulf is no surprise to me.
The BP oil spill is still a holocaust for the Gulf of Mexico. BP is still responsible for the deaths of their workers, the thousands of lives interrupted and ruined on the Gulf coast and the thousands of square miles of Gulf of Mexico territory devastated by this man made disaster that, with proper operations could have been avoided.
Like most modern industrial disasters, this one could have been avoided if their plant had been legally operated according to rules and regulations imposed by the gov't and their own standard operating procedures.
Again I ask, why are the executives of BP and those responsible for the proper operation of their rigs not in jail? Why do they walk free collecting their huge corporate salaries while others are dead, thousands are ruined and the Gulf of Mexico is devastated?
Why? Because the gov't, which is acting like a whore for BP is sending out bullshit news articles like this and the sleeping proles will let it lull them back into their safe quiet sleep. Maybe they'll wake up when a holocaust occurs on their own backyard. . . but don't count on it.

Right wing republican leadership

Amid John Boehner blast at Obama, hints of how GOP would rule

By Gail Russell Chaddock – Tue Aug 24, 4:31 pm ET
Washington – House Republican leader John Boehner Tuesday called on President Obama to extend the Bush tax cuts, fire his economic team, and listen to the fears and “entrenched uncertainty” that is stalling job growth on Main Street.
In his first economic address of the 2010 campaign season, the man who would be Speaker slammed the president’s top legislative accomplishments – economic stimulus, health-care reform, and financial regulation – as job killers.

Ok, so this orange faced bozo is supposed to be the up and coming republican leader. This is the guy who's going to be running the GOP when they take over congress and lick Obama out. So when they hype up the fact that he is going to give a major economic policy speech for the GOP establishment, you expect him to lay out what the GOP would do about the economic crisis that they created during the Chimp years.
I'd welcome some good ideas from the right. I'd like to hear some conservative strategy for the continued revival of the national economy. Trouble is, they apparently don't have any. The best Boehner could do was to recommend that Obama fired all his economic guys and start over. WTF?!
It looks like the mainstream republican party is just as clueless as the radical extremist wing. In fact, it's kinda difficult to tell where the radical extremist teabagger wing stops and the mainstream begins. Both are devoid of constructive ideas and both fill their rhetoric with shallow minded hateful rhetoric.
Are the American people in general falling for this extremism? Will they really buy into this destructive, devisive, bigoted hate talk that is totally lacking in substance.
I hope not.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Coal mining, safety and coal company executives

See article below. . .

What? Like a few dead miners are going to make these corpo-fascist pricks change their ways? They'd have to cut into their profits to do that and it's much cheaper for them to pay out a million here and there to dead miner families than it is to install an all-out safety program that actually goes by the rules.
Safety rules and environmental regulations work and they help, not hurt a company. I witnessed this first hand during my career at a multinational chemical company between 1974 and 2001. If the company I worked for even thought a new rule or reg was going to be placed upon them they immediately implemented said rule or reg., trained all affected personnel and if anyone broke those rules or reg. their ass was busted.
I watched as accidents almost ceased to occur, the workplace became a cleaner and more efficient place and the general environment improved drastically for everyone. In 1974 it was a nasty ugly dangerous place to work. By 2001 there was little danger except for some dumbass that might fuck up, but even they were protected against themselves. Nothing was flushed down the drain and all materials were accounted for from cradle to grave.
It is an abomination that miners are killed on a regular basis in Appalachia. Sometimes there are mass murders. "Murders?" Yes. When companies knowingly ignore safety rules and regs., and someone is killed because of it, it is nothing less than premeditated murder.

Why are these coal company executives allowed to walk free when they have murdered so many?

Feds: Appalachian mines keep breaking safety laws
By TIM HUBER, AP Business Writer Tim Huber, Ap Business Writer – 2 hrs 41 mins ago

CHARLESTON, W.Va. – Federal regulators say recent surprise inspections show that despite increased enforcement, underground coal mines continue to violate safety laws.

Mine Safety and Health Administration director Joe Main says it's appalling to keep finding the egregious violations revealed by the agency Tuesday.

MSHA says it found miners working under an unsupported roof at a Tennessee mine, and sections of a West Virginia mine were closed after inspectors found numerous serious violations.

Other problems turned up at two Kentucky mines, including an International Coal Group operation that was issued 43 citations last week.

An ICG spokesman had no immediate comment.

MSHA stepped up enforcement following an April explosion that killed 29 in West Virginia.

Monday, August 23, 2010

TSA moronic goons, etc.

I'm sitting at na airport gate waiting for my 3 hr. late flight. I just endured the usual TSA bullshit where a bunch of morons who do not possess the basic life skills to become thug cops stand around and scrutinize every inch and possession of anyone and everybody who wants to board a plane in this country. We are obsessed with security and the excuse of "9-11." Even at the TSA gate there was a big flag made up of the names of people killed on 9-11-01. "We will not forget" or some such bullshit printed in big letters. . .
It's amazing what stupid fucking proles will put up with. IT's amazing what ridiculous jizz you will swallow like $3 back alley whores.
Then I sit here and read this shit. Now these knuckle dragging TSA morons are allowed to pat you down like a common criminal just because they decide it might be a cool thing to do.
This is why I drive whenever I possibly can and why if I were rich I would NEVER fly commercial.

ACLU questions 'enhanced patdown' of air travelers

BOSTON – The American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts is questioning the propriety of stepped-up security checkpoint procedures at airports in Boston and Las Vegas.
The Boston Herald reports that Transportation Security Administration screeners at Logan International Airport are testing what one official called an "enhanced patdown." It lets screeners use a palms-forward, slide-down search procedure on passengers' bodies.
It replaces the old back-of-the-hand patdown for passengers who don't want to go through full-body scanning machines.
The TSA says the new procedure is also being tested at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas before a national rollout.
The ACLU questions whether the new technique is effective enough to justify what it calls a "seemingly constant erosion of privacy."

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Stand behind our president!!

Liberals. . . who are complaining about Obama not doing enough liberal stuff: wtf do you want? How bold is it for a sitting president to declare something like this? This is going to enrage the greed and power hungry who are pushing the teabaggers.
I say we need to stand behind this president and let him know that we WILL have his back when it comes to the teabaggers and their lies and false propaganda.

Barack Obama We cannot allow the corporate takeover of our democracy. We’re going to continue to fight for reform and transparency, and I urge all of you to take up the same fight. Let’s challenge every elected official who benefits from corporate-funded ads to defend this practice or join us in stopping it.

In this week’s address, President Obama urged Republican leaders in Congress to end their obstruction of a bipartisan bill that will reduce the influence of corporations and foreign entities.

Tea Party Lies

I keep getting these messages from MinutemanHQ.com and other right wing extremist groups.

I tap into these radical subversive groups to know what kind of ridiculous false propaganda they are spreading and for the entertainment value. Although, when I see people subverting the democratic process and trying to destroy our constitutional republic, it's not very entertaining.

Obama's Homeland Security To Grant Amnesty For Illegals

Homeland Security Amnesty Memo Subject: Administrative Alternatives to Comprehensive Immigration Reform

ALERT: According to a well placed Homeland Security Administrator (who obviously prefers to remain anonymous), "The plan is to incrementally remove all obstacles for immigration reform without a public debate."; For Obama the confidential source said, "Amnesty is a 100% done deal already."

They keep citing a "well places Homeland Security Administrator." Just that ought to give people cause to step back and say "wait a minute, the only source you're quoting is some anonymous guy inside homeland security? A TSA cop wannabe working the Deluth, MN airport x-ray machine? Perhaps a friend of a friend of a friend who works for MinutemanHQ.com? Maybe an anonymous e-mailer?
WTF? I've been getting these for weeks now and it hasn't elevated beyond a "well placed" source.

Why oh why do the ignorant proles have to be so fucking dumb that they take this lying bullshit for real?

How about this one:


It comes in a very official looking package with American flag and pictures.
Of course, for any citizen with any intellect at all, the first question to ask is "what the fuck is a "citizen grand jury?!"
The answer is: There is no such thing as a "citizen's grand jury" in our gov't.

But how many of the ignorant tea party proles will walk around mouthing "a grand jury is going to indict Kagen."

America, we once held the hope and promise of the world. It looked like we might become that beacon of justice and freedom that others dreamed about.
Too bad, because no nation can survive and be free when they are willing to be duped and controlled by lies and false propaganda that has no purpose but to serve the greed of the very rich and powerful.

Keep swallowing proles as you destroy the very nation that you claim to believe in. You can't have freedom and justice and be dumb-shit ignorant.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Rush Limbaugh and his hot young blond wife.

So Rush Limbaugh (you remember him: the guy who was busted for doctor shopping for prescription drugs and spent time in court ordered rehab while telling his listeners that illegal drug dealers ought to be executed and was also busted for having prescription Viagra on a plane coming in from the Bahamas that WAS NOY prescribed to him), yes that Rush Limbaigh has just married this really hot young blond woman.
Rush Limbaugh is an old, bald, deaf, fat guy who looks like Baby Huey. Why do you think the hot young blond woman married him? Is this an example of right wing extremist moral conduct?
These right wing extremists seem to be a morally shallow bunch according to recent news items.

Oh, and as for Elton John who attended and performed at "the wedding," fuck you, you British wanker asshole. I'm done with your music.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How can the republicans get away with their hate based rhetoric?

Here's how: The American proletariat are some of the dumbest, most ignorant fucktards in the world. . .

They swallow the republican jizz like $3 back alley bj whores.

Poll: Growing number incorrectly call Obama Muslim

By ALAN FRAM, Associated Press Writer – 13 mins ago
WASHINGTON – Americans increasingly are convinced — incorrectly — that President Barack Obama is a Muslim, and a growing number are thoroughly confused about his religion.
Nearly one in five people, or 18 percent, said they think Obama is Muslim, up from the 11 percent who said so in March 2009, according to a poll released Thursday. The proportion who correctly say he is a Christian is down to just 34 percent.
The largest share of people, 43 percent, said they don't know his religion, an increase from the 34 percent who said that in early 2009.

Sexism, yes, but more important, RACISM at it's worse.

Minnesota GOP: Republican women are hotter than Democrats
By Rachel Rose Hartman

A local Minnesota Republican Party operative yesterday waded into one of the signature political issues of our time: "Who's hotter — Republican women or Democratic women?"
The Senate District 56 GOP Party posted a Web video yesterday laying out its position on the hotness question. It leads with images of prominent Republicans such as Sarah Palin, Michelle Malkin, and Michele Bachmann; the soundtrack, naturally, is the Tom Jones chestnut, "She's a Lady."
Then, there's an abrupt switch to the other side of the aisle. The theme is subtly conveyed with the strains of the Baha Men hit "Who Let the Dogs Out?" Photos of Michelle Obama, Janet Reno, Rosie O'Donnell and Hillary Clinton flash on the screen.

OK, the idea of comparing one party's female leaders to the other on the basis of who looks best is juvenile, lame, childish and just plain goofy at best. It also shows what a sad state one's party must be in as far as female leaders go if you've got to present them as mere sex objects for physical comparison.

There is something about this whole story however that just reeks of typical right wing racism; how can they use an image of Michele Obama to try and persuade people that democrat women are ugly? Well, we all know hopw they can do that. They do it because they are playing to a segment of America that no matter how beautiful the woman, if she is African-American, she is ugly to them. Yes, the really low down, knuckle dragging white supremist crowd is their obvious contingency and obviously where the Minnnesota Republican Party is firmly entrenched.
I mean come on, Michele Obama is nothing but beautiful. Her face, her body and even more enchanting, her total demeanor . . . the way she walks, talks and acts. She is simply the most beautiful woman to hold the position of first lady in my lifetime. We have never had a first lady with such dignity and confidence that I can remember or even think of. How could anyone possibly find it fitting to show an image of her and refer to her as a dog? Only a white supremist who would find any African-American woman ugly. Only a white supremist who, no matter how brilliant, intellectual or capable the person, they would reject them because they are Black.
Fuck these piece of shit bastards who really, are a reflection on all white America when they, in their position of power put forth such horrendously recreant propaganda. I try not to hate anyone and to have compassion for every lost soul, but these pricks really make it difficult.

How low do these white supremist sons of bitches have to get before America simply says "ENOUGH!"

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Corporate greed and their government collaborators

Who will win in the end?

Ga. scientists: Gulf oil not gone, 80 pct remains

Mon Aug 16, 6:30 pm ET
WASHINGTON – Georgia scientists say their analysis shows that most of that BP oil the government said was gone from the Gulf of Mexico is still there.
The scientists say as much as 80 percent of the oil still lurks under the surface. The Georgia team said it is a misinterpretation of data to claim that oil that is dissolved is actually gone. The report from University of Georgia and other scientists came from an analysis of federal estimates.
Earlier this month federal scientists said that only about a quarter of the oil remained and the rest was either removed, dissolved or dispersed.

New Study: Oil from Gulf Spill Settling on Sea Floor
Researchers say oil from leak appears to have seeped into underwater canyon east of ruptured BP well, where they say it is killing small plants and bacteria
VOA News 17 August 2010

A pelican flies over new marsh grass in an area that had been impacted by the oil from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill near East Grand Terre Island, where the Gulf of Mexico meets Barataria Bay along the Louisiana coast, 10 Aug. 2010

A new study by scientists in the Gulf of Mexico finds that oil from the worst offshore oil spill in history is settling on the sea floor, where it is harming critical microscopic organisms.

Researchers at the University of South Florida issued the report on the impact of the BP oil spill Tuesday.

They said oil from the leak appears to have seeped into an underwater canyon east of the ruptured BP well, where they say it is killing small plants and bacteria. The plants, called phytoplankton, are a critical part of the food chain for several species of fish.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Leading the way in alternative energy

This is a picture of a huge tidal turbine that will be installed on the British coast around the Orkney Islands.
Why is Europe leading the charge on alternative energy? Where is American ingenuity?
Have we traded in all our technological excellence for the corporate bottomline?
And people wonder why, as I get older, I begin to truly believe that perhaps some form of socialism IS a good thing.
The corporate structure has become more of a destructive force in our society than ever before.

Monday, August 9, 2010

American religious wars

This is from Red Neck Liberal. He says it better than I could. . .


The ongoing anti-Muslim hate campaign makes me wonder how blissfully unaware of history wingnuts must be. How else could they co-opt Nazi-style racial scapegoating so blatantly and with so little shame? Hasn't anyone amongst them even skimmed a history book and noticed how Hitler's prewar treatment of German Jews parallels the way they're treating American Muslims?

It also makes me wonder how 'Baggers disprove their own case every time they open their fat, stupid traps. The fact that they're free to push their hate unmolested and largely unchallenged by the people they're attacking only goes to show how stoic and peaceable regular Muslims really are. And how far away they are from the terrorist/fanatic stereotype pushed by fringe hate groups like the... err... GOP.

One side in the "debate" do show themselves up as terrorists, fanatics and all-round enemies of civilization. But they don't read the Koran - aside from maybe the Glenn Beck crib notes.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Moralistic morons

I just got this "Conservative action alert" in my e-mail titled, Keep Marriage Marriage.

Federal Judge Tramples Your Rights! Help Fight Back! August 5 , 2010

It happened . . . the unthinkable, the wrong, the outrageous.

An openly gay judge in San Francisco ruled that the votes and values of over 7 million Californians were to be thrown in the dustbin like so many pieces of dirty paper, that his imperial will trumps the voice of the people.

We expected this outcome, because Judge Walker has telegraphed his bias loud and clear. But the sheer audacity, the sheer ego mania of the decision is startling. One judge versus all of the voters of California, plus the 30 other states that have voted directly to protect marriage. One judge against the simple common sense notion that it takes a man and a woman to make a marriage. And he thinks that this will be the end of it...

But he's wrong. Very wrong. We will fight back, and we will win! This case is no doubt going to the Supreme Court and the National Organization for Marriage will continue to give generously to the Proposition 8 Legal Defense Fund. We've already given $100,000. We were the largest single donor to Proposition 8 and the successful efforts in Maine, New York and New Jersey to protect marriage. But now we're in the fight of our lives.

I've been trying for years to figure out how gays getting married threatens my marriage. I've been married for 31 yrs of my adult life and I just can't recall a single reason or event where gay marriage could have had the least effect on my marital status.

Are you threatened by gay marriage? I'd like to know how exactly. See, these right wing extremist say this shit but they never explain anything. Their rhetoric is totally lacking in substance. Let's face it: "Keep marriage marriage" is nothing but simple minded church parlor talk. WTF does it mean?
In the paraphrased words of my blogging friend Teddy Velvet (come on Ted, you know you are), 'why shouldn't gays be just as miserable as the rest of us?'

The funny thing is that these moralistic morons just don't understand how a constitutional republic works. Ya see, it doesn't matter if every single voter in the United States of America decides to infringe one single person's constitutional rights, it is the duty of the federal gov't through the courts and legislation to protect that one person from the will of all the others.

Yes, you dumb fuck bozos, that is what a constitutional republic is all about. WE ARE NOT A DEMOCRACY! We employ certain democratic processes, that is all.

Now go back to your caves and take your primitive moralistic bullshit with you.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hughes Net Sucks!

$69/mo. plus installation and equipment charges and it's usually slower than dial-up on our analog phone lines. A little bit of overcast and it bogs down like a . . . well, worse than really slow dial-up.
On a clear day you can get something that is quite a bit faster than dial-up. Any cloudiness and it's hard to tell what you'll get.
Dial-up cost $15/mo. and it's consistently slow.
Hughes Net Satellite internet is a whole fucking lot more expensive and itslower a lot of the time.
Why the fuck did I pay them so much fucking money and why do I keep sending them $69+/month?!
Yes, Hughes Net SUCKS!

Myanmar goes eco!

Bravo to the Military Regime of Burma (Myanmar). This not only saves a large species, it saves and protects all the species in an entire ecosystem. This is a great thing that Myanmar has done and should be recognized and praised by all nations.

Myanmar triples size of northern tiger reserve

Thu Aug 5, 1:39 am ET

BANGKOK – Myanmar has tripled the size of the world's largest tiger reserve in an effort to save the endangered species, which now numbers less than 3,000 in the wild, a conservation group said in a statement seen Thursday.

The entire Hukaung Valley — a remote area of northern Myanmar about half the size of Switzerland — is now a protected tiger area, the government announced Tuesday.

"Myanmar now offers one of the best hopes for saving tigers in Southeast Asia," said Colin Poole of the U.S.-based Wildlife Conservation Society. "The newly expanded protected area in the Hukaung Valley will be a cornerstone of tiger conservation throughout this iconic big cat's range."

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Fascist America

So here's the deal; the police ("fucking pigs" in this case) can video tape you any time they please. In fact, they have video cameras set up in the most popular and well traveled public places these days. They can tape you when you drive or any time you walk along a street, road or in a park.
But according to all these prosecutors and police agencies, you CAN NOT video tape a police officer ("pig" in this case) in a public place or while he is carrying out his duties with you participating. Somehow YOU are breaking "wire tap" laws


I'm waiting for this to become an issue in any locale near me. I will be out there daring the mother fuckers to arrest me. I am getting so tired of police thuggery in this country. It's getting worse and worse and cops are getting dumber and dumber.

But it probably doesn't bother the typical proles in the least. Afterall, as long as you're being a good little prole and obeying the law, it shouldn't effect you a bit, right?

Yea, fuck the Constitution of the United States, just obey the law. . . then cops thugs don't have to.

Should Videotaping the Police Really Be a Crime?

By ADAM COHEN Adam Cohen – Wed Aug 4, 11:05 am ET

Anthony Graber, a Maryland Air National Guard staff sergeant, faces up to 16 years in prison. His crime? He videotaped his March encounter with a state trooper who pulled him over for speeding on a motorcycle. Then Graber put the video - which could put the officer in a bad light - up on YouTube.

It doesn't sound like much. But Graber is not the only person being slapped down by the long arm of the law for the simple act of videotaping the police in a public place. Prosecutors across the U.S. claim the videotaping violates wiretap laws - a stretch, to put it mildly.

Lies for the proles to sleep by.

Lessee, last week we were being told that skimmers had picked up a small percentage of the oil and that microbial action and evaporation was what was containing the spill. This week, it's skimming and burning.
It has become acceptable to simply lie about all this. Say whatever is convenient. The proles accept that the gov't is going to feed them a pack of lies and in turn the gov't feeds them lie after contradictory lie.
Obama, Bush, some douchebag governor or mayor, they're all the same. . . lies follow lies.
It astounds me that the proles are so fucking docile and accepting of being lied to. If it were another individual lying like the gov't does, they would be marginalized and condemned.

Hey you dumb fucks! Wake up! When did we ever have a major oil spill and all the oil just disappeared or was sucked up in a matter of weeks! There are still toxic amounts of oil on the shores of Prince Edward Sound 20 yrs later! There will be toxic levels of oil in the Guld of Mexico 20 yrs from now. . . probably 100 yrs from now.

Oh, but don't worry, this time bacteria, evaporation and BP are going to remove it all and make everything alright.

Proles = Bunch of $3 back alley whores. . . swallow away.
Hell, they bought you for less than $3.

Mud plugs well; feds say much of Gulf oil is gone
By HARRY R. WEBER and GREG BLUESTEIN, Associated Press Writers Harry R. Weber And Greg Bluestein, Associated Press Writers – 43 mins ago

ON THE GULF OF MEXICO – BP claimed a key victory Wednesday in its effort to plug its blown-out oil well in the Gulf of Mexico while the government said the vast majority of oil from the worst offshore spill in U.S. history was already gone.

Declaring it a milestone, BP PLC said mud that was forced down the well was holding back the flow of crude and it was in a "static condition."

Also, White House energy adviser Carol Browner said on morning TV talk shows that a new assessment found that about 75 percent of the oil has either been captured, burned off, evaporated or broken down in the Gulf.