Thursday, May 26, 2011

Another dumb fuck republican candidate in trouble. . .

Newt Gingerich is in trouble for having taken an interest free load from Tiffany Jewelers.
I call bullshit on this one. Go to any store these days and buy a big ticket item. Almost anyone with good credit can get interest free for 12 months. . . . furniture, carpeting, jewelry, you name it. Retailer do this on a regular basis whether the economy is good or not. They definitely give the rich and famous big interest breaks. Normal business practice. This is a total non issue.

Look, Salamander Newt is a buffoon. He's going to do just fine on his own at sabotaging any attempt at running for president. We don't need to focus on bullshit trivia items like this. Let him talk, he'll do fine himself.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Let's give all medicare dollars to private corporations!

Senate votes down controversial House budget

By ANDREW TAYLOR, Associated Press – 2 hrs 30 mins ago
WASHINGTON – Joined by several moderate Republicans, Democrats controlling the Senate rejected a controversial House budget plan for turning Medicare into a voucher-like program for future beneficiaries.
Five Republicans joined every Democrat in the 57-40 vote killing the measure, which calls for transforming Medicare into a program in which future beneficiaries — people now 54 years old and younger — would be given a subsidy to purchase health insurance rather than have the government directly pay hospital and doctor bills.

So what would this bill have really done? It would have given all medicare money to private corporations. Those who bought their insurance with these "Vouchers" would have received the lowest level of care available. Those with the vouchers and another $2k to spend per month on healthcare would receive the finest treatment in all the land. This would have created a two teared healthcare system in America with separate hospitals and other facilities for the two classes and even different doctors. DOs and MDs from local less accredited med schools would work in one level of facilities and MDs from the finer schools would work in the higher level healthcare facilities. The entire complex would be run by corporations whose sole purpose would be to make as much profit as possible. IF that thought doesn't terrify you, then you are not thinking.
When is America going to get tired of these corporate whores taking shots at the very fabric of our society? When are we going to get tired of all our resources going into the pockets of the corporate elite uber rich?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Whacked out candidate and political movements. . .

Americans love to flirt with whacko candidates and political movements. People like George Wallace, Ross Perot and Sarah Palin sometimes actually draw some votes and attention. The "know nothing party," The "bull moose party" and here lately the "tea party (baggers)" sometimes field candidates and win some support. But sooner or later the outlandish appeal wears thin and American voters return to the middle of the road and once again begin voting for steady, reasonable candidate.
Today we have an interesting and perhaps unique condition. One of the major parties has gone almost totally over to the side of a fringe group that probably wouldn't have gotten more than a mention had it not been for their extreme hatred, vile rhetoric and obvious racist agenda. It seems like every republican from the hill on down has embraced the outlandish of the TeaBaggers and now that the fires have cooled and the American public is done playing stupid extreme politics what are they to do? Well, I suspect they will have to look in the only place where calm and moderation has been consistently a part of the agenda. They are going to be voting for democratic candidates. Yes, even the republican moderates which has traditionally made up the majority of that party will be voting democrat in the next few election cycles. Until the republicans get their act together and purge themselves of the extremists and fundamentalists that have taken over the party, the democrats will again assume total power in Washington and elsewhere.

Democrat wins special election for NY House seat

AP – Democratic candidate for the 26th District Congressional seat, Kathy Hochul arrives at a campaign stop …
Play VideoPresidential Transition Video:Netanyahu vows no going back to 1967 borders AFP
By BETH FOUHY and CAROLYN THOMPSON, Associated Press – 1 hr 31 mins ago
BUFFALO, N.Y. – Democrats picked off a heavily Republican upstate New York congressional seat Tuesday in a special election that became a referendum on Medicare and may have blunted further GOP efforts to cut popular entitlement programs as a way to close the federal deficit.
Erie County Clerk Kathy Hochul defeated Republican state Assemblywoman Jane Corwin, capturing 47 percent of the vote to 43 percent for Corwin, to win the seat in the 26th Congressional District. A wealthy tea party candidate, Jack Davis, took 9 percent.

Congratulation U.S. Rep. Hochul on an astounding victory in one of the most conservative republican districts in the NE. Now go to congress and tell the corpo-fascist republicans that we won't put up with their agenda of taking away the benefits of the poor, working and middle classes while supporting tax breaks for the rich and mega corporations. Big oil can go to fucking hell. We want parity in taxation. The voters of upstate NY have spoken. Who's next?
You can lead the charge Rep Hochul.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Another silly GOPoop Candidate

Potential GOP candidate affirms Mormon heritage

SALT LAKE CITY – Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman says he is Mormon, and he doesn't think his religion will be an issue if he decides to run for president.
"I believe in God. I'm a good Christian. I'm very proud of my Mormon heritage. I am Mormon," Huntsman told ABC's "Good Morning America" on Friday.
"Today there are 13 million Mormons. It's a very diverse and heterogeneous cross-section of people. And you're going to find a lot of different attitudes and a lot of different opinions in that 13 million," he added.

Mormons "diverse and heterogeneous?!" "alot of different attitudes and opinions?!"

Who is this clown trying to fool. Oh yea, the Amurikkkin proles. I suppose they might belief this pile of horse shit. Fact is, mormons, while being some of the most pleasant people I've ever worked with, are also some of the most conservative and homogeneous thinking group of people I've ever encountered. Find me ONE liberal mormon. Find me one mormon who is a member of the church that doesn't wear magic underwear. . . yea, under all those $5000 suits and fancy clothes, Baseball Mitt Romney and probably this guy are wearing their cotton longjohns so that when Jesus comes to take them away they'll be appropriately attired. Why the hell doesn't someone in the press ask these guys that question. "Yo, Baseball Mitt, you wearin your elder approved cotton longjohns under all that?" "Uh Mr. Huntsman, are you properly attired for your departure from Earth if Jesus walks into the room five minutes from now?" Just answer "yes" or "no" so that we know just how whacked out you really are.

Don't get me wrong. I've never met a mormon I didn't like. Every single mormon I've ever met has been kind, courteous, attentive to other people in the room, etc. Everything you'd like to see in a fellow human being. They beat me all to hell with their social skills. But really, do we want someone who is a member of a cult that believes in all sorts of weird religious mythology and practices running our country?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Those silly republicans. . .

Donald Trump - This guy is a side show clown. The right wing American public was drawn in like the suckers they are. They love a good side show, especially when it's so ridiculous that everybody else walks away knowing it's a scam. . . but not the teabagger types or the media that doesn't care if it's real or not. Of course he bowed out. He's not stupid, just a fucking clown.

Huckaby - I don't even know this preacher's first name, nor do I care. He's a typical southern fundamentalist moron snake oil salesman. How in the hell in this day and age can someone with a scintilla of intellect believe that the world was created as per the Bible, that there is a sky pixie keeping score on everyone, etc., etc. Again, I think the guy was told he didn't have a chance with the general electorate who are pretty dumb, but overall, not that dumb.

Mitt Romney - WTF kind of name is Mitt, you're named after a baseball glove? And WTF kind of religion is Mormonism? Religion is freaky enough, but those mormons done got themselves some super freak shit going on. Magic underwear, very strange marriage and social customs and beliefs. . . do we really want someone who believes in this kind of whacked out shit to be running the nation of the United States of America?

Newt Gingerich - You're named after a salamander? I thought we figured out a decade or so ago that Newt was a slimy little belly crawling turd that had come out from under a rock and we sent him back? This was the guy who was incapable of controlling his own party as speaker of the house back during the Clinton years and he wants us to let him be president? Remember, he left the house in disgrace and scandal. Clinton, who he rallied against and led the impeachment of, left the presidency with the highest popularity ratings of any modern president. HA! Good luck "Newt." I hope you get the nomination. That way President Obama won't have to work so hard at campaigning and can continue to lead this nation with dignity and the common good in mind.

Ron Paul - LMAO. What more can you say. This guy reminds me of Lyndon LaRouche. LL was a perennial presidential candidate for some wing nut party back in the 60 and 70s. His brash statements and radical right wing views were entertaining, but never taken too serious.

Palin - LMFAO. Too easy.

Bachman - Why does the GOPoop come up with such ridiculous women. My take on women is that they are generally smarter than men, are more intellectual than men and have a better ability to see the 'big picture' than men. So why are the republican women that they parade out exactly the opposite of that? Are they trying to persuade us of some point in their agenda?
Bachman and Palin both have shown that they are ignorant of current issues and the kinds of general civic and historical knowledge that I would expect the average college freshman to know. There are so many brilliant female leaders out there today, why do THEY rise to the top of the republican cess pool?

Santorum -

So who will the GOPoop put up to run against Obama? Will they even take it seriously? Remember, very often the opposing party just throws someone out there as a sacrificial lamb when they see no chance of winning; remember Dukakis, Dole and McCain. Maybe they will pull some really good candidate out of their ass sometime in the next few months. Or maybe, these guys are so fucked up they're beginning to make speaker of the house John Boner look good to the GOPoop power brokers. It should be an amusing time for those of us who have quit taking all this shit seriously and are simply amused by it.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

NewUnreal. . .

All the news you need today!
Some of CNN's top headlines. . .

Schwarzenegger and Shriver split
Guess who has best abs in Congress
Is Pippa too hot for the royals?

I just can't figure out why people care?!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My racist and appallingly insensitive government.

Who's the fucking genius who came up with this bullshit! And what the fuck is wrong with PResident Obama for letting the operation proceed with such an insensitive, culturally insulting and downright racist code name for a commonly hated terrorist fugitive. Geronimo was a victim of terrorism inflicted on him and his people. Geronimo was one of the greatest anti terrorist warriors in history. He protected and fought for his people against a terrorist power for many years.
It is absolutely incomprehensible that the United States government, the perpetrator of the terror that he fought would turn around and label the worse terrorist of modern times after Geronimo. The government, the president and all involved who used or supported the use of this term should apologize immediately and with the greatest amount of humility they are capable of, but being insensitive, arrogant, dick headed politicians and generals, I doubt humility is even a possibility.
I try and be cool and not get upset. I try and understand that everyone is trying to do their best, but FUCK! Sometimes I just want to SLAP THE SHIT OUTTA SOMEBODY!

Indians say code name offensive but not surprising

By SUSAN MONTOYA BRYAN, Associated Press –
Geronimo was known as a legendary Apache warrior whose ability to walk without leaving footprints allowed him to evade thousands of Mexican and U.S. soldiers, much like Osama bin Laden evaded capture for the past decade.
But for Native Americans, there's an important difference: Geronimo was a hero — not a terrorist.
So to them, the U.S. military's use of the revered leader's moniker as a code name for bin Laden was appalling — a slap in the face that prompted statements of disapproval from tribal leaders, a flurry of angry comments on social network sites and a letter from the leader of Geronimo's tribe asking President Barack Obama to apologize.

When disaster strikes in America. . .

it brings out the scum and the low lifes.

Compare it to how the citizens of Japan reacted to their disaster that was actually much worse. . .

Looters, flimflam men plague tornado-torn South

By CHRIS HAWLEY and JOHN CHRISTOFFERSEN, Associated Press – 6 mins ago
APISON, Tenn. – The crooks walked up to Kenneth Carter's tornado-damaged property with the purposeful air of relief workers in need of an all-terrain vehicle like the one he had parked out back.
"They said, `Excuse us, we've got to get this four-wheeler out of here,'" said the 74-year-old Apison resident. "I said, `I don't think so — that four-wheeler belongs to me!"
Carter avoided becoming a victim, but authorities say the South has been plagued by a variety of swindles since the twister outbreak last week that ripped apart houses and killed 329 people in seven states. Looters have carried off televisions, power tools and prescription pills. Elsewhere, unscrupulous businesses are charging double for a tank of gas or jacking up the cost of a hotel room. Authorities also warn of construction workers who leave with the cash before opening their tool kit and the danger that identities could be stolen off wind-blown documents.

So sad the society we live in.

Monday, May 2, 2011

We can do ANYTHING!

"Today we are reminded that as a nation there is nothing we can't do,"
President Obama 5-2-11

Yes we can! It might take a decade to track down one man and kill him and we may have to employ all the most modern military technology to do it, but sure, we can do anything. . . . lessee, I remember when "as a nation there is nothing we can't do," meant sending a man to the surface of the Moon and returning him safely in less than 10 yrs while developing the technology to do it. Now it means tracking down one cave dwelling terrorist and killing him in less than 10 yrs.
Oh how I mourn for my country's lost excellence.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Ding dong the witch is dead!

OK, so bin Laden is dead. Killed by American troops in Pakistan. Can we go home now?
I really dread the next two weeks of news. It will be endless analysis and hashing and rehashing of every aspect of the past 9 yrs and Amurykkka's quest for bin Laden blood. Then there will be the political morons who will pin the tail on Obama and those who will seek to rip it off leaving as much blood and exposed flesh as possible. Oh yea, it's going to be a three ring circus.
Now, if I can maintain a recreational attitude. . . it WILL be funny to wath and listen to the teabaggers twist this against the president. It WILL be funny to watch the president crow like a big ol cock about how he got bin Laden. . . with the implication that MoronMonkeyBoy bush the Chimp didn't. It will be entertaining to see the right wing republicans mourn what the polls will do in the next couple days. It will be entertaining. . . and there's no place like home, there's no place like home, . . .the re ' s n o pl a c e l i k . . .

Dorothy! Wake up!!