Monday, January 28, 2008


Valley haze's mystery lifts
Blue cloud blamed on weather, power plant pollution
By Ken Ward Jr.

An unusually strong temperature inversion combined with coal-fired power plant emissions to create the blue haze that hung over the Kanawha Valley Friday afternoon, state environmental officials said today.

The event more than tripled the concentrations of some dangerous air pollutants, as a thick layer of warm air trapped plant emissions over the Valley, according to state Department of Environmental Protection officials and weather experts.

This is a fucking lie. These government bureaucrats are fucking liars. I suspect that Ken Ward know they are lying, but needs his job.
Friday's pollution was the result of an event. It happened within 15 minutes. 99.9% of the population will believe this bullshit, but there are some of us on both sides who know that this is a dirty pile of stinking bullshit.

I've seen inversions cascade up the valley and I've seen pollution become concentrated in a short amount of time. I've also seen events occur where the valley is suddenly besieged by a cloud of pollution. Friday's condition was caused by an event. Anyone who says otherwise is either ignorant or pushing govenment sponsored bullshit which is nothing short of terrorisim perpetrated against the citizenry.

I fucking hate it when the government lies. Our entire system breaks down and becomes invalid when that happens.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

God squad assholes and FCC bullshit

Bare rear could cost ABC $1.4 million
Sat Jan 26, 3:22 AM ET

WASHINGTON - The Federal Communications Commission has proposed a $1.4 million fine against 52 ABC Television Network stations over a 2003 broadcast of cop drama NYPD Blue.
The fine is for a scene where a boy surprises a woman as she prepares to take a shower. The scene depicted "multiple, close-up views" of the woman's "nude buttocks" according to an agency order issued late Friday.. . .
The agency said the show was indecent because "it depicts sexual organs and excretory organs — specifically an adult woman's buttocks."

Fuck these god squad assholes. You'd think that the federal gov't would have more important things to do than to concern themselves with with a fleeting glance at a bare behind. Even the FCC ought to have more important matters concerning our airwaves than to have time fucking around with someone's bare ass. This is all a bunch of moralistic fundamentalist pandering bullshit.

Yea, we DO have too much government. When an important government agency has so much free time that it can spend four years contemplating the disposition of a bare ass being broadcast over the airwaves, then fuck those motherfuckers. They've got too much money to spend and some really bad management.
Think about it. How many other government agencies are wasting their time and resources managing bullshit and unimportant issues?
We need an administration that will go through and clean these petty bureaucrats out.

Oh, and here's a clue for you you fucking FCC bureaucratic wanker clueless pitifully ignorant morons: A "buttocks" is neither a sexual or excretory organ. . . it aids in neither the reproductive or excretory function of a human being. These bozos are wasting good oxygen every time they inhale.

The "mystery" of clogging your lungs

Blue haze mystery starting to dissipate
State investigators focusing on Amos plant, weather 'inversion'
By Ken Ward Jr.
Early Friday afternoon, American Electric Power spokesman Phil Moye saw the plume rolling in from his office on the 11th floor of the Chase Building in downtown Charleston.
"When you look up the Valley, it's just a blue haze all the way up," Moye said.
Moye and other AEP officials said their giant John Amos Power Plant had nothing to do with the mysterious cloud that hung over the Kanawha Valley most of the afternoon.
AEP officials say they believe their John Amos Power Station was operating normally on Friday, but state inspectors are examining whether any problems at the plant contributed to Friday’s blue haze problem. The plant is among the region’s largest polluters, but Columbus, Ohio-based AEP is spending hundreds of millions of dollars to greatly reduce emissions. ..
Up and down the river, industrial facilities all offered similar answers. No leaks at the Bayer plant in Institute. Nothing wrong at Dow in South Charleston. And at John Amos? "All of our monitoring levels are fine," Moye said.

This is simply a crock of shit. I was in THE Valley on Friday. I saw the "blue haze." It was like something one would have seen back in the early 70s before the EPA cracked down on these mother fuckers.
Now, I know something of environmental monitoring and pollution sampling having spent an entire career working in a high technology area of the chemical industry. I know something about how much money was spent and the technology put into place over the years to track chemical "events" and to analyze the air we breath.
I have known people and facilities within the confines of THE Valley who, back in the day, could have had an answer to what was being spewed into the air within minutes. Did all that technology vanish when DOW shut down the chemical industry in THE Valley? Is the State of West Virginia now incapable of sampling and defining air pollutants? In years past, I have been to their pollution testing facility out in Guthrie, WV and they once had the capability to test and defiine air samples. What happened? Do they still have the capability or not?
Yes, I saw the "blue haze" when it moved in. It happened fast and it was extreme. something happened somewhere. All this talk about "we don't know." "It wasn't us," is plain pure and simple bullshit.
fuck the government bureaucrats who aren't doing a damn thing, are going along with the industry lies and couldn't figure this one out within a couple hours and tell the population of THE Valley exactly what was effectiing them, where it was coming from and who was responsible.
And the proles swallow it whole without the slightest hint of discontent. Fuck them too.

Thursday, January 24, 2008


Deal reached on tax rebates for stimulus
By ANDREW TAYLOR, Associated Press Writer 11 minutes ago
WASHINGTON - Democratic and Republican congressional leaders reached a tentative deal Thursday on tax rebates of $300 to $1,200 per family and business tax cuts to jolt the slumping economy.

Congressional officials close to the negotiations said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Republican Leader John Boehner of Ohio reached agreement in principle in a telephone call Thursday morning.

I give up. It's useless to fight the machine. These piece of shit politicians claim that they can't get anything done because of this reason or that reason, but then, with a phone call and a promise they easily distribute $150,000,000,000 ($150 BLLION) up to the ultra-rich. These traitors of the american ideal and principles have, in a matter of a couple days perpetrated the biggest give-away in American history. And what will the ignorant brainwashed pitifuls proles do? Nothing. They'll be too excited to have a few hundred bucks in their pocket that they won't notice what is real. By the time they've spent it and all that money has moved up the economic food chain they'll be obsessed with another carrot on a stick or perceived threat. I used to think that by 2050 this country would be in the shit can, but now I'm not so sure we've got that long to go.
The government has become a conduit for transferring our national resurces into the hands of the ultra-rich while the desperate masses suffer. Fuck the proles, they're getting what they asked for.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A BIG Surprise!

Not much more to add or any big surprises to this. The Bush administration has been committing treason for years but nobody seems to care. When are these renegade radical extremists going to be brought to justice? They ran out Nixon and impeached Clinton for FAR less.

Center for Public Integrity

False Pretenses
Following 9/11, President Bush and seven top officials of his administration waged a carefully orchestrated campaign of misinformation about the threat posed by Saddam Hussein's Iraq.

By Charles Lewis and Mark Reading-Smith

President George W. Bush and seven of his administration's top officials, including Vice President Dick Cheney, National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice, and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, made at least 935 false statements in the two years following September 11, 2001, about the national security threat posed by Saddam Hussein's Iraq. Nearly five years after the U.S. invasion of Iraq, an exhaustive examination of the record shows that the statements were part of an orchestrated campaign that effectively galvanized public opinion and, in the process, led the nation to war under decidedly false pretenses.

On at least 532 separate occasions (in speeches, briefings, interviews, testimony, and the like), Bush and these three key officials, along with Secretary of State Colin Powell, Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz, and White House press secretaries Ari Fleischer and Scott McClellan, stated unequivocally that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction (or was trying to produce or obtain them), links to Al Qaeda, or both. This concerted effort was the underpinning of the Bush administration's case for war.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Things that I don't get

Had a nice weekend. Went to Columbus. Visited with my son, had a couple good meals and the little woman did some shopping. Picked up a load of poultry feed at my organic producer. All in all it was a mellow relaxing time, but there were a couple items that just kept creeping up into my craw and gittin stuck. I mean damn WTF? Isn't-it-obvious-this-is-so-fucking-simple stuck in my craw.

Here's the first "issue" that seems to be making me choke:

Yea, it's tough for me to get behind Hillary in any way shape or form. This is a woman who takes really big bucks from corporate entities on a regular basis. While living in the state of Arkansas she sat on the board of directors of Wal-Mart. Yea, fucking Wal-Mart. The biggest buster of small enterprise this country has ever seen. At least the pharmaceutical, oil and auto industry have always been big corporate enterprises, but Wal-Mart came along and completely blew the doors off merchandising. Mom and Pop folks can't exist in small town America once Wal-Mart moves in. Hillary Clinton sat on their BODs when they were formulating and executing their pillaging of small town America.

The Clintons have always lived and died by the polls. They formulate their strategy based on polls. Interestiingly, their number one pollster is also the number one pollster for corporate America. The company she uses is called "Burson-Marsteller," but more impotantly is the fact that the head of this company, Mark Penn is someone who can put Karl Rove to shame. This guy is a pollster and strategist supreme. He got rich by advising the Clintons in the 90s. His history with and around the Clintons and the ties that he and his company have with corporate America are well documented, take a look around. These guys have worked to restore Union Carbide's name after Bhopal and companies such a Texaco, Proctor and Gamble and many others when they were faced with scandalous situations. They are corporate spin professionals. Whoever needs to be made into a bad guy to protect corporate interests they will execute. So when you're thinking that maybe it would be nice to have a feminist perspective in the White House, make no mistake, it will be business as usual in the White House if Hillary gets there.

The other issue that I just don't understand, and please help me out with this if I'm wrong, is this tax rebate thing. I gotta ask WTF kind of silly assed irresponsible bullshit is this?

Supposedly, and again, correct me if I'm wrong, every tax payer in America making less than $100k or some such income number will be sent a check for some nice big sum of cash. I've heard numbers from $300 to $800 per individual.
So we give each individual tax payer a wad of cash and tell them to go spend it. Well fucking great. These are the same individuals who have gotten themselves buried in credit card debt. These are the same individuals who have an addictive need to possess every consumer item that the corporate mass media markets to them and tells them they've GOT to have. These are the same individuals who have made our society into a house of cards by making us dependent upon foreign oil for our gas guzzling cars and our energy intensive consumer item production industry.

Yea, good idea, give the heroin addict more heroin. Give the gambler a free ticket to Vegas. Send the 500lb. over eaters down to the local buffet. The sad thing is, a lot of these folks will take that rebate and use it as a down payment on something that they can't afford that will put them further and further into debt. That's some fucked up shit.
Americans have become sick pitiful consumers who have learned to identify themselves with what they buy. That behavior supports the corporate greed, leaves the poor feeling more and more desperate but worst of all, turns the working and middle classes into nothing but money launderers for the corporate royalty. Simple fucks.

So instead of figuring out a way of throttling back our economy, turning our addictive consumer behaviors into more responsible spending traits and coming up with more close to home organic solutions to our economic problems, our leaders on both sides of the isles propose that we simply throw money at the problem. Uh huh. Let's spend more money.
We're spending billions per month floundering in Iraq while corporate America rakes in those billions and now the fix for our collapsing economy is to throw more money out there which will also soon be sitting in the coffers of the mega corporate rich. Yup, all that money that the politicians want to supposedly throw into the hands of the tax payers is very soon going to end up right where all the rest of our excess spending has been ending up. . . in the hands of the mega wealthy. . . and that doesn't include the huge crporate tax breaks that are included in this little "tax rebate" package. Yes, the middle class is now the corporate money laundering class.

I say take your damn rebate. Go to the bank, cash that check and put every dime of that money in your pocket. Then take it home, wrap it up in cellophane and stick it in the freezer. That's right. Put it in the freezer. Don't spend a dime. Forget about it. But you won't. You'll go buy another iPod or some other bullshit piece of shit that you don't really need.

How about if we take that $100billion in tax rebates and use it as a cushion to feed the hungry, house the homeless and educate the children who will be horribly hurt when the economy DOES collapse. You see, an economy that depends upon a continuing increase in consumer activity can only eventually implode upon itself. It's going to happen. So back to the idea of throttling back the economy or preparing for its eventual collapse. Shouldn't we be focused on that instead of feeding more crack to the crack whores?

NAWWW! Fuck that. They're promising you $800!!! Wow. Think of all the shit you can buy with that!!! It'll solve all your problems!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Who needs to be involved in politics?

EVERYONE needs to be involved in politics. Where else will you be represented in this society and your voice heard?
But I defer to the master of political verbiage at the following locale and her post from Wed. Jan. 16.:

Please, read this. Yes, it really does mater that you are involved whoever you are.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The next worse president of the United States!

If all goes the way things often go in America, the proles will elect the worse candidate with the most half asses insane ideas this fall. If that transpires, which I wouldn't be surprised to see, the winner in Nov. will be Mike Huckabee. "President Huckabee." How's that sound? Aww shucks, he's such a nice guy and so approachable.

He's also a fucking moron. We're talking MoronMonkeyBoy George Bush fucking moron status here. The only thing that differentiates him from a moron like Bush the Chimp is that he has some definite ideas. Ideas that are completely absurd and belong to only those in the lunatic fringe, but ideas nonetheless.

Let's look at some of those ideas.

In Michigan Huckabee told us all about how he would defend the Constitution of the United States. Well, not exactly "defend," but "change." Yup, he said we need to change the Constitution of the United States. He proposes that we need to change our constitution so that it is 'aligned with God's word.' Really, no shit. He wants to make changes to the Constitution of the United States so that it is brought in line with all the uber christian dogma that he preaches on Sunday mornings. Don't forget, this buffoon is a FUNDAMENTALIST southern baptist preacher. Don't believe me? Look it up. I sat in front of my TV gobsmacked listening to the speech he gave somewhere in the great white northland of Michigan where he discussed how his administration would align the Constitution of the United States with God's laws.

You think that's scarey? Check out his tax plan. This mental titan wants to abolish all income and payroll taxes and only have a federal sales tax. He's talking about enacting a tax system where every single dollar you spend is taxed by the federal gov't at 23%. That means everything from luxury automobiles to the dollars you give the kid down the street for baby sitting. Guess who is going to get screwed using such a formula. . . the people who spend the largest percentage of their income on goods and services, the middle class. Once again, the rich will pay less while the middle class gets scewed again. Of course the poor and working class will get fucked as usual. . . nothing new there. Such a system would be ripe for having huge portions of the economy go underground. Lots of tax free bartering and delivery of goods and under the table dealings of all kinds. It would be a nightmare.
But surely he can't be serious, right? Wrong. This imbecile is serious as a heart attack about this system of taxation. He sees it as the end all be all of fair taxes in America. Go ahead, look it up. This is all a part of a lunatic fringe movement called "FairTax" which is strongly supported by lots of rich people.

Ya wanna hear some more great stuff from this ignorant rube? Check out his stand on immigration. We're talking sealing the borders with this guy. Yea, he talks about preventing terrorism by disallowing people from Islamic countries and protecting American jobs from those Mexicans, but the message is clear. . . "No brown people allowed!" Especially if you aint Christian

You think that's dumb?! Well you aint seen nuthin yet. Guess what this fucktard believes. . . no really, go ahead guess. No fair, you read one of my previous posts.
This fucking Neanderthal knuckle dragger believes that Bible mythology is more accurate than scientific fact. No! Really. I fucking swear. The candidates were asked at a debate who among them didn't believe in evolution and this backwater preacher raised his hand. He has since dodged the issues and walked all around it, but he still makes it clear that he believes that evolution is not the way life came to be on planet Earth. This is a person who believes in sky pixies with magic twangers. Check it out for yourself. This brilliant scholar believes that creationism should be taught in the science classroom. Fucking brilliant.

How about his stand on women's rights: Mikey signed a statement in 1998 that pronounced the official view of the Southern Baptist convention.
"A wife is to submit graciously to the servant leadership of her husband even as the church willingly submits to the headship of Christ," . . . "You are right because you called wives to graciously submit to their husband's sacrificial leadership."
Whoa. . . he also doesn't believe women should be near combat conditions. Why? "because of my strong traditional view that women should be treated with respect and dignity." Who wants to decipher that little bit of misogynist code?

So I figure that between the "evangelicals" and the other right wing shit-for-brain-proles, this is their guy. He's right up there with MoronMonkeyBoy Bush the Chimp when it comes to lack of intellect and experience, but hey, he's a nice guy to those who can't see the evil behind the smile.
Get used to it folks: President Huckabee and his god squad cabinet.

Sleazy bottom feeders hooked and landed

Oh, too good to pass even though I don't often comment on local politics.

Here we have a picture of WV Supreme Court judge Elliot "Spike" Maynard vacationing with Donald Blankenship, West Virginia's biggest political contributor and CEO of Massey Energy, the largest coal producer in WV.
Aint they a couple of smart lookin fellers? Kinda makes ya wonder why folks from other places laugh when you tell them you're from West Virginia.

West Virginia politicians have this absurd habit of going by their local nick name and putting it in quotes after their first name. Sometimes you will even see things on campaign signs like "William "Bill" Smith" or "Lester "John Bob" Parsons." My favorite is the guy in Putnam County who goes by "D.W. "Peachie" Arthur" aint it cute? "juvenile" you say? I agree.

Smile Spike! You're on candid camera! BWAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Recently, West Virginia elected to their Supreme Court one of the dumbest supreme court justices to ever sit on the bench. This guy was totally unqualified except for one thing: he was an attorney at the largest corporate defense firm in West Virginia. It seems that Blankenship went straight to his stable of lawyer whores and picked the biggest bozo to front for him on the supreme court.

Now between this guy and Spike Maynard, Blankenship's good ol boy local buddy from Williamson, WV, Massey Energy pretty much has the supreme court on their side. To prove that, a recent decision by the WV supreme court overruled a district court award agaiinst Massey for $73 million. Yes, they overturned what a jury down in the coal fields of WV decided ruling not only against the jury and the lower court, but against union miners and an independent coal company.

Before reviewing any case, WV supreme court justices are supposed to disclose any relationships, contacts, etc. they have with any litigants. Maynard disclosed nothing. . . now everyone knows that Maynad and Blankenship are buddies. They are seen having diner all the time from Charleston to Logan and Williamson. Hell, on Spike's birthday, Blankenship had a huge party at his house and set off a fireworks display that would have been worthy of any large city's 4th of July.

Concerning the vacation, Massey's spokesman has declared that Spike and Don just happened to be on vacation in the same are of Europe and decided to get together for a dinner and lunch. Uh huh. That might work on the wives, but I hope the US Attorney's office doesn't buy it, especially with witnesses available.

So, how is it that these photographs emerged? Well, from what I gather from a local news article, it seems these two playboys of the French Riviera (don't they look like Riviera guys?), had two female companions with them while on their separate vacations. Yes, the accompanying females spilled the beans and will be available to testify in any court action. That'll teach Spike and Don to tip lightly.

Can't wait to see the hotel receipts, airline records, etc.

Congratulation to Louisiana for electing a reformer to the governor's mansion. Maybe someday, West Virginia will have a moment of clarity and do the same. Till then, we're stuck with governors, legislators and judges who are bought and paid for by the corporate coal maggots.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Naming a president

How to pick a president? Right up front, I've got to go with the person who reflects my political, social and moral beliefs. For me, that means a strongly entrenched leftist. It means someone who believes that morality and family values means feeding the hungry, clothing the ill clad, providing healthcare for the sick and sheltering the homeless. It means someone who is NOT interested in what I do in the privacy of my own home or within the confines of my own body. It also means someone who understands that mythology is not science and that the free study and expression of science, technical skills and the arts are key elements in developing our youth and our future.
All that pretty much eliminates all the current republican contenders.
I'd like someone who understands the Constitution of the United States and is willing to make the defense and protection of the pursuit of the principles put forth in that document their number one priority. Afterall, the Constitution states that as the prime function of the administrative branch of government.

Up until recently I thought that the best way to pick a president was to get the person who was most qualified for the job. You'd have to look at foreign policy experience, domestic policy, economic know how and all those other academic type areas of knowledge. With that I was an early supporter of Bill Richardson. There isn't anyone among the dems who has more experience than he.
Well, it became obvious that Richardson's campaign was going nowhere. Let's face it, the guy just doesn't have media appeal. So I looked at the remaining candidates and the one who believed the most like I do and the one who was addressing the real issues of the working class, foreign policy and really digging at the meat of todays problems was John Edwards. So I became an Edwards supporter.
OK, so Edwards doesn't seem to be carrying the day in 2008. People are looking for something different. Hell, I'm looking for something different which is why I became such a strong Edwards supporter but it doesn't look like he's going anywhere in '08. Damn, and I thought an Obama-Edwards ticket would be ideal.

Well, that leaves me with chosing between Clinton and Obama.
Sure it'd be great to see a woman as president. We've waited long enough and so many women are ready. Hillary is probably quite capable of being president.
Obama is a bit limitted in his experience. He has only been a United States Senator for a few years and has virtually no foreign policy experience. Isn't that what it's going to take to get us out of the mess we've made for ourselves iin the world today? As much as I think the time is right and we need a black man to lead us out of the cold unfriendly environment we've created in this country, maybe we'd better go with Hillary. . . but then it happened. I listened to Mr Obama give a speech. It was his victory speech the night he won the Iowa caucuses. Holy shit! This guy is a communicator. This guy inspires. This guy could really lead! He's fucking brilliant in his oratory skills. He sounded like the old time statemen. I as reminded of Jack Kennedy with just the slightest hint of Martin thrown in every once-in-awhile. Holy FUCKING shit. We've got ourselves someone who can lead, inspire and communicate with the masses.
Now let's face it, the president doesn't have to be an intellectual gold medalist. We've certainly had that proven to us in the past 40 years, but what a president really neeeds to do is get up there and speak to the American people and get them behind his the vision and the goals he sets down. I believe that no one among the group of current contenders will be able to do that the way Barack Obama will be able to do it. IN fact, no one in the past 45 years has come close to Obama's oratory skills. "But Sage Hillbilly, he doesn't have any experience working with foreign leaders or anything else!" So what. He can hire that. There will be hundreds of perfectly qualified candidates lined up for positions in an Obama cabinet. Hell, Bill Richardson will need a job as will Bill and Hill Clinton and John Edwards. A president needs to surround himself with people who can deliver the information he needs. He doesn't need to be the guy with all the knowledge. He just needs to be able to deliver it to the American people and the leaders and citizens of the world.

I'M FOR BARACK OBAMA! I believe he can become the greatest president we've had since FDR or even Lincoln.

I've just got one suggestion for the Obama campaign. Sooner or later you're going to have to appeal to the millions of white male voters in America. If you don't get a good portion of their vote, you aint gonna sit in the house on Pennsylvania Ave. so here's my suggestion. . . just a though, it might be bad, but think about it. . . start referring to Barack as "Barry" now and then. White America is always going to be a little tiny bit hesitant with the Islamic name. They just are and there is nothing you can do about it. Sorry. Maybe in a few years they'll change, but you don't have time for that. In the meantime, slowly introduce "Barry" to the public. Let's face it, Barry is not Islamic. Most of the Barrys I've known except for my cousin were Jews. How can you beat that? It will break down just one more barrier in the road to the White House that winds slowly and long through middle white America.

But I'm with you whatever Barry! OBAMA '08!!! We WILL change and we WILL feel good about it.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Brrrreaking news!

Finally, the long horrendous American nightmare is over. The most dangerous men in American history and some of the most dangerous men in world history are being taken into custody and charged with the crimes against humanity that they have perpetrated!

First, KKKarl Rove was taken into custody earlier in the day much to his surprise and dismay:

Then later in the day the MoronMonkeyBoy Bush the Chimp was hauled off. As usual he displayed his punkish disbelief that anyone could possibly exert authority over him. Up until this afternoon, only daddy had dared such behaviors.

Finally, we see the culmination of today's arrests, a perplexed prick:

Amurikkka the great

I really get tired of hearing the ignorant proles spout all that nationalist bullshit like "the Eunited state of amurikkka is the best country in the world." "we got us the most democratic country in the world" etc., etc., ad nauseam.
Most of these ignorant rubes have absolutely no clue how the other parts of the world live. Sure, there are places where life is continuous squalor and tyranny rules the people, but there are also places where people are just as free as we are, are MORE democratic and have much better health care. Don't believe it? Take a look at this:

France is healthcare leader, US comes dead last: study
Tue Jan 8, 4:45 PM ET
WASHINGTON (AFP) - France is tops, and the United States dead last, in providing timely and effective healthcare to its citizens, according to a survey Tuesday of preventable deaths in 19 industrialized countries.
. . .
The study, entitled "Measuring the Health of Nations: Updating an Earlier Analysis," was written by researchers from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. It looked at death rates in subjects younger than 75 that could have been prevented by timely and effective medical care.

The researchers found that while most countries surveyed saw preventable deaths decline by an average of 16 percent, the United States saw only a four percent dip.
. . .
"It is startling to see the US falling even farther behind on this crucial indicator of health system performance," said Commonwealth Fund Senior Vice President Cathy Schoen, who noted that "other countries are reducing these preventable deaths more rapidly, yet spending far less."

The 19 countries, in order of best to worst, were: France, Japan, Australia, Austria, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States.
. . .
"It is notable that all countries have improved substantially except the US," said Ellen Nolte, lead author of the study.

Had the United States performed as well as any of the top three industrialized countries, there would have been 101,000 fewer deaths per year, the researchers said.

Even though the US spends more than anyone else on healthcare, we still are at the bottom of the heap in providing services. Welcome to our world of market driven corporate healthcare.

A good friend of mine recently spent five days in the hospital. Sadly, during that period of time, he was diagnosed with 3rd stage liver cancer. After many tests and procedures, he was released. The hospital and doctor bills for that five day period have not stopped coming in, but so far, the total is well over $60,000. He has no insurance and is getting the bills straight from the providers. I wonder how much a good HMO or insurance company would be charged for those bills. I can guarantee you that their "negotiated price" would be substantially less. Probably half. But those without insurance pay full price.

But back to the subject at hand. . . how can we claim to be the greatest nation in the world with the worse healthcare of any developed nation? With information like that at our finger tips, how can any conscious moron even think to say such ignorant tripe? How can our leaders feed the proletariat masses so much dumb fucking propaganda and still sleep at night?
Leaders, propaganda, proletariat. . . never mind.

Tell ya what, next time when the topic of healthcae reform comes up and some uninformed buffoon begins spoutiing off about "socialized medicine" and how bad it is in Britain and Canada remember what the results of the above study state. Also remember this about the Eunited States of Amurikkka. . . Heres from a post I wrote back in August:

The infant mortality rate in the United States of America is about 6.5 deaths per 1,000 births. That means, for every 1,000 children are born in this country, 6.5 die in the process. That’s by far the worse infant mortality rate in the developed world. Every single western nation has a better record than that. Japan is 2.8, Spain is 4.3, Canada, 4.6 Portugal, 4.9. With all our technology and billions of dollars spent on wars and corporate welfare, more babies die at birth here than in any developed country in the world. WTF?

So shut the fuck up all you "love it or leave it" types who go around with your heads up your ass and your brains on ice. Fuck you and all your nationalistic garbage. YOU are what's wrong with this country. YOUR ignorance is what is destroying us from the inside. You and all the pitiful fucks you elect, especially from the party of the non-thinkers.
Remember in the words of Tom Delay. . . the bad moderate republicans are 'those who think too much."

file under: fucking idiots

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The elusiveness of reality

Hillary wins! HILLARY WINS!!!
With 85% of the New Hampshire primary vote in, Clinton gets 39% or 95,000 votes and Obama gets 37% or 89,000 votes.
This is a primary folks where the candidates are vying for delegates to the conventiion. At 37 and 39%, they both get about the same amount of delegates. The winner doesn't get it all. This aint the electoral college thing.
So the main stream media is going nuts about a Clinton win. Before Iowa, Clinton was projected to win NH with double digits. Five days later she barely wins with 2%. That makes it a pretty big win for Obama as well if you're going to call the person who was tracking double digit leads in the polls up until last week a winner with 2%.
Remember that as the media whoops and shouts about the "Clinton win."
The political momentum is not on Clinton's side. She's still sliding downhill in the polls and the voting booths.
CNN is calling it a "very surprising night." Yea, I agree. Clinton edges Obama by only 2%. Whew, who'd have guessed that a week ago when Hillary was tracking a double digit lead?!
Just thought I'd interject that little piece of reality.

I gotta throw this in. . .
Chris Mathews had Tom Delay on last night. Delay was talking about McCain and "moderate" republicans with a bit of distain, so Mathews asked him to define "moderate republican."
Delay responded: "well, people who think too much."
If that doesn't say it all for the neo-con traitors. . .

A mideast joke. . . anyone laughing?

Oh lookie here. . . MoronMonkeyBoy Bush the Chimp is launching his first diplomatic trip to the mideast. I suspect it's his first diplomatic trip anywhere if you really must stretch the truth (to the breaking point) and call it a "diplomatic" trip.
Let's face it folks, this illeducated marginally intelligent frat boy aint gonna do no real negotiating as his super jet aeroplane jumps from city to city in the mideast. All these corpo-fascist stinking pricks are doing is burning jet fuel and wasting huge sums of the tax payer's money. Do ya know what it takes to haul this dry (maybe) drunken coke head around the world? We're talkin hundreds of millions.
So whats the point? Well it's just another side show in the neo-con presidency. Like presidents before, this band of low life pieces of shit will get lots of photo ops and media coverage that will warm the hearts of many of the dull senseless American proles and get them to look more favorably upon the republican party, especially those who have alligned themselves with this recreant crew of Amurikkkan traitors. It will also be some sort of glory train for MoronMonkeyBoy Bush the Chimp to use as a way to somehow, possibly, but not likely, ressurect his presidency from the dregs of the political scrap heap that has become his legacy. Wow, when history looks back upon the past 30 yrs in history, those Bush folks will really stick out in a political world of pricks.
Nope, it will take more than a mindless jaunt around the globe for this lousy scum sucking excuse for a president to resurrect the disaster he has left in his wake. Just like after the last republican booddoggle it will take a progressive administration that isn't afraid to tighten budgets and enact policy that is fair to ALL Americans, not just the ultra rich.
Will the proles ever learn?

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Here's a clue for the United States Congress

January 6, 2008
McGovern: Time to impeach Bush
Posted: 08:42 PM ET CNN

McGovern is calling for Bush and Cheney to be impeached.

WASHINGTON (CNN) – George McGovern, the Democratic Party's 1972 nominee for president, is calling on Congress to impeach President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney.

And in an editorial in Sunday's Washington Post, McGovern writes the case for impeaching the current president is "far stronger" than the case made against former President Richard Nixon — the man who soundly defeated McGovern in the general election match up.

"Bush and Cheney are clearly guilty of numerous impeachable offenses," McGovern writes. "They have repeatedly violated the Constitution. They have transgressed national and international law. They have lied to the American people time after time.

"Their conduct and their barbaric policies have reduced our beloved country to a historic low in the eyes of people around the world," he continued.

nuff said

Fucking politicians. . . .dumb ones.

Bresch won’t mar WVU accreditation
By Veronica Nett
Staff writer
West Virginia University’s accrediting agency has washed its hands of pursuing allegations the university manufactured an MBA degree for Gov. Joe Manchin’s elder daughter.
. . .
University officials and Bresch have denied those claims. Both maintain the degree was not granted earlier because of a series of clerical errors, but neither has provided documents, such as Bresch’s transcripts, to prove it.
. . . .
WVU Provost Gerald Lang announced on Wednesday the selection of a panel that would conduct an independent investigation into the disputed degree.

This is why I hate fucking politicians, especially the really dumb ones. WV got a governor to go along with the fucking moron president in the last election. This guy reminds me of Delmer Blalock (names have been changed to protect the innocent). Delmer is an ol Lincoln County boy who got through HS, spent a couple years playing football at a small local college and then went to work for his uncle working in the gas well fields. Delmer always has a smile on his face and is somewhat engaging, but if you look deep, there aint much there. That smile is more akin to a blank stare. It's a sorta toothy grin that covers up the fact that Delmer is not usually entirely sure of what's going on around his. It all gets a little confusing for Delmer when too many players get on the field.
Our governor Joe Bob, is a lot like that and now it appears his daughter has the same credentials.

It would take the registrar or my advisor at the college I did my graduate work about five minutes to figure out if I had the credentials for a degree. It will take months and a big committee to finally sweep this thing under the rug.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Science and the candidate

Oh my, I started doing a little on-line research on Huckabee's religious beliefs and ended up coming to the conclusion that so very few people have a clue about science. Even the folks who are coming down on the side of science when interviewing this throw-back are clueless.
Bill Maher (snide little fuck who ought to be locked up in San Quentin for three days with his attitude), when questioning Huckabee about his belief in bible based creation said, "evolution is all about 'we came from the monkeys.'" Bill O'Reilly mentions humans having evolved FROM primates.
Clue for you monkey boys: Monkey's and the primates, including those who are not human, came from the same evolutionary ancestors that humans came from.
There is a definite lack of scientific understanding in this country which gives me all the more reason to believe that our next president needs to have some sort of realistic grasp of science and not a belief in fairy tales, sky pixies and other absurd mythologies INSTEAD of science.
Are science and religion compatible? Sure they are. But to deny the facts of science in favor of silly heroic mythological tales from literature that is thousands of years old is unacceptable in the leader of the free world.
So, sorry Huckabee, you're an idiot if you think such questions are "silly" and irrelevant to the presidential debate. YOU are the one who should be irrelevant. You and all the other right wing morons on their knees before the evengelical christian faction of the republican party.
Fuck all you bozos who think "creationism" or some other bullshit religious doctrine should be taught in science classrooms. That's also UNACCEPTABLE! Religion DOES NOT belong in the science classroom.
The funniest argument they pose is that "evolution is only a theory just like creationism." STFU. Evolution is a theory just like gravitation is a theory. There might be some details we don't quite totally understand, but it's real and only knuckle dragging terribly illinformed morons believe otherwise.
So yea, whether you believe in evolution is important. We need to know if you believe in scientific fact or Bibble book mythology. You see, we can't have the leader of the free world, the guy who most represents the American people being the champion of the fairy tale sect.
So Huckabee, you're out. Next.

Whoops, did I offend anyone?

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Iowa and the August dumbass who predicted an Obama loss

Obama wins in Iowa! Fanfuckingtastic! Back in August I laughed at the idea of Mr. Obama winning in the white bread state of Iowa. My apologies to all Iowan democrats for so grossly underestimating them.
I'm also glad to see that Edwards made a good showing. I believe he is the candidate who is addressing the real issues in the most clear and articulate manner.

On the other hand, the baptist preacher who doesn't believe in evolution took the republican side of the caucus. Wow, what a bunch of cavemen. They actually voted for a canddate who is more right wing than MoronMonkeyBoy Bush the Chimp. Absurd. I'll be there are a bunch of republican Iowans who have Bush-Cheney '04 stickers still on their cars. Fucking whack jobs.

Hillary is blaming her loss on Iowans who are not home or in the military and Iowans who "work at night."

You lost Hillary. Better luck in NH, but don't count on it.

I'm still looking for an Edwards-Obama '08 ticket which will put a progressive democrat in the White House for the next 16 years. We'll need it to get over this neo-con nightmare.

If Mr. Obama can continue to "communicate" the way he did last night in his victory speech, he may be headed to the White House. That is, provided he also continues to get the kind of support and adulation from the press that he got last night.

New Year's meanderings

It's a new year. What's the fucking difference? It's a completely human construction that has no bearing on the world's natural processes. At midnight Jan. 1 I found myself in the midst of a bunch of ignorant drunks acting like ignorant drunks. There were thousands of human beings in various states of inebriation all around me. It was really fucking horrible.
I don't know anything more obnoxous than a drunk moron. Hell, I figured that being in a sunny southern clime I'd at least see a some pretty people to look at. . . nope, they must have all been at beachfront venues in fancy ballrooms and such, because downtown Sarasota was full of dumb looking, dumb acting and dumb sounding people.

So what is the point of such pitiful performances? A bunch of amateur drinkers all get together in a huge mass of humanity and get sloppy drunk. Even when I was a drinker I didn't go out on NY's eve. If I celebrated, it was at my own party where I knew the people I invited would be professional drunks and druggies. Not a bunch of pitiful sloppy 3rd rate social misfits.

Whoops, did I offend anyone? I hope not, as my "new years resolution" is to not be offensive. I just want to see if I can do it. Yea, I'll pussyfoot around all the sensitive girlymen and the like and not assault them with verbal flack even though the majority of proles I am coinfronted with deserve nothing better. nope, I'm gonna see just how well I can keep my mouth shut in ALL my affairs. So with that in mind, I will be taking a leave of absence from my blogging activities. I will probably still pop up every once-in-awhile to comment here and there on things that can be commented on without offending someone, but I hope that will be about it fir the next couple months.

I hope everyone who reads this has a great year.