Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Anybody but Obama? Is that it?

REPUBLICANS!  PLEASE! Tell me; what's your plan?
I've been hearing all these terrible things about Obama and how he has done such an awful job and how we MUST get him out, but I have not heard a word about what YOUR plan might be.   I've also not heard a single word about what republicans (McCain and Palin) would have done different.  Nothing, nada, crickets and all that.
Is that all you've got is Obama bashing and just a really bad need to get Mr. Obama out of the WHITE House?  What is it about him that makes you guys so angry?  Why do you seem single mind in your efforts to simply get him out with anyone but him?
Very strange and unprecedented in my political experience.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Conspicuously absent

There is quite a spectrum of speakers scheduled for the Democratic National Convention. For me, they will all deliver prepackaged boring speeches that will contain nothing new. IT will be a rehash of the same old political rhetoric that we've heard over and over. Promises that are meant to be broken and a lot of broad statements designed to elicit emotional reactions from anyone listening. I won't be listening just like I wasn't listening when my once past hero Clint Eastwood embarrassed himself before the nation by having a conversation with an empty chair. What a sad way for such a heroic figure to be remembered. Just out of curiosity, I was just looking at the list of speakers at the DNC this week. I was amazed at the variety of speakers from all spectrums of the democratic political arena. All the congressional leaders and many not so highly places members of congress will be speaking. Union presidents, organizations such as Planned Parenthood, governors, former governors, former presidents and former members of presidential administrations. All that got me wondering: where were the former president and members of his administration at the RNC. The only one we saw was Condoleezza Rice. Where was Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld, where was Bush the Elder? Hmmm, are the republicans afraid to open themselves up to scrutiny of past deeds? I guess when your past is of certain caliber, you don't want anyone connecting the dots or uncovering the links to the chain. Rest assured, the policies being touted by the right wing extremists of the republican party at the RNC were nothing but repackaged versions of the same old policies they've been peddling for decades now. Giving more tax breaks to the rich and corporations WILL NOT create jobs. In fact, the money the rich and corporations save get put in their pockets or sent over seas with the American jobs. Getting all riled up over abortion is pointless, but every four years for the past three decades the republicans have gotten their troops all riled up about it. Ask yourself: "What has changed in three decades?" The answer: "nothing." Abortion is still as legal as it ever was and will continue to be. Even the right wing supreme court that is currently sitting won't touch the issue. How about those illegal aliens. President Obama has deported more "illegals" than Bush did in eight years. There are currently less people coming across the border illegally than ever in the past couple decades. Are the "illegal aliens" really taking away American jobs? What jobs are they taking away? How many good paying middle class jobs do you think people like Rmoney have taken away with moving corporate assets overseas compared to how many minimum wage or lower jobs get taken by "illegal aliens." See, it's a non-issue, but a big issue for the right wing proles. So back to the original question? Where was George and Dick and Boner? Better yet: Where was their plan? Where was the beef?