Saturday, October 31, 2009

More dumbasses

Fired over a pin
Trevor Keezor had been working at Home Depot for over a year, when his boss pulled him aside and told him that he'd have to remove a certain pin from his orange apron. The American flag pin said "One nation under God, indivisible." Keezor refused, and he says he was fired for it. In a very buzzy article from the AP, reps from Home Depot explain that Mr. Keezer was fired for violating the dress code, not because the company agrees or disagrees with the button. Policy states that "only company-provided pins and badges can be worn" on the aprons. Not surprisingly, the story sparked tremendous interest in the Search box. Lookups on Mr. Keezor and "home depot firing" both surged into breakout status. And, also not surprisingly, a lawsuit is currently in the works. This is one story that hasn't ended yet.

Lessee, insubordination to begin with. That orange vest belongs to Home Depot. You're required to wear it when you work there. You work there at their discretion. They don't want references to anyone's "god" on the vest they have their employees wear in public. They don't want their customers to assume that Home Depot supports one or another mythology concerning sky pixies or other magic fairies. That's reasonable.
Refusing to abide by the rules the company set forth? You're fired asshole.

Changing names at work
Here goes one of the buzziest and most bizarre stories in some time. Larry Whitten, a hotel owner in New Mexico, ordered his staff of primarily Latino workers to change their names while working. For example, a worker who pronounced his name "Mahr-teen," would have to go by "Martin." The point, Mr. Whitten asserted, was to help the hotel become more profitable and draw more customers. But instead of customers, Whitten was met with protestors—and plenty of 'em. Additionally, the story's Search profile shot through the roof. In just 24 hours, Web lookups on "Paragon Inn," the hotel in question, surged into the thousands. In an article that scored a slew of votes, Whitten explains that he's helped turn around over 20 hotels, and this isn't racism. His guests, he contends, can't understand Spanish. Still, he later said that he was "sorry for the misunderstanding and insisted he has never been against any culture."

WTF?! Maybe you'd like your African-American employees to wear light toned makeup.
So, it's not racism or anything against a culture? Then you're just a completely ignorant dumb fuck bubba who has no business telling anyone anything.
Send this motherfucker AWAY!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fat assed WV hillbillies make the national news again!!

Read it and be proud my people! You're in the national news again.
All ya gotta do is cruise a grocery store in any WV town to understand all of this. . . a bunch of grossly overweight ignorant buffoons loading up on hi-carb, low protein crap food. It really is sickening to see sometimes. And no, it's not like that every place, as these statistics show.
"a chronically diseased population." Nice.
Education is the key to all our problems. . . if they could only read the labels.
Have another Little Debbie cake, smoke another pack of cheap cigarettes, stick another chew in yer pie hole and pour another case of rock-gut beer down your throat.

Getting enough sleep? They aren't in West Virginia

By MIKE STOBBE, AP Medical Writer Mike Stobbe, Ap Medical Writer – 56 mins ago

ATLANTA – Sleepless in Seattle? Hardly. West Virginia is where people are really staying awake, according to the first government study to monitor state-by-state differences in sleeplessness.

West Virginians' lack of sleep was about double the national rate, perhaps a side effect of health problems such as obesity, experts said. . . .

But experts noted several possible explanations: West Virginia ranks at or near the bottom of the nation in several important measurements of health, including obesity, smoking, heart disease and the proportion of adults with disabilities. Studies have increasingly found sleeping problems in people with certain health problems, including obesity.

"You would expect to see poorer sleep within a chronically diseased population," noted Darrel Drobnich of the National Sleep Foundation, a nonprofit advocacy and research organization.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fear Factor +++++

FDA to ban sale of raw oysters from Gulf of Mexico

By CAIN BURDEAU, Associated Press Writer Cain Burdeau, Associated Press Writer – Tue Oct 27, 4:18 pm ET

NEW ORLEANS – Federal officials plan to ban sales of raw oysters harvested from the Gulf of Mexico unless the shellfish are treated to destroy potentially deadly bacteria — a requirement that opponents say could deprive diners of a delicacy cherished for generations.

The plan has also raised concern among oystermen that they could be pushed out of business.

Why: because 15 people per year die eating oysters. They are all particularly vulnerable to bacterial infections such as people with AIDS, kidney disease, etc.

More gov't manufactured crisis and social manipulation. Speaking of which; are you good and scared of swine flu? Look out, it's comin to git ya.

Be afraid, be very afraid.

Hey Barack! How bout coolin down this shit.


The pilots of Northwest flight 188 told the National Transportation Safety Board that they were so engrossed in a complicated new crew-scheduling program on their laptops — a cockpit violation of airline policy that could cost them their licenses — that they lost track of time and place for more than an hour until they were brought back to alertness by a flight attendant on an intercom.

You lying little pricks! You were sleeping and you know it. Everybody knows it and you look like petty little lying fools for denying it. Your careers are toast either way, so just admit what incompetent fucks you are and go down with a shred of dignity.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Another NASA space farse

NASA puts new rocket on launch pad for test flight
By MARCIA DUNN, AP Aerospace Writer Marcia Dunn, Ap Aerospace Writer – Tue Oct 20, 11:03 am ET

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. – NASA's lofty new rocket arrived at the launching pad Tuesday for a test flight next week that comes at a time when the future of the country's spaceflight program is up in the air.

It's the first time in 34 years that a rocket other than the space shuttle has stood at Launch Pad 39-B. NASA modified the pad for this rocket, which is supposed to eventually carry astronauts to the moon.

But the White House may scrap those plans. A panel of aerospace experts that provided President Barack Obama with a list of possible exploration options is issuing its final report later this week.

The experimental Ares I rocket — taller than the Statue of Liberty — spent all night traveling from the hangar to the pad. The four-mile trip took more than seven hours.

The test vehicle will blast off next Tuesday on a 2 1/2-minute ballistic flight to demonstrate how the partial first stage performs. It's costing NASA $445 million.

They taken a shuttle SRB (solid rocket booster (the thing attached to the side of the big tank at launch)) and topped it with a stack of fake rocketry.
They will launch this SRB out into the ocean, recover the SRB just like they do every other SRB and then claim to have made a successful ARES launch. ARES is a farse, NASA has become a joke. The Europeans, Russians, Japanese and even the Chinese will soon make the once mighty US Space Program look like a comedy show.

It's sad that so many great NASA heroes, engineers and scientists from the 60s have to live to see this absurdity evolve.

Religious Lying Bastards

AP Newsbreak: 1st sweat lodge survivor speaks out

By FELICIA FONSECA, Associated Press Writer Felicia Fonseca, Associated Press Writer – 1 hr 17 mins ago

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. – A woman who took part in an Arizona sweat lodge ceremony tells The Associated Press that the spiritual guru who led the event pushed participants too far in what was supposed to be a life-expanding experience that culminated with people vomiting and passing out on the floor.

Texas resident Beverley Bunn is the first participant in the tragic incident to speak out publicly about the events that led up to the deaths. The 43-year-old told the AP in a series of interviews this week that by the time the sweat lodge ceremony began, the participants had undergone days of physically and mentally strenuous events that included fasting. In one game, guru James Arthur Ray even played God.

Within an hour of entering the sweat lodge on the evening of Oct. 8, people began vomiting, gasping for air and collapsing. Yet Bunn says Ray continually urged everyone to stay inside. . . .

"I can't get her to move. I can't get her to wake up," Bunn recalls hearing from two sides of the 415-square-foot sweat lodge. Ray's response: "Leave her alone, she'll be dealt with in the next round. . .

At one point, someone lifted up the back of the tent, shining light in the otherwise pitch-black enclosure. Ray demanded to know who was letting the light in and committing a "sacrilegious act," Bunn said. . . .

This really irks my ass. Why do white people have to co-opt every fucking thing they can possibly co-opt and then make money off it? This charlatan decided to take the Native American ceremony of the Sweat Lodge and turn it into a lethal event that he charged $9000 to participate in. This isn't the first time some dumb fuck white person has died in a sweat lodge because some dumb fuck white person didn't know a damn thing about what a sweat lodge was or how to construct the physical structure. Sometimes I just want to grab all my people up by the collar and slap the piss outta them.
I was taught how to do the sweat lodge by a Native American medicine man from the Santa Anna Puebla of New Mexico. He never charged me or the others he taught anything. We presented him with gifts that helped him to survive, but he never once asked us for anything. I've done hundreds of sweat lodges over the years. It has always been a comfortable and invigorating experience. It has always been about getting rid of tension and anxiety. About renewing the spirit and becoming more powerful. It has always been about connecting with the Earth and humbly accepting that which is gained and given in the sweat lodge.

This guy in AZ who tormented people inside what he called a sweat lodge is like a demon. The sweat is a process of cleansing. not tormenting. This piece of shit ought to be banished from mankind. I got it! Throw him in a cold dark jail cell. He has murdered people just a clearly as if he'd taken a knife and stabbed them. He is evil and not worthy of walking among the rest of us. GET THE MOTHER FUCKER OUTTA HERE!!

And for the rest of you. . . quit giving your money to dumb fuck pricks like this. What makes you think that someone getting rich off religion has anything of a spiritual nature to offer? Why are people so damn stupid? Over and over again we see these lying SOBs exposed for what they really are and over and over again people keep giving their money (resources) over to them. Here's an idea for you shit for brain motherfuckers who give your dollars to dick wads like this: save your money. Use your resources to feed your family or somehow enrich their lives. Use your resources to help others who are less fortunate. Now there's a spirual idea for ya to chew on while you gorge yourself on the jizz of some fast talking flim flam man with a bible in one hand and your balls in the other.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bits and Pieces

I WIN!!! Yes, I fucking win!!!!!

I predicted to all my friends and family that the DOW would break 10k before the end of the year. Why? Because this is a country that has more and various resources than any other country or region in the world. We have a free and mobile workforce.
If it was 12000 a little over a year ago, it was going to top 10k by the end of the year. I said this back when it had dropped to 6500. My financial guy looked at me like I was nuts, my friends and family laugh and treated the comment like it was just more of my bullshit. . . not that I bullshit anyone. My cousin the broker was skeptical to say the least.
What else you want to know?! Go ahead, ask me.
12000 by June, probably in the first quarter.

Troy, NY: Boy Scout be unprepared!
A high school senior, Eagle Scout and West Point prospect has been suspended from HS for 20 days. Why? Because he had a 2" pocket knife in a survival kit he kept in the trunk of his car. Apparently he show some other kids his survival kit and got reported for 'carrying a weapon onto school grounds.'
Come on people. Get real. Are ya absofuckinglutely out of your minds? when I was a kid we used to carry our hunting rifles and shotguns in our cars to school to go hunting right after school. People are going politically nuts!

Washington insider David Bass charged with terrorism on flight from Columbia to Washington.

OK, so David Bass was actually drunk and not just "tired and sleep deprived" like he claims. That doesn't make him a terrorist up against charges that carry a 20 yr. sentence. Let's thank the "Patriot Act" for this little piece of buffoonery legislation. Besides giving the gov't the right to peek into your private life be damned the Constitution of the United States, it makes it a terrorist offense to "impede" a air flight.
I'm really getting tired of this idiocy. Isn't it time for the Obama administration to take a long hard look at the "Patriot Act" and GET IT OFF OUR BACKS NOW?!

Balloon lands after 6-year-old boy seen getting in
FORT COLLINS, Colo. – A homemade balloon aircraft floated away from a yard in Colorado after a 6-year-old boy was seen climbing inside, setting off a frantic scramble by the military and law enforcement agencies before the balloon slowly touched down in a field.

The child's fate was unclear, and there was no sign of him in the balloon when it landed. Authorities feverishly searched for any sign of the child on the ground, including in the neighborhood where he lives.

WHAT?! The kid was alone in the backyard with a "homemade" ballon teathered in the backyard. Somebody take away these parent's children and sterilize them ASAP.

Twitter-friendly Meghan McCain recently posted a non-conservative picture of herself on her account. Wearing a revealing tank-top and holding an Andy Warhol DVD, McCain stated it was a “spontaneous night in…” And now she claims she’s thinking about removing herself from Twitter altogether.

Hey, I wanna see. who's got the pict?!

Interracial couple denied marriage license in La.

By MARY FOSTER, Associated Press Writer Mary Foster, Associated Press Writer
NEW ORLEANS – A Louisiana justice of the peace said he refused to issue a marriage license to an interracial couple out of concern for any children the couple might have. Keith Bardwell, justice of the peace in Tangipahoa Parish, says it is his experience that most interracial marriages do not last long.

"I'm not a racist. I just don't believe in mixing the races that way,"

Just when ya start thinkin that maybe, just maybe things were startin to change some dumb ignorant cracker comes along and pulls this stinking, festering pile of shit out of his mouth.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize!!

According to Nobel officials [and MSNBC],"their stunning pick was meant to build momentum behind Obama's initiatives to reduce nuclear arms, ease tensions with the Muslim world and stress diplomacy and cooperation rather than unilateralism."

So that seems simple enough. The Nobel committee picked him becaquse of his actions in trying to bring diplomacy to the forfront of world affairs. I'm just a dumb farmer, but I can understand that and feel down right comfortable with it, but oh when the hounds of negativity are let lose to spread their discontent and parade of horribles upon the ignorant public, it come out like this:

According to news sources like AP and Time:

"The last thing Barack Obama needed at this moment in his presidency and our politics is a prize for a promise."

But news of Barack Obama's award Friday drew a rebuke from the Republican Party chairman, ridicule from conservative bloggers, and even gripes from some liberals who think he hasn't done enough to wind down the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. . .

"What has President Obama actually accomplished?" said Michael Steele, chairman of the Republican National Committee.

Why can't America be proud? Why can we just sit back and bask in the glory of having our president, after 9 months in office be selected as the winner of the greatest prize that humanity offers for being an agent of world peace? Why do we have to find fault, make it into a negative and generally belittle this grand and glorious accomplishment. This is an accomplishment that EVERY American should be proud of.

I feel like ranti8ng and raving at the ignorance and idiocy of the press. I'd like to condemn the proletariat as nothing but simple minded morons for gobbling up this negative feast. I'd like to somehow express the absolute frustration that I feel.
But all that would be futile. All of it would be in vain.

This morning, I got up and knew I was coming into town so I decided to put on my "Obama '08" teee shirt. I pledged to wear one of my OBama tee shirt often after he was elected just to show my continued support. It wasn't until I got to town that I found out about the Nobel Prize. I'm glad I wore the shirt. I'm proud glad Mr. Obama is my president. I'm glad he won the Nobel Peace Prize.

Congratulations Mr. Obama. You have brought us into a new world. Keep fighting the good fight and keep raging against the fading light!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Corn culture

Corn. It's everywhere. It's in your soft drinks as "high fructose corn syrup" (one of it's worse forms). It's in every thing you eat that has "breading" or batter on it and comes from a fast food joint, a frozen bag or wherever. Corn is in avery piece of meat you buy at the grocery store. American farmers use mostly corn to feed all the pork, beef and poultry they grow. Go down to the local feed store and take a look at the ingredients of any bag of animal feed they sell. The #1 ingredient is always corn. Take a look at the dog food you buy your dog. Only the best and most expensive doesn't have corn as the #1 ingredient. Hey, dogs are carnivores. Why the fuck are we feeding our dogs and cats corn?
I have read that in America, over 60% of the items in the typical grocery store contain corn in some form or another.

Corn sucks. As a food additive and as a feed grain, it is tasteless and not all that good for you. Don't get me wrong. Right now I've got a field full of corn that is ripe for picking (I planted it the second week of July). I've been eating the hell outta that corn right off the cobb for the past couple weeks slightly steamed with a little butter and salt. When I'm sick of eating it that way, I'll turn off the electric fence and let the dear have the rest.
But that aside, corn is a poor substitute for pure food items. Most processed foods contain corn. If it's not a solid piece of vegetation or seafood, it probably contains corn in some form.

Surprised? Don't be. Ever been in farm country? What do you see growing more than anything else? Corn.

Now, there is an ad campaign going around saying that high fructose corn syrup is good for you and does no harm. That reminds me of Saddam's weapons of mass destruction. It's all bullshit.
I'm not going to go cut and paste all the evidence and research information showing that HFCS sucks. Do your own damn research. The info is out there if you want it.

Before the 70s, sugar cane and beets were processed to form sucrose, which is a 50/50 chemical combination of glucose and fructose which are both C6H12O6 sugar molecules. In the 70s, along come HFCS (high fructose corn syrup(that's the last time I'm spelling it out)). HFCS is a blend of a lot of fructose and less glucose. They are not chemically bonded so the body exerts no energy into breaking the chemical bond, it just goes ahead and processes the sugar directly into energy and stored as fat.

Just all you folks who have been around a while think about this. . .
Since the 70s, what have you old timers been noticing about the waistlines of American people? Think about the kids you went to school with back in the 50s and 60s. Remember the one of two "fat" kids in your class? Take a look at an old class picture and see how "fat" that or those kids were compared to the typical kid today. I'd say at least half if not more the the little dip shit yard apes I see around schools today are bigger than the biggest kid I went to school with.

I'm tired of corn and the corn culture of farming. The past couple months I've been working on poultry feed formulations that will wean my current flock off of corn based feeds in the next few months. Come spring when I begin raising chickens and turkeys for market, they will all be fed a corn free diet on top of their pasture grazing.

I will almost guarantee that next year's chickens will be the best tasting poultry most people have ever tasted.

Interestingly, a couple days ago I was talking to a guy who raises pasture and woodland fed hogs. He told me that Europeans will not eat american pork. Say it's too bland tasting. Has no taste to them. Seems that they feed all their pork barley.
Hmmmm, the feed mix my chickens are getting now is higher in barley and oats than corn. Next month I will lower the corn ingredient further, increase the barley and introduce rye. Can you imagine how good my poultry wil taste that's raised on barley, rye and oats and grazes pastures all day eating grasses and insects? F'in eh. Slap some of them chickens on the grill or smoke one of them turkeys!

My suggestion to all you folks out there who care about your health is to look into this issue. Decide for yourself. . . do you really want all that cheap nasty corn product in your food and in your body? If you decide you don't, start eating thinga that do not contain corn. Eat whole vegtables, eat whole grain breads that do not contain corn syrup, corn or corn glutton. Get smart. READ THE LABELS!

Just say NO to corn.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Healthcare and insurance company greed

I don't get it. The US gov't already picks up the bill on all the high risk insured with Medicare and Medicaid. Both those programs cover the elderly and the poor.

Big dollar private insurance companies only cover those who have jobs and/or enough money to buy their own insurance. This is the low risk faction of the American public. . . working age, active, with money to spend on good food and preventitive care.

Most of what the proposed health care reform addresses covering a wider swath of the high risk faction.

So WTF are the insurance companies and right wing corporate lacky politicians worried about? Are they afraid that the gov't might want to start covering some of those lower risk citizens so that the hundreds of billions it pays out to the high risk folks that the insurance companies refuse to cover might be supplemented by some of the low risk population?

I think the greedy pimping insurance companies have been getting a break for too long. Shit, it's like corporate welfare to let them get away with oinly insuring the young and healthy. IF they want the gov't to stay away from their easy pickins turf, maybe the gov't ought to begin making them insure some of the higher risk folks. Also, lets see their books. Open up MFers. Let's see how much your are making and how many high risk folks you can afford to insure.

Why should we let them get away with making billions while the American tax payers foot the bill for the high risk citizens. I'm tired of supporting the obscene salaries and profits of the big insurance companies. Let's bust their asses open and make them take part in this reform movement.