Thursday, November 20, 2008

Change? What can we believe in?

WTF? Uh Barry, you have a mandate. You best be gittin someone who can hand you a plan for immediate withdrawl on day-1. We didn't vote-up for no corpo-fascist Bush the Chimp regime lackey to continue running this war.
This is just bullshit.

Gates seen more likely to stay as Pentagon chief

WASHINGTON – What Robert Gates once called "inconceivable to me" — his remaining as defense secretary beyond Inauguration Day — is looking a bit more conceivable to the rest of Washington.

The 65-year-old former spymaster has turned publicly mum on the circumstances under which he would stay, even briefly, after President-elect Barack Obama takes office. But one of the leading scenarios for a wartime transition at the Pentagon has Gates holding the fort, at least for some months.


Mac Daddy Tribute Blog said...

My concern is that, between Clinto retreads and moderate Republicans, we will not get the change we believe in. As you know, Biden voted for the war. Hillary voted for the war. Gates is for the war. I feel Obama is so caught in working with rivals that progressives and unions are being left out of the equation.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Mac, I'm waiting to see who will be labor secretary.

rainywalker said...

I believe I will wait for the new President to take office and see if he and his people are up to the task. I don't care who he picks, as long as they get the job dome for the American people. I do wonder what this Clinton thing is and where its going???

brotherkomrade said...

"I feel Obama is so caught in working with rivals that progressives and unions are being left out of the equation."

Amen, brother!

At worse, everything that I thought would will happen, at best, Obama will kick the Clinton retreads' asses at the first sign of them not doing what he wants them to do.
I've seen new mnagers come into a situation in the work place weher the previous regime was so screwed up, there wasn't the turn-over that people thought would happen. Instead, a new mnager would keep all the a-holes on to get her/him up to speed and then about a year from then, they'd start letting people. The retreads were never part of the Bush admin except for Gates, but I think Obama needs the centrist old heads to help him with the ropes, then maybe he'll cut them loose - hopefully close to 2010 when the fights for POTUS begin anew. This way, he looks like "hey i tried working with the Washington dinosaurs, but look what happened. Now we do it my way. We withdraw from Iraq now." Then eveyone will be caught up in the old Obama magic again. Who knows?

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Thanks for the perspective BroK. I hope you're right. and yes, I heard aa guy talking about the 10,000 Hour Rule the other day. That means, it takes 10,000 hrs of practice to become Really really good at something, be it a classical pianist, artist, or politicians. Obama needs to rely on others for his 10,000 hrs when it comes to certain things.

brotherkomrade said...

It's true, I watched that guy talk about the 10,000-hour theory. His argument was compelling.blakorb9