Thursday, October 2, 2008

"the" debate

ed. note:
(CNN) -- A national poll of people who watched the vice presidential debate Thursday night suggests that Democratic Sen. Joe Biden won, but also says Republican Gov. Sarah Palin exceeded expectations.
Poll respondents give Sen. Joe Biden the edge over Gov. Sarah Palin in ability to express views. . . .

Respondents thought Biden was better at expressing his views, giving him 52 percent to Palin's 36 Tell us who you think did best

On the question of the candidates' qualifications to assume the presidency, 87 percent of those polled said Biden is qualified and 42 percent said Palin is qualified.

My notes:
WTF? This all sounds wrong. Palin is proposing things that sound almost liberal. She's making Puffy McBush sound like a reformer or someone who favors regulation of financial institutions. Oh, wait, she doesn't want to argue global warming. . . but we have to "clean up the environment" and Puffy is "right there also." But this all sounds eirie. . . strange. . . rehearsed! That's it. She sounds like she's reading a script. She sounds like a parrot. She sounds like she has been sealed away in a secluded place for the past week and drilled with all this information so that she could spew it tonight. She sounds like she hasn't presented an off-the-cuff remark yet.
Wow, McCain the environmentalist.
This is the most boring debate I have ever witnessed.
Biden talking in a droll voice and Plain spewing out bullshit like a college sophomore taking a final exam after staying up all night cramming with six hits of black beauties (that's a slang name for an old time amphetamine).
Palin has become a parody of herself by the end of this debate. . . "gosh oh gee, let's go to Washington!" "you betcha we're a gunna change things!" I'm waiting for her to say "gee willikers Gwen,. . . "
I'll bet middle Amurkkka is going to eat this shit up.


Mac Daddy Tribute Blog said...

sagacious: You and I know she's lying. Sen. McCain doesn't give a damn about global warming and he has fought regulations since he came to Washington and almost went to prison for helping backs to skirt regulation (Keating 5).

But she kept repeating the biggest lie of all: that McCain is maverick. A real maverick wouldn't have voted for that bailout last night with all that pork barrel spending McCain claims to be against. But he voted for it anyway.

themom said...

I wasn't impressed. If anything, I got more mad hearing the same garbage. Let's see - "mavericks", "wall st. greed and corruption", "reformers", enough already. I don't think she WON this debate - she was too rehearsed - let's see if she is allowed more interviews with the media and how she comports herself. (I know it will be a flop!)

crystal dawn said...

I was waiting for her to say:

"Soooo... I guess that's your country back there in the wood-chipper!"

SagaciousHillbilly said...

The hypocricy of "country first" is so very obvious.

Traci Dolan said...

Welcome to the first PTA meeting of Wasilla High. Oh, this was a debate, well, coulda fooled me, gooly gee!

arrozconpollo said...

crystal dawn, you crack me up :) But Palin's intellect cannot compare to Margie.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Yea, I had a few Fargo moments myself last night.

MountainLaurel said...

The problem is that the expectations for her were so low that she only had to show up and remain conscious for the 1.5 hrs. to be "better than expected."