Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Obama the Destroyer

Never mind my notes, forget the fine points, Obama is simply destroying Puffy McBush.
McCain sounds like a hobbled old man. He sounds hateful and vindictive. Nobody's buying it. His answers are vague while Obama is citing fact and clear policy.
At best, it's Puffy's generalizations and sweeping remarks against clear policy and the recitation of fact and real proposals. Obama sounds more credible on every front.
McCain's attacks sound juvenile and really lame.

It's over for the McCain/Palin campaign. We're going to see numbers in the next few days that will indicate a landslide is on the way.

Oh, and "That one?!" That "one" what, you Puffy little old prick? WTF kind of disrespect and WTF kind of nasty bullshit was that?


Mac Daddy Tribute Blog said...

I think McCain's only chance would be to go very negative and try to shake Obama. But it really wasn't the setting for that. People were thee, and they were appealing to independent and undecided voters, who don't want to hear smear but what the candidates would do once they got in office.

themom said...

How about McCain pointing at Obama and saying "that one?" McCain is an asshole of gigantic proportions!

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Mac, I don't think going negative is going to do anything but work against him. The economy is so huge for people right now and according to CNN polls this evening, Obama has about a 25% lead on Puffy over economy issues.
I don't believe in polls all that much, but when it's a 25% advantage. . .

Mom, yea, he really is, isn't he?
I just added to my post on that one. I was shocked when he said that and when he made the comment that 'you probably never heard of Fanny Mae or Freddie Mac before last week.'

coachjw1@hotmail.com said...

Disrespect? Did you hear about the "Kill Him!" and "Sit down, boy!" remarks?


crystal dawn said...

The McCain campaign is imploding and it is so very wonderful.

When McCain said he wanted to nationalize the mortgage industry, I think he even lost the Republicans.

arrozconpollo said...

McCain fucked himself in Florida. He said that we would have to cut benefits...that future retirees would not enjoy the same benefits as current one's do now.

Was talking to a hard core Republican the other day. He said it seems like McCain WANTS to lose this election. And he agreed that Palin was a fucking dipshit.

Crystal, I noticed in the MSNBC coverage the line chart of Republican response when McCain offered to renegotiate mortgages. Dems and Indies stayed slightly positive and flat, while Repubs dipped. Ha! They have no fucking heart, and showing a heart is the ONLY way McCain can hope to court independents. Also, McCain stole that idea..Biden said that's their plan in the VP debate. Also don't think McCain has any intention of helping homeowners. Also think I say the word "also" as much as Palin.

MountainLaurel said...

Maybe I'm suspicious or cynical, but my fear is that the Republicans want to lose this one. They've got the country FUBAR, and they want out to enjoy their ill-gotten gains and blame the coming implosion on the Democrats a la Jimmy Carter. remember, 4 years of Carter was followed by 12 years of Reagan/Bush.

crystal dawn said...

There's a lot of truth to that Laurel. The idea is to raid the Treasury completely and leave nothing for the Democrats to work with. No money for health care, no money for infrastructure, etc.... because Repubs will suddenly become "fiscal conservatives." Then they can blame the Dems for getting very little done.

So yeah, I think the Republican Party conceded a long time ago that they don't have much of shot. However, McPalin are dumb enough to believe they do.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

All that is very possible. . . in fact, probable.
The $700B is the icing on the cake for the corpo-fascists. I believe they originally thought that if they could get MoronMonkeyBoy Bush the Chimp in there for 4 years they could get the deregulation they wanted and make a decent raid on the national treasury. The past eight years has exceeded their wildest expectations.
No doubt these corporate royalists realize that they now need the dems to recover the domestic and international mess they have created (a la Bill Clinton) and they will be able to come right back eight years from now and once again use their politics of hate and fear to swoop into the White House and make another raid on the national treasury.
How many decades/generations can the corporate royalty continue perpetrating this treason?