Monday, October 6, 2008

U.S. policy that show US to be petty religious extremists

Is this the the great nation of "exceptionalism" that YOU see Sarah Palin? IS this the kind of policy that you think makes Amurkkka a great and benevolent country?
Lemme tell ya how I see it: I see a country of petty, hateful religious extremists who want to punish those who need our help the most. I don't see a hill of beans worth of difference between YOU, Sarah Palin and YOUR petty extremist religious fundamentalism and the extremist fundamentalism that advocates the destruction of America. You and the mid east Islamic religious fundamentalist extremists are just different sides of the same coin.
The sooner you right wing extremist whack jobs get your dull asses out of the business of running this country, the sooner we can get our asses out of the messes we are in internationally and domestically.
What a fucking mess this country is in . . . and to think, there are people who will vote for another four years of this shit. . . sick.

US cuts off family planning group in Africa

By MATTHEW LEE, Associated Press Writer Thu Oct 2, 5:46 PM ET

WASHINGTON - The Bush administration has taken action against an international charity in Africa over work it does in China, a step the group says is politically motivated and dangerous for poor African women and girls.

The State Department and U.S. Agency for International Development denied the charges but said Thursday that they had told six African governments to stop giving U.S.-donated contraceptives to the British-based Marie Stopes International family planning organization for distribution to their needy populations.

The move affects Ghana, Malawi, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Uganda and Zimbabwe and follows a determination by USAID that the organization is a major player in a U.N. program in China that the administration says promotes coerced abortion and sterilization.


Hawa Bond said...

Hey, Sagacious Hillbilly! I nominated you and six others for the Certified Honest Blogger Award. If you’re not into the “tagging other bloggers” stuff, you can let this one ride. LOL If you are, read my post, see your nomination, and grab the rules here.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Ms. Bond, You are very kind to put me in such high company. Really.
I gotta confess though, I have a hard enough time posting things I want to post and reading all the great blogs I'd like to read and am afraid if I started doing things like that it would just eat up more of the time I have little of to devote to blogging.
But really, I consider it an honor that you considered me for such an award. I do try and be totally honest around here.