Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Puffy McBush vs. Obamarama

CNN post debate poll:

Who won:
O- 58%
M- 31%
(This number supposedly reflects the polls of other network news networks. . . according to CNN commentators)

Who was more likeable:
O- 70% M- 26%

Favorability ratings:
O- before debate - 63% after 66%
M- before debate - 51% after 48%

Who spent more time attacking:
O- 7%
M- 80%

Puffy was crushed again.

"Amurkins are hurtin and they're angry."
McCain has been saying that for the past 20 minutes.

He's sort of an absurdity the way he's down on all the things he's supported the past eight years.

"Acorn" is destroying the fabric of our democracy! BWAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
What a fucking moron. Doesn't know the difference between registration fraud and voter fraud. Filling out false registration forms doesn't change the landscape of the electorate.

Once again, Puffy McBush shows himself to be a hateful, bitter, nasty and VERY ANGRY old man.

Obama is being forced to explain Ayers, Acorn, etc. These are stupid non-issues.

One thing for sure. . . Obama has not left the high road of "lets talk issues" while McCain is entrenched in the low road of accusations and cheap shots.

Why is your VP better qualified than his VP?

This oughta be good.

It was.

"Well, let me just say. . . "

"Well, let me just say. . . "

Puffy has used that opening line with a sneer and snide voice a bunch of times so far.

Obama is talking about his education plan and Puffy is sitting there looking at him with a sneer. Who the fuck is coaching this imbecile?

Puffy. . . reward teachers, charter schools, vouchers. worn out old ideas.
This bozo is full of worn out old ideas.
Teachers should not have to take exams or be certified?!?! WTF? He really said that!

Puffy keeps talking about Sarah Palin and autism and how she knows all about that. Is Sarah Palin autistic? Aint that sumthin.

Good god!, McCain is the most sneering, snide politician I have ever seen!

closing remarks:
M- he's running down Bush and the past 8 yrs again. Are Amurkkkins buying into this shit? Stop the spending, help all not just the privileged few.
Is he not the most hypocritical MF ever?

O- "Fundamental change." He's talking about that unity thing again. We all gotta come together.

Aside. . . speaking of education:
BTW: Does it bother anyone that Sarak Palin's future son-in-lawe has quit high school and gone off to become an apprentice electrician on "the" pipeline?
To begin with, how do you become an apprentice electrician without a high school diploma? What sort of apprentice program would accept a high school drop-out OR what strings would have to be pulled.

What kind of family wouldn't INSIST that the young man finish high school before making any decisions about the future except that you're going to make getting a HS diploma a priority.

Does that say anything about the Palin family? How about Sarah Palin who got her college "communications" degree after 6 years and 4 colleges?

9 comments: said...

McCain really reinforced his rude character throughout the debate by constantly interrupting both the moderator and Sen. Obama. It was like he was trying to make sure he got the last word. He just rubbed me the wrong way. I felt Obama did a fair job of addressing all of Mr. McCain's direct attacks re: Ayers and Jones (?). I hope those sitting on the fence can see which candidate is more qualified, regardless of race/ethnicity. I really wonder if most of America is ready because if not, there may be a surprise in the election. :(

crystal dawn said...

I happened to watch the debate on CSpan which had a split screen of the two candidates the whole time. During Obama's answers, it was fun watching McCain's uncomfortable gesturs, lizard licking tongue pop out, and beety eyes open and close every time he thought of something to say. I about came out of my seat laughing after Obama's closing statement. McCain threw up his L-locked arms like, "ok, that's it!" haha!

Hillbilly, you are right on about ACORN. It is such a non issue because no voting has taken place. And, all new registrations have to go through the Secretary of State before any voting takes place.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

coach, I agree and share your fears. The Bradley effect WILL occur. . . to what degree, who knows. I've said it before and will say it again, The voters I really feel sorry for are the people who will enter the polls knowing that Obama is the best candidate and their best chance, they will intend to vote for Obama, but at the last minute they will succumb to their ingrained prejudices and vote for the white guy. It's really sad, but racism runs that deep in some people who are otherwise not bad people.
CD, thanks for dropping by. And yes, he has sorta become a caricature of himself.
Your hair really looks nice today. New product?

rainywalker said...

Agree completely. Last night McCain reminded me of the Joker on Batman with that fake smile and the way he was jerking around.

Mac Daddy Tribute Blog said...

Besides Obama's obvious intellect, logical lawyer's mind, here's what I think will stick in people's minds about all three debates:

Whereas Obama remained unflappable, even debonair, during tough times, looking increasingly energized as time went on, McCain looked increasingly frustrated and tired, barely able to contain his absolute hatred for the tall, dark and handsome Negro with a poet's gift for words and a younger, good-looking wife.

Whereas Obama and Michelle stayed and shook hands with everyone after the debates (including the janitors), McCain shook hands with the moderators then headed toward the door. It was as if he couldn't wait to get home, have a ham sandwich and milk and get some sleep.

themom said...

Obama is definitely the one with the intellect. McCrack needs to revisit a video of his debate and see how asinine his arguments were - they were almost non-issues, because he has no comprehension whatsoever.

As to Levi Johnston dropping out of high school - I was surprised also, that he could get into an electrical apprenticeship so quickly - no GED even. I know it is required here in the "lower 48." Definite strings pulled there - but ultimately, if SP is so happy to force this wedding she should raise the child so both can finish high school!!!!

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Rainy, that's one I hadn't heard.
Daddy, The difference is so stark and obvious. I hope it is to everyone.
Mom, Something is fishy up there. Really, the idea of someone dropping out of HS in these times is thoroughly absurd in my book. . . especially someone who should have the support of a family perfectly capable of providing the resources required for him to finish.
Makes me wonder how these people think.
And some people think the future mother-in-law is capable of being president of the United States?!

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

Hmmm, maybe I should ship my son to get a pipeline job since he has no diploma. Oh golly gosh, silly me. I forgot that black kids don't get that kind of affirmative action in Palin's You Betcha World.

Good post, Sagacious.

Traci Dolan said...

The look on McCain's face when Obama said, "Zero, yes zero, because as I said in our last debate, John, I would exempt small businesses from having to provide insurance."

McCain's blink rate went up 100%.

As for Levi Johnston, yeah, I don't even have words for this. If he were my future son-in-law I would have flown back to Alaska and kicked his ass.